31 JAN 2018

© Malvin Artley

...Aquarius rules the national souls of both Russia and the United States, and due to that fact any consideration of Aquarius becomes increasingly important as the years go by. The influence of Aquarius will therefore stir the soul force of those two great nations increasingly. It also rules the national soul of the Netherlands and the personal expression of Switzerland, and the rise of Aquarius will have its effects in those two nations as well, but we will not deal with those here. But for all the nations mentioned, we will see much in the way of change, shifting, upset, an impressed need for cooperation over time instead of the present unnecessary enmity we see between the US and Russia, for instance, increased grassroots actions in both nations, a greater sense the urgency of the need for world service and a requisite relinquishing of selfishness. The latter will be particularly difficult for the United States...[Read more at the 'Download' button above]

Aquarius and Nations
The full moon
The slap felt ‘round the world
The Olympics, the Koreas and alliances
The Koreans are talking
Trump, the stable genius?
Fire, Fury and Furphies
Neptune – deception or enlightenment?
Mercury and Neptune
Neptune and the US horizon
Why is Russia seen as the enemy?
Familiarity breeds contempt?
The community of nations
The psy-op of collusion
Nourishing the roots
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