Operation Peace Spring and Rojava

On 9 Oct 2019 the Turks finally made good on their threats and invaded northern Syria. The US betrayed the Kurds, yet again, by pulling their troops back from the border of Turkey and commanding the Kurds to dismantle their pasts there. Then began the Turkish operation code-named “Peace Spring” – an ironic name, really. However, it may bring just that in the second quarter of 2020, but probably not to the overall liking of the Turks or Washington. We’ll see why as we go along. Rojava may have just been consigned to the realm of dreams rather than reality. Continue reading “Operation Peace Spring and Rojava”

Ukraine-gate, Ch. 2

As if America couldn’t get enough of Russia-gate or Donald Trump, Trump finds himself in hot water yet again. We covered the most likely reasons for it in the previous article, but in this one we want to focus solely on the man himself, since it is he who is being singled out for investigation. Is this the big one that will bring Trump’s presidency to a close? At this late stage of his presidency, there is reason to doubt  that it will. But there is quite a lot at play in the background. So, what was going on in Trump’s astrology in these past days that would show another such attempt to remove him from office? Continue reading “Ukraine-gate, Ch. 2”

Russia-gate V 2.0: “Ukraine-gate”

On August 12 a supposed whistleblower (we don’t know this person’s identity yet) leaked information about a phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president Zelensky, with the former asking Zelensky to investigate matters in relation to Joe Biden, Biden’s son and the DNC before and during the 2016 presidential campaign. The accusation is that Trump pressured Zelensky ‘mafioso style’ to do so in order to gain enough dirt on Biden to scuttle his 2020 campaign. There is a further accusation that the White House tried to cover it up. We are told by Trump detractors that this is the one, the ‘smoking gun’, the thing we have been waiting for, that will finally bring an end to the Trump presidency. So, here we go again in the US, with yet another attempt to remove Trump from office. Continue reading “Russia-gate V 2.0: “Ukraine-gate””

The 2019 Iranian-US drone incident

In the pre-dawn hours of 20 June 2019, the Iranians shot down a US surveillance drone they claimed had violated their airspace. The US made the counter-claim that the drone was in international waters and was a strike against a US asset. This turns out to be a rather interesting story with many implications, at the risk of harping on about the Middle East. However, events there could quickly spiral out of control, into a catastrophic conflict. And we came very close to that very thing in those pre-dawn hours. Continue reading “The 2019 Iranian-US drone incident”

Trump and the 2020 election

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Reading a chart is like reading a road map when it comes to forecasting. Road signs carry information, about road conditions ahead, warnings, directions, regulations and so forth. Transits, progressions and directions in astrology do likewise in the context of a person’s chart and the prevailing environing conditions. I have been seeing predictions already about the upcoming US election in 2020, and though it is very early to be doing so, I decided to have a look. There are warning signs ahead. Continue reading “Trump and the 2020 election”

Another shining moment in US foreign policy

On Monday, 8 Apr 2019, Mike Pompeo announced that the Iranian Republican Guard and Quds forces would be designated as terrorist organizations. These groups are part of the legitimate government of Iran, regardless of how one might feel about them. In effect, then, he has labeled the entire government as a terrorist organization, with severe sanctions to follow, starting on 15 April. What follows will be a good demonstration of how a chart for an administration works. John Bolton strikes again. Continue reading “Another shining moment in US foreign policy”

The verdict is in: It was divine intervention.

The Mueller report is finally out. The long-awaited results of the two-year-long special investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russian entities to influence the outcome of the 2016 election has revealed……not that much so far. Except that Trump is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. That does not mean he is off the hook for other matters, and the Democrats are still likely to pursue those other matters relentlessly. Continue reading “The verdict is in: It was divine intervention.”

A short report on the 2nd Kim-Trump summit

On 27 Feb 2019 Trump and Kim met for their 2nd summit on the North Korean situation. The expectations for the outcome of the summit were not high, but some small progress was made. As Trump stated, “We had to walk,” meaning progress is slow. The US media is already painting the talks as having ‘collapsed’. As usual, the sticking points were sanctions and de-nuclearization. As one would expect, the astrology for the meeting outlines what took place. Continue reading “A short report on the 2nd Kim-Trump summit”

The border wall and other tall tales

Apparently we have a national emergency on the southern US border, necessitating funding for the completion of a border wall. That’s the story we are given from the Trump administration, anyway. But there seems to be some debate about the issue. Some people appear to question whether or not there is actually a national emergency, but more than that, if a wall is even necessary, or even if Trump has the authority to declare such an emergency. And, is this simply an election stunt? So many questions. So much media coverage. As is usually the case with such hyperbole, though, what is being sidelined in the process? Where should we really be looking? It would pay us to have a look at these other things, and not so much at the border wall. Continue reading “The border wall and other tall tales”

The US is leaving NATO (?)

Donald Trump wants to pull the US out of the NATO. At least, that is the story as outlined in a recent New York Times hit piece. According to ‘senior White House officials’ (they aren’t named, of course), Trump has said privately that he does not see the point of the organization and that it is a drain on the United States. And as to why a withdrawal of the US would be a problem The Gray Lady goes on to state that such a move “…could embolden Russia for decades”. And there we have it – the threat of the Russian bear breathing down the necks of Europeans and threatening American interests. But what is the truth about NATO? Is it relevant? Does it promote security? Does it make Europe or the wider world a safer place? And horror of horrors: Could Trump be right? Continue reading “The US is leaving NATO (?)”