Planetary indicators for 2022

As we leave 2021 and remember the year that was, it was a mixed affair. From the post for the planetary indicators for last year, if we had a feelin’ ’21 was gonna be a good year, it was in some respects, in that the pandemic began to lose force, despite what we are seeing with omicron at the moment. Western nations remained open for the better part of the year. Shops here in Italy, for instance, began to reopen, with new ones taking the place of the ones gone into memory. But as the year progressed, fear of the pandemic began to give way to the realization that all is not on the up-and-up with our governments and that moneyed interests are able to pull too many strings in the halls of power in distinction to the public getting what we really need. In the coming year a Black Tiger lies in wait in the sea of public opinion. Will it pounce on our elites, like the bronteroc in Don’t Look Up, or will it scare us all into submission? Probably we will see elements of both, but ultimately, we will decide. Continue reading “Planetary indicators for 2022”

The Capricorn ingress for 2021

Merry Christmas, All! As 2021 winds down and we face a new year, we turn once again to the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn, which actually sets the tone for the coming year, as well as wrapping up the present one. Capricorn displays the best and the worst aspects of humanity. As 2021 passes into the twilight, we take a brief look back and then forward, from a year that will be gladly relegated to memory, to one that promises real change. And the world’s elites are being put on notice. Continue reading “The Capricorn ingress for 2021”

Valentine’s Day in Ukraine

That evil Vlad is up to his old tricks again, weaponizing the Western media to stir up hopes for a Russian invasion of Ukraine. See how he does it? Uncle Joe is having a little chat with him about it today. But Vlad was a little careless this time. He left the detailed battle plans he had so meticulously worked on for the invasion in his desk drawer – unlocked – while he was out for a dinner. The Kremlin cleaning staff (a.k.a. spies), noticing the unlocked drawer, found the plans and promptly turned them over to the German news outlet, Bild. Truth is stranger than fiction. Fantasy aside, there is one fiction that is stranger than truth in this case – a pending Russian invasion of Ukraine. Alas, it is not to be, and the factions in the West and EU itching for such a war will find coal in their boxes of chocolate for Valentine’s Day instead of a massacre in the Donbass. For more, read on. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day in Ukraine”

The Russian R2P decree

On 15 Nov 2021 Vladimir Putin signed what amounts to a Russian version of the American R2P doctrine – the Right to Protect. The situation in Ukraine is about to get very interesting. The gist of the decree is that Russia will protect certain goods going in and out of the Donbass region, as well as the people there. The people of Donbass are essentially of Russian ancestry and many people throughout Russia have relatives there. That is not the case with the remainder of the Ukraine. NATO leaders may just get their wish for more relevance, and sooner than they think, but what is arising is an event, pushed by the US and EU, that will have ill effects for the EU, and ultimately, for NATO. We will have a look at the decree, Ukraine and NATO here. Continue reading “The Russian R2P decree”

Will Biden meet with Tecumseh? Pt. I

Rhetorical question: Will Joe Biden have a summit with Tecumseh? And if so, will the summit be held in Tippecanoe? Most readers will know the urban legend to which these questions refer. But for those readers who don’t know the tale, the question can be rephrased: Will Joe Biden die in office, according to the 20-year curse? Seven of the eight presidents of the United States who died in office were elected on years that ended in 0 and which were divisible by 20. We’ll have a look here. Continue reading “Will Biden meet with Tecumseh? Pt. I”

Biden and Tecumseh, Pt.2

Following on from Part I of these posts, one of the reasons I was prompted to write on the topic was more personal than historical. In recent days we have been receiving news of deaths and impending deaths of associates, in-laws and extended members of family – all within timing and not unexpected. But that news has also given pause to have a closer look at death as shown in horoscopes. In this section of the post on presidents we move on to the assassinations and then a more in-depth look at Joe Biden and what the future may hold for him and the presidency. Continue reading “Biden and Tecumseh, Pt.2”

The total solar eclipse of 2021

There is a total solar eclipse on the 4th of December this year. It is the only total solar eclipse for the year, out of the four eclipses for 2021. It will be particularly relevant for the United States, as it falls on the Ascendant of the US national Sibley chart. We will have a closer look at that in this post. So, without further ado, we move on to the nuts and bolts of this eclipse and what it might mean for us. Continue reading “The total solar eclipse of 2021”