24 Oct 2018

© Malvin Artley

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The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise – with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

Happy Halloween Season, Everyone!

It’s a dog’s life: Autumn is in full swing here in northern Italy. The grapes have been harvested, apples to come. Pumpkins are appearing on the grocers’ shelves. The leaves are turning, falling into the moisture-laden grass, there to decay and become the next spring’s fertile ground. The skies are clear and give vistas that are no longer muddled by the summer haze and heat. And the air has the crispness of the approaching winter, beckoning the snow and ice that will lay the land to rest. And fortunately for me, our dogs sleep in later, meaning that I can, too. Animals are more in tune with the sun than the clocks, the latter of course, meaning nothing to them. Yes, the shorter daylight hours suit me better in that regard. But animals do have their special wisdom. I have been given a recent example of that, and it ties in with the theme of this letter, which will unfold as we go along.

We have three rescue dogs (They’re the best really, in my opinion), two males and a female, all older. The female is particularly attached to me and takes me out for walks several times a day. The way I look at it, their time outside is their time, as they have to stay in the house during the day. I let them walk where they need to walk and take care of their business in their time and place. But lately that has changed. Going out used to be a big production, with a rush to get on with things and the pure excitement of going out. Now, however, when we get outside, the little female gets to the sidewalk just outside the door, looks around for a moment and then sits. And sits…and sits, watching the world go by. I dutifully stand there with her and occasionally ask her, “Dove vuoi andare?” (Where do you want to go?). She’s Italian, you know? Our little princess looks up at me as a brief response and then returns to her reverie. She abides there, calmly, and takes things in. Like floating, from the last letter, it is a kind of Zen moment. And after a time, a sense of peace settles in, and I stand there too, letting the cares of the day and the world pass. Slowly, the urgency of the things I wanted to get to after her walk fade into obscurity. Even thinking about it now gives me a sense of peace. But finally, she will arise and we set off, to who knows where? She knows. I’m just along for the experience.

The thing for me is that recently I have felt very pushed to get out work, to get on with things, and I have forgotten certain matters I have been advised about and experienced in the past. We don’t have much time here, you know? We hear it all the time, and it gives us a sense of anxiety after a while. Better get on with those ever-so-important items. Better do your practice. Life is short (Its eternal, actually). The early bird gets the uneaten dog’s breakfast. Pay attention, or you’ll miss your opportunity! The world doesn’t stop for you!…Basta! Basta! (Enough!) Our little wise old ‘grandmother’, instead, has offered me another perspective, and has reinforced an aphorism I used to say to myself every day: “I am as one with any given moment in time.” I believe I’ll resume that practice now, stopping and watching every so often during the day for a moment of Zen.

Our busy and important lives: We live very busy lives here in the West, and so meaningful and necessary, too. Rise to the alarm, scarf down a quick, sugary breakfast and coffee, prepare ourselves (Don’t forget to feed the dogs!), off to work, face the problems that everyone else says are so important, have a quick lunch……..yawn! More coffee! At the end of the day, hopefully we have accomplished something meaningful, but for the most part the days all seem to melt together in a emerging stream of…what? What have we done that is essential, really, that will change our lives for the better, and the lives of our loved ones? For the most part, we seem to go through the motions of endless habits.  At home, we also have an 15-year-old cocker spaniel who was given up for dead before we took him in, and who is senile and walks in endless circles, as senile dogs do. Even so, he is a loved member of the family. Does life appear to us as the senile repetition of ceaseless motion, or like the wise one who has been freed of the cares of the world and takes things in calmly before acting? Depressed yet? Don’t be. The way to freedom can be as simple as taking a moment to stop and consider the essence of what is really important to us. It can be the calm before the storm, or the storm that has cleared the air as the battle has been won. And this brings us to Scorpio, everyone’s favorite sign. It is one of my favorites, anyway. Really.

