Trump’s ‘mild flu’: The illness and the spin

Everyone knows by now that Donald Trump has what he has characterised in the past as a ‘mild flu’. We know it otherwise as the novel coronavirus, the one that has had the world locked down. He tested positive for the virus on Thursday evening after arriving back in Washington from a roundtable meeting with supporters. As is the way, the netizens are throwing around all sorts of theories as to what is actually going on. Is he faking? Is this yet another campaign shtick? The man is a master of reality TV, after all. Will he die? How will the campaign be affected? Will the Proud Boys be stood down? The theories and questions are running hard and fast. Many comments I have seen are calling this poetic justice, or something along those lines. A year and a half ago, however, there was a post on this blog that suggested this very thing would likely happen. It will be linked later in this post. So, as usual, what does the astrology say about Donald’s case of ‘the flu’ and what are the likely outcomes and ramifications from it? Read on and we’ll explore it.

To start, there is a timeline to the coronavirus, from first contact to either healing or death, if it comes to the latter. There are some good graphics at that link, like the one below. We don’t need to go into details about all that except for a few points.

Firstly, it takes a few days after one is exposed to the virus until one tests positive for it. There is an average incubation period of about five days before symptoms appear, as in fever, cough, scratchy throat, etc. One becomes contagious about 48 hours before symptom onset. So, for about three days Trump could have been walking around with the virus and not have tested positive for it. And pretty much within 24 hours of his positive test, he was showing mild symptoms. Thus, we can establish a timeline for when he was infected, which would have been around 26/27 September. He tweeted that he tested positive on 2 Oct. The positive test was on the 1st, the day of the full moon. What was going on around the index date(s)?

ABC News has a good timeline of all of Trump’s travels and meetings in the days leading up to the positive test result. The one event that looks like the big day was the SCOTUS nomination in the Rose Garden on September 26th. That event looks to be also a super-spreader event. There was a reception indoors afterward, and the noticeable thing was that few people were wearing masks, so the virus was spread easily. Five days later – right on CV schedule – Trump, Melania and over a dozen other attendees at that event tested positive for the virus. It is fairly obvious, given the timeline of the virus, as to where Trump and Melania got the bug.

That Rose Garden meeting was attended by quite a few high-level officials in the administration and from Congress. Among those infected are Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Notre Dame’s President, Sen. Thom Tillis of NC, Kellyanne Conway, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. There were over 150 people at the gathering. Now almost the entire staff at the White House are wearing masks, panicked, whereas before they did not do so. This event throws the whole anti-mask debate on its ear, but we won’t get into that here. But the mask of invincibility against the virus has come off at the White House.

Word has it that White House staff were concerned enough about Trump’s condition after the positive test that he was ‘urged’ to go to Walter Reed Hospital, as a precautionary measure. That may be, but they are giving him Remdesivir there, which is ordinarily given to people who have been on respirators. Multiple news outlets have reported that he was given additional oxygen at the White House before he boarded the helicopter to Walter Reed. He is also receiving a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies. Trump has stocks in both the companies that produce those medicines, and they are both very expensive treatments in the US.

Conspiracies are beginning to harden as to why Trump announced he had tested positive to the virus, with many comments across social media calling the whole thing a hoax. One doesn’t treat a hoax with the drug cocktails just mentioned. It puts one in mind of the old fairy tale about the boy who cried wolf. But if what the doctors are saying now and Trump is being given dexamethasone – a corticosteroid – as part of his treatment, then his condition has worsened, as evidenced by the dip in his oxygen levels in the last 24 hours (as of this writing). Along with the steroid he is being given, there are now serious questions about his ability to lead, as that particular drug can induce mania and depression, hence Trump’s recent appearance outside hospital to encourage his supporters. So, what sort of astrological timeline are we looking at here, as to the progress of the illness and Trump’s immediate future?

In the article posted here a year and a half ago, illness was clearly indicated in Trump’s chart, and in late September/early October, as in now. We need not go back over all the directions and transits, as those are shown on Trump’s chart for the election. A point worth noting here is that in cases of acute/serious illness, as we have with COVID, if there are only slow-moving planets and directions active in the chart, they will not show the immediate outcome of an illness in many cases. If such is the case, then the transits of the Moon will show the progress of the illness when those transits cross activated points in the chart. Trump is showing mostly slow-moving planets and directions as the indicators of illness.

