The coronavirus heist and the future (Part II)

We continue our investigations into the effects the current US epidemic is having on the economy and the likely results with a look at the current administration and its handling of events. There will be a ‘new normal’ after the pandemic has passed, with questions and much-needed discussions all around. The first primary impact is being felt hard in the strain the US epidemic is putting on its health services, and then in the social distancing and shutdown of businesses the former has mandated. One might disagree about the mandate, but the Italian and Spanish experience has shown the need for it. There will be more on that later. Continue reading “The coronavirus heist and the future (Part II)”

America and the great coronavirus heist (Pt I)

This is an article in two parts. The title of this installment outlines something that is happening before our eyes and gives the history of policies that have led to it. The second part will deal with the fallout from it, but also gives a brighter outlook for the future, which will come in a few years in all likelihood. Nations and their people – all of us – will recover over time once this has passed. But in the US and to a lesser extent in Europe, this virus is showing up something else, which is the theft of obscene amounts of money from the American taxpayers, in what amounts to socialism for corporations and the wealthiest families. That theft is what is otherwise known as bailouts. It is also to be the catalyst for coming changes in America. Continue reading “America and the great coronavirus heist (Pt I)”

The US and COVID-19

This post is actually an update on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, now called COVID-19. Here in Italy we have been in lockdown nationwide since March 10, which is the proper way to handle such an outbreak. We will get to why in due course. But, the particular focus here will be on the United States and its handling of this crisis, which will be reflected in the UK, too. It has yet to really affect the US. But it will, and hard, and that will affect the election and policy into the future, like the need for universal healthcare, for instance. We will examine that, too, and why, as I have many friends and all of my blood relatives in the US. What happens there will be particularly relevant to the world at large. COVID-19, as we have gradually found out, is anything but a ‘mild flu’, as many of our American leaders have tried to paint it. Continue reading “The US and COVID-19”

MbS and his game of chicken

Saudi Prince bin Salman (MbS) is at it again. In a move to consolidate his power further, several Saudi princes of lower rank have been arrested, starting on the 6th of March. As of now, up to 20 have been detained. They are accused of plotting a coup against MbS, in cahoots with several Americans and several other nationalities. Among those arrested are Mohammed bin Nayef and his half-brother, Nawaf, who were picked up at a private desert camp on Friday. There are rumors that the king is near death or is actually dead, which would explain the talk of a coup. But there is more to the story than appears on the surface. Continue reading “MbS and his game of chicken”

The Aries ingress of the Sun 2020

Easter comes early this year, taking place on 12 April 2020. It is always the first Sunday after the full moon of Aries, which itself takes place on 8 April 20. With the Easter festival at the full moon of Aries, we begin the three great spiritual festivals of every year – Aries (Easter), Taurus (Wesak) and Gemini (Goodwill). In connection with those festivals, it is important to take note of what the Aries ingress of the Sun indicates, because in effect, that marks the start of the spiritual year and sets the spiritual tone for the year. The Aries ingress of the Sun occurs on 20 Mar 20 at 03:50 UT. Continue reading “The Aries ingress of the Sun 2020”

Quaoar and the dance of creation

There are now nine named planetary bodies in the solar system that are firmly classified as dwarf planets – Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Makemake, Haumea, Orcus, Gonggong, Sedna and the one we will consider here – Quaoar. There are no doubt many more such bodies, and then there are 19 moons of the major planets that are thought to be captured dwarf planets. Some of the other named such bodies in the solar system that are dwarf planet candidates are Ixion, Salacia, Chaos, Varuna, Varda, and possibly Huya. They are all fascinating little worlds and add richly to our astrological catalog and practice. This one – Quaoar – was also known as Chinigchinix to the Tongva people. Continue reading “Quaoar and the dance of creation”

Will Idlib be the Sultan’s Waterloo?

On 19 Dec 2019 the Syrian Army (SAA), backed by Russian air support and contingents of Iranian and Hezbollah troops, began a renewed offensive in the Idlib governate of Syria with the aim of enforcing the Sochi Memorandum of Understanding. The ongoing action will clear the M4 and has already cleared the M5 highways that run through Idlib, thus eventually connecting the Russian base at Latakia on the Mediterranean with eastern Syria, as well as connecting Damascus with all points north and east. The action has enraged one Recip Tayyip Erdogan, the wannabe Sultan, for reasons outlined below. He has invested heavily in the takfiri fighters in Idlib. And now all of Aleppo has been liberated. Syrians have been celebrating in the streets and a large number of reinforcements for the SAA are pouring into the region. The question then arises, is the battle for Idlib the Sultan’s Waterloo? Continue reading “Will Idlib be the Sultan’s Waterloo?”

Chinese New Year, the year of “The Rat on the Crossbeam”

Every year at the start of the lunar New Year (Chinese New Year), I send out a letter with a forecast for the year. Those letters are the main geopolitical letters for the year, and they look back at historical precedents in a cycle of 60 years to gain a sense of what lies ahead for the current year. So, the last Metal Rat year was in 1960, and before that, 1900. What follows is a bit of fun, going through each of the twelve animal signs. I do this every year, too, but normally as a promo for a Chinese astrology program I helped develop 16 years ago (at the moment unavailable). The future of that program is now up in the air, so I am posting the promo here. Most people know their yearly animal sign. So, for a more lighthearted look at the year ahead for each of the signs, read on… Continue reading “Chinese New Year, the year of “The Rat on the Crossbeam””

A little trouble in big China

[Update at end] If we were to read the news regarding China these days – and how can we not – one might be forgiven for thinking that a grave, deadly pandemic was in danger of sweeping across that nation, and putting the rest of the world at peril as a result (written 28 Jan 20). The rumor mill in social media has been alive and thriving in that regard. What are we talking about here? – the novel coronavirus, a.k.a. 2019-nCoV. There are rumors of a bio-weapon, Big Pharma trying to make a quick buck, the Chinese government on the verge of collapse, those lying Chinese covering up the true number of cases, the barbaric practices of the Chinese regarding animals (yes, that’s a trending tweet), and so on. A recent exchange on social media about this disease has prompted this article, especially any possible connection with Chinese New Year. For more info, read on. But first, a short video: Continue reading “A little trouble in big China”

Regime change has come to Russia!

You read that title correctly. On 15 Jan this year, Medvedev and his entire cabinet resigned. But, before Russia and Putin critics get too excited, the establishments in the Western nations are not going to like what happens next. After years of being ignored, vilified, ostracized and threatened by the West – by the US and UK especially – Russia has decided now to think of herself first, of her citizenry, and is pulling away from globalism as it has existed in these past years, as well as from entanglements with neoliberal economics and the ‘rule of law’ as put forward by the West. Expect for demonization of Russia and all sorts of wild speculation to spike now in the Western press. “Putin has weaponized Russian sovereignty!” Continue reading “Regime change has come to Russia!”