Navalny: democracy in Russia in peril?

On February 16 at 2:17 PM at the Arctic Wolf penitentiary in Siberia, Alexie Navalny was pronounced dead. The cause of his death was said to be ‘sudden death syndrome’, whatever that is. Western leaders were quick to point the finger at Russia and Putin in particular, proclaiming “Democracy in Russia is dead!” The question is, who really benefits from his death? And how, really, did he die? Astrology can give us clues to the latter. As to the former, the answers should be fairly obvious for anyone who has followed Russia’s relations with the West. For more, read on…

So, Navalny died of natural causes, from the stress prison or was he murdered? Let’s paint a picture and then perhaps some answers will emerge. There is a rough sort of timeline of events leading up to his death starting with the funding for Ukraine in the United States. $61 billion in aid was passed by the Senate in the US but it is stalled in the House of Representatives, where the majority of the members of the house question the need to send taxpayer dollars to a country that is clearly losing the war. Members of the House had to take a two week vacation to consider their stance. Ukraine would appear to be a bad investment, and it is.

Two days before Navalny’s death the Russians made a major breakthrough in the heavily fortified town of Avdeevka in the Donbas. The city completely fell to the Russians the day after Navalny’s death. This was a major victory for the people of the region because the city of Donetsk had been shelled daily by the nationalist Ukrainians for almost 10 years. That day was the first day the guns fell silent. The Russians are moving forward along the entire thousand kilometer long front without much resistance. The Western powers are desperate to prop up the regime in Kiev and prolong the war.

With the funding for Kiev stalled in Congress and the Russians moving forward, Sen. Michael R. Turner started sounding alarm bells about a great security threat to the United States, in an effort to unfreeze the deadlock in Congress. It was a farcical story and old news about a super-duper Russian nuclear space weapon (below) that would annihilate American satellites in low earth orbit. It was like, Star Wars. The story was quickly debunked, making the senator a laughing stock. Image

Then there was Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, which was seen across the Western world by hundreds of millions of views – some say over a billion views. The interview portrayed a very different Putin – one of a reasonable, intelligent world leader – a view completely at odds with the narrative of Putin as some insane, evil genius in control of an equally evil empire. Something had to be done or the Putler narrative would begin to fall apart.

Then, on 16 February, the annual Munich Security Conference was held. In attendance – and a very weird ‘coincidence’ – was Navalny’s widow, who just also happened to be there with her new fugitive Russian oligarch boyfriend. She had been invited and was warmly greeted by the attendees, paraded around like some kind of hero (as the new boyfriend looked on) and basically opened the conference with a speech about Navalny. She hardly cut the figure of what one would call a grieving widow.

Navalny’s widow, however, says she and her boyfriend are ‘devastated’ about Navalny’s death. No doubt they had a Hedonistic tipple in salute of his death. Of course, one can hardly blame her for moving on from Navalny. Still…Cin-Cin!, as we say in Italy. And lo and behold, she has taken on the mantle of Navalny’s work – taking on corruption in Russia and restoring democracy to that beleaguered land and people, from her new home in London, with her new boyfriend, becoming the newest useful idiot for the Western powers. It is so Guiadó-esque. (See also THIS)

And then, the presidential elections in Russia take place in a month. Perhaps Navalny’s death would cast a long shadow on Putin’s chances of re-election, or so the Western leadership hopes. Then again, war-time incumbents are usually handily re-elected, not to mention Putin’s approval rating still hovers at the 80% mark, last we checked in with Levada. Perhaps Guaidó would be available in Navalny’s place.

With the picture thus painted, keeping these points in mind, it is not difficult to see why people believe Navalny was killed in prison rather than suffering a major health event. But if he was whacked, who would stand to benefit the most from it? As is always the case, follow the money.

Gilbert Doctorow, who closely follows Russia and has a PhD in Russian history, reckons the Brits did in Navalny. He has written two posts outlining his reasons for thinking so. His reasoning is quite plausible, as well as the modus operandi for doing the deed. His posts are worth reading. In his 2nd post he also reckons the Navalny story will amount to nothing. He is probably correct. If it happened as he says Navalny’s death amounts to a cheap shot at Putin.

The Western media and press, almost in concert, claimed Putin was responsible for Navalny’s death. Do tell. And this was immediately after the death was announced, before autopsy reports were made known. What did these people know that we don’t (Hint: not much, or maybe everything)? The immediate reaction, like so many other events, and in unison, suggests a psy-op.

