Kakhovka and the coming readjustment (updated at end)

The delta area of the Dnieper River in Ukraine resembles the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna in recent days. Early in the morning of the 6th of June 2023 the Nova Kakhovka dam failed and began flooding the areas downstream. Its failure was immediately labelled to be an act of sabotage and terrorism on both sides – Ukrainian/Western and Russian. But was it, though? As of this writing there are no clear answers as to what really happened to the dam to cause it to fail. What does the astrology tell us about the event? We will look at that and more here. For more, read on…

Finding the exact time for such an event is not always easy. On the day of the rupture of the dam there was no time for the event to be seen, except in the Moscow Times. We have this from Zelenskyy himself, throwing up the one of the first accusations about who did the deed:

“The world must react,” he said on social media, adding that Russia had carried out “an internal explosion of the structures” of the plant at 2:50 a.m. local time. This is just one Russian act of terrorism. This is just one Russian war crime,” he added, accusing Russia of committing an act of “ecocide.”

He ought to know the timing of the event, especially if he ordered it. But then, we don’t know if the dam was actually attacked or if it was a semi-natural disaster neither side wanted. However, his statement does give us a time for the event. The chart is below (bigger):

Hyperbole about ecocide aside, the immediate standout from the chart is the Pluto square with the horizon axis, and opposed by Venus, forming a Great Square. The Pluto square reminds us of another large event in Ukraine. We note Eris (Discord) just behind the Ascendant in the 12th house (secret enemies, subterfuge), and one of the dwarf planets, Haumea, in partile conjunction to the Descendant in the 7th house. So, this chart is somewhat similar to the Khmelnitsky blast. We will come back to the astrology, but begin with some preliminaries and then what happened.

The dam at Nova Kakhovka was built by the Soviets in the ‘50s. The reservoir behind the dam supplies irrigation water for the Kherson region and water for Crimea via the North Crimean Canal.


With that last bit of info we can already see a reason why the Ukrainians would want to lower the water level in the reservoir: It would once again cut the water supply to Crimea, which the Ukrainians did after Maidan in 2014 by damming the canal. That canal itself was started in 1957 and took almost 20 years to complete.

The Russians were quite proud of the Kakhovka dam:

“Tonight, Ukrainian troops once again fired at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. The cyclopean structure built by our ancestors could not withstand the many months of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Surface structures and the engine room were destroyed, the dam was broken. Now the reservoir is rapidly shallowing, a wave several meters high is rolling along the Dnieper, flooding houses and flooding the left bank.

The miracle of civilization, the beautiful Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, was built in the 50s by Soviet people, who could not even imagine that their own grandchildren, having enrolled in the “Ukrainians”, would hit it with artillery. It was created by the best professionals from all over the Soviet Union, the latest technologies were used there, the whole town of Novaya Kakhovka was built specifically for the needs of the hydroelectric power station. The birthday of the Kakhovskaya HPP has become a holiday for our entire vast country. And this masterpiece of engineering and human labor has been hammered by the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for months.”

Emphasis added. We will come back to the artillery hammering in a bit. In the days leading up to the collapse of the dam the water level in the reservoir had risen sharply:

The Ukrainians had opened the floodgates in dams higher up the Dnieper River at least a month before the collapse, putting excessive pressure on the dam, which was said to be at critical levels at the time of its collapse. Two hours before the collapse Ukrainian troops were observed retreating from the right bank of the river along with their heavy weaponry. So, they knew what was coming.

Back to the bit about artillery strikes, there seems to be some confusion around that. There were surveillance cameras at the site, but at the time of the rupture there were no explosions recorded. There were no sounds of missiles or incoming shells, either before or after the fact. Were they covered up? But there were explosions after the spans of the dam collapsed, again with no sounds of ‘incoming’ or missile strikes. So what caused those explosions? There is speculation those were caused by floating mines, either deliberately sent down-river or by mines dislodged from the embankments. There was one unverified video of one of those explosions, which was underwater, consistent with a floating mine.that video was from November of last year

There was a video of a large explosion at the dam that was claimed to be the main event, shared across social media and in commentary on the event. But it turns out . This has been verified by independent and Russian sources.

