Planetary indicators for 2022

As we leave 2021 and remember the year that was, it was a mixed affair. From the post for the planetary indicators for last year, if we had a feelin’ ’21 was gonna be a good year, it was in some respects, in that the pandemic began to lose force, despite what we are seeing with omicron at the moment. Western nations remained open for the better part of the year. Shops here in Italy, for instance, began to reopen, with new ones taking the place of the ones gone into memory. But as the year progressed, fear of the pandemic began to give way to the realization that all is not on the up-and-up with our governments and that moneyed interests are able to pull too many strings in the halls of power in distinction to the public getting what we really need. In the coming year a Black Tiger lies in wait in the sea of public opinion. Will it pounce on our elites, like the bronteroc in Don’t Look Up, or will it scare us all into submission? Probably we will see elements of both, but ultimately, we will decide.

Bronterocs are not real (although some people will ask), but Tigers are, and Black Tiger years are always full of surprises, as well as real and imagined threats to our existence. Those years are also known for notable and major disasters as well as grand adventures. We will cover all that and more in the Chinese New Year letter, to appear in a couple of weeks on the main site.

What clearly emerged from 2021 was the economic impact and elitist fiddling with economics concerning the pandemic. This was quite fitting for the Iron Ox year, which characterized 2021. The Ox is known for its persistence and its economic and financial acumen.

In addition to the economic impact and news of last year, we also saw the solidification and strengthening of Asian alliances and cooperation, including Russia, in the form of the SCO, the Russia-China partnership, Iran’s acceptance into the SCO and its 20-year partnership with China. The overt war in Afghanistan ended, much to the shame of the West and outrage at and in Washington. There was a coup in Myanmar which ousted Washington’s favorite, Suu Kyi. There was the AUKUS ruckus, which has served as a catalyst for changes in the EU. And the Biden administration is showing itself to be weak in the face of Ike’s warning about the military-industrial complex and the corporate control and greed of Congress. It is a lesson we have yet to learn. And it will come back to scare the daylights out of us in 2022. Yet, instead of fear, what we need most is calm, patient analysis and reflection along with a long view. Tiger years can give us that, too.

Moving on to the present, then, looking back on last year a bit will give some clues as to what we might expect as trends and restive periods this year. To start there was the Mars=Uranus/Pluto midpoint from 1Apr – 6 Apr of last year, at which point we had the height of the Ukrainian fandango and the ‘immanent threat of war’ in Ukraine. The West backed down. The Aries quarter for the year was forecast to be the most restive quarter and it was indeed in terms of international affairs.

In looking at the midpoints and what was forecast or what they indicated, there are too many to mention. But as an example, the Mars/Saturn midpoint proved its mettle with the Uranus activation in June/July, with the 130 wildfires in western Canada, the assassination of Moïse in Haiti, rapid advances by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the European floods and the Surfside Condominium collapse. The Pluto completion of that midpoint was the Gaza-Israel conflict, starting with Sheikh Jarrah. Neptune to that axis generally indicates weakness, an inability to push through plans, and losses. The Biden administration was inaugurated under that influence (along with several other interesting ones) at the January alignment and the COP26 climate conference at the end of October, with its lack of any progress on the matter. All three planets feature with that midpoint again this year, at periods listed below.

There is one midpoint in particular we will want to watch this year, given inflation, lack of regulations and the large bubbles we see on Wall Street, and that is the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint formed with Pluto. Jupiter/Pluto combinations deal with plutocracy. If there is to be a sudden and drastic change in our economic situation, that midpoint structure can signal it. That goes from mid-June to mid-October. That is also joined by the Jupiter transit to midpoint of the Saturn/Uranus square, from mid-September to mid-October. So, September and October will be the months to watch for economic shifts.

