The Scorpio letter

For those readers who may have missed it, the Scorpio letter has been posted on the main site.You can read the whole letter HERE. In this installment we have a look at the more occult phase of meditation embodied in Scorpio, Scorpio and struggle, the real purpose of the intellect, the need for a quiet internal center, the nations ruled by Scorpio (Turkey in particular), the geopolitics of gas, the worldwide protests, Disciples of Shamballa, the Kurds, and the rapidly shifting sands in the Middle East.


The 2019 Bolivian coup

Def: Coup (/ko͞o/) noun: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
“he was overthrown in an army coup”

On the 10th of November, after a contested election result, Evo Morales was ‘strongly urged’ to step down as the Bolivian president, at the prompting of the police and military, after a few weeks of increasingly violent protests contesting the election results of 20 Oct. Morales had duly won the election with a margin of 10%, more than enough to form government. Apparently the right wing parties and middle class in Bolivia weren’t happy with the result. Rather than try to hang on to government and risk widespread violence in the nation and his own life, he chose to leave Bolivia and has since been given asylum by the Mexican government. One Jeanine Áñez Chávez (no relation to Hugo) has declared herself president. Continue reading “The 2019 Bolivian coup”

The Mercury transit of 2019: background

There is a special eclipse that takes place the day before the full moon – the 2019 transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun. Yes, it is classed as an eclipse, as Mercury ‘occults’ part of the Sun’s face, even if it is a tiny dot – giving us yet another speck of wisdom. This will be a member of the Series 6 of Mercury transits, and the first one in that series since 1973, which saw the closest approach to the center of the sun in that series. (Note: The featured pic is not of this transit. That one is below in the article.) Continue reading “The Mercury transit of 2019: background”

Britain goes to the polls again

The fourth election in the UK in five years – who would have thought? And all over Brexit. People in the UK are bewildered as to why their MPs would have voted for such a crazy idea. There are reflections of the UK in the US with its election cycle looming (started in earnest, actually) and similarities in the leadership of the two nations. Reactionary forces are seeking to further erode the social progress that was made in the years after WWII in both nations and put both nations on a path of extreme financial capitalism. But resistance is rising. This will be quite a telling election in the UK, and US voters as well should be paying attention. So, we will have a brief look at the projected outcomes. It is widely expected that Johnson and the Tories will romp it home and finally deliver Brexit. Hubris comes before the fall, though… Continue reading “Britain goes to the polls again”

The Hollywood death of Baghdadi

They’ve killed Baghdadi – again. It has been reported all over the mainstream media. The story goes that on or about 11:30 pm Syria time, 26 Oct 2019, there was a raid by American special forces on a compound where one Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi was hiding out with his wife, his supposed children and other children as well, during which Baghdadi blew himself up with a suicide vest rather than being captured, along with three children. It was like a scene from a Hollywood film. Problem is, there are probably good reasons to doubt the story is true, at least in certain details. Continue reading “The Hollywood death of Baghdadi”

Brexit: A corporate coup d’état?

It’s crunch time in the UK, with the recent announcement of a deal having been struck between Boris Johnson and the EU and with the bill finally being approved by the House, but the ‘paused’ by Johnson. The British press, largely right-leaning, has hailed the announcement of the deal as a breakthrough, and that Parliament must now follow through and give the British people what they voted for – to leave the EU. But is that really what the British voted for, or was it something else? As the title of this post suggests, there were ulterior motives behind the Brexit movement, and it is clearly shown in the astrology of the United Kingdom. Continue reading “Brexit: A corporate coup d’état?”

Operation Peace Spring and Rojava

On 9 Oct 2019 the Turks finally made good on their threats and invaded northern Syria. The US betrayed the Kurds, yet again, by pulling their troops back from the border of Turkey and commanding the Kurds to dismantle their pasts there. Then began the Turkish operation code-named “Peace Spring” – an ironic name, really. However, it may bring just that in the second quarter of 2020, but probably not to the overall liking of the Turks or Washington. We’ll see why as we go along. Rojava may have just been consigned to the realm of dreams rather than reality. Continue reading “Operation Peace Spring and Rojava”

Syria, the war, the Kurds, and into the future

Now that the Kurds have gone back into the Syrian fold, the situation on the ground throughout Syria will evolve very quickly. The war that started in 2011 will draw to a close over the coming few months. There will be a small pocket of American forces still extant in Al Tanf, but they will not be a major worry to Damascus. A fly in the ointment, but not enough to spoil it. Given what has just happened, we want to take a look at what will evolve in Syria over the next year. Continue reading “Syria, the war, the Kurds, and into the future”

What next for Rojava?

Since the drawback of American troops from the northeast of Syria and the start of the Turkish Operation Peace Spring, there has been hue and cry in Western media about the plight of the Kurds in what they had hoped to be their independent state, Rojava. We hear that they have been betrayed, that the move is ill considered, that they will be massacred, that Daesh prisoners will be released and Daesh reconstituted, that there will be another massive immigration crisis in Europe, and so on. Just how much of this is true, and why are we hearing these things? And just who are these Kurds, anyway? These are questions worth answering. In this last of the three articles on the Turkish invasion of Syria, we look at Rojava itself. Continue reading “What next for Rojava?”

Ukraine-gate, Ch. 2

As if America couldn’t get enough of Russia-gate or Donald Trump, Trump finds himself in hot water yet again. We covered the most likely reasons for it in the previous article, but in this one we want to focus solely on the man himself, since it is he who is being singled out for investigation. Is this the big one that will bring Trump’s presidency to a close? At this late stage of his presidency, there is reason to doubt  that it will. But there is quite a lot at play in the background. So, what was going on in Trump’s astrology in these past days that would show another such attempt to remove him from office? Continue reading “Ukraine-gate, Ch. 2”