The Capricorn solar ingress 2019

On 22 December 2019 the Sun enters Capricorn, setting the primary tone for the quarter leading to Aries. That quarter will be a particularly potent one this year with many follow-on effects. The reasons for stating that will be outlined in the course of this article. The Capricorn quarter always contains the start of the lunar New Year, the year for 2020 being called “The Rat on the Crossbeam”, marking a year of important decisions, from which there is no turning back. To find out what else the quarter and the coming year will entail, read on. Continue reading “The Capricorn solar ingress 2019”

London Bridge is falling down

The story, that is, of the latest London Bridge incident. At 13:58 UT in London, a man wielding two knives attacked a number of people, with two later reported to have died from their injuries. This is the 2nd attack on the same London Bridge in two years. The attack was quickly called a terrorist incident, with the attacker dead from being shot by police. The attacker was identified as 28 year-old Usman Khan, who had been convicted of terrorist offenses in 2012. He was out on parole at the time. The story began in the Fishmonger’s Hall. From there, many fishy elements began to emerge from the official narrative of the event. Continue reading “London Bridge is falling down”

Remembering Kennedy

Friday marked a sombre anniversary in American history. It was one of those days that remains as a sharp memory. It was the day in 1963 that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. It was 12:30 in the afternoon. In North Carolina it was 1:30 on a Friday afternoon. I was in the 1st grade and we had finished lunch not long before. The announcement came over the intercom. The teachers were in shock and tears. We students didn’t really know what had happened, except that it was bad. What was an assassination? The teacher had to explain it to us, after she composed herself. Shortly thereafter we were all sent home. Today, I am remembering Kennedy and his legacy, as are many in the US. Next year will mark another important milestone for the US, and we will get to why later. Continue reading “Remembering Kennedy”

It’s all about the Benjamin now – Bibi, that is.

On 21st November 2019, “Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit handed down a harsh and severe charge sheet on Thursday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” People worldwide are cheering. The process in the Knesset of removing Bibi’s immunity from prosecution could take up to 30 days. This comes at a very interesting time in the evolving fortunes of the Middle East. We’ll look a little closer at Bibi’s contested chart here to get some clues about what to expect. Continue reading “It’s all about the Benjamin now – Bibi, that is.”

The 2019 Iranian fuel protests

On the 16th of November the Iranian government abruptly raised fuel prices in the nation without warning, thereby sparking widespread protests. Since then there have been some deaths, riots, and over a thousand people placed under arrest. But this bears an unsettling resemblance to other protests that have taken place in recent years in other nations. Iran has some of the lowest fuel prices in the world, and Iranians take it as a birth right that those prices remain low. Any increases are seen in a very dim light, especially since Trump withdrew from the JCPOA and re-imposed heavy sanctions on the nation. But we simply do not know the truth on the ground in Iran at the moment, for reasons we will examine here. Continue reading “The 2019 Iranian fuel protests”

Update on Hong Kong

Given recent news out of Hong Kong and given also we are approaching the Year of the White Rat, we will have a closer look at Hong Kong and what is likely to transpire there in the next few years. These are uncertain times for the island, and the violence we are seeing there, unfortunately, is part and parcel of the astrology of the autonomous region. As of this writing, there is a siege at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and violence on the island has escalated sharply in the past few days. It puts one in mind of the Greek Polytechnic uprising 46 years ago, to the day. In this article we look a little deeper into Hong Kong and what lies ahead. Continue reading “Update on Hong Kong”

The 2019 Bolivian coup

Def: Coup (/ko͞o/) noun: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
“he was overthrown in an army coup”

On the 10th of November, after a contested election result, Evo Morales was ‘strongly urged’ to step down as the Bolivian president, at the prompting of the police and military, after a few weeks of increasingly violent protests contesting the election results of 20 Oct. Morales had duly won the election with a margin of 10%, more than enough to form government. Apparently the right wing parties and middle class in Bolivia weren’t happy with the result. Rather than try to hang on to government and risk widespread violence in the nation and his own life, he chose to leave Bolivia and has since been given asylum by the Mexican government. One Jeanine Áñez Chávez (no relation to Hugo) has declared herself president. Continue reading “The 2019 Bolivian coup”

The Mercury transit of 2019: background

There is a special eclipse that takes place the day before the full moon – the 2019 transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun. Yes, it is classed as an eclipse, as Mercury ‘occults’ part of the Sun’s face, even if it is a tiny dot – giving us yet another speck of wisdom. This will be a member of the Series 6 of Mercury transits, and the first one in that series since 1973, which saw the closest approach to the center of the sun in that series. (Note: The featured pic is not of this transit. That one is below in the article.) Continue reading “The Mercury transit of 2019: background”

Britain goes to the polls again

The fourth election in the UK in five years – who would have thought? And all over Brexit. People in the UK are bewildered as to why their MPs would have voted for such a crazy idea. There are reflections of the UK in the US with its election cycle looming (started in earnest, actually) and similarities in the leadership of the two nations. Reactionary forces are seeking to further erode the social progress that was made in the years after WWII in both nations and put both nations on a path of extreme financial capitalism. But resistance is rising. This will be quite a telling election in the UK, and US voters as well should be paying attention. So, we will have a brief look at the projected outcomes. It is widely expected that Johnson and the Tories will romp it home and finally deliver Brexit. Hubris comes before the fall, though… Continue reading “Britain goes to the polls again”

The Hollywood death of Baghdadi

They’ve killed Baghdadi – again. It has been reported all over the mainstream media. The story goes that on or about 11:30 pm Syria time, 26 Oct 2019, there was a raid by American special forces on a compound where one Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi was hiding out with his wife, his supposed children and other children as well, during which Baghdadi blew himself up with a suicide vest rather than being captured, along with three children. It was like a scene from a Hollywood film. Problem is, there are probably good reasons to doubt the story is true, at least in certain details. Continue reading “The Hollywood death of Baghdadi”