Until mid-year, all the planets except for the Moon are contained within a bowl pattern, with Pluto as the lead planet. This signifies an unusual intensity of focus on matters at hand for the first half of 2022, such as inflation, the pandemic and Washington’s increasing concerns about its loss of influence in Eurasia. Pluto places the focus on plutocrats and subversive behaviour as well. There is also the little matter of trying to save the current form of capitalism before the ‘Big Three’ of Asia (China, Russia and Iran) are able to successfully bypass the US dollar, which is likely to happen this year. These matters, too, will be more fully examined in the Chinese New Year letter.

Moving on to specifics, January points to losses for the oligarchs across the world. While their wealth might increase, their hold on power will weaken, as uprisings against the established order will increase and strengthen throughout this year and the next. This is shown in two factors – the Saturn=Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and the out-of-bounds Moon when it is in Cancer and Capricorn. Those lunar OOB periods are especially important when they coincide with Cancer and Capricorn lunations, since Cancer represents the masses and Capricorn represents the established order. The Moon itself represents the masses, explained further down in this post.

As well, four of the supermoons this year also feature the Moon OOB. What this means is the masses are rising and are less and less concerned with or have faith in the measures being undertaken by our Western democracies, such as they are. Look for more strike actions, protests, increasing violence and general restiveness. If we are to see more ‘government for the people’, as in all of the people, then this increase in restiveness is to be welcomed, so long as it leads to positive and lasting changes. This will be punctuated in particular when Mars forms midpoints with the Saturn/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto midpoint axes.

On what many readers might call a more alarming note, we can fully expect a military crisis, like we saw with the Cuban Missile Crisis in the last Black Tiger year (1962). And that may well lead to Biden being moved to the sidelines. The media will try to scare us all half to death with such a crisis and paint it as a threat from outside our borders. Yet, what it will amount to is a mirroring back to Washington of the very thing the hawks there have done so many times before to other nations.  Expect utter hysteria from the West about such a crisis, yet very calm and measured actions from the other powers, aimed at increasing security for everyone, strange as that may sound Such a crisis is likely to take place in Ukraine, but Caribbean nations like Cuba may also feature again. The resolution of the crisis will mean a pronounced weakening of NATO and serious divides appearing once again between European states.

Public opinion will see decided shifts this year, too, with the Jupiter/Neptune synodic conjunction in Pisces, and probably toward more united action among sectors of the public. This year will decide the fate of the plans of certain oligarchs, with their plans coming undone, such as the WEF, for instance. It will be a kind of ‘Stalingrad moment’ for them (scroll down at the link to Byron King’s piece), and not in their favor. The tide against fascism turned against the Nazis at Stalingrad in 1942, the big turning point of WWII in Europe.

This turn in favour of the public will be most evident in the United States and the UK. It may be unnoticeable at first, but will grow throughout this year and the next. Europeans will be addressing their own internal problems. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a ‘Stalingrad moment’ in the Cold War, too, and was a success in terms of removing nuclear missiles from Europe, Cuba and in producing détente. Such a crisis is already in the works, primarily due to hiubris on the part of the NATO powers and their inability to admit that times have moved on, also to be more fully explained in the Chinese New Year letter.

In all, Black Tiger years tend toward peace and better security, though the road there can be full of potholes and unexpected inclement weather. The Mars activations of the active eclipses, especially at the end of January for the Aries point eclipse, will need watching, as will the more restive midpoints and the OOB planets. Mars will be OOB at the Aries point eclipse at the end of January. Expect tensions to increase through January and then to ease off somewhat until March. February will be a month of reassessment internationally.

We start the planetary layout for the year with the eclipses. There are four this year – two partial solar eclipses and two total lunar eclipses. Only two of them receive activations this year. All but three of the remaining active eclipses receive activations by Mars in the first two months of this year, starting again in August. All of those, along with the OOB planets and certain midpoints, listed below, give us the times of greatest activity for the year, for good or ill.

Just keep in mind as the year rolls on that whatever happens, we are building to a point where tensions will be released – with good guidance, not too forcefully – and a more peaceful order will begin to settle in, one with better dialog between nations. That will be in evidence more toward the end of the year. A Tiger lies in wait for us this year, but it waits to guide us to greater awareness, peace and dialog. If we can seize on the opportunities presented, our road ahead will not be so difficult.

