27/28 JUN 2018

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To really understand something is to be liberated from it. Dedicating oneself to a great cause, taking responsibility for gaining self-knowledge, is the essence of being human. …Humanity’s greatest ally is the self-educated individual who has read, understood, delays their gratification, and walks around with their eyes wide open.

Four Horsemen (film[1])

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Royal Rife

Cancer, the sign

The Cancerian individual

Esoteric Cancer

The full moon and ingress

The Sun opposite Saturn

The coming eclipse


American consumerism – the deception

Bernays on steroids

Protectionism and securities

Trade wars

Changes for the Eurozone

Cancer, the disease


Happy Solstice, Everyone!

I have had an interesting journey of sorts in these days since the Gemini letter. First, there was a trip to the sea for a couple of weeks, R&R for my wife. I worked away by the pool, (It was tough, you know?) watching the developments with the new Italian government. But, if one’s work is one’s passion, then virtually every day is a journey to some remarkable place, yes? Europe is about to become much more interesting, too, provided this government is able to push its policies forward. It is not so awful as the media and scaremongers would have us believe. And then, after my return to ‘normalcy’ there was another journey that presented itself into my past and the legacy of scientific investigation I brought with me into this life. I have a strong soul history with science, with alchemy, and astrology is tied in with all that. But this foray into my past involved the present sign under consideration in a way – Cancer – but in the more mundane manifestation of the sign, the disease cancer. Yes, the two are connected in a way, which we will get to later.

Royal Rife: My journey into the past revolved around several points: radio, the noble gases, light, health and healing, electronics and vibration. In the 1980s I did quite a bit of investigation into the properties of the noble gases and by extension, into the entire periodic table of the elements with regard to their more esoteric properties. I have been feeling an inner nudge for some months now to post some of those findings. But, I got a reminder of all that work I had done in the past with a recent Facebook post by an old schoolyard friend of mine regarding a technology developed by Royal R. Rife in the 1930s. It was a method that was denounced as quackery later and then completely suppressed until after Rife’s death in 1971, but which is making a slow comeback. It involves healing with sound, with vibration, carried upon radio waves and through the medium of an noble gas plasma. His device was called his ‘beam-ray’ device. It sounds like science fiction, right? Well, even a few mainstream media sources are cautiously beginning to report on it as possibly a bona fide method. Rife’s work was suppressed due to the actions of the AMA at the time, actually motivated by profit, which led to one of the great travesties in American scientific history. Rife’s work should have been thoroughly investigated and extensively trialed. Instead, it was suppressed and buried before it even made major news, much like the work of Nicola Tesla. This will have significance in the latter part of this letter. Rife died a broken man due to the legal cases brought against him.

Rife’s device stimulated the latent, diffuse light in the matter of the physical body, coaxing the  immune system at the same time into action. The light of the sign Cancer is said to be “the light within the form”[2], also called the “dark light” of matter, the light awaiting the light of the soul. His device shattered microorganisms that caused disease, leaving healthy cells and organisms intact. It could be used to treat any sort of opportunistic disease organism, or infectious illness, which Rife found the disease of cancer to be. He called cancer an opportunistic illness caused by a virus-like particle, attacking the body where it is weakest, and where the chemical conditions were favorable for those organisms. Cancer, he found, could not take hold in a healthy body, nor any other infectious disease for that matter. And, referring to the dark light of matter, above, he had developed a special microscope, based in dark-field microscopy, with which he could actually see living viruses and observe them being destroyed by his beam-ray device. Thankfully, there were a few modern-day investigators who have resurrected his device and they are now available, albeit at the same time saying that one should always consult with one’s physician about any serious illness and weigh every option. Rife’s device is still experimental and should not be seen as a panacea. But this brings us to our present consideration of this very ancient astrological sign, Cancer, connected most intimately with the human family, and with family life in general.

Cancer, the sign: The very first human incarnation, in our long series of incarnations as human beings, takes place in the sign Cancer. That sign has been called, “the doorway into life of those who must know death.”[3] By ‘death’, we mean having to endure the experiences of personal life, or worldly existence, with all of its dualities – love and hatred, happiness and sorrow, health and disease, etc. – from life to life, until we can liberate ourselves from it via our chosen spiritual path. That spiritual path leads us to ‘the bliss of liberation’, at which point we pass through the Capricornian doorway into full spiritual life – in the Kingdom of Souls – abandoning the need for earthly experience. In the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac we have the ‘alpha and omega’ of human experience, and both signs in their way are associated with death: in Cancer it is spiritual death as bondage to form/matter, whereas in Capricorn it is death to the world of form into spiritual freedom. We practice this alpha and omega in every incarnation. Hence, Cancer is associated with birth, motherhood and family life, whereas Capricorn is associated with achievement, old age and death, the latter setting us free of the form. And indeed, we practice this on a daily basis, waking up to each new day (Cancer) in the mornings and having to come back into the physical consciousness, and then at night ‘dying to the day’s cares’ (Capricorn). In fact, there is a Buddhist practice which trains one in recognizing the stages of death and sleep and prepares one for liberation. It is called “the practise of death and dying”.[4] This practice leads one to be able to practice sleep meditation, to practice detachment, and even to the point of preparing for death, the great transition.