Even the Russian ‘super-patriots’, ‘Putin-is-a-globalist-shill’ bloggers admit that Putin had nothing to gain with Navalny’s death:

“Now that Navalny is dead under Putin’s watch, no negotiations with Russia will be possible because he is now officially worse than Hitler (again). So, clearly, this benefits the hawks in Washington who want the war to escalate and continue. The killing may have even been triggered by Tucker’s visit and his efforts to rehabilitate Putin’s image, flawed as they were. Navalny’s death will also cast a pallor on the elections coming up in Russia in one month…This explanation makes the most sense…

Yes, the elections in Russia are rigged. But no, Navalny did not stand a chance of actually dethroning Putin in a free and fair election. He [Navalny] is widely distrusted by Russian society because of his ties with the US and because he changed his views so drastically over the course of his political career. He started out as a sensible populist-nationalist, rightly calling out Putin for flooding Russia with “cockroaches from Central Asia” on Russian internet forums. But after his time in America, he returned a shitlib and disavowed his previous views, focusing on calling Putin all the Western SJW buzzwords that his handlers wanted popularized in Russia…”

There are several pertinent points to take from this quote. In the Carlson interview Putin was heard to state he was always open to negotiations to end the war, provided Ukraine surrenders or realizes there is no point in continuing. However, the military-corporate interests in the US, along with the Congressional revolving door policy with the same are keen to see the $61 billion in ‘aid’ to Ukraine passed through the House. That ‘aid’ would go primarily to American manufacturing, meaning American jobs, and in an election year. Most Americans are against sending any more aid to ‘Country 404’. But to members of Congress, those jobs mean campaign donations and stumping points on the campaign trail.

Carlson’s interview closely preceded Navalny’s death and was a blow to the ‘Putler’ narrative, the latter which again supports the arms industries in the US. The present hand-wringing in the US over Navalny’s death appears to be a clear attempt to offset Carlson’s interview and restore and reaffirm the favoured narrative. So far it seems to have had little effect outside the West. Even in Western Europe, whose elites usually follow the American lead on such issues, European leaders’ comments on Navalny’s demise were more nuanced. His death barely registered in Russia, which is telling as to the effort to control perceptions of Russia in the West.

To the last point regarding the quote above, it is almost a given in the West that we believe elections in Russia are a joke and always rigged. That is probably because our own elections are always so open and transparent. Oh wait…Maybe there are sometimes irregularities in elections in Western democracies. But we all know the Russians always interfere in our elections. Just ask Hillary Clinton. Don’t worry, America. We are still #1!

So, was he or wasn’t he – Navalny murdered, that is? The fact is, we don’t know. We do know that ‘accidents’ happen in prisons. So do deaths. Just ask Jeffrey Epstein. Oh, wait…Apparently Russia has more than its fair share of deaths in prisons. Oh, wait…But Navalny was sent to the gulag…Well, no…Those were closed in 1960. Maybe it was food poisoning. We know how bad prison food can be. Russia’s must be really bad. Oh, wait…But American prisons ascribe to culinary excellence! (Don’t eat the fish.)

Perhaps a pattern emerges regarding what we have been told about Russia. Perhaps a pattern emerges also about our own shortcomings and failings, as highlighted in the previous two paragraphs. People in glass houses and ivory towers shouldn’t throw stones. They have a way of returning at inopportune moments. Conditions in American prisons are what Assange faces if he is extradited, too. But still, Navalny was whacked, right? Poisoned, probably?

There is a post on Navalny on this site from a few years ago, regarding the alleged poisoning incident in which he was transported to Germany under suspicious circumstances. Upon his return to Russia, he was promptly arrested for violating the terms of a suspended sentence in one of his prior convictions. Later he was tried on charges of extremism, eventually resulting in a prison term of 19 years. He was transported to the Arctic Wolf facility in December of last year, where he said he was ‘doing well’.

OK, so he was ‘doing well’ as could be expected by his telling a few days before his demise. Maybe his chart gives us some clues. The chart with transits and directions is below (bigger):

In January of 2021, when Navalny was released from hospital in Germany and decided to return to Russia (BIG mistake, as he had been warned he would be arrested upon his return) directed Mars was at his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, one which is often indicated in cases of incarceration. In the case of Mars with that midpoint the indications are for discontent and separations. But transiting Mars and Uranus were conjunct at that midpoint at the time. Mars/Uranus=Jupiter/Saturn

On the day of Navalny’s death there was a confluence of factors shown in his chart which would indicate his demise and the means. Mars was again very active in the chart on the day. The big standouts are a few, but we start with an old favorite, Ura=Mars/Sat, directed Uranus to Mars/Saturn:

“A test of nervous strength, intervention by Higher Power or by Providence, a sudden illness, a sudden accident, separation or case of death.”

