Capricorn quarter update 2024

It is not customary for me to give updates on events this early into a new year or into a quarter, but events are such that what follows is merited. So far the Capricorn quarter and the New Year has been both exciting and interesting and not in the most positive of ways. As was forecast in the outlook for the quarter this Capricorn interval has started with a bang, and on several fronts. The events of this quarter thus far will have far-reaching implications and repercussions. For more, read on…

The main events from the first day of the quarter are as follows, not in strict order:

  • Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-myung is stabbed in the neck during a Q&A in an attempt on his life. He lived, but remains in hospital…
  • Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates become BRICS members. Argentina was invited but the new neoliberal president declined.
  • Campaigning journalist and documentary maker John Pilger dies aged 84 John Pilger left us. One of our great truth-tellers is gone on to greater service.
  • The last batch of the Epstein files were released. They only confirmed what many people had suspected for years. The one thing the release did achieve, though, was to expose the probable deep infiltration of Israeli intelligence services into Western governments and politics, largely via honey traps.
  • The Republic of Artsakh was formally dissolved when Nagorno-Karabakh was absorbed into Azerbaijan by force.
  • The 2024 Suzu quake in Japan on the Noto peninsula, which killed 215 and injured upwards of 700.
  • 2024 Haneda Airport runway collision in Japan, which killed 5, between a cargo plane and a passenger jet. All passengers aboard the passenger jet survived.
  • The Ukrainians bombed the landing ship Novocherkassk, dry-docked at the port of Feodosia in Crimea, destroying the ship, which was purportedly loaded with ammunition bound for Syria. It was an intelligence failure on both sides for different reasons.
  • In response to the Ukrainian attack on Crimea and it terrorist attack on Belgorod, Russia launched its largest series missile salvos against Ukrainian military, command and logistics sites since the start of the SMO. No doubt the Russians are now running low on washing machines from which to rob chips for their missiles.
  • Hamas political leader Saleh al-Arouri was assassinated by an Israeli drone strike in southern Lebanon, crossing one of Hezbollah’s red lines. They vowed retaliation, which thy have started (see below).
  • The 2024 Kerman bombings in Iran, which killed just over 90 people. It was the worst terrorist attack against Iran since the founding of the Islamic state. Iran raised the Red flag of Revenge over the Jamkaran mosque, for the 5th time in Iran’s history. Comment on social media pointed the finger at Israel or some other actor being behind the attacks, seeking to provoke Iran. The timing of the attacks was suspicious, given the present war in West Asia.
  • Massive warehouse fires in Elizabeth, NJ
  • France has a new PM, 34 y/o Gabriel Attal. Read his CV, as well as in the comments. Elitist, Young Global Leaders alumnus of the WEF, and probably Zionist Jew. And he is gay and just appointed his ex-husband as Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. He hails from what is becoming a very small and isolated French aristocratic group. France begins to resemble La cage aux Folles in real time (the remake is better known to Americans). It all fits with the current trends in Western leadership – either geriatric or too young/inexperienced/woke. Comments in social media are to the effect that France is not a serious country any longer.
  • A state of emergency was called in Ecuador after a mass prison break with widespread gang violence in the streets. Ecuador is now experiencing what Mexico and Columbia have experienced for years with the drug cartels. Some 22 groups identified as terrorists have carried out bombings, armed attacks, vehicle incineration, kidnappings of police officers and prison riots.
  • The two-day hearings at the ICJ at the Hague on South Africa’s invoking of the Genocide Image Convention against Israel. There will be more on that in the Aquarius letter, pending.
  • On the same night of the hearings at the ICJ, the UK and US bombed Houthi sites in Yemen, purportedly to ‘restore freedom of navigation’ in the Red Sea. The EU is now planning its own version, set to launch at the end of February. It would have been easier to end the genocide. The bombings will have the opposite effect, endangering all merchant traffic through the Red Sea. It was an ill-thought out move, putting it mildly and politiely. The attacks were carried out with support from Australia, the Netherlands, Bahrain, and Canada. Left out of the linked report were the Saudis and the UAE, who opened their air space to the attacks. Yemen has vowed a harsh response. We’ll have a closer look at that a bit further below.
  • The WEF crowd met at Davos. Panic shows. They want to clamp down on social media that counters their narratives, ‘rebuild trust’ (in them!??) and if that doesn’t work, well there is ‘Disease X’ (and it has nothing to do with Elon Musk).

What would have indicated such violence and upheaval in a chart (the ingress) that was otherwise seen to be very productive and beneficial, given all the sextiles in that chart? We had the following from the forecast for this quarter:

“Mars goes out-of-bounds on the ingress. It is also in parallel with the Sun and Pluto by declination, a very explosive combination. In addition it forms a midpoint with Uranus and Pluto in the last days of this year, persisting off and on until the middle of January. Mars will remain out-of-bounds for a month, increasing tensions, militarism and rash judgements. It is somewhat similar to this midpoint:

Sun=Mars/Pluto: “A hard-working person, the ability to work till collapse or complete breakdown. Injury, accident, violent measures, an upset or shock caused through the intervention of Higher Power.”