But more consistent with the dam simply failing were satellite photos of sections of the dam already failing a few days before the actual collapse, with the center where the road portion had been previously damaged already leaking on the 4th:


That failure would be caused by the excess, critical water pressure behind the dam, coupled with artillery strikes by Ukraine on the dam in the months preceding the event. The general conclusion at this point, given the absence of artillery strikes on the day of the collapse, is the dam collapsed due to excess pressure. This is consistent with the astrology of the event, as follows:

Since we are dealing with a water disaster (which this is), we look to Neptune and the Moon in the event chart. We would also look at Saturn, which governs dams. Midpoints figure strongly in event charts and in this case the midpoints give indications of wrong thinking and general weakness of the structure. In particular we look to the Neptune/Midheaven midpoint, since that midpoint also involves the opposite pole to the MC, with is the IC (4th house, infrastructure). So we have weakness and confusion (Neptune) involved with infrastructure (MC/IC axis). We find Mercury and Uranus at that midpoint:

    • Ura=Nep/MC: “Emotional irritability, an occasional lack of clarity and of certainty, the desire to bring ideas to realisation at all costs. – Sudden inner experiences, confusion
    • Mer=Nep/MC: “The tendency to think on the wrong lines, wrong perceptions and objectives, the wrong judgement of things observed or perceived. The tendency to accept other people’s influences in one’s thinking.”

The last bolded text is particularly important here. The day before the collapse the British Foreign Secretary, one James Cleverly, paid a ‘surprise’ visit to Kiev, where he and Zelenskyy had discussed important and pressing issues, one of which was perhaps the wall of water pressing on the Kakhovka dam Why he was there in fullness, we don’t know, but it came at the moment the counteroffensive was finally starting and before the NATO summit in Vilnius next month.. The US and UK have been guiding the regime in Kiev throughout this conflict, the Ukrainian armed forces being an American and NATO proxy in this war.

Was Cleverly’ s visit a coincidence? Hardly. The counteroffensive is going quite badly for Ukraine, with high losses of men and materiel. Funding for the conflict will dry up if there are no noticeable results on the Ukrainian side. And when the offensive finally and fully fails, Zelenskyy’s days may become very short indeed. The nationalists in Ukraine would be overthrown by the regular military, it has been suggested, in what would amount to a palace coup.

After the dam collapsed Cleverly issued a statement that hardly reflected his name and which was simply full of NATO talking points. Then there is also the NATO Air Defender training exercises in Germany that take place in a few days, which is of even greater interest. And finally, to add to that, heavy rains are expected across Ukraine until the 15th, which will only add to the volume of water flowing down the Dnieper. All told, it was bad weather for a dam breach and counteroffensive. What else does the chart suggest?

There are two versions of the time for the event – the one uttered by Zelenskyy, which we are using here, and one for ‘around 2:00’ local time. The 2:00 am time was mentioned in the Aussie Cossack video, linked above, where it was mentioned troops were seen leaving the area. Here is the thing regarding the 2:50 time: The Ukrainians had been planning on blowing the dam for some time. This was outlined by Russia’s man at the UNSC, Nebenzya, who chastised the UN and the West for not calling out Ukraine on all of its terrorist activities. The Russian Council of the Federation has issued a statement echoing Nebenzya’s statements.

As it turns out the 2:50 time from Zelenskyy pans out, because a large seismic event at the dam was detected at 2:54 local time by the Bukovina (BURAR) seismic array, suggesting an explosion. Again, there is no visual evidence of a blast as of yet. There was a lone report of a flare going up at 2:45, but there is no other confirmation. Local residents argued among themselves as to what really happened.

As to the timing of the chart, the midpoints listed previously point to the Ukrainian thinking on the matter, as well as the he-said-she-said nature of the accusations from both sides, shown by the Pluto/Venus opposition square the Horizon axis. But as to the event itself, that is shown aside from the exact time of the event, from other midpoints:

    • Mars=Uranus/Pluto: “Fanaticism, an act of violence, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation. – “The stage of bending or breaking“. – Injury, accident.”
    • Neptune=Uranus/Pluto: “Insecurity and uncertainty, unfulfilled wishes, fatigue, nervous diseases (neuroses).”
    • Neptune=Sun/Moon: “Inner discontentment, the tendency to torment oneself, the disposition to get upset quite easily. – Shared suffering, mistakes, misunderstandings, illusions or deceptions, the undermining of associations.”

The Moon, ruling rivers and water in general, is at its maximum out-of-bounds, showing an extreme event involving water, is trine to Jupiter, adding to the mass of the event, and quincunx Mars, which added to the effect of the Mars midpoint above. Then, we see Neptune in Pisces opposite Ceres, showing a kind of ‘crossroads event’ involving water (Neptune and Pisces are both associated with water). It is do or die for Ukraine now regards military actions and aid. Collapsing the dam was an action of last resort, by their own admission. This event has put a seal on their fate.

The Russians are under no illusions about what to do with the regime in Kiev now, as recently stated by Petrushev and Medvedev (translate from Russian). These are two people in the top Russian leadership, both on the Security Council, who need to be listened to, as they give out Russian policy in the current conflict.