Scorpio, our favorite sign: Scorpio, for all of its bad press and supposed sexual intrigue, is one of the most important signs from the human standpoint. Scorpios get a bad rap because of their oft times dark moods, the ‘sting in the tail’ when something or someone upsets them, their seemingly endless delight in focusing on the wiliness or darker side of human nature, and so forth. Personally, I know several Scorpios quite well, and for all the talk we hear of the darker or sexual side of the sign we see on the internet and hear in conversations (Oh, s/he is a Scorpio! That explains a lot!), it just doesn’t fit with real life experience. I don’t know of anyone who is disinterested in sex after some fashion, for instance, or has never had a bad reaction to something or a dark mood every now and again. No, there is something else about Scorpios, something I have come to really appreciate over the years, and that is their ability to cut to the essence of a matter very quickly, sometimes by ‘going into battle’ with themselves and emerging with a renewed or even new sense of purpose and clarity. This is especially true for the more thinking type of Scorpio, one who will sit and nut things out rather than stewing in their own emotional soup. They also emerge with something else of great value – the ability to laugh at themselves and with life once they see the silliness of getting to attached to their pet things, peeves or outcomes. It is one of their more endearing qualities.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto in modern astrology, and in the past by Mars until the 20th century. It is still ruled by Mars, except now that rulership is shifted to the more esoteric side of the sign. Its ultimate ruler is Mercury.[i] In this, then, we have a most interesting mix of influences, running from the depths (Pluto) to the heights (Mercury), with a bit of battle (Mars) thrown in for good measure. The primary field of action/experience for the Scorpio type (Sun or rising sign) is the solar plexus region. Pluto has its primary action in that energy center (chakra)[ii] and this points to where the main battlefield of Scorpio is to be found – in what is called desire-mind, or kama-manas in Sanskrit. Of particular interest also, for anyone who is interested in the human subtle energy system, is that all three of the ruling planets for the sign are associated with the base chakra, with Pluto ruling the final release of energy from that center (kundalini, or tummo) that liberates a person from the control of the little self, or personality. Mars rules the latent phase of that energy and governs the general heat within the body, while Mercury rules the active phase of kundalini, wherein one ‘ascends into heaven’ once it is fully activated, or achieves an abiding state of clear light, blissful consciousness.[iii] Thus, we also have the two symbols for the sign – the scorpion, ruling the lower, emotional/mental phase, and the eagle, marking the final release.[iv] So, Scorpio can be read energetically in terms of the human energy system, or in terms of planetary dynamics and human experience. It is all tied together.

Scorpio and the lower chakras: Really, when we step back a bit further and look at it, Scorpio has an association with all of the lower chakras in the human subtle energy system – basal, sacral and solar plexus – through its rulers. Those three chakras are also the primary focal points for the lower aspects of personality. In addition, Mars rules the lower expression of the sacral chakra – you know, the one associated with sex? Mars rules the personality,[v] in other words, both from the standpoint of human nature and from the consideration of these lower chakras. We have perhaps heard that Uranus rules the sacral chakra,[vi] but that only comes in at a later point on a person’s path to enlightenment, and most especially when one begins to practise the more occult forms of meditation and has to move the sexual force in a more creative direction, what is referred to esoterically as ‘moving the sacral energy to the throat’.[vii]

In those three chakras, then, there is a potent source for conflict in human nature – the conflict between the lower self and higher Self – and in fact, those centers are the ones most closely associated with what we glibly call ‘human nature’, when in reality that refers more to the learned, repetitive side of human life. When we say, “Well, that’s just human nature,” what we are actually saying is that people tend to be guided more by their instincts, desires, emotions and learned automatic thinking rather than by any real thought about the issues that confront them. It defines a path of least resistance and contributes greatly to what we otherwise call ‘the shadow’. It is this ‘shadow’ that allows us to be manipulated and which enthralls us. Of course, there are higher aspects to the three aforementioned centers/chakras, but of particular interest to us in this discussion is Scorpio and ‘the battle toward the light’, summarized in the esoteric motto of the sign: Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.[viii] That battle is an internal one, a battle for spiritual freedom, and takes place when Mars and Pluto produce those conditions called ‘the burning ground’,[ix] those crises which we see as devastating, but which in reality are what compel us to actually think and to seek a higher path.

The basis of occult meditation: Consider the following, which is closely related to this magnificent sign:

Bless me to develop quickly in my mindstream the union of calm abiding and insight, through pacifying a mind that strays toward false objects and investigating properly the ultimate object[ive].

In this statement we have the essence of the beginning of occult meditation. Going around the zodiac, in Libra we learned to tread the razor’s edge between conflicting forces, and with any luck at all learned enough about calmly looking at matters (contemplation) to be able to take the next step, which is outlined above. To that calm abidance of mind, we must now add the ability to gain insight into our situation by cutting through the crap, as we call it, and getting to the essence of what lies behind that with which we are confronted. It starts with what scientists would call Ockham’s razor, the simplest solution being the best. We must pacify our mind, meaning our lower mind, with its tendency to fixate on any and every little detail, constantly distracting our attention, the greatest part of which has no bearing on the issue at hand, but which can be, oh, so interesting. What we are talking about here is the so-called ‘monkey mind’ that rushes about to and fro, never at rest. It is this which must be pacified if we are be able to effectively meditate and eventually find freedom. It is that monkey mind that the forces who seek to keep us enthralled constantly seek to keep agitated, thus distracting us from the real issues.

