2023 and the Black Rabbit – the planetary indicators

The 22nd of January marks the start of the Year of the Black Rabbit. We go into this year with rising inflation across the West and much of the world, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and rising protest movements in many parts of the world. If we thought the Black Rabbit might bring a kinder, softer year, we would be mistaken. 2023 will mark a decided pivot in the international power structure, with all the attendant restiveness and uncertainty that such change inevitably brings. For more, read on.

The Russian intervention in Ukraine overshadowed the rest of the world’s events to a great extent in 2022, but it has been a catalytic event writ large, across all aspects of world affairs. COVID is still with us, now seen as endemic rather than pandemic, as something we will have to put up with year after year, like colds and flu. Inflation and supply chain blocks due to Western sanctions on Russia and Iran have occupied domestic concerns in every nation, especially regarding energy and food. China’s zero-COVID policy is no more. And 2022 will be remembered as the year when Western hegemony ended.

2022 has been a year of great power political shifts, with the West and Russia divorced, however temporarily, over the war in Ukraine. The latter was provoked by the Western powers, and engaged by Russia in order to bring the 9-year civil war in Ukraine to an end and to protect native Russian lives. It turned out to be an existential conflict for both sides – for Russia regarding its very existence as a state and the West to maintain its hegemony.

In addition to the war, which is essentially between Russia and NATO (in reality Washington/London), we saw tensions rise with China. The hoped-for defeat of Russia by the West was supposed to be (planned to be) a stepping stone to ‘contain’ China – that is, to bring China under Western control and to ensure the neoliberal economic order. With regard to the latter, and as forecast for the 2022 planetary indicators, we saw the rapid development of cross-border payments in Asian nations in their own currencies, bypassing the US dollar. The war in Ukraine precipitated that development, as outlined in last year’s post:

“There is also the little matter of trying to save the current form of capitalism before the ‘Big Three’ of Asia (China, Russia and Iran) are able to successfully bypass the US dollar, which is likely to happen this year.”

Well, in addition to the ‘Big Three’, there was also a queue that formed of nations wanting to join the BRICS bloc, as well as Turkey turning further eastward. Then, from last year’s forecast we also had the following:

“January points to losses for the oligarchs across the world. While their wealth might increase, their hold on power will weaken, as uprisings against the established order will increase and strengthen throughout this year and the next.”

As it turned out, January was a start date, but the real fun was to come at the end of February:

“…we can fully expect a military crisis, like we saw with the Cuban Missile Crisis in the last Black Tiger year (1962)…Expect utter hysteria from the West about such a crisis, yet very calm and measured actions from the other powers, aimed at increasing security for everyone, strange as that may sound. Such a crisis is likely to take place in Ukraine…The resolution of the crisis will mean a pronounced weakening of NATO and serious divides appearing once again between European states.”

The weakening of NATO is underway, along with the utter hysteria and unhinged propaganda from Washington and London. And the Russian ex-pat oligarchs are probably wishing now they had never left Russia. We also saw talk of the nuclear threat in Ukraine during the summer. Fingers crossed, nothing more will come of it.

But perhaps the biggest thing to happen was the forecast for the financial shift, which is bringing Pax Americana to an end, along with NATO possibly, and that is the financial restructuring that is accelerating greatly in Asia:

“There is one midpoint in particular we will want to watch this year, given inflation, lack of regulations and the large bubbles we see on Wall Street, and that is the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint formed with Pluto. Jupiter/Pluto combinations deal with plutocracy. If there is to be a sudden and drastic change in our economic situation, that midpoint structure can signal it. That goes from mid-June to mid-October.”

The preceding events in the quote have happened, and have dealt mainly with moves away from Bretton Woods, the SWIFT system, the IMF and World Bank and so on. Financial capitalists are sweating now over developments in Asia. A big clue was when the Saudis and Russia refused to increase oil production and thumbed their noses at Washington. And now the Saudis are making big business deals with China, surely rankling the folks in Washington and London. With these points in mind and as a basis going forward, we look to the year ahead, the Year of the Black Rabbit.

The year starts with Mars out-of-bounds (OOB), remaining so all the way to May – most unusual. The first half of the year is liable to be quite violent, while the 2nd half looks to be a refractory period of reassessment and realignment.

