The 6th of January in depth

We have all heard the statement now, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We just had a good example of that in the US. This is Part I of a follow-on post from the epiphany post. That post was a general overview of the 6th while we waited for more information to be revealed. With this post we will go much more into the astrological detail and what is really behind the events of the 6th. What is coming to light is not pretty, and while the riot was bad enough, what came after the fact has ominous overtones, and what may come further on still may be even worse. But before we get carried away with dystopic fantasies, the direr predictions are not showing in the astrology for the US. Read on, then, as we sort out that historic day from the astrological angle, and look a little into the future.

As more information has emerged about the Capitol protest, we begin by considering the following, as it illustrates an important issue that has yet to be addressed in the US:

“But when the example of the leader is not at hand and the herd must think for itself, it does so by means of clichés, pat words or images which stand for a whole group of ideas or experiences. Not many years ago, it was only necessary to tag a political candidate with the word interests to stampede millions of people into voting against him, because anything associated with “the interests” seemed necessarily corrupt. Recently the word ‘Bolshevik’ [socialist/communist/liberal/conservative/insert word] has performed a similar service for persons who wished to frighten the public away from a line of action. By playing upon an old cliché, or manipulating a new one, the propagandist can sometimes swing a whole mass of group emotions.”

Edward Bernays, father of American propaganda, a.k.a ‘public relations’, 1928

Emphases added. Whether we realize it or not, the violence at the Capitol on the 6th of this month consisted of two parts – one claimed to have been instigated by the Trump administration and associates (that has to be proven in a court of law, regarding Trump’s impeachment) and the other rumoured to be enacted by the incoming administration, the latter going toward the opening sentence of this post and the quote that followed. With these points in mind, we take another look at the chart for the event on the 6th (below, bigger) with some added information that has come to light.

Firstly, there was quite a bit of Plutonian activity on the day. It is shown in the play to the massed emotions then, built up for four years and longer, leading to the deception and betrayal foisted upon Trump’s followers by the administration itself (more on that in a bit), as well as the betrayal of and possibly by the police and security forces. This is indicated by the heated appeals to Trump’s followers in the few days leading up to the event, via transiting Mercury on the US Pluto on the day and transiting Mars squaring the US Pluto in the days preceding.

These transits of Mars and Mercury showed the stoking of the emotions and of the subconscious conditioning of the public, represented by Pluto, enflaming the followers and alarming the society at large. There was indeed incitement to violence on the day by a small group, by the pent-up emotions in the crowd, a few of the more focused actors stoking those emotions, and by what most comment we see in the media as stating Trump incited the violence. Other commentators say otherwise to the latter. More on that later, too. The manipulation of the security at the Capitol is shown by the direction of Jupiter to the US Ceres and square the US Uranus, the latter ruling manipulation in its lower aspect. We’ll look closer at that in Part II.

The other side of Pluto is shown in the solar arc of Pluto to the MC, which also opposes the 4th house – opposition parties, public infrastructure and buildings and cooperation (or not) with the government. The MC rules the sitting government and the nation’s prestige abroad. Among many things, Pluto rules subversion, the unscrupulous, fanatics, mobs and mob psychology, spoilage and so forth. It also rules oligarchs, demagogues and people who in general wield a strong hold on the public. We can see a precedent in history.

Of interest, 179 years ago, Pluto was directed to the 4th house cusp (IC), directly opposite its current position. There was an insurrection (Dorr’s Rebellion) in Rhode Island, an “…attempt by middle-class residents to force broader democracy in the U.S. state of Rhode Island, where a small rural elite was in control of government.” If that sounds familiar, it should, except this time the small elite is urban. That insurrection was put down, as we saw with the one on the 6th this year, but it led to more positive changes in Rhode Island’s constitution in the few years that followed. The elites grudgingly got the message and had to give up some of their control.

There was also the Lombard Street riot in Philadelphia, with directed Pluto to the IC, a race riot around a parade by 1,000 young black men who were celebrating the end of slavery in the Caribbean, who were set upon by a mob of angry Irish (white) Catholics. Black lives mattered then, too, as well as some whites feeling threatened by growing minorities. The important point to note with Pluto to the IC is the changes that were desired by the populace, as well as the corruption that was revealed regarding the ruling class. This time the same applies to the government, represented by the MC.

What we saw on the 6th was a perfect astrological description of rallying the mob consciousness, shown in the combination of Mercury, Mars and Pluto: “The desire to realize plans fanatically, presence of mind, the tendency to overwork the nerves easily. – Excessive nervous irritation.” This brings up an inconvenient fact for any Trump supporter who might be reading this.

