9 JULY 2019

Firstly, if you have not been receiving my letters, but have subscribed, copy and keep the following link somewhere:

You are reading this because you have recently subscribed to my newsletters, or because you have subscribed more than once, meaning you are not receiving the letters, even though you have been added to one of the lists, or you are having trouble receiving these letters. I never dump people off lists unless they ask me to do so. If so, you will receive notification.

NOTE: If your email account is with one of these suffixes:,,, or at an address in Oceania, I feel your pain, but there is not much I can do about your not receiving the letters. Yahoo accounts are notoriously unreliable. Microsoft (Hotmail, live and msm) routinely blocks email senders, such as mine. They are rolling blocks and may change from time to time. I do not know why, and MS are no help at all. I am not on any blacklists. Believe me, I have checked. I have also checked and re-checked my settings. Everything has checked out fine. The problem is that the great majority of email sent these days is spam, and any email with a link in it is automatically under scrutiny. The last letter I sent out saw all Microsoft and virtually all Yahoo accounts returned with errors. Readers in Oceania are a special case. When I send the letters out, it is nighttime for you, and servers often do their maintenance at night and go offline. Again, there is nothing I can do about that.

The fix: Keep the address above, and read on. There is another way, if you need a free email server, and that is to set up a Gmail or AOL account. Those rarely get bounced or returned. Yeah, it’s a pain, but I will be more than happy to change your address. Just let me know your old address if you need to do so in order that I can delete the old address.

Other Matters: If you have not subscribed, it is possible that someone else has subscribed you. People are not subscribed to these lists unless they request it. If you believe you have subscribed in error or have been subscribed by someone else, please let me know immediately and I will take you off the list.

For those of you who have subscribed previously but have yet to receive letters, the link given above is your insurance that you will have access to the letters. If you think you have missed a notification, click on the link above and you will find the letter. There will be a notification on the page if it has been posted. The letters are posted as plain text (no pictures) in both .doc and .pdf formats (.doc in the LH column, .pdf on the right). They are archived for a year on the archive page and rotated out after that. However, they do remain on the site, albeit hidden after that. You can access past letters if you know how, or I can supply the link.

The reasons people do not receive bulk email notifications are varied, and it is an annoying problem, for you and for me, but normally relate to email security settings. These vary from server to server. I have done my best to keep the settings on my end updated using the latest industry protocols, but even at that, at every sending there are typically upwards of 15% of subscribers who miss these notifications. Be sure to check your junk email folders if you have subscribed but fail to receive them. If there is still a problem, I can look into it for you. Problems usually occur for several reasons, most notably:

I do not advertise, except for once a year, so you will typically receive a notification once a month, usually about a week before the full moon unless I have been otherwise unable to post one.

Lastly, since the bulk mailing goes out within a 9 hour period, sometimes the subscriber page gets overloaded when too many people try to download the letter. If you try the page but are unable to access it, try again in an hour or so. It is largely US readers who have this difficulty, as most subscribers are from the US.

Lastly, thank you for subscribing! If you have any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me:

I’m happy to be of service,