The changing fortunes of No. 10

There have been some goings-on at No. 10 in London over the past days. Cain and Cummings have ‘resigned’ – actually have been summarily dismissed. That’s ‘Dom’ Cummings and Lee Cain, the dynamic duo of Brexit and the fingernails-on-blackboards for Ministers and journalists alike. Apparently, not too many people are sad to see them go. Regarding their departure, as a friend of mine used to say, “Glad to see your back!” In other words, good riddance. Then, to top it off, Boris is self-isolating again, something about exposure to a mild flu virus. ‘Where’s Boris?’ is trending again on Twitter. We’ll look at the astrology of all that here and what it means. Continue reading “The changing fortunes of No. 10”

An update on Trump

In a previous post on this site we had a look at Donald Trump’s adventure with the coronavirus and resulting COVID-19 illness. We have all probably seen doubts as to his ever really having had the illness. But his astrology clearly showed it, and his subsequently being healed of the disease. In this post we want to look a little bit ahead, because there was more to Trump’s story than was covered at the time. As well, we will look at the course of his illness and why, as so many people had hoped, Trump was not finished off by COVID, either by death or in leaving office. Trump’s troubles are not over, however, and there remain other possibilities for health matters to crop up. This is not a post on wishful thinking or warning, but instead a look at his situation in the light of cold analysis. Continue reading “An update on Trump”

The 2020 election morning-after: popcorn for breakfast

This is a preliminary report. Upon rising here in Italy this morning, the first thing I did was check the election results in the US election. As one German commentator put his experience on the same thing, “It’s weird having popcorn for breakfast.” The spectacle continues. As this is being written the US election for 2020 has yet to be decided. Both sides are claiming victory. Trump has said he will go to the SCOTUS to stop the vote counting, saying he doesn’t want a bunch of ballots found at 4:00 am. But, his margins of victory in states yet to be declared are narrowing. His pronouncement of victory is pure Trump showmanship, but it may prove to have been premature. And if either party wins by the slimmest of margins, the next two months will be echoes of the Florida fiasco we had in the 2000 elections, when “W” was declared the winner. We all saw what happened after that. There will be a further update in a few days, but read on. Continue reading “The 2020 election morning-after: popcorn for breakfast”

Some truth about 5G

Be afraid…very afraid of 5G! Or so we are told by our dystopian fans. It is part of a plot for world domination. It is also part of a plot for long-term depopulation efforts, to be used in conjunction with vaccines containing heavy metals that will turn us into antennae and…well, cause any number of side effects and will be the first step in us all being absorbed into the Borg. It is even the cause of the COVID pandemic. Didn’t you know that? That’s a pretty amazing plan, one might say. Or it all may just be a bunch of bunk and scaremongering by a fringe element or well-meaning but misinformed people who want to thwart any sort of technological progress. What is the truth, then? Well, we’ll begin to unravel part of that here and begin to separate truth from fiction when it comes to 5G technology. Continue reading “Some truth about 5G”

The 2020 Samos quake

At 11:51:27 UT, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of the Greek island of Samos in the Dodecanese islands off the coast of Turkey. As of now there have been 2 dead and 19 injured reported in Greece and 25 dead and 804 injured in Turkey. The Turkish city of Izmir was the hardest-hit by the quake with extensive damage reported. Since the quake occurred in coastal waters, it spurred a tsunami, with social media posts showing water rushing through the streets in several coastal regions. The quake was the result of normal faulting at a shallow coastal depth. The area is prone to earthquakes and lies along the fault line between the Anatolian and Aegean Sea plates. Continue reading “The 2020 Samos quake”

Pt. II of Van Halen: The astrology of guitar legends

Following on from our look at Eddie Van Halen in Part I, we turn our attention here to other guitarists who have thought outside the box and advanced the art. The investigation into Eddie Van Halen and his life in Part I turned up factors in a chart that led on to looking at other legendary guitarists for similar factors and turned out to be an interesting study. I had a lot of fun with this piece and listened to some amazing guitar. Some of the people listed in what follows had difficult lives and had to overcome obstacles to get to their place of success. Some of them died tragic deaths or died young, and in their case we quote Neil Young: “It’s better to burn out than to waste away.” The thing that interests us here, though, are certain planetary combinations that go toward the manual dexterity and free thought of great musicians – in this case, guitarists – both of which go toward virtuosity and originality in performance. Continue reading “Pt. II of Van Halen: The astrology of guitar legends”

Tracking the special relationship

It has been stated in the past that the United States and the UK have a special relationship. The first most well-known reference to said relation was uttered in a speech by Winston Churchill in 1946, but there has been reference to the same since the 19th century. Many of us have heard the term ‘six degrees of separation’, referring to how we are all related to one another after some fashion by a string of six relations or acquaintances. There is an astrological measure that also refers to six degrees of separation between the US and UK, which is the subject of this post, among other measures. And there is one factor in particular, in evidence now, that is tracking both nations very closely, and which will signify very significant changes to come in both nations. Continue reading “Tracking the special relationship”

Trump’s ‘mild flu’: The illness and the spin

Everyone knows by now that Donald Trump has what he has characterised in the past as a ‘mild flu’. We know it otherwise as the novel coronavirus, the one that has had the world locked down. He tested positive for the virus on Thursday evening after arriving back in Washington from a roundtable meeting with supporters. As is the way, the netizens are throwing around all sorts of theories as to what is actually going on. Is he faking? Is this yet another campaign shtick? The man is a master of reality TV, after all. Will he die? How will the campaign be affected? Will the Proud Boys be stood down? The theories and questions are running hard and fast. Many comments I have seen are calling this poetic justice, or something along those lines. A year and a half ago, however, there was a post on this blog that suggested this very thing would likely happen. It will be linked later in this post. So, as usual, what does the astrology say about Donald’s case of ‘the flu’ and what are the likely outcomes and ramifications from it? Read on and we’ll explore it. Continue reading “Trump’s ‘mild flu’: The illness and the spin”

The case of the London kangaroo

There is a kangaroo loose in London. We’re not talking about a Qantas jet that just landed, or a real kangaroo that escaped from the London Zoo, or the Aussie dude on trial there. Many Americans would ask, “What was his name? Assange? Oh yeah…the weird English dude with the white hair who betrayed the US. Hang him!” (Aussies will get the point.) No, instead we are talking about a court case – a clear instance of a kangaroo court – that is a threat to journalism everywhere. And yes, it is Assange who is in the dock, fighting against extradition to the US to face the rest of his life in a US maximum security prison. Every good journalist should be outraged at this travesty of justice. Why? – because Assange is one of theirs, his only crime being…well, there was no crime. He did the job of any good journalist. He exposed crimes. This trial is actually about political revenge. So what awaits him, in terms of his astrology? For more on all of the preceding, read on. Continue reading “The case of the London kangaroo”