Marking and tracing cause and effect: Nothing in our lives arises without cause. Through insightful meditation, we begin to mark and trace back to the origin – this led to that, this is important to our current issue, that is not, why is this feeling arising? Is it important to the outcome? We get the idea. This is the thread of thinking that makes Scorpios such good investigators. What we are headed toward is what in the cited statement is an ultimate object, but which might more correctly be called an objective. That objective is the cognition, or realization, of the purest essence of the issue at hand. In the beginning, for meditators, it is ‘meditation with seed’, which leads finally to ‘meditation without seed’, the ultimate objective. It is a form of meditation that leads directly and quickly to the source, which in our case is the blissful cognition of the emptiness of everything that has given rise to our discomfort. It is a place of soul contact, of satori, or ‘instant enlightenment’, an “Ah ha!” moment. But, the primary requirement is to be able to do so in a state of calm, single-pointed focus, with a pacified mind, which is what we discussed in the Libra letter.

The monkey must be put to sleep, not in the sense of killing it, but in terms of setting it aside. It’s not easy, at least in the early stages, and for us in the West, we have to learn to do this in the rush and fret of everyday life. Bother. But, we can either bother ourselves to do this, or we will be bothered to do so. We always have a choice. The simplest way is to learn to ‘be as one with any given moment in time’. And that means to put away anything that is not connected with what we are doing at any moment in time – to focus on the essence of the task at hand rather that what we will have for dinner, what the kids are doing, what the other guy thinks of me…Easy, right? Try it.

Staying on point: In the East the norm is to use five elements in their systems of occultism, instead of four – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. We thus have five types of activity that must be addressed every day for a balanced life and to be able to learn this one-pointedness and pacification. Those activities are rest (sleep) [Water], work (for reward) [Earth], contentment (family time, lovers, etc.) [Wood], spirituality [Fire] and physical activities (exercise, mowing the lawn, etc.) [Metal]. This is pointed out as an example, but the main takeaway is that when doing something, the effort is to focus solely on the task or object and to put everything else aside – to keep the mind from straying toward false objects, i.e., away from the objective.

So, the main theme here with Scorpio in this letter is getting to the essence and cutting away the millions of captivating things that engage us to no good effect. And we have examples of that in our faces every day, in the form of the news cycle, our social conditioning, what other people would have us believe in order for them to feel comfortable, on and on. This relates primarily to our various cultural mythologies, or those societal indoctrinations to which we are all subject at one time or another. Those indoctrinations are learned in places like school, church, through media and a host of other group-related activities. Here’s a thought: If we really want to be effective in a group, stay away from outer contact with groups for a time and meditate instead, putting our own minds in order first. In the West we tend to focus on freedoms and human rights and ‘our just and civilized way of living’. Many people never escape these, nor do they wish to. This will lead into our discussion of Europe, in a separate article, but also related to Scorpio. We tend to identify ourselves with the culture into which we are born, or rebel against it, only to embrace another culture. It is all karmically based. We also tend to see our lot as somewhat restrictive, that we could have more freedom if things were just different, somehow. Scorpio, in its higher expression, is about finding such freedom, about struggling against our perceived restrictions. But what is ‘freedom’, really? The greatest freedom is to be able to think freely, from a personal standpoint, but that immediately puts us at odds with those who would rather not choose to think, who are comfortable with their indoctrination.

Our cultures: Being born into various cultures is for our experience and our service, and there are large numbers of us that are born into the same cultures at the same relative time, having all created the group karma together to impel us to do so. But behind this are the glamours associated with the cultures. There is a lot of talk these days about preserving national cultures, for instance, which manifests in its extreme form as nationalism – a quite separative instinct, because it pits ‘us’ against ‘them’. It is used to great effect in elections and propaganda. These glamours are otherwise known as ‘public opinion’. It is not altogether a bad thing, as it can serve good purpose, but it is often twisted by people of influence toward unsavory ends. And the most evil use of this is to take what is a noble idea and use it to mask an otherwise enslaving and materialistic motive. We see this, for example, in using terms such as ‘promoting freedom and democracy’ to mask military takeovers and destruction of nations and other cultures. We see it also with campaign slogans like ‘Make America Great Again’ and so forth. Such things are divisive. We see it in political parties, too, such a Bolsonaro’s party in Brazil, the Social Liberal Party, which is actually now a corporatist conservative party. The ‘liberal’ refers to economic liberalism, and the ‘social’ to reactionary social values. The Brazilian election is worth a look, because it ties in with our Scorpio theme and also the rise of the far right throughout the world, and also because it serves as an example for other elections looming.

