Epstein: Is he or isn’t he — and how?

I like good mysteries. They sharpen the analytical skills, point us in different directions of thought, which we like to call “thinking outside the box” and often bring in new areas of study. More than that, however, they are a good measure of our common sense. Such is the current state of affairs with the mysterious ‘death’ of Jeffry Epstein. I put ‘death’ in quotes because we are only told of his demise. We have yet to see a body or an autopsy report. What do we really have, then?

Let’s apply a little common sense to this story, and then look at what ‘evidence’ has been presented so far. Then we will get to his astrology and working chart (we don’t have a birth record) to see if it all pans out.

Starting with the story, Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell at around 6:30 am on 10 Aug 2019. It was said by ‘officials’ that he had been taken off suicide watch in late July (29th) and that he was supposed to have been housed in a cell with another prisoner. Guards were supposed to have checked on him every thirty minutes. He had been placed on suicide watch previously because he had been found in his cell unconscious with marks around his neck on July 23. He thereafter met with a prison psychiatrist every day, who then deemed it safe to take him off suicide watch. That’s the official story. It was also said that he had been extorted by other prisoners over the last weeks of his imprisonment, which may explain why he had been found on the 23rd unconscious on the floor with marks on his neck. He was said to be in good spirits leading up to his death, though,

Both guards on duty the morning of his alleged death were working overtime shifts, one of them having worked five straight days of overtime. The guards claim they were asleep at the time of his death and falsified records to show they had checked on him. On July 9th over 2,000 pages of court documents were unsealed relating to a civil case against his alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, revealing the names of many prominent people linked to an alleged sex ring. The morning after he was pronounced dead.

Apparently there was an anon on 4chan (the notorious site that was the first to start the QAnon psyop) who scooped the media on Epstein’s death almost an hour before it went mainstream, giving details about treatment given to Epstein to try to revive him. And apparently, he had been dead for hours before the guards found him. There are reports that screams and shrieking were heard coming from his cell just prior to his death. The New York Metropolitan Correctional Center is known to be corrupt. The internet is enflamed with theories now about what happened, and most comments cast doubt – putting it mildly – on the official story. Confusing, yes? Well, not really. What does our common sense tell us?

Epstein claimed he had dirt on many powerful and prominent people. He had allegedly filmed those people in various sex acts with underage girls. He had also allegedly robbed other wealthy people of money, which were large sums. He had been charged with and convicted of statutory rape in Florida in 2006 and had been let off with a slap on the wrist, having had to register as a sex offender, with the court documents being sealed, so the accusers in the case then had no knowledge of what had transpired with his sentencing. With the court documents being unsealed in Florida – kudos to the Miami Herald – his situation suddenly became very clear. Not all mainstream news is fake news. Epstein was not going to leave prison.

Common sense says the following:

  • There were more than a few people who wanted Epstein to ‘disappear’.
  • The released court documents had (still have) the capacity to open a tranche of investigations against many wealthy and powerful people, including heads of state.
  • Given his previous lifestyle and what he was facing after the 9th, he would have been willing to rat on a great many people to save his neck. He was not a strong character.
  • Given that he was then incarcerated, with little chance of getting out, facing 45 years upon conviction, he was no longer of value to whomever may have wanted to further avail themselves of his ‘services’.
  • Given also that the released court records had some compelling and damning evidence, the interested parties – the ones who wanted him to disappear – would not want to take the chance that at some point in the future he would be moved to tell his story.

In light of the preceding points, what do we honestly think? If I were a betting man (I’m not) for my money, I would say Epstein is dead, and most likely murdered. Dead men tell no tales, and ashes leave no evidence trails. This story has all the hallmarks of the mysterious deaths of others before him. And from watching too much television when I was growing up, it has all the appearance of a mafia-style hit. I would not be at all surprised to hear at some point in the future his remains have been cremated.

People are quite rightly asking, “Where is the body?” In a case that is this high profile, the public has a right to know. The mainstream press has moved quickly to brand anything other than suicide as the official story as a ‘conspiracy theory’. That should automatically raise suspicions that we are not being told the truth. But now, doubt is beginning to surface on the suicide story – Epstein’s hyoid bone was broken, consistent with murder by strangulation. Self-hanging does not typically produce such a break.

What does Epstein’s astrology say, then? Are there markers for violent death? Is death even shown? To answer that definitively we would need an accurate birth time. But the working chart we have from the last article about him should show the death and the probable causes. We’ll start with death first. Is death shown in the working chart? The chart with transits and directions is below (bigger):

The markers for death in a chart are normally found in the directions. I have heard it said that ‘transits don’t kill you’. That is true in general, though they can serve as triggers. To start, what we normally look for are directions to and by ruler(s) of the 8th house (death, transformation). In Epstein’s case, the working chart has two 8th house rulers – Mercury and Venus – due to Gemini being intercepted in that house. At the time of his death transiting Pluto (death) was making its retrograde pass at his natal Mercury, the latter ruling Gemini. The 8th house cusp was also directed to Epstein’s proposed MC. The main ruler of that 8th house is Taurus, which rules the throat.