So, “Cancer admits the soul into the world center which we call Humanity”[5] It is the sign most  associated with the masses, of the sea humanity of which we are all a part, and it is the sign associated with instinctual life.[6] Its symbol, the Crab, symbolizes “imprisonment (the hard shell and the rocks under which the Crab ever takes shelter).”[7] With this sign, then, we have what is known as ‘public opinion’ most strongly expressed, the consciousness of the crowd (mass consciousness)[8], or in extreme cases, unthinking, emotionally-driven mob consciousness, or the herd instinct. This must be firmly distinguished from group consciousness. The latter is a approached from the perspective of the will of the individual, extricated from the cares of the mass mind, i.e. from partisanship, from prejudices, cultural biases and the like. What exhibits itself most strongly through Cancer, then, are the mass ideas upon which our societies are based – home, family values, national and cultural identity, religious inclination, partisan concerns, etc.[9]

The Cancerian individual: At a very practical level, considering the preceding, Cancer is the sign most associated with building security, both for oneself and for one’s family. The ‘nest egg’ is very important to the Cancerian individual, and they will sacrifice much of themselves in order to attain it. Security is always first and foremost with Cancerians, and being a water sign, they will seldom ‘rock the boat’ when it comes to finances, social standing or sense of community. In community lies security for the Cancerian individual, and their place within that community is a strong consideration and guiding principle. Thus, as reflected in the opposite sign (Capricorn) there can be a marked upward mobility in the more awakened Cancerian and a tenacity in retaining the positions thus gained that can be quite remarkable. However, what is behind such upward seeking is still the idea and instinctive drive for security, especially for people who are under their care. It is a most nurturing influence, and one often finds Cancerians in the teaching professions, child care, health care and public service as their way ‘taking care of their own’. It is a very public, civic minded attitude that manifests itself in the awakened Cancerian. But, there will also always be the drive for material security with the sign as well. That leads into the more esoteric considerations of this sign. Consider the following stanza from a Buddhist prayer:[10]

Aware of the disadvantages of worldly goods, for they are unsatisfying when consumed and the doorway to all suffering, bless me to generate the great striving: for the bliss of liberation.

Esoteric Cancer: As mentioned previously, Cancer is the doorway into the human kingdom, samsara as we know it, and “the doorway to all suffering.” This is not to say that Cancerians experience life to any greater or lesser degree than the rest of us. No sign holds the record for joy or suffering. In fact, Cancer represents humanity, full stop. What the preceding points to is that with Cancer, especially, we have the recognition that attachments to forms, the satisfaction of desires and the immersion into massed thinking eventually engenders in people the realization that there is more to life than all that and one is then set on a path to overcome the limitations of crowd, to emerge as an individual and to take one’s spiritual destiny into one’s own hands. This is the true gift upon which Cancer bestows us. Neptune governs Cancer esoterically, is ‘subjective and full of life’,[11] and  opens the door to the “bliss of liberation”. The Cancerian then, “…manifests consciously in the world that which he intends to carry forward [spiritually considered] and Cancer then reveals to him its secret.”[12] The secret Cancer reveals relates to many things, but primarily to the theme of the “great striving” mentioned previously. And in this striving for the bliss of liberation, we have the esoteric motto of Cancer revealing itself: “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”[13] The aim in the experience of life as a Cancerian type is to ascend above the tumult and immersion in mass experience into the clear light of day, setting that clear light as the guiding light of one’s life and hopefully illuminating the lives of those in one’s ‘family’. Neptune represents the light of pure reason, or buddhi,[14] and in buddhi, we have ‘the bliss of liberation’. Neptune is the doorway to bliss among the planets. It is a point not well understood, but then, we are talking about Neptune here.