In the past days the Moon has been transiting from the 7th to the 10th houses in Trump’s chart, which points to a more positive progress. On the early afternoon of the 5th of October the Moon will cross Trump’s MC, marking a point of culmination. From there, he will either move toward healing or toward a worsened state. COVID is an unpredictable disease. A person can show improvement for a few days and then suddenly relapse. If there is to be a cytokine storm with Trump, it would take place on average in the next five to seven days of this writing (5th Oct). By that time the Moon will have transited through the declining obscure sector of Trump’s chart – the 10th through the 12th houses. Around midnight of 12 October the Moon will cross his Ascendant.

The key activated points to watch in Trump’s chart are the directions to his ascendant (Uranus, which is activating his ‘illness axis’ – Saturn/Neptune – signifying general weakness and sudden turns in the progress of an illness or onset of an illness with a Uranian activation). The Moon rules the body in general and the processes involving water metabolism in particular. Transits of the Moon need to be watched in cases of surgery and the like, since the Moon transiting in the sign governing the part of the body to receive surgery contraindicates the procedure. In Trump’s case his rising sign is Leo, governing the heart and the spine. That is not the only active point in his chart, though.

Throughout the next days, the Moon will transit over Trump’s Uranus (on the 7th), which also sits on his ‘infection axis’ (Mars/Neptune), then later that day to his Sun (vitality). His Sun is in Gemini, ruling the lungs. If there is to be fluid build-up in his lungs it will probably show with the transit of the Moon over his Sun and through Gemini. The doctors and Walter Reed are saying that the next 48 hours will be key to understanding how the disease will progress him, which fits into this timeline thus far. The transit of the Moon over his Uranus also activates the Neptune direction to his Uranus, showing a lack of vitality and confused psychic states.

On the 11th the Moon transits over Trump’s Pluto, which is also at his ‘death axis’ (Mars/Saturn). People have been wondering if he might die. The short answer is, probably not. He does have what we would call ‘death directions’ (to the 1st and 8th houses or the rulers thereof) activated by other factors, except for the Ascendant. It is always a possibility, though. The chart of the US is not showing the death of a leader, however. That will have to be addressed in another post. But the lunar transit over his Pluto would be another moment to watch as to the progress of the illness. It could show an undermining of his condition and vitality. That planetary combination (Plu=Mars/Sat) is currently being activated by a transit of Uranus, which is a very explosive setup. Then, the next day the Moon transits over his Mars and Ascendant, which are also activated by Uranus and which is also an explosive combination.

But what if…Yes, what if this is all a hoax? If Trump makes a ‘miraculous recovery’ and plays it to the hilt, as he would, what then? “See?? It was just the flu!!” That is not likely, but instead points to something larger. Is deception shown in the US chart? The US chart on the day he said he was diagnosed is below (bigger):

There are two transits that stand out. The first is the transiting nodal axis, representing changing relationships, to the Mars/Neptune square in the US chart. That can indicate deception. The natal square is a ‘hearts and minds’ aspect, often found in religious and military leaders, giving the person or nation possessing it power over susceptible people. Americans in particular are subjected to a constant stream of emotional appeals. The aspect represents ‘spin’ and emotional coercion, although it can be used positively to rally people to a cause. But keeping in mind it is only a month to the election, the media and spin doctors are in full fight these days. It is probably best practice to take everything we hear out of the media with a lump of salt.

Then, there is a Mars transit squaring the Saturn transit opposite Mercury, creating a transiting t-square. That combination represents a change through the force of circumstances. It can also represent ill-treatment of others and separations, often forcefully. The Saturn transit opposite Mercury can represent several things, among them deep scientific investigation, scepticism, dull and stupid people, or great organization to one’s thinking. But there is one thing that especially besets the American public represented by that transit and that is ‘information management’ and ‘narrative control’ – censorship, in other words, and control over public discourse. Currently in American  society most all of the aforementioned interpretations are in evidence.

These two transits – the nodal and Mars transits – taken together can point to a deceptive manoeuvre on the part of some actor. The other thing the t-square points to is ‘managed information’ and a possible cover-up, or ‘militarized information’. We have seen hints of a cover-up in the managed responses and news ops by doctors reporting on Trump’s condition and a similar lack of information. One gets the stink of fish in some of what we are hearing, but we’ll leave that for now. If this event is a hoax or even a partial one, then it is too vile a thing to even mention, given the way the nation has suffered this year from the pandemic and the number of people who have died from this because of government failure to act. That brings up a point that needs repeating.