In addition to Mars, the Moon reaches its OOB peaks this year, to slowly subside thereafter year-by-year. What that spells is a very volatile first half of the year, especially since Mercury goes OOB just after the Chinese New Year, lasting until the first part of July. Protests and strikes in Western nations will probably peak this year.

There are no strong eclipses this year, and only four of them, but three of the four Moon Wobbles look to be quite intense and productive of events, political and natural. There are four supermoons and three micromoons to add to all of our fun.

But of particular interest this year is the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, first activated by Pluto in January. It is a midpoint combination that indicates violent changes. That midpoint has a special relation with elites, national and international. In the US those elites are concentrated in what has been called the MICIMATT.

Starting in January we are likely to see a large Russian winter offensive in Ukraine, collapsing the remaining Ukrainian armed forces, which will cast a pall over the forces in the MICIMATT. With no more fighting in Ukraine public attention will have to be guided elsewhere and arms manufacturers will be pushing for another conflict somewhere. But with Mars back in-bounds in the 2nd half of the year the MICIMATT will be looking under stones in a vain effort to drum up a conflict. Public attention will turn toward their own governments.

The Pluto activation of the midpoint is followed in March and April by the Neptune activation of that midpoint: “Pessimism, a feeling of abandonment, the tendency to begrudge other people’s good fortune. – An intolerable loneliness, hard work without success, losses. – Damage to a building through dampness, water, gas or force majeure (war).” That is likely when we would see the complete collapse of the electrical grid and the military in Ukraine, accompanied by a mass exodus from that nation. At the end of March Pluto first touches into Aquarius, the sign dealing directly with technology and electricity.

The Jupiter/Saturn midpoint is activated again in late May by Uranus, doing so several times through to the end of 2023. It is worth noting the full interpretation of that combination, from Ebertin: “Strong emotional tensions, a frequent change of-mood, irritability. – A sudden loss of consciousness (through illness, shock or death), sudden change in circumstance, making great efforts, a change of residence, a change of occupation. – Damage to a building, a stoppage of motors, the breakdown of a car.”

What all the activations of the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint indicates is the people of the MICIMATT will have to come clean with the Western public about what has happened, and the mood in Washington and Western European capitals will not be good. They will grudgingly have to sit down and hammer out a European security agreement with the Russians, and on Russia’s terms, meaning pushing NATO back to its 1997 borders. It may not happen this year, but the realization it will have to be done will finally dawn on the Western elites. Then, the world will begin to change for the better and peace will gradually begin to prevail. What will be the outcome of the year, then? Who knows? But we can speculate, given the preceding:

  • A break or significant cooling in relations between Western Europe and Washington
  • Increasing destabilization in the EU and restructuring of the EU Parliament
  • Western elites finally being shown as the ‘naked emperors’ they are
  • The Western public being shown in no uncertain terms how they have been lied to
  • Asian nations solidifying the most powerful economic bloc in the world, supplanting the G7. There’s a new G7 in town, and it’s not in the West.
  • A rethink of intra-European nations’ relations
  • Western European nations beginning, however furtively, to repair relations with Russia and China
  • A very hot conflict involving Israel, much to Israel’s detriment
  • A solution to the partition of Syria, finally, with the Turks withdrawing and Americans leaving (forced out), much to Israeli displeasure
  • A much expanded BRICS bloc
  • The final cementing in place and use of alternatives to the SWIFT system, meaning an end to sanctions as a weapon
  • Greatly increased political instability in Western Europe with the collapse of certain coalition governments
  • Greatly increased strike actions across the West

In conclusion, 2023 is not going to be a peaceful year at the start, but it will be a decisive one for the immediate years going forward. The West will be in decline, while the East rises. But that will be a good thing for the Western public in the longer term. It will mean governments will have to tend to affairs at home rather than adventures abroad.

At the end of 2023 NATO will be so weakened as to be inconsequential as an enforcement body or expeditionary force to ensure Western dominance. Russia will be the dominant military force in Europe. We are well on our way toward abandoning Big Power competition as the way of the world. Aquarian cooperation and win-win will gradually become the order of the day in the immediate years ahead, and that will be a good thing for everyone.

There is much to look forward to in 2023. Happy New Year!