Going back to the quote at the start, there was no leader at the Capitol leading the charge. What we saw instead was a crowd led by clichés – “Stop the Steal!”, “Hang Pence!”, etc., while the very people who stirred up the crowd were nowhere to be seen – hence the betrayal of the followers and supporters of Trump. A true leader would have led the crowd to the Capitol, regardless, and his minions would have been required to be there, too. Where was Giuliani or Trump Jr., for instance during the melee? Trump went back to the White House to watch the proceedings on live TV, all the while commenting on how the tribe in the Capitol looked ‘low class’ – another betrayal. Pluto rules betrayal, along with Neptune.

As to the event itself, there are a couple more points to consider before we move on to a wider consideration. We have the following directed midpoints to radical positions in the US chart:

  • Mars/Pluto=Asc: Daring and temerity, the desire to face danger. – An accident
  • Mars/Uranus=Venus: A strongly passionate excitability. – The desire to enforce love, a sudden stepping up of energy in love-matters [‘Ideals’ and ‘loyalty’ can be substituted for ‘love’ in this case]
  • Sun/Mercury=Mars: The will to fight life’s battles, the tendency to think critically, agitated thinking. – Excitement or upset, argument, quarrel.
  • Mars/MC=Saturn: Disadvantages through exaggerated zeal, actions resulting in failure, the act of separation, suffering harm or damage.

We see there was quite a bit of Martian activity with the directed midpoints, giving the war-like language, enflamed sentiments, quarreling and arguments and the desire to face danger the incident demonstrated. What those midpoints do not show is a successful outcome, given by the last midpoint. Then, there was this directed midpoint to the US Uranus:

  • Pluto/Asc=Uranus: A frequent change of environment, the misfortune to live in constant anxiety and restlessness. – Extraordinary incidents and upsets, accidents.

Uranus rules the tech sector. The Pluto/Asc midpoint has the following association on its own: “People exercising a fascinating power or influence upon others through their own peculiar personality.” We can see Trump in this, but we also see something else, because that midpoint also represents the following in general: “The rule and control over one’s environment. A fascinating personality.” We may well ask ourselves, who indeed has control over our environment, especially considering the overriding influence of electronic media over our daily lives and public opinion? Before we go into that, there is a little story from my past that will go to illustrate several points as we go along:

When I was working maintenance for a large multinational corporation, we in the crew used to be regaled by stories by one of the guys when we would go to lunch. This guy grew up in one of the rural parts of the NC county where this factory was located. I remember one story in particular, and I have little reason to doubt it is true, knowing the people in that area of North Carolina like I do. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

The story goes there was a feud some years back between a man and a group of brothers, probably about something rather inane, as is usually the way of feuds. One day these brothers decided they were going to put an end to the man and thus the feud. So, they call this guy up and tell him they will be around to his place in about 10 minutes, whereupon they will settle accounts. The man duly thanked them for letting him know. After he hung up, he calmly gathered a couple of rifles and pistols (Note to combatants: There’s usually more than one firearm in rural NC houses.), took his lawn chair, plopped himself in his front yard and waited.

Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, these strategic geniuses – ‘goobers’ would be the proper Southern term for that lot – rounded the corner to this guy’s house in their car, at which point their intended target fired upon them. Losing their nerve, they high-tailed it out of there. The neighbors, being less than amused, had called the sheriff in the meantime, after which the man, his firearms and the chastened wing nuts were all invited to pay a visit to the sheriff’s office to have a discussion. After that, peace reigned over the neighbourhood. We don’t know what happened to them after that. We weren’t told. But there’s a moral to the story: If you want to have a successful raid on someone, don’t broadcast your intentions to the intended.

The rallies on the 5th and 6th that incited the mob to raid the Capitol were widely broadcast, well known to authorities, and the intention was clear enough – to overturn the election result. Why was there so little protection of the Capitol, that being the case? The fact there wasn’t protection plus the fact that such protection was indeed withheld points either malfeasance on the part of authorities, incompetence and perhaps both. With the crowds at the rallies being so worked up and their intention clearly known, the security forces in normal circumstances would have had sufficient support, would have gathered up their firearms and their lawn chairs and waited calmly for the crowd. The whole event should have been a non-event.

Mark Twain once said, “It is not worthwhile to try to keep history from repeating itself, for man’s character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible.” Hence we have the featured pic for this post. In 455 CE, the Romans knew the Vandals were coming, but they opened the gates of Rome anyway to avoid loss of life, so the story goes. It was in the final years of the Roman Empire as the hegemonic power in the Mediterranean, the end of ancient Rome as an empire. Symbols have a funny way of repeating at key moments in history. And the protesters were allowed into the building on the 6th to avoid a larger conflagration and because the police were overrun.

