Mars, a train wreck and Orion

Astrologers will be quite familiar with the concept of lunar mansions, most likely through some knowledge of Vedic astrology, or perhaps Arabic astrology. There is a lesser known system of lunar mansions associated with Chinese astrology, too. The Vedic system uses 27 mansions, sometimes 28, whereas the Arabic and Chinese systems use 28.  The Chinese call their lunar mansions ‘xiù’, from pinyin transliteration. The word simply means ‘lodging’, from èrshí bā xiù. With the Chinese xiù there is a major difference between their system and the others, in that the Chinese xiù are of unequal length. And there is one in particular that is being strongly activated by Mars at the moment, and is signaling important changes in the geopolitical landscape. Continue reading “Mars, a train wreck and Orion”

Mars, Uranus and a few eclipses…What could possibly go wrong?

There are times during each year when the world seems to be a more restive place, with a greater number of accidents, events, military actions and so forth. The period from the start of May this year to the present has been such a time, especially since the end of July. There are many planetary factors that can signal those sorts of periods, and we normally associate the bigger events with the outer planets. Eclipses signal such events, too, and the severity of them can be exacerbated by peaks in sunspot activity. However, at the moment we find ourselves in the beginning of a solar minimum and half of this year has been devoid of sunspots. Yet, the world has been more restive since the start of May. But it is not simply that there has been such activity. Rather, if is that some of the events that took place since that time have been key events that will shape outcomes into the future, such as the abrogation of the JCPOA by the US, further sanctions on Iran, and so forth. So, where do we begin to look for the unsettled times we have been seeing? Continue reading “Mars, Uranus and a few eclipses…What could possibly go wrong?”