There were no hard directions to either Venus or Mercury. There was a passing direction by Venus to Pluto and an approaching quincunx to Neptune, which would add to the mystery of his death. But a transit of Pluto would certainly qualify as an activation of his 8th house. And in his case, Gemini is ‘incarcerated’ in the 8th house between Taurus and Cancer. In addition, the cusp of his 8th house was directed to the MC.

We would also look to the IC at the time of death to look for the prevailing conditions, both directed and natal. The directed IC had gone to 12 Ar 21, the Sabian symbol for which reads:

An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest

The IC represents the home, along with the end of a situation and the conditions at the end of life. Epstein committed his crimes in his homes. We may never know what sort of bombshells were concealed in those homes, but he was protesting his innocence leading up to his trial. That protest has now been muted. His natal IC  was at 5 Aqu 26 in the working chart:

A masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play

That symbol raises all sorts of images as to what he got up to in his private life, but with transiting Uranus square the natal IC at his death, it also raises the specter of a masked figure suddenly appearing at his death. With the surveillance cameras at the facility having been ‘malfunctioning’ when he died, if true, we’ll never know.

Then, one must examine the Horizon axis (the self) and directions to and from the Horizon and to and from its rulers. The “big three” in death, then, are the Horizon, Meridian and the 8th house, along with the rulers of all of those. There are other factors to consider, too, like the nodal axis (change in relationships. Death is a big change, certainly), the Part of Death and so forth. However, with Epstein we have more than enough to go on with the “big three”.

In the working chart there is a direction of Pluto to the natal Ascendant. The progressed death axis was sesquisquare the Ascendant. That equates to a 45° modulus. Sesquisquares and semisquares should always be considered in directions. With progressed Pluto there, we also see a progressed midpoint structure, Plu=Sun/Mars. Does that indicate a violent death?

There are two particular ‘murder axes’: Plu=Mars/Sat, and Sat/Plu in general. He has the former midpoint structure in his natal chart, regardless of the birth time, looking at the 45 degree modulus. Then there are quite a few ‘violence axes’. The particular axis representing violence that is present at the time of his death and which he has natally is Pluto=Sun/Mars. There is also a direction of the Sun and Ascendant which forms a midpoint structure with his natal Pluto, which represents a turn of destiny. The directed 8th house cusp was on his Midheaven, opposite his IC. All the indicators point to a death, and probably a murder, not a ‘switcheroo’ out of prison to a new life. And on top of that, with the Pluto direction to the Ascendant and the Sun, we have the violent death and likely murder.

Then, to put the coup de grace on the whole matter, if the midpoint modulus is widened out to 45°, with the Pluto direction to the Ascendant you have the following midpoint structure: Asc=Sun=Mars=Nep/MC=Pluto – a mysterious death. That entire midpoint structure, minus Pluto, is directed to the death axis (Mars/Saturn) at the time of Epstein’s murder. Yes, I would say he was murdered, and it shows the mysterious nature of it along with a probable cover-up and obfuscation of the investigation. We don’t have the space to go into the latter here.

All this being said, if a birth certificate turns up with an accurate birth time, some of this might go out the window. Then again, maybe not. Even if that happens, this has been a very good exercise, at least for me. It has also served to demonstrate the investigation of death and its markers in a chart, as well as the efficacy of using midpoints in that investigation. But the factors that would change would be the “big three”, mentioned before – the houses, in other words. The midpoints between the planets would not change, except for the Moon.

There is one last point to make before leaving this, and that has to do with Epstein’s Sun. He was born on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius. I didn’t mention it in the last article, but with the early birth time, Epstein’s Sun is in Capricorn. It changes sign at 3:22 am, entering Aquarius. The Sabian symbol in Capricorn is more revealing of the man than the symbol for the first degree of Aquarius. The two read thus:

  • 30th Cap: A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs
  • 1st Aqu: An old adobe mission in California

Again, I’m not a betting man, but the safe money would be on the last degree of Capricorn, which would also confirm the quintile (obsession) between Mercury (young people) and the Moon (women) in the natal chart, discussed in the first article. Sabian symbols are yet another tool for rectification of a chart when the birth time is unknown.

Information will slowly come out about what really happened. We may see some more ‘mysterious deaths’ around this before it is all said and done. Ghislaine Maxwell is still on the loose, apparently holed up with her most recent boyfriend. If Epstein was murdered, she had best do a runner if she wants to survive. Israel might be a good start. But then, all this is just conspiracy, right? Right.

Actually, it is heartening to see so many people openly asking hard questions, demanding answers. It means at least part of the public is awake. The cynicism bodes well for the great majority of us because it tells the powers that be that we are not so stupid as they believe and that we are no longer swallowing the same old tired stories that get rolled out every time something terrible like this happens. And it is terrible, because it makes it harder for the investigators to do their jobs and bring the people that perpetrate Epstein’s sort of acts to justice. So, if you get called a conspiracy theorist for asking inconvenient questions that should rightly be asked, you are not alone. Wear it as a badge of honor. And keep asking questions. It benefits everyone, except the people with something to hide.

Featured pic from Laura Loomer

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