The Brazilian Elections: Brazil just had their first round of elections, first round because there was not a clear winner. The two front runners were Fernando Haddad and Jair Bolsonaro. The latter has been classed as a neo-fascist candidate. He has ties with and has been courted by Wall Street, is racist, misogynistic, pro-torture, pro-gun, is in favor of privatizing Brazilian industry, is pro free market policy, is strongly anti-communist and generally opposed to any sort of left wing agenda. He has chosen a retired general from a previous Brazilian military dictatorship as his running mate and wants to return military rule to Brazil. All that is alarming enough to more humanistic readers, but the point of real interest to our discussion is how he has campaigned. He has not engaged in any debates and has kept out of the public eye to a large extent. Instead, he has run his campaign through social media, mostly through WhatsApp groups. Brazilians are the largest users of WhatsApp in the world. I use the app myself because I have family overseas. Like anything, it is good if used properly, but it can be used as a tool of disinformation, as we are seeing in Brazil. However, here is where it gets quite interesting, and revealing at the same time. Steve Bannon is involved with Bolsonaro’s campaign and is a big supporter. He is also supported by AS/COA, that organization having supported almost every coup in South America since its founding by David Rockefeller in 1963. It was founded as a means to fight the influence of Castro in South America under Kennedy’s blessing.

Brazil and Bannon: Where else have we heard of Bannon and his shenanigans? Oh yeah…Trump, Brexit, the EU and his effort to form a united front of far right parties throughout Europe (more on that later), and now Bolsonaro. The play worked like this: In the final weeks of the campaign Bolsonaro was trailing in the polls, but then suddenly there was a surge in his popularity. This was achieved through WhatsApp, by bombarding various target groups with disinformation and inflammatory slander, groups like evangelical Christians, which make up 30% of Brazil’s population. It sounds a lot like the US, and US readers should take note. Such slanderous memes on social media are difficult to trace to the source, but can be quite effective in swaying public opinion. It inflames emotions, especially visual images. For a fuller description, see this short video. Remember the Trump and Brexit campaigns? Watch for the same in the American midterms and various elections worldwide.

The point to this is that takes awareness of one’s own mind, to start with, to see through these things and not get hooked into the astralism associated with them. The astral plane can become strongly magnetized and is the chief realm of operation for the regressive materialistic forces of the world, what we otherwise call evil or dark forces. We won’t give any more voice to that sort of thing. But suffice it to say that our best defense against it is a clear mind and good heart that throws light on all issues. We saw a recent example of distracting techniques used to great effect in the recent Kavanaugh confirmation process in the US, where the focus was entirely on extraneous issues – no offense to women – rather than on his suitability as a Supreme Court justice. It was a first rate con job, and it worked a treat, getting him seated on the court. (See also here and here).

All this being said, the workers of goodwill in the world have a tough battle to counter such forces and the public is not sufficiently educated enough, and in fact purposely misinformed, to see what is really happening, although that is changing quickly. The key here is not in knowing what to think, but in knowing how to think. This is not taught in schools, although it should be the primary goal of educational institutions everywhere. It is in the vein of “Give the people fish and they can eat for a day, but if you teach people how to fish they can eat for a lifetime,” paraphrasing a famous saying.

In reality, the general public, which includes us, is deliberately misinformed about a great many things. This is true in the West, the UK and US particularly, who are bombarded with a constant newsfeed of war, fear, exceptionalism, partisan politics, immigration policy…it’s a long list. And the separative nature of it is masked by talk of national security, public safety, economic growth, jobs growth, sovereignty (one of the latest memes), the need to control borders, human rights (that’s one of the all-time favorite memes for disinformation) and so forth. It comes down to this simple fact: whoever controls the narrative controls the populace and thus the destiny of the nation. Emotions elect leaders, not issues, unless those issues impact people sufficiently. In this regard, social media becomes especially important to scrutinize – not by governments, but by our own reason and consciousness.