Finally, we come to the ‘whodunit’ part of the mystery of the Kakhovka incident. The fact is at this point we just do not know if the dam was blown or if it simply collapsed. Saturn, representing dams, is well-aspected in the chart and there are no midpoints at the 90° modulus that show a rupture or even an explosion. However, widening the modulus to 45° adds the following:

Sat=Ura/Nep: “Depression, instability, pessimism. – A painful loss, mourning or bereavement.”

We do know the dam was unstable due to previous shelling. If we apply the ‘cui bono’ argument to this event, neither side gains much advantage, at least on the surface. Russian-held areas are worst-affected. But if we look at the ‘painful losses’ in the quoted midpoint, who loses more? Well, Russia does:

    • Reduced water flow in the Crimean canal
    • The danger of loss of cooling water to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which could provoke a nuclear disaster at the location. Russia controls that plant.
    • Loss of irrigation water to farmlands in what will be and already are Russian areas
    • The ecological disaster the flood will produce, not to mention the threat of disease (translate from Russian), the loss of thousands of houses and other infrastructure and so on. We recently had an experience of that here in Italy with our recent floods in Emilia-Romagna.
    • Loss of any Russian fortifications that had been built up in the flood zone.
    • Loss of the dam and power generators there. Russia will have to pay to rebuild it, as they will have to pay for all the other losses.

On the last point, the time element is important. To rebuild the dam Ukrainian forces will have to be driven westward as to be out of striking distance of the dam. That will obviously not happen quickly.

Ukraine has gained some troops at its current offensive, having been able to move them away from the Kherson area due to the flood. This was one of the reasons given by Shoigu as to the military significance of the dam. One of the biggest advantages to Ukraine, though, is that the dam collapse diverts attention from the losses Ukraine are experiencing simnce the start of their offensive.

Given all the preceding, who do we really think caused the dam break? The answer should be clear enough. Once the Ukrainian offensive is finished (they have yet to break through even the first of five echelons of Russian defences) the Russians will begin their push westward. This will send shudders up the spines of Western leaders who had pushed for this Ukrainian offensive, because it will mean there is no longer a viable army to go up against Russia.

Joe Biden and his administration had staked their reputations on their policies during this war. Politico recently called the war one of Biden’s “signature international achievements.” Yes, we might imagine Biden’s reputation would suffer a bit when the counteroffensive fails, as most sober analysts forecast it to do.

In short, it will mean the end of Western plans to weaken and/or destroy Russia. It will also mean the end of many administrations across the West, like the Greens in Germany, who also staked their reputations on bringing Russia to heel. Germany is once again seeing its tanks destroyed by the Red Army. In a stunning statement, or realization, the analysts at The Economist (a British propaganda outlet when it comes to foreign affairs) had this to say about the counteroffensive:

“…what happens in these next weeks will shape the future not just of Ukraine itself, but of the whole security order in Europe. The point of decision has arrived.”

You don’t say. Well, in this sentence, they nailed it. Pray all the killing stops soon. The suffering across the Slavic world is immense.

Featured pic from NDTV

Update: There was an eyewitness account of what happened at the dam, from a video interview by Patrick Lancaster with the head of public utilities in the Zaporozhe region. According to the head of utilities, the Ukrainians had filled all the reservoirs in the Dnieper above the dam. At about 10 PM on the 5th the Ukrainians opened the floodgates on all those reservoirs, causing a wall of water to flow at top speed toward the Kakhovka dam. Those other reservoirs were under Ukrainian control. About 4 ½ hours later, on the morning of the 6th, that wall of water reached the dam, causing it to overfill and spill over the top, placing maximum pressure on the dam. At that point they fired a missile at the dam from a village on the right side of the river about 10 – 12 km distance (where the Ukrainians had a clear view of the dam), causing the rupture, which was registered by the seismic detectors at Bukovina. The wall of water that was released took four spans of the dam with it, down to the foundations.

The rupture of the dam caused a huge environmental disaster. According to the head of public utilities there were hundreds of thousands of tons of dead fish left in the area, which promptly rotted and attracted an insufferable number of flies along with the stench of rotting fish. It was not possible to even breathe there for a time due to the stench and the flies. It was also over a week before the engineers in the area could the clarify drinking water enough to where the residents could drink it. Because the water level is so low there is no irrigation and no cooling water to the Zaporozhia nuclear power plant, nor any water for irrigation in southern Ukraine. The trees are dying in Nova Kakhovka, the lawns are gone. Swimming is prohibited. There was cholera in Nikolaev and Odessa due to the water contamination. The interview was posted on July 16.

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