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Planetary Indicators

Eclipses: There will be four eclipses for 2023, two solar and two lunar, with none of them being total eclipses. The eclipses for 2023 are:

  • 20 April: Solar hybrid, north node, Jupiter lord: 29Ar50
  • 5 May: Wesak, lunar appulse, south node, Pluto lord: 14Sc52
  • 14 Oct: Solar annular, south node, Mercury lord: 21Li07
  • 28 Oct: Lunar partial, north node, Jupiter lord: 5Ta03

Other active eclipses: (Mars and the Sun are the only activating planets this year) All dates are for Mars activations. Solar activations for eclipses are only good for a few days. Calculate exactly.

  • 10 Ta/Sc: 27 Oct
  • 25 Sc/Ta: 17 Nov
  • 2 Sc/Ta: 15 Oct
  • 16 Ta/Sc: 5 Nov
  • 27 Sco/Tau: 20 Nov (Mars/Sun)
  • 6 Gem/Sag: 3 Dec
  • 9 Ge/Sa: Mars 25 Jan, 7 Dec
  • 13 Sag: 12 Feb, 12 Dec
  • 15 Sa/Ge: 18 Feb, 15 Dec
  • 20 Gem: 3 Mar, 22 Dec
  • 23 Sa/Ge: 10 Mar, 26 Dec
  • 0 Can/Cap: 26 Mar

Out-of-bounds planets

  • Mercury: 24 Jun, 24Ge03 – 7 Jul, 22Cn02; 15Nov, 7Sg26 – 15 Dec, 8Cp08
  • Venus: 18 Apr, 8Ge09 – 2 Jun, 26Cn47
  • Mars: 1 Jan, 9Ge01℞ – 5 May, 21Cn20; 22 Dec, 20Sg06 – EoY

Lunar Data

(For the following data, all times are in UT)

Note: The Moon started to go briefly out of bounds (OOB) in March of 2020, just before the new and full moon periods – in the north before the new moon and vice-versa for the full moon. The OOB period gradually increased throughout 2020 and throughout 2022. In 2023, the year starts with the Moon headed out-of-bounds in the northern declination, culminating on 6 Jan at about 6° Cancer.

The Moon started going OOB when the first lockdowns for the pandemic started, with the implication for this OOB cycle being that 2023 will mark a culmination of civil protests and unrest across the West. The Moon rules the masses and childbirth, along with emotions and public opinion. Perhaps from the end of 2023 onward, if not before, we will see the neoliberal system of the West overthrown or at least greatly weakened, with a new financial order being birthed, one more supportive of the masses of humanity. This would also be in line with the transit of Uranus through Taurus, which will not finish until 2025.

The OOB periods for the Moon this year last roughly 4 – 5 days. The peaks of those periods are as follows. Times and minutes of arc are approximate:

  • 6 Jan; 27N24, 6° Can, ~ 03:00 UT ‖ 20 Jan: 27S27, 6° Cap, ~ 04:35 UT
  • 2 Feb: 27N30, 6° Can, ~ 07:45 UT ‖ 16 Feb, 27S37, 6° Cap, ~ 14:45 UT
  • 1 Mar, 27N43, ~ 5Cn30, 13:45 UT ‖ 15 Mar, 27S50, 5Cp40, ~ 21:45 UT
  • 28 Mar, 27N54, 5Cn15, ~ 20:46 UT ‖ 12 Apr: 27S56, 6Cp. ~ 03:46 UT
  • 25 Apr, 27N57, 6 Cn, ~ 6:46 UT ‖ 9 May, 27S56, 5Cp27, ~ 08:45 UT
  • 22 May, 27N54, 5Cn218, ~ 13:45 UT ‖ 5 Jun, 27S52, 5Cp37, ~ 16:46 UT
  • 18 Jun¸27N50, 5Cn02, ~ 20:46 UT ‖ 3 Jul, 27S50, 5Cp11, ~ 01:46 UT
  • 16 Jul, 27N51, 4Cn52, ~ 02:46 UT ‖ 30 Jul, 27S55, 4Cp 54, ~ 11:46 UT
  • 12 Aug, 27N59, 5Cn01, ~ 08:46 UT ‖ 26 Aug, 28S06, 3Cp57, ~ 19:45 UT
  • 8 Sep, 28N10, 3Cn56, ~ 12:45 UT ‖ 23 Sep, 28S15, 4Cp18, ~ 03:45 UT
  • 5 Oct 28N18, 4Cn17, ~ 20:45 UT 20 Oct, 28S18, 4Cp36, ~ 09:46 UT
  • 2 Nov, 28N17, 3Cn52, ~ 04:45 UT 16 Nov, 28S14, 4Cp04, ~ 14:45 UT
  • 29 Nov, 28N11, 5Cn50, ~ 17:45 UT ‖ 13 Dec, 28S09, 3Cp40, ~ 21:45 UT
  • 26 Dec, 28N08, 3Cn29, ~ 21:45 UT (This is also just before the full moon. The 16th of July OOB corresponds with the new moon of Cancer)