From the perspective of Trump’s astrology, there is little doubt that he is ill. On the other side, he has the best medical treatment that money can buy. And said treatment, mentioned previously, is very expensive and out of reach for most Americans. Most Americans feel that sort of treatment should be available to all. If Trump goes on to make a full recovery and especially if he goes on to the White House for a second term, people will remember. And the fact that America lags well behind other developed countries in accessibility to health care, the pressure for universal health care as a result of this pandemic will be a major issue into the immediate future.

There are two streams going on with this event simultaneously, then: the illnesses of the President and many staff and members of Congress, and the spin and cover-up at the same time. Yes, we can probably safely say that aspects of this event are being covered up, given the astrology of the US. There appears to be a definite attempt to steer the nation in a particular direction, as discussed in the last election post. And then there is the factor of distraction from other events, like the confirmation of the SCOTUS post, events in the Caucasus, events in the Middle East, the story about Trump’s tax returns, the so-called Presidential debate that just assailed us, the Assange trial (which should be a major news story), and so forth. Political hay is being made as we speak.

Regardless of what happens with Trump, the nation will go on. But as to political hay, the sympathy vote is high on everyone’s mind. And the sympathy meme is being played hard. In terms of the US chart, information around this event and others is being closely managed, as in anything to shift attention away from the real needs at reform in the nation. The timing of Trump’s diagnosis, a month out from the election, has many people duly sceptical as to what is actually going on, especially given Trump’s record of playing fast and loose with facts.

Lastly, regarding Trump himself and if he is playing a ruse on the public, his chart with transits for the day of his tweet announcing his diagnosis is below (bigger):

We see Venus on Trump’s Ascendant (sympathy) and Ceres on his Descendant (a turning point in his partnerships). In addition, transiting Mars is square his Venus/Saturn conjunction and square also transiting Saturn, the latter opposing the Venus/Saturn conjunction. Mars is transiting through his 9th house – interesting, as he probably contracted the virus at his announcement of the SCOTUS nomination (judicial matters, 9th house). Mars will also be transiting square transiting Pluto and Trump’s Vertex axis, exact to Pluto on the 9th and exact square the Vertex on the 15th of this month.

In all, this week will tell if Trump’s condition is to worsen or if he will be on the mend. But since he is this far along with the illness already, the chances of his being able to fully function any time soon look slim. Right now we are seeing the dexamethasone bolstering him, so we cannot be certain if this is the true Donald Trump right now. Boris Johnson’s case of it in the UK should serve as an example. He is still not well from it, and his stint in hospital was several months ago.

Trump’s illness could well affect the outcome of the election. It may also affect the SCOTUS confirmation, especially since other people who were at the nomination gathering are now falling ill with the bug. Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary has now tested positive for it. This episode is only just getting started.

This is no hoax, from all the evidence being presented, and from the number of people infected thus far. For one, I would find it very dubious that all of the people reporting infections from that gathering all got together and said, “Hey! Let’s play a big pre-election trick on the American public!” It also goes to show what gathering in large groups produces without protocols in place to slow the spread of infection. And where is the much-hyped hydroxychloroquine? (People with Trump’s cardio problems are advised against taking it.) But the political spin will ramp up and the real state of affairs will be kept under wraps, only adding to suspicions. So, we watch the progress as the week goes on, through to next week. There will be updates as developments unfold.

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3 Replies to “Trump’s ‘mild flu’: The illness and the spin”

  1. Great article Malvin.
    I do think Trump may be in for some serious problems as transiting Pluto is conjuct his Vertex, opposite Saturn (traditional ruler of his 7th house and his wife is also ill) and quincunx the Sun, ruler of his Ascendant. The quincunx always shows up at times of change so it is often there at illness and death.
    Pluto is back over the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January, which was also conjunct his Vertex, so this intensifies the whole dynamic.
    I think his Uranus-Node-Sun conjunction trine Jupiter is very fortunate and safes him in many risky situations, but that is in the throes of Neptune transits and when Neptune reaches its square to the Sun and conjunction to the Topocentric 8th cusp in 2021 there could be further problems.
    His Solar Arc Ascendant at 10 Scorpio 59 is moving into his Part Of Peril (Ascendant + ruler of 8th house – Saturn) at 11 Scorpio 55, again suggesting a difficult time.

  2. Thanks Alice, and agreed. I miss our long chats from my Adelaide days 🙂 My sense of Trump along with his astrology is the covid diagnosis has started a process which, like you say, will bring him problems into next year. We’ll watch that direction to his Part of Peril. I trust all is well with you and family in Adelaide. The election in the US will be interesting, but more in terms of what it brings afterward and not so much about the candidates.

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