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,,,whether you follow ‘Q’ or dismiss ‘him’ as pure fantasy, this is not something that should be ignored. If this does turn out to be an elaborate marketing scheme, then it needs to be very carefully analyzed, because the success of ‘Q’ means that there will be future such efforts. We need to be aware of what is taking place. If ‘Q’ is a real person, then we may want to question the veracity of the source, because much of what has been stated has yet to pan out. Whatever one believes, it has been a fascinating phenomenon and investigation, both in terms of the event and how people have reacted/responded to it. …[Read more at Download button above]

Who or what is 'Q'
Chart of the first posting
Info on the Vertex
What exactly are we looking at here?
The real thing or marketing strategy?
The implications of 'Q'
Comparison with the US chart