The 8 Nov 2022 total lunar eclipse

The full moon on 8 Nov 2022 is also an eclipse, a total lunar eclipse. The preceding eclipse two weeks before, with the Sun/Moon lunation in the first degrees of Scorpio, has produced some strong results, some of which will be catalogued in what follows here. Although the latter eclipse is in a waning series, Mars was also out-of-bounds, increasing tensions and producing some violent and catastrophic events. The results of the present eclipse will be revolutionary, instead. For more, read on…

The full moon/eclipse takes place on 8 Nov 2022 at 10:59 UT (maximum eclipse) and 11:01 UT (full moon). It will be visible from Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America. The best views of the eclipse, which will be a ‘blood moon’, will be in New Zealand, far eastern Russia, most of Japan, Alaska and the western US. The eclipse is centered in the Pacific, as shown by the star at left in the chart below (bigger):

As to the eclipse figure itself, that is pictured below (bigger):

The main feature of the eclipse figure is the Uranian lord in Taurus, conjunct the Moon. The Moon/Uranus conjunction forms the following string of powerful midpoints:

    • Sun/Moon/Mercury/Uranus=Mer/Ura=Sun/Ura=Ura/node=Ven/node=Sun/node=Mer/node

All of that string is squared by Saturn, at the bending of the eclipse axis. We note, too, Mars is out-of.bounds and the midpoint string above also forms a parallel/contra-parallel combination minus Mercury. We will get to the meaning of all that in a bit. The culmination lines are shown below (bigger):

The lunar/Uranian culmination lines run through the Pacific. Of greater interest are the solar and Mercury culmination lines, which run through Scandinavia, Germany and Italy, then through Libya and western Africa. The Venus culmination line runs through Central Europe. Germany and Italy are undergoing significant internal political changes, with Germany telling the other Western powers it has no intention of decoupling from China, while Italy under Meloni is moving closer to Washington, much to the disgust of a significant portion of the Italian public.

With all this information at hand we can begin to parse the meaning of this eclipse. To start, this is eclipse no. 20 of 72 eclipses in the lunar Saros 136 series. It is the 5th total eclipse of the series. It is a powerful series. The total eclipses in this series with the main events precipitated from them were as follows:

  • 26 Sep 1950: 2° Li/Ar – This eclipse was preceded by Battle of Inchon in the Korean War. Indonesia was admitted to the UN, followed by riots there (eclipse date). The Saturn activation (8 Jan 1951) signalled many violent events – the Winter of Terror, the ’51 Mt. Lamington eruption, the Woodbridge train derailment, the NZ waterfront strike, The Mars activation (5 Mar 51) was also coincident with the ongoing Saturn activation. There were coincident activations of the solar eclipse that preceded that one by two weeks, thus increasing the effects. The main event there was the infamous Rosenberg case, which had the also infamous Roy Cohn as a key prosecutor. That led to the McCarthy hearings and the Lavender scare. The Rosenbergs were the only US civilians ever to be executed for treason during the Cold War. Cohn also represented and schooled Donald Trump in legal matters. The Jupiter activation (2 Mat ’51) saw MacArthur relieved of his command for disrespecting the office of President. The final Saturn transit finished the eclipse.
  • 6 Oct 1968; 13° Li/Ar – The Tlatelolco massacre, the beginning of The Troubles in Northern Ireland on the eclipse date (Mars was lord of the eclipse), The Mars/Uranus conjunction (10 Nov 1970) saw the 1970 Bhola cyclone, the Southern Airways Flight 932 crash and Hafez al-Assad coming to power via a coup in Syria. His son rules there to this day, much to the West’s consternation.
  • 17 Oct 1986: 24° Li/Ar – On or just after the date, Samora Machel‘s plane crashes in South Africa, WNBC Radio’s traffic helicopter crashes into the Hudson River, killing traffic reporter Jane Dornacker. At the 1st Mars activation (11 Feb 1987)  Terry Waite is kidnapped in Beirut, The Soviet oil tanker Antonio Gramsci suffers a minor shipwreck in Finnish waters resulting in an oil spill of approximately 570–650 tons of crude, British Airways is privatized (Thatcherism). At the Jupiter activation (19 Jun 1987) there was the Hipercor bombing, the Single European Act is passed by the European Community. Philippine Airlines Flight 206 crashes near Baguio, Philippines. The next Mars activation (15 Nov 1987) saw the Enniskillen bombing, The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Mainland China, the King’s Cross fire, workers rebelled against the communist regime led by Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Parlatino Treaty of Institutionalization is signed, and a tsunami hits the Gulf of Alaska.The period from the first Jupiter activation until the Mars activation saw Jupiter strongly activating this eclipse.
  • 28 Oct 2004: 5° Ta/Sc – Around the date, there was the signing of the Treaty and Final Act, establishing the first European Constitution. “W” was re-elected. At the Mars activation (19 Nov 2004) the Orange Revolution began in Ukraine, the first attempt at a color revolution in Ukraine, The 2nd Mars activation (7 Aug 2005) the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is launched from Cape Canaveral, the  Helios Airways Flight 522 crash, and the Provisional Irish Republican Army announces an end to its armed campaign. The Jupiter activation (18 Nov 2005) there were the 2005 Amman bombings, Merkel assumed her post as the forst woman PM of Germany,
  • 8 Nov 2022: Uranus will be a feature of this eclipse going into next year. It will be conjunct the eclipse axis, within orb until mid-March. In that respect this will be a most unusual eclipse and will signal radical change as a result, especially considering Mars is out-of-bounds throughout that period.

