Novorossiya reconstituted?

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” (Vladimir Lenin)

From the Libra equinox to the 27th of September four oblasts in present-day Ukraine voted on whether or not to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. The result was almost unanimous in all four: Thus starts the breakup of Ukraine. Those regions are now a part of Russia, from 30 September, whether the West accepts it or not. That is how the Russians see the matter now, as closed. Along with that, Russia has just announced a partial mobilization of its reserve forces, to the tune of just over 1%. Apparently and from the propaganda in the Western media proceeding from those events, the Western elites are apoplectic. We will examine all that here, starting with Ukraine’s astrology. Continue reading “Novorossiya reconstituted?”

Italy’s historic vote

On the 25th of this month we went to the polling stations in Italy and cast our vote for the Prime Minister and Senate. Meloni was widely forecast to win the PM’s seat, which she did, landing her as the first female PM in Italian history. It was a great day for women in politics. And just who is Giorgia Meloni, for those who don’t follow Italian politics? Well, to hear the Western liberal press, she is the leader of a far-right, neo-fascist party, making her the most far-right prime minister since Mussolini. Fascism is returning to Italy! – or so the press would have us believe. What is the truth? We’ll start to unpack that a little here, along with a brief look at Meloni. Continue reading “Italy’s historic vote”

Ukraine’s dark winter?

Something big is about to go down in Ukraine. This will be the first of a two-part post, once we know more. But for the present, we deal with what has taken place in the last few weeks there. A distinct change in the character of the conflict in Ukraine has been noted. Starting at the end of August Ukrainian forces backed and partially manned by NATO forces launched counteroffensives, first in the Kherson region and later in the Kharkov Oblast. The latter was hailed in Western media as a great success to obsequious fanfare. Across social media, Ukraine supporters were gloating on ‘the knockout blow to Putin’ and how his fall was imminent (not likely, BTW) and Russian supporters were initially thrown into panic. As is usual in such cases, the media reporting was a psyop. The truth on the ground is somewhat different, which we will examine here. Continue reading “Ukraine’s dark winter?”

The Queen’s last act

On the 6th of September this year Queen Elizabeth II performed her last act as regent of the United Kingdom – she handed the baton of UK’s PM to Liz Truss after accepting Boris’ resignation. It marked the end of an era. It may also have marked the end of the UK in its present form. So, it was her last act, you say? Well, do tell. Because on the 8th, two days after the Queen’s final official act, her family was summoned to Balmoral in expectation she was breathing her last. Did Liz Truss kill the Queen, then? Read on to find out… Continue reading “The Queen’s last act”

Has Trump just been trumped?

Americans will remember the Russia-gate scandal (How could we forget!?) and what it meant for American politics and public discourse. Remember discourse? On the 8th of August the FBI raided Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in search of classified documents. Often after a raid like this a Grand Jury indictment would follow. So, has Trump been trumped by this raid, did he bait the FBI or is it yet another attempt by the Washington establishment to pre-empt another run for the presidency by Trump? We’ll have a look at all that here. Continue reading “Has Trump just been trumped?”

Pelosi and America’s China Syndrome

A syndrome is defined as a characteristic combination of opinions, emotions, or behaviour. If more severe, then it describes a mental illness: a group of symptoms which consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms. Washington appears to have all the hallmarks of a China Syndrome, especially on the Republican side. There is another side to syndromes in popular culture, too, which is when a nuclear reactor core goes out of control and melts down ‘all the way to China’. Washington at present also appears to be going through a meltdown, but it is a sort of ‘reverse China Syndrome’, in that the actions of China and Russia are causing a meltdown in Washington. And the recent trip of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan has just stopped the cooling pump to the reactor…

Continue reading “Pelosi and America’s China Syndrome”

Darya Dugina’s assassination and its consequences

On the evening of 20 August 2022 Darya Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin, was assassinated in a terrorist car bombing just outside Moscow. The assassination carries several implications regarding the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine and for Western society as well. Her name, along with her father’s (and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd) had been placed on the ‘kill list’ of a notorious Ukrainian website. We look at the astrology of the event here and what it will mean for all parties in the conflict going forward. Continue reading “Darya Dugina’s assassination and its consequences”

Surfing the zeitgeist in the UK

Zeitgeist: \ ˈtsīt-ˌgīst , ˈzīt- \: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era, or ‘the spirit of the times’. The spirit of the times in the UK is not exactly flash at the moment. There are long queues at airports and ports all over the UK, especially in Dover. COVID remains a thing, which worries many people still. Inflation is sharply up. Food, petrol and energy prices are sharply up. In fact, the UK has the highest inflation of all the G7 countries, at nearly 10% as of this writing. Winter is around the corner. And now the British public is being shown the spector of two libertarian candidates to lead the Tories for until the next general election. The zeitgeist of the UK is not one for happy campers, unless one happens to have heaps of dosh. Continue reading “Surfing the zeitgeist in the UK”

Boris resigns (?)

Most of us by now will recognize an adulterated Turkish proverb doing the rounds: “When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus.” Well, Boris, the clown has resigned and everyone hopes the circus will leave town along with the rest of the clowns, to be replaced with saner voices. But there is a question in all this: Why is he still sitting in Parliament doing PMQs? Has he really resigned? It would appear not. What is really going on here? For more, read on… Continue reading “Boris resigns (?)”