Eclipses: Eclipses for 2022 are:

  • 30 Apr 2022: Partial solar eclipse, north node, Uranus lord, 10 Ta 28 (20 Jul Mars)
  • 16 May 2022: Total lunar eclipse, south node, Pluto lord, 25 Sc 16 (Wesak) (12 Aug Mars)
  • 25 Oct 2022: Partial solar eclipse, south node, Venus lord, 2 Sc 00
  • 8 Nov 2022: Total lunar eclipse, north node, Uranus lord, 15 Ta 59

Other active eclipses: (Mars and the Sun are the only activating planets) All dates are for Mars activations. Solar activations for eclipses are only good for a few days. Calculate exactly.

  • 27 Sco/Tau: 15 Aug
  • 6 Gem/Sag: 29 Aug
  • 9 Ge/Sa: 6 Sep, 25 Dec – EoY
  • 13 Sag: 1 Jan, 14 Sep, 13 Dec – 20 Dec
  • 15 Sa/Ge: 4 Jan. 18 Sep, 10 Dec – 13 Dec
  • 20 Gem: 11 Jan, 1 Oct, 20 Oct – 30 Nov
  • 23 Sa/Ge: 15 Jan, 11 Oct – 20 Oct
  • 0 Can/Cap: 24,25 Jan
  • 4 Cap/Can: 30 Jan
  • 11 Can/Cap: 9 Feb
  • 14 Cap/Can: 13 Feb
  • 15 Cap/Can: 14 Feb
  • 20 Cap/Can: 21 Feb

Out-of-bounds planets:

  • Mercury: 6 Jul – 14 Jul (3 Can – 19 Can), northern declination; 25 Nov – 22 Dec (11 Sag – 20 Cap), southern declination
  • Venus: 2 Dec – 24 Dec (20 Sag – 18 Cap), southern declination
  • Mars: 13 Jan – 11 Feb, southern declination (22 Sag to 13 Cap); 22 Oct – 5 May 2023 (25 Gem – EoY at 9 Gem), northern declination
  • Ceres: 19 Mar – 10 Aug (9 Gem – 8 Leo), northern declination

Lunar Data

(For the following data, all times are in UT)

Note: The Moon started to go briefly out of bounds (OOB) in March of 2020, just before the new and full moon periods – in the north before the new moon and vice-versa for the full moon. The OOB period gradually increased throughout 2020 and 2021. In 2022, the year starts with the Moon OOB at 26°18’ south declination at 9° Capricorn on 2 Jan at the new moon. It went OOB at the New Year. It will reach its maximum declination OOB in Cancer on 5 October of 2023 in the north.

The Moon started going OOB when the first lockdowns for the pandemic started, with the implication for this OOB cycle being that 2023 will mark a culmination of civil protests and unrest across the West. The Moon rules the masses and childbirth, along with emotions and public opinion. Perhaps from the end of 2023 onward, if not before, we will see the neoliberal system of the West overthrown, with a new financial order being birthed, one more supportive of the masses of humanity. This would also be in line with the transit of Uranus through Taurus, which will not finish until 2025.

The OOB periods for the Moon this year last roughly 4 – 5 days. The peaks of those periods are as follows. Times and minutes of arc are approximate:

    • 2 Jan; 26S18, 9° Cap, ~ 14:00 UT ‖ 16 Jan: 26N18, 9° Can, ~ 10:30 UT
    • 30 Jan: 26S20, 11° Cap, ~ 02:30 UT ‖ 12 Feb, 26N26, 8.5 Can, ~ 16:30 UT
    • 26 Feb, 26S31, ~ 10Cp45, 10:30 UT ‖ 12 Mar, 26N40, 8.5 Can, ~ 00:30 UT
    • 25 Mar, 26S46, 8° Cap, ~ 11:30 UT ‖ 8 Apr: 26N52, 8Cn22. ~ 08:30 UT
    • 21 Apr, 26S56, 8.25 Cap, ~ 17:30 UT ‖ 5 May, 26N57, 8.5 Can, ~ 16:30 UT
    • 19 May, 26S57, 8Cp21, ~ 01:30 UT ‖ 1 Jun, 26N56, 8.25 Can, ~ 22:30 UT
    • 15 Jun¸26S55, 7Cp47, ~ 11:00 UT ‖ 29 Jun, 26N53, 7Cn41, ~ 03:30 UT
    • 12 Jul, 26S55, 7Cp54, ~ 21:30 UT ‖ 26 Jul, 26N56, 7Cn 41, ~ 10:00 UT
    • 9 Aug, 27S01, 8 Cap, ~ 07:30 UT ‖ 22 Aug, 27N06, 7.5 Can, ~ 15:30 UT
    • 5 Sep, 27S13, 7 Cap, ~ 13:30 UT ‖ 18 Sep, 27N18, 6Cn40, ~ 21:40 UT
    • 2 Oct 27S24, 7 Cap, ~ 19:30 UT 16 Oct, 27N27, 8.5 Can, ~  09:30 UT
    • 30 Oct, 2SS30, 6.5 Cap, ~ 00:30 UT 12 Nov, 27N29, 7 Can, ~ 14:30 UT
    • 26 Nov, 27S28, 7 Cap, ~ 08:30 UT ‖ 9 Dec, 27N26, 7 Can, ~ 21:30 UT
    • 23 Dec, 27S25, 7 Cap, ~ 18:30 UT

  • Supermoons and Micromoons

    • 2 Jan (new moon) supermoon, Moon is OOB
    • 14 June (full moon) Moon is OOB
    • 29 Jun, (new Moon) micromoon, Moon is OOB
    • 13 July (full moon) Moon is OOB
    • 12 Aug (full moon)

  • Moon wobbles

    • 15 Feb, Sun at 27° Aquarius
    • 13 May, Sun at north node, 23° Taurus
    • 10 Aug, Sun at 18* Leo
    • 5 Nov, Sun at south node, 13° Scorpio

  • Lunations

    New Moon Full Moon
    2 Jan, 18:35, 12Cp20 (Ox month) 17 Jan, 23:48, 27Cn51
    1 Feb, 05:49, 12Aq20, lunar New Year (Tiger month) 16 Feb, 16:59, 28 Leo
    2 Mar, 17:38, 12Pi07 (Rabbit month) 18 Mar, 07:20, 27Vi40
    1 Apr,  06:27, 11Ar31 (Dragon month) 16 Apr, 18:57 (Easter Moon), 26Li46
    30 Apr, 20:30, partial Solar Eclipse, 10Ta28 (Snake month) 16 May, 04:15 (Wesak Moon), 25Sc18, total lunar eclipse
    30 May, 11:32, 9Ge03 (Horse month) 14 Jun, 11:52 (Goodwill Moon), 23Sa25, supermoon
    29 Jun, 02:53, 7Cn23, Moon OOB, micromoon (Sheep month) 13 Jul, 18:38, 21Cp21, Moon OOB, supermoon
    28 Jul, 17:55, 5Le39 (Monkey month) 12 Aug, 01:36, 19Aq21, supermoon
    27 Aug, 08:16, 4Vi04 (Rooster month) 10 Sep, 09:58, 17Pi41
    25 Sep, 21:54, 2Li49 (Dog month) 9 Oct, 20:54, 16Ar33
    25 Oct, 10:48, 2Sc00, partial solar eclipse (Pig month) 8 Nov, 11:02, 16Ta01, total lunar eclipse
    23 Nov, 22:57, 1Sa38 (Rat month) 8 Dec, 04:09, 16Ge02
    23 Dec, 10:17, 1Cp33, supermoon (Ox month)

