The Queen’s last act

On the 6th of September this year Queen Elizabeth II performed her last act as regent of the United Kingdom – she handed the baton of UK’s PM to Liz Truss after accepting Boris’ resignation. It marked the end of an era. It may also have marked the end of the UK in its present form. So, it was her last act, you say? Well, do tell. Because on the 8th, two days after the Queen’s final official act, her family was summoned to Balmoral in expectation she was breathing her last. Did Liz Truss kill the Queen, then? Read on to find out… Continue reading “The Queen’s last act”

Robert Trump, a short study in ‘The Great Transition’

On 15 Aug 2020 Robert Stewart Trump, brother of Donald J. Trump, passed on. The cause of death was not disclosed. However, a family friend stated that Robert had suffered a recent fall and was suffering from ‘brain bleeds’ (intracerebral hemorrhaging). Robert was called ‘the nice Trump’, understated and not in the limelight, unlike his older brother. Donald said his brother’s death was a great and sad loss to him. Was it shown in Donald’s chart? And was it shown in Robert’s chart as well? This post gives a brief overview of death as shown in horoscopes. But more than that, it gives a peek into Trump’s fortunes into the near future, given the election is just over two months away. Continue reading “Robert Trump, a short study in ‘The Great Transition’”

Epstein: Is he or isn’t he — and how?

I like good mysteries. They sharpen the analytical skills, point us in different directions of thought, which we like to call “thinking outside the box” and often bring in new areas of study. More than that, however, they are a good measure of our common sense. Such is the current state of affairs with the mysterious ‘death’ of Jeffry Epstein. I put ‘death’ in quotes because we are only told of his demise. We have yet to see a body or an autopsy report. What do we really have, then? Continue reading “Epstein: Is he or isn’t he — and how?”