Scorpio and elections: So, where are we going with this? There are key elections coming in the US, Brazil and the EU, and those elections could conceivable strongly shift the international community further toward reactionary causes, which we call the far-right in today’s vernacular, although there are far-left reactionaries as well. Brazil’s Bolsonaro is an example and representative of such, as are Trump, Salvini, Le Pen, and so on. The Brazilian elections will be a test case for the US midterms. The results of such a shift would be further moves toward corporate control – fascism in other words – greater surveillance of citizens, more militarism, etc. However, the midterms in the US are vitally important for our immediate future, since the US has a massive footprint on the world, financially and militarily. The Brazilian election is likewise important for the immediate future of Latin America, and so too, the looming elections for the EU Parliament. Brazilians will decide at the end of this month, Americans at the start of next month and Europeans in May of next year.

The Scorpio interval each year reminds us, then, of the need to look at these sorts of issues, but more than that, at our own minds, and to ask ourselves: What is the essence? What is it that is most important? What do I contribute to public discourse, or do I simply sound echoes into the group chamber and listen to myself talk? The essence is that we are one humanity. We all have the same basic needs. We all know something is wrong with our current systems. We all feel that we have been conned, and we are also starting to see that the people who claim to be able to pull us out of the mess are simply con men themselves. The essence of our collective struggle today is that we all sink or swim together, regardless of our background, level of education, social status, etc. And a lot of us are frightened, seeing no way out, yet not looking into the past and seeing that we have faced similar situations before and that there are always ways to turn things around. Scorpio is the call to see through the BS, take our lives in our hands and face the reality of our situation. No leader will do it unless we keep those leaders on point, with feet firmly to the fire. With that, what does the full moon hold?

The full moon is on 24 Oct 2018 at 16:45 UT (2:45 AM AEDT on the 25th).  The full moon figure presages change, with Uranus conjunct the Moon on the full moon axis. The Sun is conjunct Venus, the latter sextile to Saturn, with Saturn forming an easy opposition with the full moon axis. The overall theme is one of change toward a more even-handed approach, with more sanity prevailing. We’ll keep that as a thought going into elections, although with Uranus anything can happen. Whatever happens, no matter the appearance, it will be for the eventual greater good. However, as a further note of uncertainty and perhaps sourness, the full moon axis forms a ‘moon wobble’ (square this time) with the nodal axis, which can be an indicator of disasters. We saw a recent gathering of potential storm clouds over Turkey because of the Khashoggi incident (more on that later). But this further adds to the unpredictability of the Uranus/full moon axis, keeping in mind that now the nodal axis is also square to Uranus. The Uranus/nodal axis will be with us through the whole of November, indicating changes in our shared destiny. The theme of change is thus reinforced throughout the elections in Brazil and the US, along with changes to come in the Middle East/Arab world. The danger here is for sudden flare-ups of tensions, but Saturn should serve as a positive moderating factor.

Since we are firmly into the fall quarter now, and given what we saw about that quarter in the last letter, we are at that juncture now when we will see if there is to be a shift back toward the left a bit in politics, or more toward the right. Uranus tends toward the left, but it can also serve to shake things up even further. Perhaps we need that right now, to be shaken a bit more. It is important at this moment in history not to wish that things should go back to how they were before the reactionary politics took the stage, because the ‘liberal left’ has added their share to the troubles. It is also important for more conservative readers not to pine for bygone days or expect leaders to bring them back for us. They won’t return. We are at the end of an astrological Age here, with a changing world order, and anything can happen. What we need and what much of the public yearns for is to clean the slate, and right now all we seem to hear about is further entrenchment. Thankfully, the two main elections take place in the Scorpio interval, which brings us to the nations for this letter.

The Scorpio nations to consider in this letter are only two:

Japan (soul, Capricorn personality) and Turkey (personality, Cancer soul).

As for cities, we have Darjeeling (Rays 2 and 5) and Berlin (soul, Leo personality)

And then we can add to this list the EU, which has its 25th birthday on the 1st of November, a Scorpio union, which we will have to handle in a separate article. Because it is a Scorpio union, though, and because elections are coming there in May next year given our previous discussion, it will be well worth our time to examine it more closely, especially in light of recent developments there. For now, we will focus on the main nations, starting with Berlin.

Berlin and Germany: It would appear to be apparent at this point that the Scorpio rulership of Berlin expresses in a much different manner than it did at the time the rulership was stated (1949). The Scorpio expression of Berlin went through its burning ground during WWII and was all but destroyed in the process. The strident aspect of 6th ray fanaticism is gone as a result, tempered in the literal fires. Instead, what we see now is more the idealism of Germany as expressed through Berlin, and somewhat the central force behind the EU. Scorpio represents the emerging quality for Berlin, and from the crisis and subsequent death that Germany suffered as a result of the suffering it brought to Europe, a new European entity was born – the EU. In a way, Berlin is at the heart of the EU, and at the heart of some of its major hopes and problems.

