Capricorn quarter update 2024

It is not customary for me to give updates on events this early into a new year or into a quarter, but events are such that what follows is merited. So far the Capricorn quarter and the New Year has been both exciting and interesting and not in the most positive of ways. As was forecast in the outlook for the quarter this Capricorn interval has started with a bang, and on several fronts. The events of this quarter thus far will have far-reaching implications and repercussions. For more, read on… Continue reading “Capricorn quarter update 2024”

The Cancer solstice 2023

The Cancer solstice for 2023 takes place on the 21st of June this year at 14:58 universal time. We’ll have a look at the chart for the ingress figure in a moment. This quarter follows upon what has been a rather restive Aries quarter, which will be described shortly. But for the northern hemisphere vacation days are upon us. The kids are out of school and the parents here in Italy are looking forward to the month of August, which is when the bulk of vacations take place here. And by that time, the parents will be ready to send the children back to school. At least this summer in Europe we are looking at a cooler season with some much-needed rain. For those readers in the southern hemisphere the 21st marks the shortest daylight hours of the year, with lower than average rainfall and higher than average temperatures for the quarter. Ski season in the Blue Mountains is not looking particularly spectacular this year. For more of what this quarter it portends, read on… Continue reading “The Cancer solstice 2023”

The Aries solar ingress 2023

The Sun entered Aries on 20 March 2023, marking the Easter equinox for the Christian world, spring for the northern hemisphere and autumn for the southern hemisphere. The Aries equinox also marks the start of the spiritual New Year for the West. This year the Aries equinox has also marked a real turning point in world affairs. Many scores will be settled this quarter, with a new sense of direction for the world at large opening out before us. For more, read on… Continue reading “The Aries solar ingress 2023”

2023 and the Black Rabbit – the planetary indicators

The 22nd of January marks the start of the Year of the Black Rabbit. We go into this year with rising inflation across the West and much of the world, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and rising protest movements in many parts of the world. If we thought the Black Rabbit might bring a kinder, softer year, we would be mistaken. 2023 will mark a decided pivot in the international power structure, with all the attendant restiveness and uncertainty that such change inevitably brings. For more, read on. Continue reading “2023 and the Black Rabbit – the planetary indicators”

Planetary indicators for 2022

As we leave 2021 and remember the year that was, it was a mixed affair. From the post for the planetary indicators for last year, if we had a feelin’ ’21 was gonna be a good year, it was in some respects, in that the pandemic began to lose force, despite what we are seeing with omicron at the moment. Western nations remained open for the better part of the year. Shops here in Italy, for instance, began to reopen, with new ones taking the place of the ones gone into memory. But as the year progressed, fear of the pandemic began to give way to the realization that all is not on the up-and-up with our governments and that moneyed interests are able to pull too many strings in the halls of power in distinction to the public getting what we really need. In the coming year a Black Tiger lies in wait in the sea of public opinion. Will it pounce on our elites, like the bronteroc in Don’t Look Up, or will it scare us all into submission? Probably we will see elements of both, but ultimately, we will decide. Continue reading “Planetary indicators for 2022”

An update on Trump

In a previous post on this site we had a look at Donald Trump’s adventure with the coronavirus and resulting COVID-19 illness. We have all probably seen doubts as to his ever really having had the illness. But his astrology clearly showed it, and his subsequently being healed of the disease. In this post we want to look a little bit ahead, because there was more to Trump’s story than was covered at the time. As well, we will look at the course of his illness and why, as so many people had hoped, Trump was not finished off by COVID, either by death or in leaving office. Trump’s troubles are not over, however, and there remain other possibilities for health matters to crop up. This is not a post on wishful thinking or warning, but instead a look at his situation in the light of cold analysis. Continue reading “An update on Trump”

Robert Trump, a short study in ‘The Great Transition’

On 15 Aug 2020 Robert Stewart Trump, brother of Donald J. Trump, passed on. The cause of death was not disclosed. However, a family friend stated that Robert had suffered a recent fall and was suffering from ‘brain bleeds’ (intracerebral hemorrhaging). Robert was called ‘the nice Trump’, understated and not in the limelight, unlike his older brother. Donald said his brother’s death was a great and sad loss to him. Was it shown in Donald’s chart? And was it shown in Robert’s chart as well? This post gives a brief overview of death as shown in horoscopes. But more than that, it gives a peek into Trump’s fortunes into the near future, given the election is just over two months away. Continue reading “Robert Trump, a short study in ‘The Great Transition’”

Disasters, an election, a full moon and a little study in midpoints

Recently, as in the past few days, there have been a series of violent events around the world. And in turn, people I have spoken with and encountered have noted a particular ‘energy’ in the air, manifesting as frustration, short tempers and general tension. Naturally, I decided to have a look at the astrology, and indeed there were factors that stood out. But, there were a couple of surprising indicators as well, which run counter to what one would normally expect in astrology. Continue reading “Disasters, an election, a full moon and a little study in midpoints”

Brexit: A corporate coup d’état?

It’s crunch time in the UK, with the recent announcement of a deal having been struck between Boris Johnson and the EU and with the bill finally being approved by the House, but the ‘paused’ by Johnson. The British press, largely right-leaning, has hailed the announcement of the deal as a breakthrough, and that Parliament must now follow through and give the British people what they voted for – to leave the EU. But is that really what the British voted for, or was it something else? As the title of this post suggests, there were ulterior motives behind the Brexit movement, and it is clearly shown in the astrology of the United Kingdom. Continue reading “Brexit: A corporate coup d’état?”