Speaking of Mars out-of-bounds, we have been seeing particularly violent and catastrophic events from the previous eclipse. We will list a few as follows:

  • Rishi Sunak was appointed PM of the UK. His appointment is seen as a disaster waiting to happen, born from a disaster that was. Of particular interest here is the Mer/Nep midpoint of the eclipse falling on the UK Ascendant: “The tendency to open oneself to the influences coming from other people, the state of being exploited, deceived or harmed by others.” The Ascendant indicates the public consciousness.
  • The assassination attempt on Imran Khan, probably involving the usual suspects (CIA/MI6) executed by the very corrupt factions in Pakistan who side with the US – the military and two family oligarchic groups. The Sun/Moon/culmination=Saturn midpoint line for the 25 Oct 2022 eclipse runs through Pakistan: “the negation of life, The necessity to make grave or difficult decisions, a person who is slightly bad-tempered, an interruption of the soul-contact with those dear to one” Pakistanis do indeed have some very serious decisions ahead of them. Pakistan’s Chiron was activated by that eclipse. Interesting that Khan was shot in the leg, re: the Chiron myth.
  • The Seoul Halloween crowd crush: The Saturn culmination line runs close to the Koreas. That eclipse was also within orb of the Korean noon chart Ascendant.
  • The ‘alleged’ drone attack on the Russian Black Sea fleet at Sevastopol. There was nothing to ‘allege’. It was proven to be Ukrainian attack planned by British intelligence.
  • 2022 Morbi bridge collapse in Gujarat, India: Like Pakistan, the solar eclipse was on India’s Chiron. In addition the eclipse Nep/Plu midpoint was on the Indian stellium of Sun/Mer/Saturn, indicating strange influences on the crowd (500 people on a bridge with a maximum capacity of 125 people). The Saturn influence showed the grievous emotional suffering caused by the event.

With all the preceding in mind, we come to the dynamics and consideration of this eclipse. Of particular interest to note is the eclipse occurs on the midterm elections in the US. The liberal press has turned on Biden, calling him out on his ‘mistaken statements’. The ‘fact-checkers’ are actually checking facts instead if creating spin. There will be definite turns of fate in the US with these elections, and some surprises. When it comes to foreign policy though, we will see no difference – the warmongering will continue. The only difference would be the focus.

With Republicans in power the focus would shift to China, like we saw with Trump. Ukraine would be left hung out to dry. Policy toward Europe would remain unchanged, with pressure maintained for EU states to refrain from business and trade with China. Domestic policy in the US would be another matter, though, with a sharper turn toward corporate interests and erosion of social programs under Republicans, marking further moves to become more like the UK under the Tories. There would be no change regarding the divisive nature of the public discourse, and that is by design. We won’t cover that here.

There are no major planetary culmination lines that run through the US with this eclipse, but of interest are the Sun/Mercury/Uranus midpoint culmination lines that run through Washington and the eastern seaboard, along with the Moon/Mercury midpoint culmination lines. We have the following regarding those lines: “An excitable and restless person with far-reaching plans. Reformers, inventors, technicians. – Experiencing the impact of sudden events or of emotional upheavals.” This is the Sun/Uranus line, and the bolded bits we can expect no matter who wins. ‘Reform’ can work for either good or ill.