Supermoons and Micromoons

  • 6 Jan (full moon) micromoon
  • 5 Feb (full moon) micromoon
  • 16 Aug, (new moon) micromoon
  • 3 July (full moon) supermoon
  • 1 Aug (full moon) supermoon
  • 31 Aug (full moon) supermoon
  • 29 Sep (full moon) supermoon

Moon wobbles

  • 28 Jan, Sun at 8° Aquarius, Moon conjunct north node at 8° Taurus, Sun square the nodes
  • 20 April, Sun at north node, 0° Taurus, node at 4°, solar eclipse
  • 22 Jul, Sun at 29° Cancer opposing Pluto, square the nodes, Pluto at 29° Capricorn
  • 18 Oct, Sun at south node square to Pluto (28 Cap), 25° Libra


New Moon Full Moon
21 Jan, 21:55 UT

20 Feb, 08:09 UT

21 Mar, 18:26 UT

20 Apr, 06:15 UT

19 May, 17:55 UT

18 Jun, 06:39 UT

17 Jul, 20:33 UT

16 Aug, 11:38 UT

15 Sep, 03:40 UT

14 Oct, 19:55 UT

13 Nov, 10:27 UT

13 Dec 00:32 UT

6 Jan: 23:08 UT, Wolf Moon

5 Feb: 18:29 UT, Snow Moon

7 Mar: 12:40 UT, Worm Moon

6 Apr: 04:34 UT, Pink Moon

5 May: 17:34 UT, Flower Moon

4 Jun: 03:42 UT, Strawberry Moon

3 July: 11:39 UT, Buck Moon

1 Aug: 18:31 UT, Sturgeon Moon

31 Aug: 01:35 UT, Blue Moon

Sep 29: 09:57 UT, Harvest Moon

28 Oct: 20:24 UT, Hunter’s Moon

27 Nov: 09:16 UT, Beaver Moon

27 Dec: 03:33 UT, Cold Moon

Retrograde periods

  • Mercury: 1 Jan – 19 Jan (began 30 Dec at 24 Cap.)
  • Venus: 23 Jul at 29° Leo – 4 Sep at 12° Leo
  • Mars: 1 – 8 Jan. Direct station at 8° Ge
  • Jupiter: 4 Sep 15Ta34 – EoY direct station at 5Ta34
  • Ceres: 4 Feb Retrograde station at 7° Lib, direct station 7 May, 23Vi49
  • Saturn: 17 Jun 7Pi12 – 4 Nov 0Pi30
  • Uranus: 1 – 23 Jan. Direct station at 15° Tau.
  • Chiron: 23 Jul 23Ar57 – 27 Dec 15Ar27
  • Neptune: 1 Jul 27Pi41 – 6Dec 24Pi53
  • Pluto: Retrograde station 2 May at 0Aq21,
  • Eris: 22 Jul 22Ar15 – EoY

Important midpoints to consider (45° modulus)

Mars/Saturn (death, destruction, indefatigability): Jup (5 – 9 Oct), Ura (23 – 27 May, 30 Oct – 3 Nov), Nep (26 Apr – 1 May, 26 Sep – 30 Sep), Plu (13 – 19 Aug)

Mars/Uranus (sudden interventions, violent upheaval): Nep (8 – 13 Oct), Plu (18 – 23 Apr, 30 Aug – 5 Sep)

Mars/Neptune (weakness, infections, epidemics): Jup (16 – 20 Dec), Sat (15 – 22 Jun, 18 – 24 Oct), Ura (24 – 28 Sep), Plu (10 – 15 Jul, 26 – 30 Nov, 28 Dec – EoY)