    Retrograde periods

    • Mercury: 14 Jan (RS at 10Aq20) – 4 Feb (DS at 24Cp23) ‖ 10 May (RS at 4Ge51) – 3 Jun (DS at 26Ta05) ‖ 10 Sep (RS at 8Li54) – 2 Oct (DS at 24Vi12) ‖ 29 Dec (RS at 24Cp21) – EoY
    • Venus: Start of the year – direct station (DS) 29Jan at 11Cp04
    • Mars: Retrograde station (RS) 30 Oct – EoY
    • Jupiter: RS 29Jul at 8Ar43 ‖ DS 24 Nov at 28PI47
    • Ceres: Start of the year – DS 15Jan at 27Ta58
    • Saturn: RS 5Jun at 25Aq15 ‖ 23 Oct – EoY
    • Uranus: Start of the year – DS 19Jan at 10Ta49 ‖ RS 25 Aug at 18Ta55
    • Chiron: RS 20 Jul at 16Ar25 ‖ DS 23 Dec at 11Ar56
    • Neptune: RS 28 Jun at 25Pi26 ‖ DS 4 Dec at 22Pi38
    • Pluto: RS 30Apr at 28Cp35 ‖ DS 9Oct – EoY
    • Eris: Start of the year – DS 11Jan at 23Ar41 ‖ 21 Jul (RS at 25Ar01) – EoY

    Important midpoints to consider

    Mars/Saturn (death, destruction, indefatigability): Ceres (1 – 5 Jan); Uranus (8 Mar – 16 Mar); Neptune (24 Jun – 5 Jul); Pluto (1 Feb – 10 Feb)

    Mars/Uranus (sudden interventions, violent upheaval): Mars/Pluto (surgery, superhuman power, brutality): Saturn (8 Aug – 17 Aug); Neptune (6 Mar – 16 Mar); Pluto (2 Jun – 10 Jun)

    Mars/Neptune (weakness, infections, epidemics): Saturn (5Feb – 16 Feb); Uranus (20 Jan – 28 Jan); Pluto (12 Aug – 22 Aug)

    Mars/Pluto: (success through excessive effort, brutality, injuries): Saturn (8 May – 16 May); Uranus (7 Apr – 19 Apr); Neptune (3 Aug – 14 Aug)

    Jupiter/Uranus: (sudden changes in circumstance, sudden changes in financial circumstances): Pluto (mid-June to mid-October)

    Jupiter/Pluto: (striving for power, plutocracy, inhibitions, losses): Saturn (all of January); Saturn (16 Feb – 19 Feb)

    Saturn/Uranus (tension, violence): Mars (18Jan – 23Jan); Mars (31May – 4Jun): Jupiter (11Sep – 11 Oct)

    Saturn/Neptune (illness, renunciation): Mars (25Apr – 28 Apr); Mars (31 Aug – 5 Sep)

    Saturn/Pluto (reactionaries, violence, successes brought about by large groups of people): Mars (16 Mar – 21 Mar); Mars (18Jul – 23Jul)

    Uranus/Pluto (revolution, transformation): Mars (6Jan – 11Jan); Mars (12May – 15May): Mars (2 Oct – 14 Oct); Mars (19 Nov – 29 Nov); Neptune (19 Aug – EoY)

    Neptune/Pluto (unusual problems, psychic phenomena, losses): Mars (8Apr – 12Apr); Mars (11Aug – 16 Aug): Saturn (23 May – 3 Jul)

    Important aspects

    Jupiter/Neptune: synodic conjunction in Pisces – a 13-year cycle dealing with social expectations and ideals in distinction to realities. Exact 12 April, just before the Easter full moon.

    Saturn/Uranus square: 16 Sep – 23 Oct (1° orb), retrograde phase

    Saturn square nodal axis: Saturn begins its approach to the square in March, is exact on 11April, then,

    Uranus conjunct the north node: on 1 August along with Mars.

    Jupiter to the Saturn/Uranus midpoint: see the midpoint, above, but it will accentuate the sudden changes in economic fortunes.

    Mars square Neptune: 28 Sep – 1 Dec. This is a long square, during Mars retrograde, dealing with militant idealism as well as fevers and infections. Perhaps another wave of the virus through that period.

    Featured image adapted from Chinese Fortune Calendar

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