Chernobyl redux or fog of war?

You will not have heard anything in the mainstream media about what is to be outlined here. Early in the morning on the 13th of May 2023 a huge explosion took place in the village of Hrushevitsya, Ukraine, in the center of the Khmelnytskyy oblast. It has been dubbed the largest explosion thus far in the Ukrainian conflict. There are several reasons to examine this particular event. Aside from the astrology and the fog of war, it represents what might become a bitter irony for the UK and Ukraine. For more, read on…

The blast at Hrushevitsya was the result of a Russian missile strike on an ammunition depot, where a ‘significant number’ of antiaircraft missiles had been stored. We have the following description of the blast (translated from the previous link):

“They [the Russians] have shaken the earth’s firmament. Yesterday’s massive strike on the Khmelnytskyi warehouses is shaking the ground. Our sources say that the 649th aviation depot of missile weapons and ammunition in the village of Hrushevitsya stored a significant number of anti-aircraft missiles for Western-made SAMs – including those for Patriot SAMs.

According to the earthquake monitoring system of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, tremors of 3.4 magnitude were felt northwest of Khmelnytskyy at 04.52 Moscow time. This fact indicates that the impact on the depots was very effective – the secondary detonation of the weapons caused seismological activity in the earth’s crust.”

There is more to follow. The chart for the blast is below (bigger):

In addition to antiaircraft missiles, there was also this:

“It is claimed that in addition to ammunition, 83 million euros worth of satellite communication systems, military tablets, and data encryption systems were destroyed. According to available information, a total of €200-220 million was blown up. Cargo from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan.” In all, the losses were said to be on the order of over $500 million, according to some sources.”

But then there was the clincher (?), which is why you have not heard of it for what was really at those warehouses:

“Excellent research by Gleb Georgievich Gerasimov. A clear spike in gamma radiation was detected in Khmelnitsky on or about May 12th, with emission continuing to rise the following day and remaining at the elevated level thereafter. Considering how little gamma radiation comes from depleted uranium, this clear spike in gamma radiation in Khmelnitsky indicates that there was very large stockpile of the DU munitions that was destroyed, raising the uranium dust into the air.

By comparison, the towns of Ternopol, Khmilnik, and Novaya Ushitsa (images 3, 4, and 5) remained at their apparent regular, base levels. This indicates that the Khmelnitsky anomaly is indeed a spike and corroborates the claim that the stockpile in Khmelnitsky contained DU munitions.”

There is a little problem with the research, though. The spike is not large, and it started two days before the blast, as the graph below shows:

Could all this talk of DU munitions be just fog of war chatter? The immediate standout in the chart above, as one would expect, is the Pluto square to the horizon axis from the 10th house. Pluto rules nuclear energy, among many other things. It also rules mass demolition, hysteria and mobs. The Horizon axis rules the public mood (Ascendant) and open enemies (Descendant). We also see Jupiter in the 12th just behind the Ascendant and square to Pluto. Pluto rules annihilation, and what we see in the combination with Jupiter is the annihilation of a huge cache of ammunition.

Looking at the explosion itself it resembles the infamous mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion, and one notices the black dust cloud surrounding the fireball. This black dust is characteristic of DU explosions:

“DU dust is black and a target that has been hit by DU ammunition can be often recognized by the black dust cover in and around the target (US AEPI, 1995). After an attack with DU ammunition this will be deposited on the ground and other surfaces as partially oxidized DU fragments of different size, and as uranium oxide dust. According to investigations conducted at US test sites, most of the DU dust is deposited within a distance of 100 m of the hit target (CHPPM, 2000). Claims have also been made that the DU dust can travel up to 40 km and remain airborne for a considerable time (Belgrade, 2000)…”

DU munitions are also pyrophoric, meaning it burns readily when converted to dust and is thus favoured in munitions over other metals like tungsten. That pyrophoricity might have contributed to the strength of the explosion and the huge size of the fireball, if it was there, but it would also had to have been vaporized in order for it to burn. However, there is also something else that causes dense black smoke in fires – petroleum. Probably more to the point with this missile strike is not so much what was in those warehouses, but instead the effect on the public in western Ukraine.

Panic is spreading across western Ukraine over the news that DU weapons were blown up at Hrushevitsya. Ukrainian far right politician and ex-Azov commander Ihor Mosiychuk was telling people to move away from the blast site because of the radiation dangers. One wonders what he knows about it all. There have also been runs on pharmacies, where stocks of iodine tablets have been exhausted.