The secret of Cancer lies in its rulers, the Moon and Neptune. The Moon is the orthodox ruler of the sign, representing form and matter as well as the waters that break at birth, whereas Neptune is the esoteric and highest ruler of the sign, being the ‘god of the waters’, normally associated with the astral/emotional nature. But there is more to it than that. The aim for the Cancerian is to ‘transmute the Moon into Neptune’ in a sense. The Moon is said to veil Neptune esoterically.[15] It stands as a representative of Neptune, in other words. But Neptune is said to be the ‘repository of the solar flames’, an absorbing or abstracting planet,[16] with the solar flames representing light itself, or the light of wisdom. Experience through Neptune prepares one to receive the clear light of wisdom, which is beyond the ken of emotional reaction. Hence, when Neptune is prominent in a horoscope it shows the possibility of ‘coordination of the buddhic vehicle’,[17] i.e., which on the whole means a greater ability to receive the light of wisdom. In its highest essence, Neptune represents absolute clarity of insight, rather than the confusion or deception with which it is normally associated in astrology. Neptune is also associated with drugs, addictions and soporifics, but this masks a desire for the individual to remain in a state of bliss. What the individual thus affected really desires is a true state of constant bliss, which is masked over instead by the temporal, destructive state of addiction. This point will be important later, when we consider public opinion.

With Cancer, we also have the idea of ‘pregnancy’ in many aspects, which this sign and the Moon rule, but the pregnancy hereto referred is one of spiritual potential. Cancerian types (Sun or rising) I know are always giving birth to their ideas, which they carefully nurture, sometimes for a long time, and those ideas often carry the theme of benefit for masses of people. For the religious leader, this relates to ideas they have for their ‘flock’. For educators, these relate to things like field trips, organizing concerts and the like, and for social workers it relates to initiatives for the community and often for those in the community who are less advantaged on the whole. So, with Cancer, then, we have the idea of immense spiritual potential on the one hand, and total bondage to societal, family, tribal or national demands on the other. On the latter we see the intense rallying of the  populace of a nation toward patriotic causes, for instance, with all the guilt attached or projected to those people who refuse to get caught up in the fervor or who see behind the mask. Neptune rules both of those manifestations – the moving sea of emotion and the clear light of wisdom which shines above the stormy sea. Perhaps we get the picture.

And on a final point, before we look at the full moon, Cancer is a sign which bestows a great sensitivity and impressionability. Emotional wheedling is a favorite tool for the more manipulative Cancerian types, along with the ‘guilt trip’, and it is also effectively used as a way to manipulate Cancerians as well for more unscrupulous types. However, it is also a most giving, nurturing and accommodating sign, too. The Cancerian never knows a stranger in their higher expression, taking all within their care if they need it. Human and animal rights are big causes with Cancerians, and they can usually make very effective appeals to the public. Hence, because of their close connection with the masses, their impressionability and understanding of the mass mind, the sign is one of the most common to be found in stage and screen, and in celebrity in general. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and is thus a sign that initiates change, in this case bringing ideas, initiatives and even babies into manifestation. It is one of our most beloved expressions, Cancerians do, after all, represent all that is best and good in the human family at their best. With that, we move on to the full moon.

The full moon and ingress: The full moon takes place on 27 Jun 2018 at 22:53 UT (8:53 AM AEST on the 28th). This full moon will be a little mixed. The Moon is conjunct Saturn, introducing a somber note to the figure, but also an increased focus. The full moon occurs only a few days after the Cancer ingress of the Sun. It will be helpful if we take a moment at look briefly at that ingress figure, which defines the dynamics for the summer quarter in the north, winter quarter in the south. The main feature in that figure is an opposition between the Sun and Saturn, marking a period of reevaluation internationally. As we know, there have been several very significant developments in international affairs in the last quarter, most instigated by the United States, as follows:

The Sun opposite Saturn, especially if Saturn is making its transit opposite one’s natal Sun, signals a reevaluation of efforts initiated with the Sun/Saturn conjunction. It is one of the more difficult transits and it often brings about the need to make adjustments in one’s plans, with a coinciding period of emotional difficulty if one’s life is not going according to plan – i.e., if one’s proscribed/desired outcome at the start was in error. Of particular note here is that Saturn was nearing its retrograde station near the same point as in this figure at the Aries ingress, and it will also square the Sun at the Libra ingress at the next equinox. So, we will have had three ingress figures with Saturn prominent this year. It is not difficult to see, then, that there is a quite a bit of karma – Saturn representing karma – that is at play and working out this year. These hard Sun/Saturn aspects can carry the onus that “Pride cometh before the fall”, if one is not willing to bend with circumstances and see the opportunities represented by Saturn. Saturn always encourages us to “think outside the box”, to find new avenues of thought and to make better choices. Saturn opposite the Sun can also indicate material setbacks, and we see indications of this in the problems with the Turkish lira, sanctions on Iran, volatility in currencies and bond markets in general, financial difficulties in Italy due to its current political situation, trade wars and so forth. But on the whole, this opposition, if rightly handled, brings about a great awareness of where changes need to be affected and a firmer foundation from which to launch plans forward as a result.

