I was born and grew up in the US and was trained in physics at university, receiving an undergraduate degree in the subject and working afterward in the engineering sector. My primary focus over the past 30 years in my free time has been on the sciences as they express the hidden aspects of nature and with bridging work between the two. My special interests are the human subtle energy system, the chakras, or energy centers, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Oriental occultism. Under the suggestion of one of my teachers, I have done extensive work with Chinese astrology and the cycles they use and it has been my passion to bring together the great Western and Oriental systems on such matters over the years. I have been a practising astrologer for more than 20 years and I am an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. I have lectured on many aspects of esoteric studies and written numerous articles on the same aside from astrology with several non-profit organizations dedicated to the teaching of esoteric studies, most notably the University of the Seven Rays. I lived in Australia for almost 20 years and currently live in Rovereto, Italy.

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Malvinartley.com is devoted to bringing together the two great streams of astrology, East and West. It has been my belief for some time now that both systems are simply two faces of the same page, if you will, and they are not mutually exclusive by any means, though they can be practiced on their own to great success. The main objective of this site is primarily informational. What you see in this current exposition is the bare bones of the site. There will be much more added to it over the coming months, but what is displayed on these pages now is meant primarily to give a taste of things to come. Click on the ‘Articles’ button to see what will eventually be included. The site is divided into two main sections: East and West. If you have trouble reading anything on this site, hold down 'Ctrl' and '+'.

The Eastern section focuses mainly on Chinese astrology, though I will eventually be posting information on Tibetan astrology and a few other systems. As for Chinese astrology, there are two main areas of information: Fate Calculation (Four Pillars, Tzu Wei, Ming Shu, 9 Star Ki and the like) and then true Chinese astrology (the lunar mansions, the planets, stars, asterisms and phenomena). This latter part of Chinese astrology is little known in the West. However, it is the part of Chinese astrology that can and does form a bridge with Western astrology, and vice-versa.
As for Fate Calculation, there are so many sites and programs on the subject available on the web that I will not focus on that too much, save to give the basics of it. In that regard, though, you will note that there is a page devoted to The Imperial Astrologer software - a program written in collaboration between Esoteric Technologies, producers of Solar Fire astrology software, and myself - exclusively for Westerners on the basics of Fate Calculation. It is a basic program, but it is easy for Westerners, particularly if you are used to using Solar Fire. See the appropriate page for information on that.

The Western side of this site is more an eclectic mix subjects, rather than a straightforward site for people interested in astrology in general. My main interest and focus on astrology over the years has been on meaning instead of events.However,world events have a big impact on people’s lives and color greatly their sense of what life actually means to them, so world events will be one feature  of this site. In that regard I have included a preliminary page on mundane events data, which will be added to as time goes one. Any contributions to that data are welcomed, and the source of the contribution will be noted. One of my other major interests over the years has been astronomy, so there will be a number of articles on astronomy in relation to astrology. I also publish a private mailing to subscribers of monthly full moon letters, which I have been doing now for almost ten years off and on. Sometimes those letters will appear as the featured article, and their emphasis is largely esoteric, dealing as they do with the solar festival periods throughout the year. I generally send those out a few days before the actual event. If you wish to receive them all you need do is subscribe. There is not charge for them. A subscription does entitle you to advanced notice of events as they become available, though. Other areas of focus on the Western side will be articles on the lesser-known aspect patterns in astrology (see the current article on Quintiles) and special areas of interest (prenatal, medical, esoteric) and the like. I will leave the basics of astrology to the myriads of other sites available on the subject.

In addition to The Full Moons: Topical Letters in Esoteric Astrology (see News page), which is now out at all major online sellers both as e-book and hardbound editions, I am nearly finished with a book about the plutinos. That book will focus on Pluto and the other dwarf planet candidates that are plutinos--Orcus, 2003AZ84, Ixion and Huya. It was inspired by the soon-to-be flyby of the New Horizons probe that will be sending back pictures of Pluto close-up in July--the first time we will have ever seen Pluto close-up. That book in turn will be followed shortly thereafter by a book on the remaining dwarf planet candidates and their connection with Neptune.

Finally, if you like what you see and would like a consult, just send me an email and we can set something up. Sessions are by phone and can be recorded if you like. Although the site is a bit out of the ordinary, I consult on everything from the very basic to the esoteric and all points in between, Western and Eastern. We can look at whatever you like – but only if you are serious about the matters at hand. As a final note, you will see as you go through the site that this is not a site for those who want a quick sound bite or to see what is happening for the day (although I will eventually set up accounts for that). The articles are long and they are meant to be. This is a site for those who like to take time and think about the deeper aspects of things, so I hope you will take the time and not rush through what is in these pages. There is a lot to astrology, no matter where it has arisen, and the very essence of life and of people is reflected in it. It has been a passion of mine for decades now, and I am very pleased at being able to share some of my travels and insights in the art and the grand old science with you. There is much yet to come here. Enjoy the site!

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