Germany is in transition at the moment, with the recent state election in Bavaria giving an indication of things to come and dealing a blow to Angela Merkel’s party. Given the Uranian influence at the moment, there was also a surprise. Many sources I had seen predicted more gains for the AfD right wing party, but instead it was the Greens who took second spot after Merkel’s CSU Party. Two of the major issues during the campaign were housing prices and immigration. And it is somewhat paradoxical that Germany in WWII invaded other lands, only to turn around 70 years later to being the nation most accepting of immigrants in Europe. Germany has accepted the largest number of immigrants of any European nation, but it is causing concern for some Germans, hence the right wing parties seizing on it and making gains. Both the CSU and the Greens support current immigration policy. The party that most opposes immigration is the AfD, and they placed 4th, even though they gained the most seats, keeping in mind it was their first showing in Bavaria.

Germans remember the horrors of the world wars, though, and they desire stability, much as do the Russians, and for similar reasons. For those people who fear the resurgence of fascism in Germany, that memory and the German conscience will prove to be a hedge against it. Their esoteric motto, “I preserve.”[x] indicates this. That attitude is reflected in a recent poll of Germans about the EU, in which 82% of those polled favored keeping the EU intact. We’ll talk more about Berlin, Germany and the EU in the EU article.

Turkey: What we see with Turkey right now is somewhat similar to what we saw with Germany/Berlin in the years of the world war. Turkey is a Sunni Muslim nation, and Turkey under Erdogan was one of the main supporters and funders of the jihadists (extremists, re: ray 6) in Syria – the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ – secretly at first, and now openly. It has been a case of ‘letting maya flourish and deception rule’. Turkey worked closely with the Saudis, Israel and the CIA in that effort, until it downed the Russian fighter jet and the Russians took the Turks to task. That was in 2015, just after the Russian intervention in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. We see echoes of that from 1915 and the first World War, which led to the founding of modern Turkey and the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, which was already in the process of collapsing then anyway.

After the downing of the Russian jet, Turkey was then subjected to Russian sanctions and had to go to Putin, hat in hand, pay restitution to the family of the pilot who was killed and then cooperate with the Russians in Syria. The latter did not go down well with Washington, and as a result we saw the attempted coup (July 2016) against Erdogan, speculated to have been fomented by the followers of Fethullah Gülen, exiled Turkish cleric and a CIA asset. The Saudis are also rumored to have had a hand in it, too. The Turks vie for control of the Muslim world with the Saudis. The coup attempt failed and relations with Washington and the Saudis have increasingly soured since. Now, with the recent agreement between Russia and Turkey regarding Idlib, where all those ‘moderate rebels’ are now concentrated, Turkey is having to clean up its mess in Syria, all the while hoping that it will be able to keep Idlib and other parts of northern Syria in the process. That will more likely than not turn out to be a lost hope. Damascus has vowed to re-take all of Syria. Time and Russia are on their side.

Turks, Eurasia and Islam: But of greater importance, there is more to the Turkish story than Syria. Over time, Turkey will probably become the synthesizing center for the Muslim world in West Asia. A catalyst for that has recently arisen in the Khashoggi incident in Turkey at the Saudi consulate. And aside from that, the Saudis are setting themselves up for a spectacular fall and are likely soon to be in their death throes. The signs are all there. We are probably about to witness the emergence of a definitive crisis in the Arab states in the next few years, and it will not be about Iran, although they will be involved. Iran can emerge as a stabilizing factor instead of its being touted as the main destabilizing factor in the region. The Saudis are beginning to collapse from within.

Turkey can, if it chooses to do so, become a key part of the greater Eurasian integration process. It would appear that Erdogan is beginning to realize this, hence the Turks’ pivot away from Washington and the warming of relations with Iran and Russia. However, given their recent record, the Turks are not to be trusted and are quite opportunistic in their present dealings, seeking to play both sides (East and West) against the middle to their greatest advantage. This is largely due to Erdogan at present. Turkey is a good study in the workings of the lower Scorpio dynamics. Erdogan’s Midheaven is in Scorpio, hence he plays into and fits with the Scorpio persona of Turkey. He also has Pluto conjunct the Vertex, coloring his vision of other realities with a Plutonian emphasis. That in mind, the reality has no doubt dawned on Erdogan that his dreams of a reinvigorated Ottoman Empire are the stuff of fantasy, although with the Khashoggi incident his hopes have seen a resurgence, albeit from a modern perspective. Reality has a way of biting hard, though. The Turkish economy is under attack according to Erdogan and is faltering, which will foment unrest if it continues for long enough. Perhaps another color revolution is under foot. Closer to the truth of Turkey’s troubles, probably, is mismanagement of Turkey’s finances more than outside influence.