Mars/Pluto (surgery, superhuman power, brutality): Ceres (1 Jan – 9 Jan), Jupiter (11 – 22 Jan, 20 May – 11 Jun, 9 – 13 Nov), Sat (6 – 11 Sep), Ura (9 – 11 Dec), Nep (30 Jun – 6 Jul, 12 – 16 Nov)

Mars/Pluto: (success through excessive effort, brutality, injuries): Jup (15 – 19 Oct), Sat (1 – 13 Apr, 10 – 17 Dec), Ura (3 – 10 Aug)

Jupiter/Saturn: (elites and government officials): Ura (22 May – 18 Jun, 23 Sep – 3 Nov, 13 – EoY), Nep (23 Mar – 7 Apr), Plu (3 – 19 Jan)

Jupiter/Uranus: (sudden changes in circumstance, sudden changes in financial circumstances): Nep (2 – 10 Jun), Plu (1 – 17 Mar)

Jupiter/Neptune: (speculation, apparent happiness, gains without effort): Uranus (25 Jan – 8 Feb), Sat (24 Jul – 9 Aug, 21 Nov – 5 Dec)

Jupiter/Pluto: (striving for power, plutocracy, inhibitions, losses): Mars (13 – 16 Aug, 17 – 19 Dec)

Saturn/Uranus (tension, violence): Mars (14 – 17 Apr, 8 – 10 Jul, 18 – 19 Nov), Jup (18 Jan – 3 Feb)

Saturn/Neptune (illness, renunciation): Mars (4 Jan – 1 Feb, 23 – 26 May, 5 – 7 Aug, 11 – 13 Dec), Jup (24 – 28 May), Plu (4 – 19 Apr, 29 Sep – EoY)

Saturn/Pluto (reactionaries, violence, successes brought about by large groups of people): Mars (26 – 29 Mar, 20 – 23 Jun, 28 Aug – 30 Aug, 1 – 3 Nov), Jup (22 Aug – 8 Oct), Ura (8 Feb – 17 May)

Uranus/Neptune (Long journeys. contacts with foreign countries): Jup (8 – 16 Apr)

Uranus/Pluto (revolution, transformation): Mars (9 – 11 Mar, 6 – 8 Jun, 20 – 22 Aug, 15 – 17 Sep, 25 – 26 Oct, 27 – 28 Dec), Jup (3 – 16 Jul, 1 – 16 Nov), Nep (20 Sep – EoY)

Neptune/Pluto (unusual problems, psychic phenomena, losses): Mars (19 – 21 Apr, 7 – 8 Jul, 14 – 17 Sep) Jup (26 Feb – 7 Mar), Sat (24 Jan – 15 Feb)

Important aspects

Mars square Neptune: 1 – 25 Mar

Sun/Mercury/Neptune square Mars, combust, from Pisces to Gemini, resp, 25° 15,16 Mar

Jupiter square Pluto: exact 18 May

Mars square Pluto: exact 8 Oct


Pluto enters Aquarius: 24 Mar, retrogrades out 11 Jun.


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  1. Thank you Malvin. I might need to put a ‘stake’ in the ground to remind myself to stay grounded as these forces of ‘change for the higher good’ occur during this extraordinary transformational times. So appreciate the Planetary aspects, indicators to prepare in advance. Not for the faint hearted. Is it known as a Black Water Rabbit or Tiger? The rise of the East is indeed happening. Which countries do you consider Neo-Liberal? I sense NZ is a ‘bit-player’ here, totally ineffectual….but dangerous.

  2. Thanks Anna. Starting the 22nd, it will be the Black Rabbit, or Water Rabbit. The neoliberal nations are primarily Western, headed by the US and UK, where that monstrosity was first fielded. It is another name for financial capitalism, and it is ruining the West. The Eastern nations are one-by-one returning to industrial capitalism, which we had in the West until Reagan and Thatcher came along. Neoliberalism is essentially globalist and imperialist, while industrial capitalism tends to keep and build wealth and industry at home. In terms of the global order, yes New Zealand is a small player, but there is nothing wrong with that. New Zealand can gain in prosperity once it throws off its technocrats and dependence on American dollars, i.e., the SWIFT system.

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