That midpoint is, of course, the ‘death axis’, which often shows up in deaths. Directed Mars was square the Meridian axis and thus the 4th house at the time. Transiting Neptune opposed directed Mars and thus activated the combination, Neptune=Mars/ MC (IC):

“A person who is incapable of becoming independent, a person who is unable to gain recognition, a lack of power to succeed in life. – Making the wrong arrangements, failures.”

Transiting Mars was in the 4th house and it had just come into a square with natal Uranus, highlighting an incident, or accident or even violence. Then we note the directed Neptune in sesquisquare with natal Sun, showing several possibilities – weakness of will, mysterious circumstances surrounding a person, lack of vitality, poisoning and weakness of the heart. The latter point is a key factor in Navalny’s demise. It is said that he died of a blood clot to the heart.

Then to top it all off we see directed Pluto opposite Navalny’s Mercury, the latter ruling his 1st house, a direction often seen as critical with a person’s death (directions to the ruler of the 1st house). The other direction that must also occur at the time of death with the one just mentioned is a direction to the ruler of the eighth house (transformation and death) or a direction to the death axis, which we have shown in the chart, above.

The indications from the chart are for some sort of poisoning (Neptune), accompanied by violence, shown by the Mars directions and transits, and the end of his outlook on life shown by the Pluto direction to his Mercury – thoughts of death and problems with the nervous system – novichok again? His widow seems to think so. Maybe ‘arrangements’ were made.

There is scant information surrounding the Navalny’s death. The only thing we have so far are official statements from Russian state media, echoed by Chinese media, in that it was indeed a blood clot, detached from somewhere. Blood clots lodging in the heart are indeed a cause of ‘sudden death syndrome’ (whatever that is), attributed across social media these days to adverse reactions to the Pfizer/mRNA vaccines.

Social media claims that the ‘clot shot’ was the culprit in Navalny’s death, meaning that someone would have injected Navalny with Pfizer vaccines multiple times, as many as five times. He had also contracted covid twice. So, a few people say, but I cannot attest to the veracity of the information. He would have received such injections when he was in the hospital in Germany, though, which was at the height of the lockdowns. But generally such clots appear very soon after the injections. So, Putin did it. Sure.

There were unconfirmed reports that there were bruises on Navalny’s body at the time of his death, which could have been caused by restraints applied because of convulsions while he was in the process of dying. That would be confirmed by the direction of Pluto opposite the Navalny’s Mercury.

There are calls for his body to be released for a second autopsy, perhaps so the narrative of novichok poisoning can be continued. It is an old favorite of the British, who actually have samples of novichok at Porton Down.

So, Navalny is dead. We may never know exactly how he died. But he was a useful idiot for Western interests (especially MI6, apparently), but he had outlived his usefulness, except for this final act of supposed martyrdom (according to some of the spin I have seen).

There were a few small illegal protests about Navalny’s death in Russia, but nothing of the scale reported in the Western press. A few people were arrested but they were likely released the next morning. The larger protests were actually in Berlin and Tblisi. ‘Dozens’ laid flowers at a monument to political prisoners in Moscow – hardly a large gathering. People were warned away from large protests. And he was nowhere near the main opposition to Putin, even by Wikipedia’s page on Russian opposition to Putin and the government.

In closing, it is quite probable that Navalny suffered a catastrophic failure of his heart, shown by the transit of Mars square to his natal Uranus – “The rhythm of activity, the activity and work of the heart…”, considering all the other factors discussed above. Was it just his fate or was it all scripted and executed to coincide with current events? It would be quite convenient for him to just have dropped dead on the very day his widow appeared at the Munich Security Conference. Yes, that is very strange, contributing to all the conspiracies. But the big question is, will any of it matter in the larger scheme of thing? That answer to that is clearly, “Nyet.”

Elections in Russia for the presidency are less than a month away. For all the hyperbole in the West about the death of democracy in Russia and the coming media storm about a stolen election there next month, we face the same spectre in the US, with many Americans (rightly) questioning our own electoral outcomes. Putin will win re-election handily. Regardless of what one thinks about Russian democracy, it will probably go the way of all American presidential races – it will be the best election money and influence can buy. Then again, maybe, just maybe, the Russian people approve of their current leadership and are happy with the direction of their nation. If only we could feel the same about our own leadership and democracy.

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