The case of the London kangaroo

There is a kangaroo loose in London. We’re not talking about a Qantas jet that just landed, or a real kangaroo that escaped from the London Zoo, or the Aussie dude on trial there. Many Americans would ask, “What was his name? Assange? Oh yeah…the weird English dude with the white hair who betrayed the US. Hang him!” (Aussies will get the point.) No, instead we are talking about a court case – a clear instance of a kangaroo court – that is a threat to journalism everywhere. And yes, it is Assange who is in the dock, fighting against extradition to the US to face the rest of his life in a US maximum security prison. Every good journalist should be outraged at this travesty of justice. Why? – because Assange is one of theirs, his only crime being…well, there was no crime. He did the job of any good journalist. He exposed crimes. This trial is actually about political revenge. So what awaits him, in terms of his astrology? For more on all of the preceding, read on. Continue reading “The case of the London kangaroo”

Election Day 2020

Astrologers always get asked about elections and their predictions for the outcome of the same. This year has been particularly charged in relation to the choices being made in the US election. Biden or Trump: who will prevail? Well, there is more to a presidential election that choosing between presidential candidates – much more. There are also elections for state governors, local officials and members of Congress. As it stands, this election is a whopper of a choice, the Presidential race being the least of it, and the astrology for the US shows the same. It is one of the most charged astrological figures for the US I have seen for some time. We’ll have a look at that here and what we can most likely expect as to the outcome of Election 2020. Continue reading “Election Day 2020”

Lukashenko’s last stand

We have recently been witnessing yet another attempt at a color revolution, this time in the ex-Soviet republic of Belarus, in an effort to oust long-time dictator Victor “Babka” Lukashenko in order to install a Western-friendly government. It was previewed as what some media outlets have dubbed the ‘slipper revolution’, only to be attempted in earnest after the election in August. They didn’t bother to assign a color to this one. The reason for calling it a color revolution will be covered later in this post. Continue reading “Lukashenko’s last stand”

The Libra ingress for 2020

The Libra ingress for 2020 takes place on 22 Sep this year. Normally, we would center the time and place for the chart at Universal Time. However, for this year, since this quarter will feature the US Presidential election, the chart is centered on Washington, DC. The general aspects for the world will be the same aside from the angles, but we will focus a little later on what in particular this ingress will mean for the US. Continue reading “The Libra ingress for 2020”

The West Coast wildfires of 2020

The Western coastal states of the United States are burning. We remember the terrible wildfires in California from the end of 2018. This year it is not just California, but the whole of the west coast of the US, excluding Alaska. As it currently stands, Oregon is getting hit the worst now, with over half-a-million people under evacuation orders. Not exactly what they need after Portland’s riots. California’s fires started in May and continue. Oregon’s started in August for the most part and the worst of Washington’s woes started in mid-August, with a state of emergency being declared for the state. Arizona and Utah continue to burn as well. What shows in the US chart that would signal such widespread devastation? There are indicators. What follows is a quick look at the astrology of the US in relation to these fires. Continue reading “The West Coast wildfires of 2020”

The Navalny ‘poisoning’ – another Skripal-esque tale

[Updated at end] On 20 Aug 2020, on a flight to Moscow from the city of Tomsk in Siberia, Alexei Navalny suddenly fell ill and the flight was diverted to Omsk, where he was placed in a medically-induced coma by doctors. The doctors in Omsk initially checked for poisoning, given Navalny’s wife was claiming he had been poisoned. They later declared that he had suffered from a ‘metabolic disorder’, i.e. low blood sugar, which led to something resembling a diabetic collapse. He was placed on a ventilator and later flown off to Germany with great fanfare. The rush to claim poisoning is suspicious and there is reason to believe the event has been scripted. Social media immediately jumped on the ‘Putin poisons another of his opponents’ meme. Fortunately, we have the man’s chart and can look at what the astrology says really happened. This episode has a distinct air of an emerging Skripal-esque drama, which will occupy the media for weeks and give a much-needed (?) distraction from other issues. Continue reading “The Navalny ‘poisoning’ – another Skripal-esque tale”

Robert Trump, a short study in ‘The Great Transition’

On 15 Aug 2020 Robert Stewart Trump, brother of Donald J. Trump, passed on. The cause of death was not disclosed. However, a family friend stated that Robert had suffered a recent fall and was suffering from ‘brain bleeds’ (intracerebral hemorrhaging). Robert was called ‘the nice Trump’, understated and not in the limelight, unlike his older brother. Donald said his brother’s death was a great and sad loss to him. Was it shown in Donald’s chart? And was it shown in Robert’s chart as well? This post gives a brief overview of death as shown in horoscopes. But more than that, it gives a peek into Trump’s fortunes into the near future, given the election is just over two months away. Continue reading “Robert Trump, a short study in ‘The Great Transition’”

23 March 2020, the day the fiat died

Fiat cars are an iconic Italian brand. They are known primarily for their economy-class small cars, though they do produce vans and larger cars. We’re not talking about an Italian car here, though. We’re talking green, as in greenbacks, and all the other paper – fiat – money in the world. The 23rd of March of this year in the US marked the day that killed the US dollar, though few would people know it yet. It was a day like any other in COVID country. People were enjoying their time at home, having their needs catered to them, and most of all, having an extended vacation from work so they could spend quality time with their families. And in other fairy tales, it was the day that helicopters started being used to spread financial joy to the billionaires people. Yes, a day like any other in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Sharing the love, it’s called. Continue reading “23 March 2020, the day the fiat died”

Kamala for president 2021

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. We’ll get to why shortly. On 11 Aug 2020 Joe Biden (?) picked California senator Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate. And yes, there is a question mark about who actually chose her. We’ll get to that shortly, too. The pick in some ways seems logical, but at the same time more sceptical pundits and voters are correctly asking why. The mainstream media, which is largely liberal, is lauding the pick, which is also predictable. In this post we will look at Harris’ astrology, her policies and why she was chosen. All that is a given. But there is another point that needs to be made regarding this election, toward the end of this post, and points to why this election should lay to rest any doubts as to what is at stake – and that concerns neither Trump nor Biden. Continue reading “Kamala for president 2021”


Following on from the previous article about Lebanon, that nation is at another crossroads, which is easy to see. The warehouse area of the port of Beirut, Lebanon’s major port, through which most of its food was imported, is now gone. One of the richest areas of Beirut is in ruins. The nation is the site of an emerging great power competition, as those great powers (Russia, China and the US, and Iran as well) vie for ultimate influence. The outcome of that struggle will determine Lebanon’s future for the next few years at least, but also for the wider Middle East, as well as for the great powers. It will be of Lebanon’s choosing. To know what to expect next, we needed a working chart for the nation. In this post we look at that chart and then at what is in store astrologically for Lebanon and Western Asia in the immediate years ahead. Continue reading “Lebanon”