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",,,The US media has been awash with the Russia-gate story, with allegations, mostly from Democrats, that Trump colluded with Russia to swing the election in his favor. That is another story in itself, much of which is false, but is used to great effect as a propaganda tool against Russia. The true reason Trump won the election has far more to do with domestic troubles than with foreign influence. But there is another side to that story, too, and it lies with details that have recently come to light around a previously little-known organization called Cambridge Analytica... What has been exposed in recent days is that CA, rather than Russian troll farms, was actively employed by the Trump campaign to swing voter opinions in his favor by mining data from Facebook accounts and then targeting voters, apparently with enough influence to push him over the line to victory in the election. There is some very interesting astrology that emerges from a study of this scandal, and we will outline it here as we go along..."

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The astrology of internet companies
The scandal
The astrology of Cambridge Analytica
How CA was formed and used
The astrology of Facebook
The astrology of the notorious app launch
The synastry of CA and Facebook
The necessity of our computer security and what we can do