NATO, Macedonia and Turkey: Turkey is a NATO member, at least for now, and had made application to be a member of the EU. That, too, would appear to be on hold. However, as an example of Scorpio gamesmanship, the Turks host a large number of Syrian refugees, and they have leveraged the EU for funds in order to keep those refugees in Turkish borders. The threat has been to release them into Europe, which would come primarily through Greece and the Balkans, the latter being a region that is presently experiencing renewed tensions. The recent vote on the renaming of Macedonia is a case in point, and is another story in itself. There has been a long dispute over the nation’s name. The voter turnout in the referendum was woeful. People in Macedonia voted with their feet, staying away from the polls. The West, shocked by the outcome, has tried to play it as a win for the renaming, which would also help the process of Macedonia joining NATO, but the result is quite the opposite. The vote has been invalidated. Essentially, the Macedonians have rejected the West, but that will not stop the Western powers from making certain that Macedonians ‘do the right thing’ in the future and embrace Western values, NATO and EU membership. But, back to Turkey. 

Turkey’s relationship with the West aside, probably its most important role in the immediate future of international relations will be its leadership in the Muslim world and its position at the crossroads of Christian and Islamic culture, as well as its position as a transit point in the emerging greater Eurasian union. The previous points being made about Turkey are significant in the short term, but their real significance lies in relation to the emerging destiny of the Turks in terms of their leadership. Erdogan perhaps senses this, hence his dreams of Turkish supremacy in the Middle East and the Arab nations, but quite a bit of that is also purely ego. He is given to spells of grandiose thinking anyway, as evidenced by the t-square in his chart involving a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Pisces at the apex and with a Moon/Mars conjunction opposite Jupiter at the base, this along with the elevated Saturn conjunct the Midheaven in the 9th house. But Erdogan is only a passing moment in Turkey’s larger destiny. Turkey’s emerging quality, as expressed through its Cancer soul, is that of inclusiveness of the masses, work for the masses, expressing the community of nations and so forth, once its lower Scorpio leanings are set aside.

Turkey, Scorpio and history: The lower Scorpio of Turkey manifests itself as the manipulative,  more fanatic side of Islam in the present context in their use and support of jihadists in the attempt to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. The Syrian war has been a turning point for Turkey and much of the Middle East as well, and it has not gone well according to the wishes of the Sunni Arabic states, Turkey or the Zionists in Israel. They are going to have to learn to live with Assad, and now with the Russians. Really, what we see is a cyclic return – a first ray, 100 year cycle – of the conditions that in part fomented the first World War, and their working out on ‘a higher turn of the spiral’, as mentioned previously. And that included Russia as well. The plan at that time was to carve up the Ottoman Empire and led to the borders of the modern Middle Eastern states we see today. Then, Russia was excluded. Now, they are integral to what is taking place. It is all quite fascinating and has to do with the movement and evolution of races and nations, which we address somewhat in the EU article. So, this is a developing story that is rapidly coming to a climaxing point, and needs to be watched closely, especially in terms of the Islamic world and its relation to the West, and to Europe in particular.

Japan: Lastly, with a brief look at Japan, what we have there is an emerging quality in relation to Scorpio. Japan expressed the lower aspects of its soul during the World War and paid a heavy price for it, undergoing a literal burning ground, and is undergoing a resurgence of nationalism under the leadership of Shinzo Abe. But it is also looking to free itself from US influence to a degree. It has been under the thumb of Washington since the end of the World War, even while at the same time experiencing a fantastic rise as an economic and manufacturing power in the ‘60s and ‘70s, much as we have seen with China in more recent decades. Japan still remains the fourth-largest economy in the world by bloc, third by nation, just ahead of Germany. As an example of its initial pivots away from the US, it recently sealed the largest free trade deal in recent history with the EU, and it has made inroads with Russia with regard to trade and security issues.