There are probably several nations whose leadership should think very carefully about the afore-stated phrase regarding pride. In particular, these are the United States and Qatar, which have a natal Sun/Saturn square, Israel, Turkey and the UK. Hubris is a particular problem with the US government, especially recently, and that has brought the present administration to behave rather recklessly in its international relations, most notably with four of the bullet points listed previously. The astrological indications for the US as well as many other analyses I have seen show that the US is about to experience some painful lessons if it does not abandon the idea of being ‘the exceptional nation’. We have looked at some of the ways these lessons might come in previous letters, such as de-dollarization, rising commodity prices from trade policies, etc. But probably the main way that will come is in the unpredictability that the US will experience from the international community due to its own unpredictability and pretentious, heavy-handed dealings with nations that are supposedly our allies, not to mention the nations that we hold up as our supposed enemies. I had forecast before the election of this administration that it would be full of hubris,[18] would make some disastrous decisions, mostly notably in the fields of law and finance, and stood a good possibility of experiencing a fall as a result.

The coming eclipse: Moving on, there will be a partial solar eclipse on 12 July this year (13th in Australia). The southernmost areas of Australia will barely glimpse the shadow. This is the third-to-last eclipse in the Saros cycle 117, the last one taking place in 2054. The time of the greatest occultation by the moon will be at 3:02 UT (1:02 PM AEST, 12:32 PM Adelaide time). The eclipse degree is the 21st degree of the Cancer/Capricorn axis, with the Moon as lord of the eclipse. Being visible over Antarctica, this will be a north node eclipse. Pluto is in Capricorn opposite the eclipse point, marking this one as being good for clearing out dead wood. As for nations, it will affect the US (Mercury), the EU (Uranus/Neptune), Ukraine (nodes), France (Moon), Egypt (IC/MC) and NATO (Mars).

Nations: As for the nations esoterically ruled by Cancer, [19] we have:

As for cities, Washington has Cancer as its soul ruler, while New York and Tokyo both have their personality rulers as Cancer.[20] Tokyo’s 6th Ray soul ruler links it with the personalities of Russia and the US. We will not focus on individual nations so much in this letter, since Cancer is not prominent in major international developments, except for Turkey. However, certain cities are being quite influential at the moment and by virtue of their being capitals of nations causing shifts in world relations, we will focus more on those here. Before we get to that, we should note here that the nations listed as being important in Bailey’s Destiny of the Nations are not important with regards to their power, so much as they are as being places of meeting, mixing and development of the human kingdom. If we examine those nations in that regard, then we see their relative importance to us. Power is a temporal thing, as is the composition of nations and their governments due to a variety of factors, and can change suddenly, whereas humanity remains.

Image result for new york, washingtonAs for the cities, though, Washington and New York are especially influential at the moment and we will examine why as we go along. Washington is the center of governmental power for the US at the moment (It is said to be shifting to New York[21]), whereas New York is the financial capital of that nation, and there is a close interplay between the two. In a sense, with the control the Wall Street banks exert on Washington policy, especially since the last century, we could perhaps say that the capital of the US has indeed moved to New York. Wall Street and the New York banking elite have a large say in what happens in Washington, if not overwhelmingly so, but that will be shifting again in the near future, in all likelihood. But this brings us to a very interesting, yet disturbing story about American culture, the influence of the capitalists in the US and the carry-on effects it has had for all nations, for New York has been the birthplace and home of many things, some good, like the UN (We can argue all you like about that one, but it is the best we have at the moment.), and some rather more nefarious. With the sign Cancer this year we come to what is a most important consideration for us in these times – the mass subconscious – but more specifically, its manipulation. And as we will see, Neptune, via Cancer, has a big part to play in this, via Washington and New York. Our story starts in New York.

American consumerism – the deception: If we wish to get to the root of the American obsession with ownership and our desire-based culture, we have to go back a century ago, to a statement made by Paul Mazur, of Lehman Brothers. This was at the end of WWI, and American manufacturing was in full swing, but they had a big problem with what to do with overproduction. The answer, it would seem, was simple:

"We must shift America from a needs, to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things even before the old had been entirely consumed. We must shape a new mentality in America. Man's desires must overshadow his needs."