Rumors were flying everywhere, along with Russian missiles and drones. Rumors were that people in western Ukraine were packing up and moving west, away from the blast sites (there was more than one) and military installations and warehouses. There were rumors of radiation testing being done at ‘uncharacteristic locations, of the radiation cloud drifting westward toward Poland, of products of radioactive decay being recorded drifting into Poland (bismuth especially, below. Chart is from Marie Curie University in Lublin, Poland) of the cloud spreading over as far as Moldova, even to Germany. The rumors were all reported on Russian-leaning Telegram channels and by Russian-leaning journos (translate from Russian).

It is useful to note that the fog of war increases as battles are on the increase, and especially when one’s side is on the losing end. For the past week and a few days the Russians have been pounding logistics points, warehouses, troop concentrations and air defense batteries in Ukraine with all those missiles they are constantly running out of. Billions of dollars-worth of ammunition and materiel for Ukraine’s Schrodinger’s offensive have literally gone up in smoke during that period, including a complete battery of a US Patriot system stationed at Kiev. Regarding the offensive, from the penultimate link:

“Okay. So either a giant offensive will happen any minute now (it might have just started while I was typing that), or it will never happen at all, or it already happened, or perhaps it’s in a state of quantum superposition in which it has both succeeded and failed, at least until we open the box.”

And the fog of war is directed at all sides. At the start of increased Ukrainian activity at Bakhmut/Artyemovsk the Ukrainians managed to sneak a couple of Storm Shadow missiles into the Donbas which caused a few deaths and some damage, and then shoot down (they claim) a few Russian planes and helicopters, while claiming they had broken through the flanks at said city and the Russians were fleeing. That caused a wave of panic in the Russian social media. A day or two after that is when we saw the huge Russian missile strikes in western Ukraine, causing panic there.

But Ukraine is rapidly approaching a point of reckoning – be destroyed or negotiate, on Russia’s terms. There are rumors of Eastern European states urging Zelenskyy to negotiation, which he still refuses to do. Zelenskyy has yet to return to Ukraine from what could be his ‘Hail Mary’ tour to garner more weapons and cash for Ukraine. Insanity is overcoming the leadership in Kiev. Delusion has long overcome the elites of the West. And now Bakhmut is no more, having been returned to its Russian name, Artyomovsk. The Russians took Artyomovsk on the 20th, the one-year anniversary of the fall of Mariupol. There is now serious copium from Western and Ukrainian media and a whole lot of BS. Ukraine’s chart with current transits and directions is below (bigger):


The chart is for the day before Bakhmut fell. The standouts are the transit of Uranus (changing conditions) to the IC (land and infrastructure), directed Saturn (restrictions and losses) to the natal Ascendant (showing a sobering mood), which is straddled by the directed Neptune/Node conjunction and midpoint:

“Sat=Node/Neptune: The demonstration of emotional inhibitions when in contact with others. – Disadvantages or painful and grievous losses through associations with others, separation through deceit, perfidy or untruthfulness. Emotional suffering caused through a partner

All of the bolded bits are in evidence in Ukraine. The directed Sun is semisquare natal Pluto: “a crisis at a certain juncture in life, a turn in one’s destiny brought about by Providence”. And lastly we see transiting Ceres on Ukraine’s Mars, showing the choice to be made about the direction of Ukraine’s military going forward. Combined with the factors just mentioned, that transit shows the loss of Bakhmut as a decisive battle, which some commenters have described as the ‘Ukrainian Stalingrad’. It wasn’t a Stalingrad, but it was a key logistics hub for Ukraine, which is why the battle for it was so fierce. Now the West and Ukraine are saying the city was of no strategic value.

Who knows where all this will lead? As to whether the strike on the alleged DU ammo dump was real, only time will tell. If true, then over time we will hear of increased rates of cancers and birth defects of various types in the area of the blast and downwind. It would be the gift from the British that keeps on giving. But the event was certainly no Chernobyl, which to this day is still an uninhabitable area.

What is more important here is that the narrative in Western media is becoming increasingly pessimistic regarding Ukraine. The Russians are ensuring there will not be enough men or material for Ukraine to launch anything resembling a large offensive against the Russians. Douglas McGregor figures the main fighting in Ukraine will be finished by the end of this summer. So, until the fog clears, the rest of us just have to wait and see.

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