But then we also have, “A young reformer, making arrangements.” The latter will be one to watch, especially regarding women. It may not be readily apparent, but will likely evolve over time. The point is to watch for young victors in the races. We would probably expect to find such people along the midpoint lines just indicated, along the eastern states. The Moon/Mercury line, further, indicates a younger woman or women. It is also a combination that points to independent thinking, something frowned upon at the moment in establishment circles. Otherwise, the United States is not affected by this eclipse.

The eclipse axis is at the 16th degree of Taurus–Scorpio. The Moon is at the last minute of arc of the 15th degree of Taurus at the time of the maximum eclipse, the Sabian symbol for which reads:

      • An old teacher fails to interest his pupils in traditional knowledge (15 – 16 Taurus)

In that symbol we see the actions of the Western powers having failed to learn from history. The old statesmen tried to tell the powers-that-be in today’s government posts what would happen if they pursued the policies they have undertaken – trying to weaken Russia through sanctions, expanding NATO to Russia’s borders, using sanctions as a weapon in general, printing money to solve social ills instead of building infrastructure and giving providing people with jobs and benefits – it’s a long list. That those leaders have failed or refuse to learn from history is obvious.

At 18:45 UT the Moon in the eclipse figure progresses to the exact opposition to the Sun at the 16° Taurus/Scorpio axis. The Sabian degree for the Moon reads:

      • A symbolical battle between “swords” and “torches”

Dane Rudhyar has this keynote for that degree: “Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal “Great War”. He likens this degree to the eternal battle between the personality and the higher Self, as the distinction between the discriminating, rational mind to the fire of intuition, the latter showing the ‘Lighted Way’. In purely mundane terms, we see the battle between the ‘haves’ (swords) and the ‘have-nots’ (torches). The image of ‘pitchforks and torches’ comes to mind, as in rebellion and revolution by the masses against austerity and repression. The French term “à la lanterne” reflects the growing public sentiments toward their leadership in the West. It is also suggested in the midpoint string noted just after the eclipse figure, above.

The Sabian symbol for the solar degree is as follows:

      • A woman, fecundated by her own spirit, is “great with child”

Again, Dane Rudhyar has his take on the keynote for that symbol: “A total reliance upon the dictates of the God – within.” This is a degree which points toward creative mutations, which in mundane terms means revolutions in thought and action as well as spontaneous uprisings. This supports the interpretation of the midpoint string listed after the eclipse figure. Thus, with these two symbols and the midpoint string there is a strong urge toward ‘better conditions’, which Uranus represents – those ‘better conditions’ meaning more freedom of spiritual expression. In other words, this eclipse speaks strongly of the rising of the human spirit to meet the challenges of the times.

Just what are the challenges of the times, though? Obviously, we see the struggle by the old order to maintain its control against the new multipolar order, the latter which is seeking to fully anchor its place in the world. This struggle between the two poles is shown by Saturn at the bending of the eclipse axis. In its simplest interpretation, that square shows a struggle between the old and the new, between the established and the emerging potential.

We had the last exact square between Saturn and Uranus at the end of last year, which had been ongoing for the past few years. It signalled and preceded the rupture between the West and Russia, with the resulting eruption of the conflict in Ukraine. That square will not occur again until the 2040s, with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction in 2032

In fact, we face a very interesting phenomenon from here until almost mid-year next year, in that Mars will remain out-of-bounds until 5 May 2023, due to its retrograde motion. It does not reach its peak out-of-bounds until March of next year. What this means is the world is going to be quite restive during that period. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

We will see continuing disruption within the so-called Western alliance (which is more akin to a vassalage than an alliance), starting with Germany, which has this eclipse on its Sun (leadership), which saw a trip undertaken by Scholz and a coterie of German industrialists hopping over to China for a few hours to reaffirm connections with China and to assure there would be no rupture in relations. It would appear the spine of the Germans is beginning to stir. This will mean ‘interesting times’ in German politics over the next months. If Germany does manage to distance itself from Washington that truly will be a revolutionary development. It will also signal the beginning of the end of Washington’s dominance over Europe, as well as Brussels’ dominion over EU states.

