The Aries solar ingress of 2024

The Aries equinox takes place on the 20th of March with the ingress of the Sun into Aries, marking the beginning of the astrological calendar. Always with Aries there is the note of leaving something behind in bringing in a fresh impulse. With its mythology and lore more associated with the northern hemisphere, Aries marks the start of spring and new growth. The theme of leaving old situations behind and seeking a fresh outlook is particularly pronounced over the next three months. For more, read on…

To get a feel for what is to come this quarter, we know of a world tired of war, horrified at what they see unfolding, with elections across the Western world starting this quarter and the world populace ready for more positive outlook along with an end to conflict. We will cover all that after a quick look at the ingress chart.

The chart for the ingress of the Sun into Aries for 2024 takes place on the 20th of March at 03:06 UTC. The chart is below (bigger):

There are two particular points that jump out in the chart aside from the other factors we will examine here. To start, the Sun is in an out-of-sign conjunction with Neptune, the latter in Pisces. The Sun is semisquare Jupiter and trine the Moon, adding elements of luck and expansion to the quarter. The Sun is also approaching the first of two eclipses for the quarter, one on the 25th at the full moon, and the other on April 8th, which is the more important of the two eclipses, to be described in a separate post. Eclipses are seen as harbingers of change, lending credence to the Aries dynamic for this quarter, and both of those eclipses occur with the Sun in Aries.

With the Sun having just passed Neptune in Pisces a few days before the equinox, we get the idea described in the Pisces letter for this year of the passing from one age to the next. Aries marks new starts anyway, the promise of renewal. To achieve renewal however, we need to reckon with the past. That brings us to the next factor in the chart.

We find Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces, the conjunction itself being like a sobering influence. Venus/Saturn combinations denote the hard realities of relationships. As an aside, Venus/Saturn combinations are also indicative of financial difficulties. This conjunction in Pisces is about having the difficult conversations needed in order to have more fulfilling relationships. In this case, the sense of duty or the reality of any situation dominates the desires of the heart. Pisces represents our sense of idealism, our dreams for the future and our ideas about how we might bring salvation to our currently troubled world. There are several areas in international affairs where the sense of having to have the hard conversations is very much needed, and this is beginning to take place.

To get an idea of where we are headed for the quarter we need the context of the past quarter (Capricorn). The following points were noted:

    • “We are likely to see more censorship in the West as the situation in the Levant comes to a head, which it will in this quarter, while the spin on the loss of Ukraine will be at a high point as well.”
    • “There will be a ceasefire in Gaza. Economics, political pressures and public outcries will force it. It will come in this quarter unless the more powerful states in the region drop their vigilance.”
    • “Strange or unexpected partnerships will be in evidence and manifest as the quarter unfolds, shown by the opposition between Venus and Uranus.”

Going point-by-point, we have indeed seen more censorship across the West, especially when it comes to social media. The most recent example is the Tik-Tok ban being attempted in the US. Then there was the recent speech by Rishi Sunak where he called for tougher measures for pro-Palestinian protesters after being spooked by George Galloway’s victory in the Rochdale by-election. The genocide in Gaza was a main feature in Galloway’s campaign platform. The Tories are trying to shift blame for their own poor performance and support of the genocide onto the Muslim community.

Then there have been several examples of the suppression of freedom of speech in the US and recent Supreme Court oral argument about whether or not the government should be able to pressure social media platforms to remove ‘disinformation’. The WEF reckons mis- and disinformation are one of the biggest threats to society over the next couple of years. Can we not decide for ourselves? And what do these people not want us to know?

To the 2nd point above, sadly – disgustingly – and to the world’s shame there was no ceasefire in Gaza in the previous quarter. But there is a lot of talk about it. Talk is cheap, as apparently so are Palestinian lives. It looks like the IOF will have to be defeated or collapse before the war in Gaza ends. The Israelis are headed toward one of those results – defeat or collapse.

To the third point above, China has offered to back Hungary on security matters. The cited aspect also works in the opposite manner, too, in that it can indicate sudden unexpected ruptures in relationships, such as the one produced by remarks made by ‘Le Petit Roi’ (Macron) when he advocated other EU member states put boots on the ground in Ukraine to go up against Russia. That delusion cost him, with the ire of other leaders in the EU evident. And poor Sweden was roped into joining the NATO, such as NATO is now, with its fracturing union. Where does all this leave us, then, in terms of context for the Aries quarter?

This quarter will be the one in which decisions are made based on the hard realities dawning on leadership across the world. Starting with the US, the eclipse on April 8, which is a total solar eclipse, lies opposite the US Saturn and squares the US Sun. A solar eclipse defines not only a point, but also an axis with the opposite point. Mars will transit the eclipse axis in the latter part of May, which will bring some ‘come to Jesus moments’ within the State Department and the Biden administration. These moments will come in several areas:

