Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà (Take a guess)

It’s not about Cerebus, the superhero (pictured), or about Cerberus, the three-headed dog. But it is about a beautiful maiden. Interested? Once upon a time there was a beautiful Aardvark Maiden. Aardvark Maiden?? Is there such a thing, you ask? Not a fan of aardvarks, or does the combination seem a little odd? Apparently, the Juhoansi (Kung) people of Namibia thought theirs was a beauty, until the Christians came along and pretty much destroyed their mythology. Anyway, there was this beautiful Aardvark Maiden, a goddess, going by the name Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà (pronounced GOON-hohm-DEE-mə in English). We’ll have more about her later. And now, there is a small binary dwarf planet (maybe) named after her, which is what we are really interested in here. Continue reading “Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà (Take a guess)”

Epstein, and what this means for the US

Before we even start, this will not be a piece on the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Instead, what we are interested in here is justice for the victims and what his recent arrest on sex trafficking charges means for the US. This is a case that is international in scope, too, involves very powerful and influential people and which cuts across the political chasm that we now have in the US. And, the arrest took place just after an eclipse to the US Sun, implicating leaders, following upon the last article on eclipses. So, if you are interested in what the wider meaning and outcomes of the case means, read on. If you are only interested in scandalous affairs and the latest dirt on Epstein and leaders, this won’t be your cup of tea. Continue reading “Epstein, and what this means for the US”


Happy Chandra Grahan and Guru Purnima! For the first time in 149 years, apparently. But that’s not why we are here. We have an eclipse today, a lunar eclipse, and this particular eclipse signals important events to come. We’ll get to why later. In general, eclipses are a foundational piece of astrological knowledge and forecasting. What do eclipses signal and how? How do they affect us personally? Which ones are more important, or are they all of equal importance? So many questions and possibilities are indicated by eclipses. This short piece is my sharing of a thumbnail of the experience I have had with eclipses in forecasting and in looking at effects. There is much more that could be said, and books have been written on the subject. But, what follows could be called ‘eclipses in a nutshell’. Continue reading “Eclipses”

What’s up with China?: Hong Kong

Given the unrest in Hong Kong, which is ongoing, and past attempts to destabilize China, along with the current trade war which shows no signs of abating, there is plenty to examine with the pressures on China, internal and otherwise. Continuing on from the first article on China, we move now to our present circumstances, with the focus the West is placing on that nation, especially Washington. With the G20 nations just finished, it will be helpful to look at China’s astrology now to see what might eventuate, and also where relations are headed. Continue reading “What’s up with China?: Hong Kong”

Let’s Make a Deal!

Finally, we get to see it, after all the hype, and besides knowing basically what was in it anyway. On Saturday afternoon, DC time, the Trump/Kushner/Netanyahu ‘Deal of the Century’ for the Palestinians was revealed. The first PDF version was put online at 20:09 UT on the White House site. It is 40 pages long and resembles a brochure advertising for a housing estate. Other commentators have said as much. That will be significant a little later. That is not what is interesting about it, though. Continue reading “Let’s Make a Deal!”

The 2019 Iranian-US drone incident

In the pre-dawn hours of 20 June 2019, the Iranians shot down a US surveillance drone they claimed had violated their airspace. The US made the counter-claim that the drone was in international waters and was a strike against a US asset. This turns out to be a rather interesting story with many implications, at the risk of harping on about the Middle East. However, events there could quickly spiral out of control, into a catastrophic conflict. And we came very close to that very thing in those pre-dawn hours. Continue reading “The 2019 Iranian-US drone incident”

What’s going on with China?

Given recent events in China and what the Trump administration has planned for it in the near future, this will be the first of probably several posts about China, where events are headed and what we can probably expect. We are seeing massive protests in Hong Kong in recent days against the leadership there in relation to what is termed an ‘extradition bill’. But this needs to be seen in context. The fact is that factions in the West have been trying to bring the Chinese government in line with Western financial policies for decades, without success. Continue reading “What’s going on with China?”

The Cancer ingress and two eclipses bring interesting times

The June solstice takes place on 21 June 19 at 3:54 UT. This will be the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere and winter for the southern hemisphere. I do not normally do posts for ingress figures, but this northern summer looks to be out of the ordinary for reasons we will get to. There are also two eclipses this three-month period which we will also cover in this post. Continue reading “The Cancer ingress and two eclipses bring interesting times”