The Russian R2P decree

On 15 Nov 2021 Vladimir Putin signed what amounts to a Russian version of the American R2P doctrine – the Right to Protect. The situation in Ukraine is about to get very interesting. The gist of the decree is that Russia will protect certain goods going in and out of the Donbass region, as well as the people there. The people of Donbass are essentially of Russian ancestry and many people throughout Russia have relatives there. That is not the case with the remainder of the Ukraine. NATO leaders may just get their wish for more relevance, and sooner than they think, but what is arising is an event, pushed by the US and EU, that will have ill effects for the EU, and ultimately, for NATO. We will have a look at the decree, Ukraine and NATO here. Continue reading “The Russian R2P decree”

Will Biden meet with Tecumseh? Pt. I

Rhetorical question: Will Joe Biden have a summit with Tecumseh? And if so, will the summit be held in Tippecanoe? Most readers will know the urban legend to which these questions refer. But for those readers who don’t know the tale, the question can be rephrased: Will Joe Biden die in office, according to the 20-year curse? Seven of the eight presidents of the United States who died in office were elected on years that ended in 0 and which were divisible by 20. We’ll have a look here. Continue reading “Will Biden meet with Tecumseh? Pt. I”

Biden and Tecumseh, Pt.2

Following on from Part I of these posts, one of the reasons I was prompted to write on the topic was more personal than historical. In recent days we have been receiving news of deaths and impending deaths of associates, in-laws and extended members of family – all within timing and not unexpected. But that news has also given pause to have a closer look at death as shown in horoscopes. In this section of the post on presidents we move on to the assassinations and then a more in-depth look at Joe Biden and what the future may hold for him and the presidency. Continue reading “Biden and Tecumseh, Pt.2”

The total solar eclipse of 2021

There is a total solar eclipse on the 4th of December this year. It is the only total solar eclipse for the year, out of the four eclipses for 2021. It will be particularly relevant for the United States, as it falls on the Ascendant of the US national Sibley chart. We will have a closer look at that in this post. So, without further ado, we move on to the nuts and bolts of this eclipse and what it might mean for us. Continue reading “The total solar eclipse of 2021”

Big Tech and Frances’ Haugenots

On 5 Oct 2021 testimony was given before Congress by one Frances Haugen, a supposed whistleblower from Facebook, about the need for certain regulations to be placed upon the media giant. That was the day after Facebook went ‘dark’ for over six hours and lost significant stock value. Was it a warning shot? Who knows? But as to why Frances Haugen is a ‘supposed’ whistleblower, that will be outlined as we go along in this post. Her testimony comes a day after the release of the Pandora Papers, which have been outed by commentators in independent media as a US government psy-op, though it did serve some positive purposes. Just who is Frances Haugen, though, and what is the agenda the Beltway is seeking to force upon social media? And is Haugen a part of that agenda? There is more to this social media story than we are told. Continue reading “Big Tech and Frances’ Haugenots”

The Pandora Papers and Facebook’s face-plant

On 4 Oct 2021 the Pandora Papers were released amidst much hoopla about exposing some of the most corrupt leaders and billionaires on the planet. Featured in Western mainstream news, unsurprisingly, was Vladimir Putin. Putin’s face loomed the largest in The Guardian’s coverage of the papers, yet he was not directly singled out as one of the soiled leaders. That automatically raised suspicions amongst the independent media. Then, later that day Facebook and its subsidiaries (WhatsApp and Instagram) went down as well. So the big question is, what was really going on and what does the astrology for the day say about it? Continue reading “The Pandora Papers and Facebook’s face-plant”

AUKUS takes on NATO

The AUKUS pact has faded from the news feed for now. But the effects of it will be felt across Europe for months to come. It is apparent at this point the Anglo nations, minus the Kiwis, are circling the wagons in preparation for a showdown with China – or so they seem to think. But what is that going to mean for Europe? Well, it seems the EU is not the superstate than many people thought it was, nor as important as the European Atlanticists thought they were to Uncle Sam. AUKUS has sent a shudder up the spine of the NATO alliance, and as a result, of the EU itself. We will examine what this event means for Europe in this post and some of the wider implications for the future of Europe, of NATO and the West in general. Continue reading “AUKUS takes on NATO”

The AUKUS ruckus

This is a story that will not be going away any time soon. We all might live in a yellow submarine, as the Beatles would have it, but Australians now get to try their hands at nuclear submarines. Well, ‘Yellowcake’ is part of the process, isn’t it? And we aren’t talking about Betty Crocker here. Jokes aside, the AUKUS – Australian, United Kingdom and United States – agreement has many threads running through it, which we will unpack to a degree here. The general world view is that AUKUS is a sub-standard deal (pardon the pun) for Australia, a win for the United States and UK, a loss for the EU and France, and otherwise an unwise decision on the part of the Australian government. There again, opinions differ, depending on one’s geopolitical stance. So, let’s start unpacking. Continue reading “The AUKUS ruckus”

The Libra ingress 2021

Welcome to the balance pole of the zodiac, the Libra ingress of the Sun. From here the daylight hours get shorter in the north and longer in the south. It is also a time when life gets weighed in the balance. Are our hearts up to the task? Do we move forward with confidence or shrink from what may seem to be a dark future and seek refuge in the realm of fantasy? To have a heart lighter than a feather can be a challenge in these times, but in the end we are weighed as to our intentions and actions. More to the point, we are weighed as to our ability to show compassion and express love. And sometimes, love means taking a stand, for ourselves, for our communities and for the future good of all. This is what the West is facing now, and our future will depend upon the actions we take in these days in line with the decisions we make about how we want to live. Continue reading “The Libra ingress 2021”

Iran at the crossroads

On 17 Sep 2021, the procedure was started for Iran to become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This comes as the culmination of what will come to be known as one of the most terrible months in foreign policy for the Anglo West in recent memory. But first, one of my faves from Cream, which will give a hint to the purpose of this post:

Continue reading “Iran at the crossroads”