This was in 1927, and it was an inversion and a misuse of the young psychological method that was  emerging at the time, based in the work of Sigmund Freud. Lehman brothers is now defunct, perhaps a very fitting and quite symbolic end, destroyed by the financial collapse of 2008, by the very thing Mazur had promoted. But the method and manipulation of the public stuck, and remains a powerful force in retailing to this day. It is also powerfully used in government propaganda. It took people out of thinking and addressing what their true needs were, and instead placed the pursuit of goods squarely in the desire realm. There is perhaps something here about the Atlantean consciousness, an ancient karma, that finds itself working out in the United States in this manner. It is particularly strong in the UK, too. The sort of thinking and strategy expounded by Mazur was expressed in the extreme by one of Sigmund Freud’s nephews, Edward Bernays, who fully developed the propaganda machine that holds so much of the populace in its thrall now. To examine the history of propaganda, especially in America, is quite fascinating, but it is also intimately tied to the mass consciousness Cancer represents, and to Neptune, which rules the desire nature and the illusion of happiness in its lower expression. Bernays hooked into this and exploited it to the fullest, making him very wealthy in the process. There is a series of videos that outlines his story. And, he got his start with cigarettes, interestingly, speaking of Neptune, drugs and addictions. If you are a woman reading this, prepare yourself.

Freudian psychology, which was in vogue at the time of Bernays, focused on repressed sexuality as the cause of every psychological ill and aberration. We have thankfully come a long way in our understanding since then. But, the story goes that in the first quarter of the 20th century there was a social taboo against women smoking in public in the US and much of the Western world. George Hill, of the American Tobacco Company, approached Bernays, who was experimenting with controlling mass consciousness at the time, with the aim of trying to get women to smoke, because Hill was ‘losing half of his sales base’ by women not smoking. Bernays took up the challenge with gusto. Bernays approached A.A. Brill, the first psychoanalyst in the US and based in New York, to come up with a method for breaking the taboo. Brills told Bernays that cigarettes were a symbol of the male appendage and of male sexual power. Bernays was told if he could find a way of connecting cigarettes with challenging male power, then women would smoke, because then they would then have…well, you know. He concocted an advertising scheme wherein cigarettes were called “Torches of Freedom”, and staged a large media event at an Easter Day Parade, of all times, in New York, persuading a group of rich young debutantes to light up at a key moment when the cameras were rolling, alerting the press that a group of suffragettes were staging a protest at the parade. It caused an uproar, but because the word ‘freedom’ was involved, it was a great success, and many women have been enslaved to the habit ever since. It is one of the worst addictions known and Bernays’ actions were a betrayal of women, even though there should have been no taboo to start  with. Cigarettes also cause cancer. This was in 1929, the year of Black Friday, which led to the Great Depression. It was also the time when Rife, from the opening paragraphs of this letter, was doing his work. Further, it was also the height of Prohibition in the US, with the free flow of bootleg alcohol, also associated with Neptune.

With the preceding, then, we see that Neptune was quite active at the time, though seized upon by more unscrupulous forces. Prohibition saw a sharp increase in organized crime in the US. Pluto (representing organized crime among many things) was discovered the year after Bernays’ stunt, and Pluto’s destructive force was thus unleashed, wiping away an old order through the Roosevelt years when Uranus entered Taurus last, but also subverting the public. Also, at the time of Bernay’s ‘Torches of Freedom’, Neptune was opposite the US Moon, which is of interest, ruling the US 8th house (death, organized crime and transformation). At the same period of time, further, we saw the cementing into the American ethos of the phrase ‘the American Dream’ (1931), at the height of the Great Depression. In some ways we are seeing a repeat of certain aspects of those times now with the Uranus transit through Taurus and calls for “Make America great again!” But there is one thing that is very important to note here, and which should cause outrage in more thinking people once they realize how we have been manipulated into our culture of conspicuous consumption in developed countries:

Bernays’ methods were quickly taken up by corporations nationwide and then spread worldwide. They played upon people’s desires for what is touted as a better life, for freedoms and so forth, but which is now causing great suffering in the US. Bernays was also contracted by the CIA for propaganda work, most notably in the United Fruit overthrow of the democratically-elected Guatemalan government, but for other initiatives, too. A right wing dictator was installed by the CIA in place of the democratic government in Guatemala, which was working to benefit the public instead of corporations. Bernays was hired by the CIA to set up a misinformation campaign to discredit the government. That episode is where we get the term, ‘banana republic’. So, one has to wonder how much of what we hear in the media about rogue states, brutal dictators, violations of human rights in other countries and the like is true or simply a play on our emotions. The gauge, as usual, is if it stirs one to act through emotions, it is probably false or manipulative. This sort of thing is played upon especially with issues like ‘human rights’ and ‘democratic principles’, which governments use to great effect to foment regime change and wars worldwide. Recent examples are plentiful, such as Putin, China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela…need we go on? On the whole, if we hear bad press like that, the nation or person involved is probably resisting the ‘democratic reforms’ Washington and Wall Street would like to see implemented.

