The partial lunar eclipse of 25 Mar 2024

The first eclipse for 2024 takes place on the full moon for Easter on the 25th of March. It is a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible over all the Americas, Eastern Australia and the Far East of Russia. The maximum point of the eclipse will be visible over the Mountain Time zone of the US. As far as eclipses go this one is not that important in terms of events, but it is quite important in terms of the three major spiritual festivals, which are celebrated at the full moons when the Sun is in the signs Aries, Taurus and Gemini. For more, read on…

The eclipse will take place as stated on March 25th at 07:12 UTC. The figure for the eclipse is below (bigger):

The physical eclipse itself is described as follows:

“At maximum eclipse, 96% of the Moon’s disc will be partially shaded by the Earth, which will cause a slight shadow gradient across its disc; this subtle effect may be visible to careful observers. No part of the Moon will be in complete shadow. The eclipse will last 4 hours and 39 minutes overall, and will be visible from far eastern Asia and Australia, the Americas, and western Europe and Africa.”

This is a penumbral south node eclipse of the lunar Saros 113 series. It is the 64th out of 71 eclipses in that series, thus a waning series and comparatively weak, both by placement in the series and by aspects in the eclipse figure. Being a south node eclipse, the suggestion there is of resolution of troublesome situations. That is confirmed by the midpoint structure to the eclipse axis.

As stated above, the maximum eclipse will culminate over the Mountain Time Zone in the US. The culmination lines are shown below (bigger):

Aside from the lunar culmination line, the Mars and Saturn culminations are of particular interest given current world affairs – the Mars line passed through the Caucasus and directly over the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, where the Houthis are causing major headaches for the Zionists and Western powers, with the Saturn line passing through Iran and near the Strait of Hormuz. Iran coordinates the Axis of Resistance. There are rumors that a major regional war is about to be sparked if the IOF invades Rafah. Those culmination lines just mentioned reflect the volatility in that region. If a major war breaks out the straits just mentioned could be easily choked off by Iran and the Houthis, thus crashing the world economy.

The eclipse axis is at the 6th degree of Libra/Aries, the Sabian symbols for which are as follows:

    • A square with one of its sides brightly illumined (5° – 6° Aries)
    • A man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision (5° – 6° Libra)

Dane Rudhyar in his book An Astrological Mandala describes the lunar degree as “The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual.” For the solar degree he adds, “The emotional desire for concrete and stabilized existence as a person.” Thus we have a specific meaning to this eclipse – the introduction of pioneering ideas, rather than events. This is particularly to be noted with the Sun/Uranus semisquare in the eclipse figure.

The wild card of the culmination lines cuts across China, where we see the Jupiter and Uranus culminations. Perhaps China will be able to pull another diplomatic coup of the good sort in terms of ending the two major conflicts we see today in Ukraine and the Levant. China is favoured in the eclipse with the Moon of the eclipse on China’s Sun and with the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction on Taurus highlighting that nation’s soul. Its diplomatic corps is on the rise, too.

The lord of the eclipse is Venus (the Moon being in Libra with no planets in attendance), showing the urge toward conflict resolution for this eclipse. The Sun has only wide conjunctions, from Neptune out-of-sign in Pisces and Chiron in Aries on the other side of the Sun. Mercury is out of orb but in the same sign.

In terms of the midpoint modulus the Sun and Moon form a midpoint with Uranus, described as follows:

“The urge for freedom, the urge to act independently, lack of adaptability, inner rebellion. – Sudden events in friendship, marriage, parental home, shared upsets, sudden conflicts, separation of the partners.”

In terms of world affairs, this combination is on full display. However, its indications will be on the increase from the time of the eclipse itself and with the subsequent activations. There are internal rebellions mounting over the various world conflicts within Western governments, within NATO, within the EU, and so on. That there are shared upsets is plain enough. But at the first Mars activation we may well see the separation of some partners in the Western axis. We also see the urge for freedom within Moldova with their two separatist regions, within the Russian-speaking oblasts of what remains of Ukraine, with the Palestinians and Israel, with KT, and these are only the most obvious cases. There are more to be sure.

We also see the urge to act independently, for instance with Macron in France, who wants to save his political neck as well as to see France once again as a major regional power. We see the nations who aspire to the BRICS partnership striving for freedom from the IMF and World Bank financial yoke and their respective urges to act independently of the old Pax Americana rules-based order. All these things are already in evidence somewhat, but they will become more pronounced from the eclipse onward and especially at the Mars activations, along with the solar activations every six months.

The other midpoint to the Sun and Moon supports the Sabian symbols noted above, in that it is a midpoint with brings “the wings of artistic genius and inspiration”. It favors writers and creative visual artists, giving a strong sense of aesthetics to any impressions that might come through which this eclipse may inspire.

The first Mars activation takes place soon after the eclipse on the median date of 7 May of this year. This eclipse is the companion eclipse to the total solar eclipse on the April 9, two weeks after this eclipse. As such, the Mars activations of this eclipse will accompany the Mars activations of the other eclipse. So, we can look for the precipitation of events throughout May, since Mars activations are effective a week on either side of the median transit dates. The further activations of this eclipse are as follows:

    • The Sun on every March 25th and September 28th for the next few years.
    • Mars again on the 25th of August 2025, with Neptune slowly coming into the mix with its passage into Aries around that time.
    • Saturn on the 26th of March in 2026, thus ‘finishing’ the eclipse, accompanied by Mars on April 16th. If there are major events to be indicated by this eclipse they will no doubt come during the Mars and Saturn activations.

The nations most likely to see significant events from this eclipse are as follows:

  • Iran (Sun, think BRICS)
  • Schengen area of the EU (Sun, think fracturing)
  • China (Sun, think BRICS))
  • Saudi Arabia (Moon, also BRICS)
  • Afghanistan (Moon, soon to be BRICS member)
  • Greece (Moon, Cyprus is the next Zionist colony?)
  • Lebanon (Moon, a Hezbollah escalation?)
  • Tunisia (Moon, the French disconnection?)
  • The UK (Uranus, Sunak out, leadership shuffle)
  • The US (Midheaven, finally reality bites)
  • South Africa (Jupiter, think BRICS+)
  • Belarus (Horizon axis, think EAEU)
  • Bolivia (Pluto, another coup attempt?)
  • State of Palestine (Mars, enough said) Perhaps a victory, at least of sorts.
  • Turkey (Mars, a clash with NATO, maybe BRICS membership)
  • Syria (Midheaven, Americans out, BRICS possibilities)
  • EU Parliament (Venus, think parliamentary elections, swing to the right)
  • North Korea (Mercury, think opening trade deals with Russia)
  • Italy (Neptune, yet another election??)
  • India (Neptune, East or West? Can’t decide)
  • Pakistan (Neptune, who will form government?)
  • Australia (Horizon axis, bloody Albo)
  • Haiti (Saturn, perhaps yet another US invasion)

The eclipse also falls on Trump’s Mercury (more fiery rhetoric or perhaps a black swan event that silences him) and Biden’s Neptune (Does he remember he is running?). Perhaps the activation of Biden’s Neptune will finally eliminate him from the running. Who knows?

The most important takeaway from this eclipse will be its role in the introduction of ideas rather than that of signalling specific events. We will probably not know what those ideas are for some time because ideas take time to percolate and manifest. Aries is the sign most associated with pioneering ideas, with its esoteric motto, “I come from the plane of mind and from there in I rule.” The manifestation of those ideas would most likely begin at the Saturn activations of this eclipse 2026. For now, we wait and see…

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