Regarding the midpoint just mentioned, we have the following:

Mars=Ura/Plu: “Fanaticism, an act of violence, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation. – “The stage of bending or breaking“. – Injury, accident.”

With the preceding points about Mars there is a developing situation with the IOF, Biden and Netanyahu, wherein Bibi is becoming adamant along with the IOF about attacking Hezbollah into Lebanon. The US has pled with Israel for restraint while there are ongoing negotiations with Hezbollah to withdraw.”

Mars reached its peak OOB and stationed there for a few days from the 4th through to the 9th of January. During that time it formed midpoints with Saturn/Pluto as the midpoint itself until the 7th and is involved in another midpoint, Ceres=Mars/Saturn. The latter may appear on the surface to be benign, but then we remember Ceres is involved in “crises at the crossroads”, which in this case probably represents a change in tactics or strategy regarding Israel and Ukraine.

Ceres bears a closer look, since she has been elevated from asteroid status to that of a dwarf planet, especially in the mythology regarding the abduction of her daughter, Proserpine, by Pluto. Ceres’ mythology was taken more or less directly from the Greek mythology of Demeter (Ceres’ equivalent) and Persephone. We have the following:

“Devastated by the loss of her daughter, and not knowing what really happened, Ceres set off in search of the missing girl. Though she traveled far and wide, carrying a torch to help her see clearly, her search was fruitless. At long last, Ceres made her way to Sicily and found Prosperina’s belt, which had come loose as she was dragged away. In her sorrowful anger, Ceres put a curse on the earth, blighting the crops and leaving the land barren:

“Ceres the token by her grief confest,
And tore her golden hair, and beat her breast.
She knows not on what land her curse shou’d fall,
But, as ingrate, alike upbraids them all,
Unworthy of her gifts.” (Ovid, Metamorphoses, 5.472–75, trans. Samuel Garth et al.)

Although in most astrological interpretations involving Ceres one would find references to fruitfulness, agriculture, women and nurturing, there is another side seldom mentioned: Ceres’ myth was used to describe the change of the seasons, as part of the cycle of farming. Also seldom if ever mentioned is Ceres’ connection with Pluto, with loss, with angry and spiteful actions when aggrieved and the search for the ‘lost child’. Pluto as well is often associated with the search for a quest object.

When functioning normally in a chart, Ceres does indeed indicate care, nurturing, abundance, motherly love and so on. But what I have seen consistently in charts is that directions (primary and solar arc) to and by Ceres often indicate ‘a change of season’ and a crisis, often accompanied by acute anxiety. Many people fear and have anxiety when change confronts them. But there is a further and deeper meaning to Ceres, and it relates to the involvement with Pluto, central to her mythology – recovery from the actions of Pluto. We see this is the chart for the Capricorn quarter this year.

Shown in the parallels of declination for the quarter are a close stellium of the Sun, Mars and Pluto, all parallel in the southern latitude within less than 30’ of arc. With the Sun and Mars the parallel could be called ‘cazimi by parallel’, as the Sun and Mars are within 4’ of arc. As described in the forecast for the quarter, this is a very explosive and militant combination. It is a combination that speaks of the overtaxing of one’s strength and of war, which is what we are seeing in West Asia and the Red Sea.

To reiterate a point made in a post here about midpoints, they evolved out a search to find a way to predict the timing and severity of artillery barrages:

“Regarding geopolitical shifts, Witte began his investigations of midpoints during the first World War, when he was stationed on the Russian front. He was seeking a way to time the artillery barrages by the Russians, because conventional astrology, with its reliance on houses, standard rulerships and Ptolemaic aspects, was found to be lacking…”

Midpoints are especially useful in event charts in the timing of events. They also give a deeper interpretation to any type of chart. The chart for this quarter is a case in point, with the series of sextiles in that chart suggesting something quite different from what we are seeing at present in world events. The sextiles show the evolving nature of currents events for the quarter, while the midpoints show the immediate impacts. This is an idea worth considering – immediate impact (midpoints) in distinction to how events will evolve (the aspects).

In considering the preceding ideas, we have the following describing the beginning of this quarter:

      • Mars out-of-bounds: The pronounced and unfettered actions of Mars (violence, conflict, war), coupled with,
      • The Sun/Mars/Pluto parallels: a combination described by Ebertin as, “Fanaticism or one-sidedness in work, the desire to achieve a lot or to make a great effort, unscrupulous procedure. – The overtaxing of one’s strength, violence. (War).” This is coupled as well with,
      • Ceres=Mars/Saturn: A midpoint not described by any previous writer to my knowledge, but which would have the base of the Mars/Saturn combination:
“+ The more energy the more difficulties are overcome or vice-versa
– Periods of impotence and weakness alternating with periods of brutal or ruthless progress and advancement in life. – All will-directed activity meets complete resistance (as governed by circumstances). Tests of strength, disputes, separations, illnesses. Cases of death.”