So, which nations will be more strongly affected by this eclipse? We have the following list:

  • Germany (Sun): changes in leadership
  • Australia (Moon): definite shifts in public sentiment
  • Canada (Saturn/Pluto): major shakeups possible.
  • Bolivia (Ascendant): More cooperation between left-leaning states.
  • Brazil (Midheaven): the election finally decided, and probably with Bolsonaro finally ousted, as in out of the public view. Lula is already on the ambassadorial trail. The large protests after the last election were shown in the previous eclipse having been on Brazil’s Mars. Opinions and passions are running high there. As in the last US presidential election, there are claims the election was stolen by Lula, resulting in large protests in favour of Bolsonaro. Charges of corruption on either side are the pot calling the kettle black, though.
  • Venezuela (Uranus): possibly yet another attempt to overthrow Maduro. Uranus is in Venezuela’s 12th house (secret enemies of the state)

Keep in mind with these three states – Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela – they are rich in resources and the US is keen to have control of those resources. Washington will always favour and try to put in place a right-wing government in any South American nation. There may be truth in the election being stolen in Brazil, for instance, but there is always the underlying factor of American social media platforms going to work on public opinion, too. South America is going to be quite restive in the years ahead as a result of interference from the north.

  • The United Kingdom (Neptune): political intrigue and deceptive policy. The UK isn particular is undergoing a period of disillusionment and reassessment of priorities.
  • India/Pakistan (Jupiter): Both nations are looking at a period of increase, even aid tensions. Think: BRICS, the SCO, ASEAN and so-forth. Russia and Iran are making inroads in particular with India. Pakistan has to decide its political direction.
  • Cuba (Mars): Hard to say, but the recent vote to lift the blockade of Cuba was favored by all but two nations — thej US and Ukraine. We could see events like fires or even violence there, or perhaps a more concerted effort by the government to break free of the imposed austerity of the past six decades.
  • Turkiye (Venus): Continued drift to the East. Further rapprochement between Russia, Iran and Central Asian states.
  • Italy (Horizon axis): Decisions, decisions…Who will be leading Italy a year from now? (This is a serious question)
  • Israel (nodal axis): Bibi’s back, and that means a change in relationships for Israel as well as increased tensions on its borders.
  • China (Venus): More and more states coming on-board with BRICS, the SCO, the Belt and Road, etc. China looks more and more attractive to the larger world as the US/EU/UK devolve into division and austerity.
  • Austria (Meridian axis): A possible move away from or back to its non-aligned status within the EU
  • EU Parliament (Meridian axis): The EU Parliament is going to be a hotbed of change and loyalties into the immediate future. The vaunted unity is fracturing and technocratic leadership will have to give way to nationalist movements.
  • Iran (Uranus): continued violence as the Western powers continue attempts at regime change (the ‘regime’ will survive). We are not shown the huge rallies in support of the government, only the violent protests.
  • Hungary (Pluto): Hardening of its stance regarding EU policy and possible mobilization to move into districts of the present-day Ukraine.
  • Ukraine (Meridian axis/Pluto): societal collapse, military defeat. The power is rapidly going out across Ukraine as the Russians bomb Ukraine’s electrical substations. Europe is facing a large exodus of Ukrainians, as in millions, maybe, from Ukraine into the EU and UK.
  • Belarus (Pluto): Belarusians face being pulled into the conflict in Ukraine. There are increasing provocations at Belarus’ borders by Western actors.
  • Armenia (Pluto): Armenia is facing a very difficult period, with large protests against the government.
  • The EU (Mercury): We will see many ‘discussions’ among EU states, increasing protests, states one-by-one peeling away from the ‘united stance’ regarding Ukraine and Russia (there is little unity), as well as many questions arising about the EU/US relationship.

As we wind down this annus horribilis the only constant we are going to see is change. Next year, the Year of the Black Rabbit is going to be anything but warm and fuzzy. The Rabbit is the agent of alchemy in the Chinese zodiac. With this eclipse we are going to witness alchemical changes in the way the world works and the way we see it. This eclipse will be a big one and bears careful watching going forward in terms of events that will shape our collective destiny going forward, especially relating to the nations discussed here. And as to the US elections, they will probably swing further to the right, if that is even possible, but that in itself could be the very reagent of change and public awakening that is very much needed. Have faith in oneself and the human spirit going forward. It’s going to be a wild ride. Enjoy it!

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