Bernays on steroids: But the molding of public opinion in the US goes further than that. For anyone who has paid attention, this has become even more pronounced since 2013, when the Obama administration repealed the propaganda ban that prohibited the government from spreading state-sponsored propaganda to the American public. This was done quietly, without fanfare and was not reported on the whole in the mainstream media. The effect of the repeal is that Americans are now exposed to a constant stream of government propaganda in the media, and this extends to social media. Think ‘Russian troll farms’ and ‘fake news’ and you get the idea. This amounts collectively to thousands of hours per week of government-sponsored material broadcast over American radio and television stations, conforming to the “official narratives” the government and corporate sponsors wish the public to believe. The specific acts that were repealed were the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.

Now on mainstream media outlets, we see a parade of “foreign policy experts” who parrot and reinforce government policy as it relates to all foreign relations. The US Council on Foreign Relations now says that it is necessary for governments to direct propaganda toward their own populations, in order to counter so-called ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation’. Given the obvious pro-government stance of such propaganda, we might rightly ask who, in reality, is disseminating fake news and disinformation? The method is not restricted to the US. It is in widespread use internationally. At the time of the repeal, there was a transit of Mars conjunct the US Mars and square the US Neptune, showing the ‘weaponization of propaganda’. Keep in mind, too, at that point in the US serious questions were arising in independent media about US involvement in the Arab Spring and Color revolutions, about the ‘moderate rebels’ (extremists) in Syria and their connections with the US, Israel and other Arab states. And, Benghazi was on many people’s minds, an attack that took place on 11 Sep 2012, interestingly. That attack has dogged Hillary Clinton ever since, as well as her email scandal. All these questions and others directly contradicted the official US lines on such matters. Something had to be done, and the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act was the result. Here are a few points to keep in mind when pundits and media start on about human rights abuses somewhere, ‘American interests’, or the upcoming edition of the latest iPhone:

The aim of successful propaganda is to satisfy and pacify a populace, or to motivate them to some cause they would otherwise oppose. People cannot be comfortable and relaxed[22] if they are constantly thinking about obvious contradictions. The narrative must be controlled, with people being shepherded into their comfortable places of thought and feeling, their echo chambers. If the people unite against government policy, give them a sense of black and white and set them against themselves, and they will not see the spectrum. Give them just enough material security and they will be pacified, or the idea that they can have what they want in spite of not having what they need. We cannot have people thinking for themselves. To nurture this idea that people can actually think is to introduce instability in the populace, which threatens the established order. Threaten the established order, and chaos will reign – etc., etc. Think about who would say such things. Does this sound like conspiracy nonsense? How secure do we feel right now? If there is a nagging sense that something is wrong, well, there probably is.

Protectionism and securities: There is one thing else related to Cancer and security that has a very interesting manifestation in the field of economics, and one which has come into focus very sharply since Trump has started his trade wars. Protectionism is another manifestation of Cancer, which is what these trade wars are about. In essence, these trade wars are a misuse of the Cancerian soul of Washington and a direct personality force from New York. But the thing to which I referred at the start of this paragraph is a little item called securities, as in equity and debt securities. If anyone has been paying attention, Russia just sold off half of its US debt securities, to the tune of almost 50 billion dollars, in response to Trump’s sanctions against Rusal, the Russian aluminum giant. And Russia is not the only nation selling US treasuries (debt securities). In fact, most countries are now selling down their securities. The ones buying them back, predictably, are Persian Gulf countries and a few others. The big sellers, aside from Russia, are Ireland, Luxembourg and Japan. Why, and what does this mean, we might ask?

A debt security is a promissory note, an IOU of sorts. One would want to get their money back if a client were starting to look a bit shaky financially, or if one wanted to send a message or inflict damage on the debtor, as in retaliation for bad business practice. That is what we are seeing, and it has been pronounced since all the talk of trade wars started, back in March. The theory with these trade tariffs is that it is supposed to stimulate the economy at home, reduce the trade deficit and encourage people to ‘buy American’, or locally. But this comes at a time when the average American is hurting financially. Tariffs on steel and aluminum, for instance, will raise the price of cars and cans, as a small example, even though it might stimulate American mining and metals industries over time. Canada, the EU and South Korea are the biggest exporters of steel and aluminum to the US. And as for jobs coming back to the US, that is doubtful given present conditions. Steve Jobs of Apple has said as much, for instance. Profit outweighs patriotism or concern for a company’s home citizens. Only about 3% of Apple’s workforce are employed in the US, for example, with the rest being largely in Asian countries. Yes, that figure is correct. 90% of the US economy is now based in services, with mid-level jobs in manufacturing having been outsourced over the past decades. And there is no real incentive on the part of corporations to bring  them back. This administration’s policies will not reverse that trend.