Questions about Japan’s relationship with the US revolve around security issues and the Japanese are looking nervously at the region with North Korean and Chinese military advances in recent years. The Japanese have reason to feel insecurity, especially with the instability exhibited by the present US administration. They are also beginning to dump US treasuries due to Japanese insecurities. All this tends to bring out the baser aspects of Japan’s Scorpio/Capricorn characteristics. At the moment, though, with the two Koreas looking increasingly toward easing of tensions, the need for a more robust military and even nuclear weapons – which they could easily develop – appears to be receding. This is coupled, too, with the slowly improving relations with Russia and the new trade deal with the EU.

Japan’s biggest issues are economic and demographic. It has an aging population and a low birth rate, which is forecast to see the population there shrink by a third (out of 127 million people) over the next 50 years. Underemployment is high, but automation has not been able to fill the jobs gap. Japan faces a rising mountain of debt from its aging population, which is also starving the nation of its labor force.  Japan will be a test case  in the not-too-distant future for what was forecast as the future norm for humanity – fewer working hours with more free time for spiritual development.[xi] This is a real possibility for Japan and may at some point in the future set a precedent for the rest of the world once the more militaristic side of world affairs has settled. This is the other side of the Scorpio/Capricorn pairing. And the Japanese have the technical knowhow to do so.

The old guard Capricornian attitudes that have existed for centuries are dying out, more by attrition than anything else. Japan will need to increase immigration substantially if they are to keep their economic status according to current norms, but are the current norms what are needed or do we need another view?. Choices made by Japanese leaders now will have far-reaching effects. The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto represented by the nation’s soul and personality rulers has produced a very high work ethic that will be more difficult to break, but necessity will probably force it. On the other hand, it is a combination that can overcome severe tests and rise to the occasion. The cruel and militaristic aspect of that combination was hopefully broken for good in the last great war and there is strong opposition in Japan to the rebirth of militarism. So long as they feel secure in their alliances that opposition will likely remain. With the slowly emerging 4th ray after 2025 we can expect to see Tokyo assume a greater and greater prominence in world affairs, and hopefully display the rich soul of that nation’s ancient peoples.

Summary and Conclusion: In both of these Scorpio nations (Turkey and Japan) and Berlin, then, we see emerging test cases for our common humanity that bear careful scrutiny. As we have seen, the story of Scorpio is everyone’s story. It is at times difficult, it can appear to be cruel, the relationships are often testing, but the end result, with any grace at all, is liberation from the old and emergence into a new phase of living, more suited to one’s spiritual potential. Japan will be especially interesting to watch in that regard as the decades unfold. Its Scorpio soul is beginning to do its work on the Capricorn personality. And with Tokyo being the main center of synthesis in the Far East, the spiritual potential for the Far East is to an extent hidden in the Japanese soul. It is also of interest to note that neither Turkey nor Japan have a spiritual motto listed in Destiny of the Nations, perhaps meaning that those will manifest themselves more in the future. It is also worthy of note that Berlin, Turkey and Japan were all Axis powers at one point or another, where the darkness of humanity was brought up for purging and dispelling, with Japan and Germany, via Berlin, being now more aligned with anti-war sentiments and the urge toward greater integration with neighbors rather than conquest and dominance. Turkey, with its Scorpio personality under Erdogan, is undergoing yet another period of testing and purification, which will have carry-on effects throughout the region and the Muslim world in general.

In closing, the words at the start of this letter apply to every nation in these times. Everywhere there is divisiveness, the rise of strident factions that seek to break unity instead of making a stand within the greater society and fixing our problems. There are powerful and rich entities in established structures on all sides who use such divisiveness to their advantage, and to our deprivation and disservice. Only those people of who can rise above the tumult of public opinion and reason things clearly can proclaim any true sense of freedom. The greatest freedom is won when one’s mind is free. The greatest slavery is when one is attached to what one thinks freedom should be – of movement, of possession, from encroachment, etc., etc. – in other words, the milliards of things instead of the clear light of the infinite expanse of wisdom. Thoughts and feelings are things, and all of us are attached to them to some degree or another. To learn how to think individually instead of what to think is a profound gift, the greatest largesse we can bestow on ourselves or anyone. Yes, we must disenthrall ourselves.[xii] This is our greatest struggle today. A free mind is our greatest weapon against tyranny, starting with the unreasonable surety of the justness of our own position. We need to give ourselves a gift every day and make time and space for abiding in the moment, wherever and whenever that is. In that stillness we will see our way forward.

Autumn/Spring blessings,
18 Oct 2018

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