COVID-19 and the US Pt. 3: BlackRock and Nemesis

Speculation about the many aspects of this virus has been rife on social media and sometimes heated. People are right to wonder about motives, to question the response and reaction of authorities, and especially about who is set to make gains off the crisis. The frontrunners in the latter case are the corporations and especially Bill Gates. How many people have heard of BlackRock, though? We started this series with the title ‘The Great Coronavirus Heist’. But instead of focusing on what is happening with the economy, we see diversion from a bigger issue that is staring us all in the face, and the latter revolves around a recent decision by the Trump administration regarding the financial firm BlackRock. Conspiracy? One might think so. But, given the massive amounts of funds that are now being transacted via that firm and why, we may want to be looking at that instead of a virus that will soon enough fade from the newsfeed. Viruses can come and go in a season. But BlackRock will be with us for years. Continue reading “COVID-19 and the US Pt. 3: BlackRock and Nemesis”

America and the great coronavirus heist (Pt I)

This is an article in two parts. The title of this installment outlines something that is happening before our eyes and gives the history of policies that have led to it. The second part will deal with the fallout from it, but also gives a brighter outlook for the future, which will come in a few years in all likelihood. Nations and their people – all of us – will recover over time once this has passed. But in the US and to a lesser extent in Europe, this virus is showing up something else, which is the theft of obscene amounts of money from the American taxpayers, in what amounts to socialism for corporations and the wealthiest families. That theft is what is otherwise known as bailouts. It is also to be the catalyst for coming changes in America. Continue reading “America and the great coronavirus heist (Pt I)”

The US and COVID-19

This post is actually an update on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, now called COVID-19. Here in Italy we have been in lockdown nationwide since March 10, which is the proper way to handle such an outbreak. We will get to why in due course. But, the particular focus here will be on the United States and its handling of this crisis, which will be reflected in the UK, too. It has yet to really affect the US. But it will, and hard, and that will affect the election and policy into the future, like the need for universal healthcare, for instance. We will examine that, too, and why, as I have many friends and all of my blood relatives in the US. What happens there will be particularly relevant to the world at large. COVID-19, as we have gradually found out, is anything but a ‘mild flu’, as many of our American leaders have tried to paint it. Continue reading “The US and COVID-19”

Epstein, and what this means for the US (updated)

Before we even start, this will not be a piece on the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Instead, what we are interested in here is justice for the victims and what his recent arrest on sex trafficking charges means for the US. His recent death has not brought justice. There is still Ghislane Maxwell, who is just as culpable, as well as all the men who engaged in pedophilia. This is a case that is international in scope, too, involves very powerful and influential people and which cuts across the political chasm that we now have in the US. And, the arrest took place just after an eclipse to the US Sun, implicating leaders, following upon the last article on eclipses. So, if you are interested in what the wider meaning and outcomes of the case means, read on. If you are only interested in scandalous affairs and the latest dirt on Epstein and leaders, this won’t be your cup of tea. There will be another piece to follow shortly. Continue reading “Epstein, and what this means for the US (updated)”

Let’s Make a Deal!

Finally, we get to see it, after all the hype, and besides knowing basically what was in it anyway. On Saturday afternoon, DC time, the Trump/Kushner/Netanyahu ‘Deal of the Century’ for the Palestinians was revealed. The first PDF version was put online at 20:09 UT on the White House site. It is 40 pages long and resembles a brochure advertising for a housing estate. Other commentators have said as much. That will be significant a little later. That is not what is interesting about it, though. Continue reading “Let’s Make a Deal!”

Trump and the 2020 election

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Reading a chart is like reading a road map when it comes to forecasting. Road signs carry information, about road conditions ahead, warnings, directions, regulations and so forth. Transits, progressions and directions in astrology do likewise in the context of a person’s chart and the prevailing environing conditions. I have been seeing predictions already about the upcoming US election in 2020, and though it is very early to be doing so, I decided to have a look. There are warning signs ahead. Continue reading “Trump and the 2020 election”

Bollocks, Bolton, on the INF!

John Bolton doesn’t much like treaties, it would seem. The Trump administration, in its INF-inite wisdom (?!) has just pulled the United States out of the INF Treaty – the acronym for the ‘Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces’ Treaty. This is the very same treaty that has kept nuclear missiles out of Europe since Reagan and Gorbachev signed it and it came into force on 1 Jun 1988 (chart). Europeans are rightly concerned, with typical muted criticism even, because that treaty covered missiles that were aimed primarily at US/NATO bases and nuclear power stations in Europe, as well as key infrastructure sites. It was a landmark in détente between Russia and the US, which is also apparently not in the interests of Washington at the moment. This will be another reason for Europeans to distance themselves from Washington. Continue reading “Bollocks, Bolton, on the INF!”

Scorpio and the European Union

The EU, Scorpio and what it is facing
The European Union: Astrology
Some basic challenges
The EU: Solely European?
Some History
The United States of Europe
Monnet and misinformation
Just who was Jean Monet?
Conspiracies behind the scenes?
And then there is NATO
Election interference
Meddlesome Uncles
The Italians
The immediate future of the UK
Britain and Brexit
European personalities

Following upon our discussion of Scorpio, from the monthly letter, we move on now to a look at the European Union and what it is facing at the moment. Speculation has been rife in forums and media that the EU is doomed to break up, with dire forecasts about the rise of far right political parties and fears of fascism returning to the continent. It is quite fitting for Scorpio, really, looking at the glamours and fears that are aroused in the EU at this point in its short history. Is there any real basis for such fears, though? If so, why? And if not, then what can we realistically expect? We will examine those questions, along with some history, in this short article. From having investigated this over the past months, this is a short exposition. What has emerged in looking at the EU itself and the discussions I have seen about it, there are no pat answers, a lot of wishful thinking – and much of that negative toward the EU – overblown expectations and little knowledge of the Europeans’ views on the matter outside of the EU. So, we’ll start with the astrology of the entity itself and then move on from there…Continue to article HERE.

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What is it with Washington’s love affair with Iran?


This is a re-direct to a longer article I recently posted in two parts, which we can leave open here for discussion now:

“I recently came across an article that caught my attention, regarding plans for an attack on Iran by the US, coming possibly as soon as this month (August 2018). [Thankfully it didn’t happen.] Defense Secretary James Mattis has since denied the claim, which came from Australian intelligence sources. This followed upon the hyperbolic tweet of Trump’s threatening Iran with apocalyptic consequences if they ever threatened the US again. Iran had done nothing of the kind. The more cynical side of me thinks that Mattis’ denial is confirmation that an attack is being planned. I have read comments in other blog sites that echo that cynicism. However, the common sense side of me says no, that an attack on Iran would be the height of stupidity. But, stupider things have happened. My sense of what is taking place is an effort to get Iran to the negotiating table for a re-negotiation of the Iran nuclear deal (the JCPOA), like we saw with North Korea. The astrology of the US looks quite revealing with regard to both the yes and the no arguments for an attack, as it shows an administration under stress and with its hands tied, at least at the moment. In that sort of scenario, anything is possible. So, in this article we will take a look at Iran, its people, the reasons behind the belligerency of Washington toward Tehran, what the current administration is up against, and what a war with Iran might actually mean, looking at Iran and its people in this section and starting with the astrology of the US at the moment, perhaps finding some clues…” READ MORE

Topics: The current US transits; Iran, the nation; Iran’s troublous journey; Life under the Shah; A preview of the future?; The Iranian chart; The Basij

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