The short interpretation of the latter with Ceres is the genocide in Gaza is provoking a ‘change of season’ in thinking about the West (Washington and Israel in particular) by the wider world. Regardless of the outcome of the hearings at the ICJ brought by South Africa, the wider world sees the truth regarding the Western powers and is making due arrangements to move on from the West-centric power structures and diktats of the Western political classes.

From the chart for the Capricorn ingress we also note there were other midpoints active, contribution to the current destruction and tensions:

    • Sun=Sat/Plu: “Physical toil and over-exertion, sparing no pains in one’s work. – Renunciation, privation, a physical separation.”
    • Plu=Sat/Nep: “Heavy emotional depression, difficult growth or development of one’s faculties. – A serious illness.”

Regarding these latter midpoints, the US (meaning the Washington political class/elites) are rapidly isolating the US from the Global South by the former’s support for Israel, coupled also with their bombing of Yemen.

On the 12th of January the US and UK launched strikes on targets in Yemen (so they thought), ostensibly to call a halt to Houthi attacks on Israeli shipping. It appears they are having trouble finding the targets. The attacks had no effect from the American side. However, on the Houthi side, the Houthis are now targeting American shipping through the Red Sea. The Houthis welcome the American involvement in the Red Sea and relish the fight. The latter midpoint above (Plu=Sat/Plu) was almost exact on the 12th, showing the weakness of the Western planning and actions.

Plans are not going so well for the Israelis in Gaza, either. Having declared victory they are withdrawing, yet Hamas is still lobbing missiles into Israel almost daily. Northern Gaza has been evacuated by the IOF, which is where the bulk of the underground bases of Hamas actually are. It would appear the IOF is getting ready to go after Hezbollah in Israel’s north, which by most analyses I have seen amounts to a fool’s errand. Now, to top all this off we are being warned by the Davos crowd of the next pandemic – ‘Disease X’ – which has a mortality rate 20X that of Covid19. So they say. The WHO (not the band) has convened a group of over 300 scientists to study this ‘unknown virus’ in an effort to develop countermeasures. This report was dated 11 Jan. Once again, we look to the meanings of the Plu=Sat/Nep midpoint and, lo and behold we see “a serious illness”. Are you afraid yet? They want you to be. The thing is, the story just doesn’t add up. Oh, and their theme for this year’s meeting is ‘Rebuilding Trust’. Trust me!

On the 16th Iran responded to the Kerman atrocity by lobbing missiles into Syria’s Idlib and Iraqi Kurdistan, destroying a Mossad espionage base in Iraq and Daesh headquarters in Syria. Later that day they also struck bases and training grounds in Pakistan. All targets were destroyed. At that time the Plu=Mars/Ura midpoint had just come within orb: “Force, violent interventions, Higher Power.”

The attacks were condemned by Iraq and Pakistan, even though Iran had notified the nations involved prior to the attacks and the reasons for them. The attacks were also revenge for the assassination of IRGC General Razi Mousavi. These were the longest-range strikes by Iran yet, at over 1300 km, with precise accuracy. It was a clear message to Israel and the US – “We can hit you, hard, and we know where you are.”

Elijah Magnier has his finger on the pulse of West Asia. He has observed Israel is withdrawing from Gaza. They are headed for defeat in a few weeks. The war cabinet is in tatters and turmoil, with Gantz ready to walk out of the coalition, which could lead to the collapse of the government. They are running out of ‘smart bombs’, too, and the IOF has no real stomach for a head-on confrontation with Hezbollah.

Mars returns in-bounds on the 24th, at which point tensions will begin to deescalate. The cracks in the war efforts from the West and Israel are only widening now. The Plu=Sat/Nep midpoint will still be active then, showing still more weakness of resolve within the ‘coalition of the willing’ (the Anglosphere and Western Europe). What comes next is anyone’s guess, but it would appear a corner has been turned and a new season of thought is upon us, both in Ukraine and in Israel-Palestine. The one thing to really watch is the censorship of media, especially social media. Read widely,m and fro foreign sources of you want to get to the truth of matters. The violence we have seen at the start of this quarter is like the lancing of a psychic boil. In that, there is great opportunity for healing and growth.

Featured pic from Vanessa Beeley’s Telegram channel

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  1. Rebuilding trust be damned. The corrupt control is being made visible for all to see. Superb analysis of Israel too. Iran cannot be taken lightly…..what a start to 2024. Look forward to seeing how the Green Dragon plays out. Think it is green.?

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