The Cancer solstice 2023

The Cancer solstice for 2023 takes place on the 21st of June this year at 14:58 universal time. We’ll have a look at the chart for the ingress figure in a moment. This quarter follows upon what has been a rather restive Aries quarter, which will be described shortly. But for the northern hemisphere vacation days are upon us. The kids are out of school and the parents here in Italy are looking forward to the month of August, which is when the bulk of vacations take place here. And by that time, the parents will be ready to send the children back to school. At least this summer in Europe we are looking at a cooler season with some much-needed rain. For those readers in the southern hemisphere the 21st marks the shortest daylight hours of the year, with lower than average rainfall and higher than average temperatures for the quarter. Ski season in the Blue Mountains is not looking particularly spectacular this year. For more of what this quarter it portends, read on…

The chart for the Cancerian quarter is below (bigger). We will have a look at the chart a little bit later. But first we will do a little review of the quarter just past because it sets the scene and the tone of the quarter to come.

There was only a brief forecast for the last quarter, as follows:

“What we can expect for this quarter are more and sudden developments in West Asia, perhaps or probably a decisive turning point in Ukraine which will lead to a more rapid end to the war there. Speaking of wars, there is hope the rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia will lead to an end of the war in Yemen. The financial situation in the West will worsen. That probably goes without saying…”

To give a recap of what eventuated from the last quarter, we have the following events:

As we can see, it’s been quite a full quarter. The scale and the violence of some of the events is reflected in the midpoints in the chart for that quarter as follows:

    • Pluto=Mars/Saturn: “Brutality, the rage or fury of destruction. – The intervening of Higher Power, bodily injury or harm (murder, the death of a great many people).”
    • Uranus=Saturn/Pluto: “A person unafraid of danger, the ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult situations. – Sudden acts of violence.”

Then there is the Sun/Mars square showing heightened tensions and intensity, along with the Sun/Ceres opposition on Aries points. We also have the Sun=Mercury/Neptune midpoint which has manifested in two ways primarily – the Pentagon leaks (again, if that’s what they were) and the efforts we are seeing now in the Western media seeking somehow to discredit the reporting of Seymour Hersh on the Nord Stream explosion, Mercury/Neptune midpoints often indicating deception and ‘imaginative thinking’. There are also the Mars=Sun/Neptune and Mercury/Neptune midpoints, pointing to weaponization of narratives.

What is emerging now regarding the efforts to discredit Seymour Hersh are that the powers-that-be in Washington appear to be trying to steer blame away from the United States for the Nord Stream act (no one is buying it) and getting ready to throw Ukraine, especially Zelenskyy and Zaluzhny, under the bus. There are doubts Zaluzhny is even still alive. (The BBC claims they asked him for an interview, but ‘he declined’. Imagine that.) Hence he is a convenient scapegoat.

Americans, and by extension the whole of the Western world would benefit immensely from learning the history behind this conflict in Ukraine. The Sun/Ceres opposition, with Ceres at the Libran Aries point, indicated some fateful decisions were made in the last quarter. We see that in the explosion of the dam and the commencement of the much-ballyhooed Ukrainian offensive, which for all intents and purposes so far has been a catastrophe for Ukraine. The fact that many of the bullet-pointed events were unexpected is reflected in the Sun/Uranus semisquare in the Aries quarter chart. So, what can we expect from the coming quarter?

In the chart for the last quarter we noted the opposition between the Sun and Ceres, indicating important decisions were to be made. This time we see the Sun square to Ceres, with Ceres within two minutes of arc from the Libran Aries point. The indications there are for turning points or decisions made under duress. In addition Ceres is opposed by Neptune, introducing a confusing element.

The Ceres/Neptune opposition forms the base of the t-square with the Sun at the apex. The upshot of this configuration indicates a focus in several areas: a real turning point in the military aspect of the conflict in Ukraine, tensions rising in Europe and the US specifically regarding the public and the elites, further volatility of the financial sector across the West, the growing realization across the West that any future security architecture must include the concerns of Russia and China, and these are just a few points.

In addition we see the midpoint Mars=Saturn/Pluto, showing once again a restive and sometimes violent quarter:

    • Mars=Saturn/Pluto: “Brutality, assault or violence, ruthlessness. – The necessity to fight for one’s existence or life, maltreatment.”

We note the emphasis on the struggle to survive described in the midpoint, and this would apply equally to Ukraine and to Israel, the latter now fearing for its very existence. The main counteroffensive (we have not seen the ‘big one’ yet) of Ukraine will be launched this quarter and decided. Then a real crossroads will be evident – will Ukraine survive of not? Russia certainly will. Then there are the rising tensions with China, with the US seeking to use Taiwan in the same manner as that of Ukraine. The Sun is quincunx Pluto in the figure, showing the struggles for power amongst various factions.

Tensions will still be running high this summer, signalled by the Mars/Uranus square, with Uranus showing no other major and moderating aspects. That square often shows as a test of nerves, the possibility of accidents due to hasty actions and misjudgements and injuries. Still, given the apparent doom and gloom just mentioned there are also positive and forward-looking indications in the chart.

The midpoints to the Sun as well as to Ceres are otherwise relatively mild. The main midpoint to the Sun is the Moon/Uranus midpoint, indicating a general sense of nervousness, emotional tensions and excitability. Counter to that, there is also a distant midpoint to Mars/Jupiter which gives an increase in energy and enthusiasm, a sense of enterprise and inventiveness and organizing talent. This is bolstered by two aspects – the Jupiter/Saturn sextile (a wealth-building aspect, one of the best to have) and the applying trine of the Sun to Saturn, giving a sober and sound outlook along with planning ability and benefits to be had from consulting wiser and more experienced people. It also shows elder statesmen in a mundane chart.

Such enthusiasm, planning and wealth-building as just described will be shown in nations not directly concerned with the conflict in Ukraine, which are largely the nations of Asia (including West Asia), Africa and South America, which are consolidating their interests – increasingly exclusive of the West, for the moment.

To summarize all this in personal, individual terms, if we give ourselves over to nervousness, being overly reactive, to combativeness and so forth, we are more likely to bring ourselves undone and to have our plans interrupted in the least and ruined at the worst. The emphasis here should be on planning for the long term, building wealth slowly, consulting people in the know, making conservative gains instead of the fast buck, as it were. If situations are such that we must decide something at a moment’s notice, it is better to err on the side of what is known, or if one has time to consult with people who have knowledge of whatever situations present themselves. This is just sound common sense anyway.

In terms of financial matters, it seems to be the better part of wisdom in the immediate months ahead to avoid speculation, to avoid having one’s assets in financial packages that rely on the minute-by-minute vagaries of the algorithms (that is, financial derivatives), and instead to have one’s finances in commodities of real value, assets to build value over time. Keeping one’s savings in a bank, at least in the West, when volatility in the banking system is visibly on the increase and especially where interest rates are close to zero, giving no financial return, is obviously not a great idea.

People here in Italy, for instance, who are able to do so are gradually moving their money out of banks and into things like real estate because they know the banks are not serving them return on investment and because they know Italian banks in particular are not protected by institutions like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the FDIC in the United States). The banks across the West are increasingly seen to be a poor risk.

In all, though, this quarter should prove to be less disruptive than the previous quarter, regarding natural disasters and such. And in fact, the stellium with the Moon, Venus and Mars in Leo shows a much more optimistic and, shall we say, loving interchange between people. In all then, we see a mixed result for this quarter. For those people and nations who choose to be belligerent, they may well find themselves in the fight of their lives. For people who seek a more cooperative existence, this quarter should prove to be quite prosperous and more energetic.

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