But there is more. No sooner had the crowd gathered at the Capitol on the 6th and started trying to gain entrance, there is video of a column of unidentified men in body armor being led through the crowd to the front of the line before being let into the Capitol. Were they military, militia or LARPs? We don’t know, But there were a few people in the crowd who had more sinister intentions that day, having zip ties as handcuffs, clearly for the purpose of taking hostages. One of the people holding handcuffs was later identified as ex-military. Does that mean there was military involvement? The astrology of the event doesn’t really indicate it.

The military and secret services lie across the 6th and 12th house axis in a national chart, the 6th house showing the military and police, the 12th showing secret services. In the US chart, the security services are ruled by Venus, the secret services by Pluto. Venus also has dual rulership between the 6th and the 10th houses, linking the military and police with the government by rulership. In the week leading up to the riot Jupiter was transiting quincunx the US Venus, giving optimism to the administration and security forces. Trump was optimistic in overturning the election, with many Republican senators backing him.

Speaking of senators, this brings in a rather interesting direction, Neptune/Ascendant to the US Jupiter. Jupiter rules senators. Nep/Asc=Jup: “The misfortune to loose one’s good luck, good name, possessions or money through others. – The urge to cheat others or the tendency to be cheated by others.” That one will be exact in about seven months, but has been in effect for the past four to six months, being especially pronounced since the election. One can read that midpoint any way one likes, depending on one’s partisan outlook. But the main point here is the Republicans lost their good luck in the past weeks. The election was certified, the objections voted down, the court cases against voter fraud all dismissed, the Democrats having a clean sweep of the administration, Senate and the House.

The Democrats have no excuses now not to push through their agendas. That direction, preceding, will quickly be followed by another, having just come into effect: Pluto/Node=Jupiter – “The desire to obtain position and power by force through the help of other people. The attainment of great gains through others.” That midpoint, too, can be read both ways, depending on one’s view, but the power by force reference is particularly of interest to us here, having been illustrated by the events of the 6th. And standing back looking at the events and what followed, the first part of the midpoint description can be seen to apply to the Republican senators who objected to certification, with the latter applying to Democrats now.

Transiting Mars was trine Trump’s Ascendant on the day, buoying his outlook, and transiting Mercury was quincunx his Mars, ramping up his rhetoric. He also had transiting Pluto across from his Venus/Saturn conjunction/midpoint: “Unusually strong tension in love-relationship, temporary or passing states of chaos.” He, his family and close supporters were videoed partying at the rally on the 6th, prior to his speaking to the gathered crowd, at the conclusion of which he pointed to the Capitol and nodded at the crowd, as if to say ‘get it done’ as reported by Cliven Bundy.

However, by the time of the riot on the 6th, transiting Jupiter had passed the quincunx to Venus. Saturn followed in its wake, being within orb of the quincunx to Venus on the day. Transiting Saturn has a way of throwing cold water onto people’s plans, especially with the hard aspects. The quincunx to Venus showed the slow response of the security forces and the President on the day, the uncertainty about what needed to be done, the obstructions to the response and so forth. Now, as of this writing (14th), Saturn is exact on the quincunx to the US Venus, and we see quite a bit of back-pedalling by the military and police, along with an isolated, furious and embittered President, who is now facing impeachment after yesterday’s House vote – at which 10 Republicans turned against him. The Senate trial will be delayed until after the inauguration.

To add to the scene, and looking at the 12th house and Pluto, its ruler, there were an unusual number of tours through Congress on the 5th, the day before the breach of the building, possibly suggesting the groups were reconnoitring the premises for actions the next day. Some of the participants in the riot seemed to know exactly where to go. There were six Republican lawmakers photographed in the crowd outside the Capitol. Evidence is emerging that the FBI knew there was violence intended for the Capitol, yet did nothing. The Capitol Police were left without means, and the National Guard was doing traffic duty, unarmed. The Pentagon was slow to respond to requests for help. All the preceding points to the strong suggestion of this event being planned, the two theories being Trump supporters within the government actually planning the event, or that it was allowed to happen as a means of finally getting rid of Trump once and for all. At the moment, those theories are speculation until proven one way or the other.

Now, with Saturn having transited to the quincunx with Venus, the ruler of the 6th and the 10th houses, the Joint Chiefs have given notice to the troops that their mission is to uphold the Constitution. Any violence instigated at the inauguration will be put down. The National Guard is on the scene in force this time throughout the inauguration, and state capitols are also getting ready for the 20th. There had been a call on social media for armed demonstrations at state capitols starting on the 17th. Referring back to our little story, if you want a successful insurrection or to cause the utmost in mayhem, don’t advertise your intentions to do so. Given the backpedalling and focus on armed services since the event on the 6th, we should probably not expect too much in the way of violence on the 20th, or for there to be any real danger for the inauguration. But this brings up another problem. Continued in Part II

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