Four Pillars

Ming Shu

Tzu Wei

Progressed Pillars and Life Path Reading
(full session)

Compatability (Relationship)

Medical (TCM)   

Five Element Balancing

Electional (marriages, business, etc.)     

Finding the Inner Essence
(fine points in the charts) 
Forecast (transits, progressions, returns, etc.)

Full Reading


Esoteric (Dharma)


Family Dynamics      


Prenatal (inner constitution)       

Electional (marriages, business, etc.)      

Mundane (world events)

Psychological/Developmental astrology

Rectification (if birth time is not known)

$50 USD or equivalent per ½ hr, or $80/hr. Payment is either by cash if in person, postal money
order or Paypal (preferred). A full session is $180 for 2 hours.

Sessions are conducted either by phone or Skype, recorded if desired in MP3 format, and then emailed.
Charts emailed on request. All sessions are held in the strictest confidence and conform to the AFA code
of ethics. (see Links page for AFA info.)

If you would like a consultation, please enter your birth data into the comment field of the Enquiries box and a brief description of the service(s) you would like. All information is confidential and is kept off-site