  • Regarding Ukraine, the US is getting ready to walk away from its involvement there, having come to realize it is a failed plan – a one-time dream, really stretching back a century, but especially since Ukrainian independence in 1991. Victoria Nuland’s departure was a signal of the coming event, as the 2014 coup in Kiev was her baby. The US wants to focus on China, since the Americans are realizing that Russia will not be defeated or weakened. The US wants to turn their attention elsewhere, as in the main prize of ‘countering China’.
  • Regarding Israel, the main issue there is Biden’s re-election bid, with Biden having realized the genocide in Gaza, which he and Capitol Hill lawmakers wholeheartedly support is ruining his chances of re-election. What we are seeing with Washington’s overtures toward getting aid into Gaza and half-hearted statements about a come to Jesus moment with Netanyahu, is this is just a cynical effort to prolong the genocide. However, the administration knows that if the IOF goes into Rafah then the resistance is liable to sharply escalate. The US walked into a trap in supporting Israel’s genocide of Gaza and sees no viable way of getting out of that trap except either for either going whole-hog into the conflict or terminating all arm shipments to Israel. Neither scenario is going to produce an outcome favourable to Washington or Israel.
  • And now we see yet another front opening on the American doorstep, in Haiti. Never mind the thousands of immigrants weekly pouring across America’s souther borders with Mexico. There is a growing rebellion in Haiti, being cast as gang violence, when in fact the United States and France have been suppressing and installing public governments in that impoverished land since the Haitian Revolution at the end of the 18th century – the only successful slave rebellion in modern history. What is happening in Haiti is actually yet another attempt at a revolution to overthrow the American proxy government.
  • There are pressures from The Resistance in West Asia to push the Americans out of their bases in Syria and Iraq, which at some point will happen. The US is just too overstretched, lacks the logistics to support a wider war in West Asia, and has no political will to abandon its imperial interests in the region.
  • Finally, although there is more we can say, there is the looming election in November. The eclipse axis on April 8 falls on Trump’s Jupiter. I have seen astrology on other sites leaning to the effect that this eclipse will energize him enough along with other factors to push them over the line to victory in November. I have my doubts about that, which I will explain in a separate post. The eclipse activation by Mars in the latter part of May sends rather a different message about Trump than one of victory in November. At this point in the electoral race we don’t know really that either Biden or Trump will wind up at the finish line, meaning as the selected candidates from their respective Party. As the old saying goes, a week is a long time in politics.

Turning to Europe, Europe is facing its own unique problems. European leaders are trying to scare their various populations into believing that once Ukraine falls the Russians will be marching on other European capitals. This is utter nonsense. The Russians don’t even want to occupy Ukraine, believe it or not. The Russians in all likelihood will eventually reconstitute Novorossiya and maybe impose an at least temporary demilitarized zone in eastern Ukraine. But unless NATO attacks Russia – equally unlikely, as NATO is totally unprepared to go up against the Red Army – the Russians have no desire to attack other NATO member states. Russian attentions have been turned to developing the eastern part of Russia with its vast resources and making friends across the Global South, as well as strengthening the BRICS cooperation and possibly expanding it again this year toward the end of the year, this time maybe including Indonesia and a couple of other nations.

With Putin’s victory in the elections on March 17, in what can only be called a landslide victory, as much as the Western pundits and media try to cope and call the election fraudulent and invalid, the fact is Putin is in place for another six years, with the Russia military dominant (yet not aggressive) in Europe. The bottom line here is that with NATO’s defeat in Ukraine, the alliance is likely to fracture and eventually fall apart, and individual European states over time will gradually one-by-one make peace and their own security agreements with the Russians.

The EU itself, behind the scenes, is having some difficult conversations among the member states. Some of the states are ultra-belligerent toward Russia, while yet others are far more nuanced and simply want to do business with Russia. But with the collapse of Ukraine, with America walking away from the conflict, with Ukrainian refugees having flooded across Western Europe, the EU will be left holding the bag – meaning one of the most corrupt countries in the world, now with poor infrastructure, with massive poverty, with a reduced demographic (meaning few able-bodied men left to help rebuild the country, what’s left of it after the war) with billions of euros in aid having to be funneled in into that corrupt black hole in an effort to try to salvage something from it. The European public is somewhat aware of these facts, whereas the European elites appear to be entirely unaware of what is about to befall Europe. Instead the effort is underway now to try to further federalize and exert top-down control over the member states and the companies that do business with them. That too, will come to naught.

So you see there is quite a bit to talk about this quarter. There is hope, however. In the ingress figure we see the Sun and Moon in trine aspect, meaning there is a great element of grace and luck present wherever saner people are engaged in conversation. And then we see the Sun in sextile with Pluto, indicating that political will is available – again when saner heads are in evidence – and ultimately this quarter will produce some sound results in varying parts of the world.

There will still be considerable violence this quarter, shown by the Sun at the Mars/Pluto midpoint. On the other side that midpoint can indicate strong energy is available for the hard work needed to salvage peace and security from our current abysmal mess. To that is added the energy of Jupiter at that midpoint, further bolstering the point just made.

In closing, we see that reality is dawning quickly in the halls of power in Western nations. No longer is Israel the poster child for democracy in West Asia. Russia is no longer the greatest villain for much of the world, quite the opposite. People are rising up, demanding an end to funding wars that do not affect them, an end to supporting genocide which is against all human higher principles. Our world is changing, and changing quickly. With this quarter we might see some dramatic events that will lead us to a more stable and peaceful coexistence. And in the US, it may yet come to pass that neither of the candidates for president who are now front runners make it to November 5th. Wouldn’t that be something? We are at a point of real precipitation now. Go forward in good faith and in good cheer.

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