Manufacturing jobs as a share of American GDP plummeted during the Bush II years, but had been declining especially since the Reagan years, as a result of outsourcing. On top of that, it has been the policy of all presidents since Nixon to give favorable trading status to nations like China, Canada and EU nations. Trump’s initiative is the opposite of free trade, the latter of which especially Republicans in the US favor. But the biggest worry, getting back to securities, refers to China’s several ‘nuclear options’ if the trade war gets too hot, and those refer to dumping massive amounts of US treasuries or devaluing its currency as the main ones. Any such action would cause great instability in the US economy and then flow on to the world at large. The American debt is one of the nation’s biggest weaknesses. Trump’s gamble is a risky one, to say the least. Much of this sort of activity should have been addressed decades ago, but was not politically expedient at the time. Now these actions appear to be too little too late. And the worst part is that it will further endanger the security of the most vulnerable people, and worldwide. 

Trade wars: There is another side to this trade war, though. Trump’s trade war with Europe – for that is what the US tariffs against EU products amounts to – are meant to destabilize an already weak German government and by extension, the EU. This is also part of the reason why Trump pulled the US out of the JCPOA, truth be known. This has not been widely reported. But as a result, Europe will be under considerable pressure in the coming months to cave to Washington’s demands regarding Russia, Iran, trade and a raft of other measures. Once again, Russia, China and Iran are the ultimate targets here. Ukraine fits into this picture, too, as does Russian gas. We won’t go into all that here. Now, the EU has slapped tariffs of an equal amount on certain US goods, including playing cards, of all things. Symbolic, that. India has done likewise. And, it is working with Russia to make defense payments in home currencies instead of dollars. And then there is Italy.

As more information emerges about the crisis in Italy, what is becoming clear is that the fight is really about the economic strangulation of Europe by neoliberal economics guided by and embraced by the dictatorial nature of the EU government in Brussels and in New York, against the sovereignty of the individual European states. And, if we look deeper, this is fomented in large part by Germany’s control of the European economy via the ECB and the IMF, its being the strongest economy in Europe. We will discuss all this in greater detail in the Leo letter, as Italy has Leo as its soul ruler. So also does London. Berlin has Leo as its personality ruler, as does Russia, Rome and France. And with this combination of nations and cities, with finances and security issues at stake, with old Lions roaring at each other, we begin to get a picture of why we are seeing the various conflicts taking place at the moment between these nations and places of power. There is ancient karma between these particular places, moving toward a more Aquarian resolution as we move increasingly into that Age, especially when we consider that Leo is the polar opposite to Aquarius.

Changes for the Eurozone: We might briefly mention the EU and what is likely to evolve in the  next year or two. Firstly, we need to keep in mind that the EU and the Eurozone are two separate entities. What we are specifically concerned with here is the Eurozone, which is the financial union of EU states. This is what is due for a shakeup in the immediate future. It is written in the stars, we might say, aside from what we see in the news. The Eurozone is a Capricorn construct, founded on 1 Jan 1999 at midnight in Brussels. The Sun is unaspected in the chart, showing both a lack of direction, but also a leadership that is divorced, or insulated from the zone at large. The banking sector, represented by Venus, is of particular interest here, because Venus is square to Saturn in the chart, indicating the overbearing control of the banking sector in the EU, insistence on austerity, privatization and so forth. This is a particularly worrisome aspect for economics, taking away prosperity, giving poor economic judgement and tendency for spending foolishly at the wrong times and on the wrong measures. Venus is in a very wide conjunction with Neptune, the latter also square to Saturn, showing a lack of vision. The Capricorn Sun also shows the crystallization of the leadership, as well as its control of the union. But, change is coming, like it or not. There are now small steps toward change in Eurozone economics being put forward by Macron and Merkel, especially now that there is the new Italian government, Merkel’s leadership is very shaky right now and the trade war looms.

In mid-April of this year we had the retrograde station of Saturn conjunct the Eurozone Sun. That transit represents the karmic chickens coming home to roost. They can either lay golden eggs or they can leave less salubrious ‘gifts’ behind. But, even the latter can fertilize the ground for future growth. It is a transit that brings one what one is due, for good or ill, and it shows whether or not one has chosen a good path and/or executed that path well in the past. It represents a culmination. The retrograde period of Saturn will last until the direct station on 6 Sep this year, and will pass the Eurozone Sun finally on the solstice in December. Happy Holidays! From now until then we will be in a period of reevaluation in the Eurozone. Italy will have had its some time to evaluate things by then and we will have a clearer path forward. It does not look pretty for the Eurozone. The reason I say that is because of Pluto.

