4 NOV 17

© Malvin Artley

...Today is nothing like the ‘glory days’ of Halloween, when we all knew our neighbors and there was no worry about hidden dangers coming home in trick-or-treat baskets. Trick-or-treat is now a much more subdued affair. Still, I remember the fun of finding a scary costume, going out with all the neighborhood kids on that night and the simple joys of childhood. It was make-believe, but everyone knew who was behind the costumes. Today we aren’t so certain who is behind the costumes veiled as world events. But, if we think about it, the events we see unfolding before us make for a good ‘Whodunit’, yes?... we have quite a lot to consider as we look ahead. And it is all great fodder for Scorpio-type novels. However, it affects us all in the moment. To find a quiet space within one’s own nature to contemplate these issues is the trick...

The ‘ultimate objective’
Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio
Mars with Scorpio
Mercury with Scorpio
Mercury in the human system
Truth is veiled by events
Lake Chad
The full moon
It might be of interest...
The balance of power
Russia’s esoteric motto
The US is very vulnerable to deception
So, in conclusion
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