Pluto is now within a degree of the conjunction of the EU 4th house cusp by solar arc. That solar arc became active in January of this year. The 4th house represents opposition to the sitting government. The direct station of Saturn will take place conjunct that solar arc in September. That will be a deciding moment for the Eurozone. Saturn first passed the shadow point (its direct station) in January. In May, Trump announced the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, and the Iranian sanctions will bite at the end of this year. Between the EU trying to buck US sanctions against Iran, Trump’s tariffs and an antagonistic government in Italy toward the Eurozone, it is perhaps not difficult to see that the Eurozone is due for some serious polemics, at the very least. Italians will not go the way of Greece, at least not for very long. They will not willingly go along with the austerity and harsh economic impositions of the IMF and ECB. If I had to make a guess, I would forecast Italy leaving the Eurozone. If not, Italy will force significant changes to the Eurozone, especially if it can band together with Spain and France and confront Germany. And if the latter turns out to be the case, we might see some very interesting developments in Britain with regard to Brexit and British politics in general. Pluto brings major separations and change.

Cancer, the disease: This brings us back to the start of this letter. Cancer, the disease, has been called a ‘Moon disease’[23], and also a sign Cancer disease, although many other indicators are listed. It is also associated with the Saturn/Midheaven midpoint, which again ties in with the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The point here is that cancer, the malady, is a complicated illness, not caused by any single factor, yet manifested via a single virus-like particle, a disease of opportunism. It is, in essence, a parasitic thoughtform that is seeking to manifest itself on the physical plane, feeding upon the host to the point where it overpowers that host and kills it unless timely intervention is had. In a way, cancer is the manifestation of a death wish, albeit subconscious. Esoterically, it has been called a disease caused by suppression[24] of emotional force. Suppression is not right control. If engaged long-term, it is a willful, misdirected energy that eventually gives rise to a thoughtform, weakening the host. At that point the opportunistic agent can take hold. We could draw parallels to our present world situation, looking at where we, as the ‘host humanity’ have been suppressed and fed upon to our detriment, where opportunistic agents have taken hold. We are facing points of no return now, wherein drastic or decisive actions will have to be taken if disasters are to be averted. We still have time, although doomsayers abound. Fear is the great enemy now.

Rife’s device is not a cure for cancer. Researchers coming after Rife have verified that. There is no single cure for cancer. The disease is as individual as the host. Rife’s device is a very effective palliative, though, and it buys the patient precious time and space for self-examination, time to eliminate the cause of the disease by eliminating the opportunistic agent. Self-examination is a characteristic and saving force of the sign Leo, addressed in the next letter, and looking at things in terms of process. This is not to say Cancerians are any more prone to the dread disease than anyone else. Cancer, the sign, is found in everyone’s horoscope, and the sign itself represents humanity as a whole. We are all in this together. It is an occult axiom in the cure of any disease that ‘all we need is more light’ – i.e., what is needed is for the light of the soul to flood the lower bodies and restore balance. Healing with light and vibration will be one of the major modes of healing in the future. When the soul ‘moves upon the face of the waters’, it brings about an intensive period of self-examination, a period of withdrawal from ordinary concerns. When we come to see disease as a barometer, indicating that we have misdirected our life energies somewhere, then true healing becomes a real possibility. Palliative measures can then be effectively employed. We recognize there is sickness in our societies now. It has been there all along, but now it has been lit up for all to see. The masses of people everywhere are not so stupid as people like Bernays might have supposed: Ignorant in many cases, yes, but kept willfully so by people in power, people like Bernays and the people who employ his methods. These are the real criminal elements in our world.

Anastrophe!: In closing, we are about to enter a period wherein we will all be addressing our needs, rather than our desires. This is being forced upon us, in terms of material needs. Our spiritual needs are in conflict to that, and it will draw out the souls of communities, nations and individuals. The desires for material goods instilled in us by corporate advertising, or of feeling ‘relaxed and comfortable’, are passing very quickly and we are having to look at essentials instead of what we might want. Many of us are already there. Still a great many of us remain focused on ‘the American dream’ and so forth, depending on where one lives. Now, instead of a dream world of plenty, a great many of us increasingly live nel incubo (in the nightmare). The materialists are in the process of making their big move. We see it in the trade wars, the instability of the markets, insecurity of job markets, setting one against the other, and so forth. It is meant to instill panic in the populace, which would place us exactly where those people would want us. An economic collapse would be a bargain basement sale for the rich, and would cement the neo-aristocracies of every nation for generations to come – unless we refuse to cooperate.

There is no need for fear or for a catastrophe. We can instead have an anastrophe – in the sense of  changing the order of society – by looking after our own at the local level. Security begins with ourselves, by recognizing and fostering the ‘light within’, by living as souls as much as we can realize it. The bliss of the soul far transcends any temporal sense of happiness and is permanent. Let that be our goal in these times, and in so doing instill confidence in ourselves and others that we can indeed effect the changes know to be the best for our nations and communities for generations to come. We have been nel incubo before, lived through it and thrived. We can do so again, in full confidence that we can and will succeed.

Solstice Blessings,


21 Jun 18

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