Epstein, and what this means for the US (updated)

Before we even start, this will not be a piece on the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Instead, what we are interested in here is justice for the victims and what his recent arrest on sex trafficking charges means for the US. His recent death has not brought justice. There is still Ghislane Maxwell, who is just as culpable, as well as all the men who engaged in pedophilia. This is a case that is international in scope, too, involves very powerful and influential people and which cuts across the political chasm that we now have in the US. And, the arrest took place just after an eclipse to the US Sun, implicating leaders, following upon the last article on eclipses. So, if you are interested in what the wider meaning and outcomes of the case means, read on. If you are only interested in scandalous affairs and the latest dirt on Epstein and leaders, this won’t be your cup of tea. There will be another piece to follow shortly.

[Update] Anyone reading this who may believe that Donald Trump is somehow going to ‘drain the swamp’ needs to first read a four-part series of articles about the Epstein case and the rot at the very top of US and Israeli politics. It has gone on for many decades, really since Prohibition in the US. The implications run far beyond the involvement of those two nations, though.

Of much greater concern to Americans especially is the undue influence wielded by a foreign government over US foreign and domestic policy, rather than any ties Trump may or may not have to organized crime or other activities. The mythos that has evolved around Trump and many other US presidents, both Republican and Democrat, as well as many members of Congress and business leaders, needs to see the clear light of day. Even though nothing has been conclusively proven about any connections between Trump, Epstein and many other characters in the saga, there is one thing that is beyond a shadow of a doubt – the connections with and extreme leverage over Trump by Zionist interests, both within the US and in Israel. That alone should be the subject of intensive investigations. [end update]

Thus updated, there are two aspects to our investigations here: the tools used in rectification of birth charts when the birth time is not known, and the bigger question – why has Epstein been arrested again now, after all this time has passed since his previous arrest and release with a slap on the wrist? For background and before we get to those, Epstein was arrested and charged with child sex offenses twelve years ago. The prosecuting attorney at the time, one Alex Acosta, said he was told ‘from high up’ that Epstein ‘belonged to Intelligence’, (read the aforementioned linked articles) to leave the case alone and to give Epstein his lenient sentence. Acosta has since resigned as Labor Secretary for the Trump administration over the case. That case was in Florida. The present arrest came in New York due to New York investigations into the matters and the current charge is for sex trafficking. What we all now want to see is for the Epstein case to be fully prosecuted, with the victims able to tell their stories, for due process to be served and if a conviction ensues, for the victims to see justice done and to be compensated for the harm to their lives. We would also like to know about the characters involved across the business and political spectrum.

The Epstein case has been a favorite of conspiracy enthusiasts and internet chat rooms for years now. With the announcement of the recent arrest, both sides of the political chasm (we don’t have a ‘divide’ any longer in the US) have been all a-flutter, hoping that the case will finally bring down their choice of either Trump or Clinton. I wouldn’t hold my breath on either one. We shouldn’t expect to see any big dogs go to jail over this. No President, sitting or ex, has ever gone to jail. There is too much at stake – national security and all that – and it would set a precedent, in that it would tell the power brokers in DC that no one is above the law. Cynical as that sounds, how many Presidents have gone to jail? Vice Presidents? Some of them needed to. Plenty of federal underlings have been convicted of crimes, however, sometimes thrown under the bus to protect other leaders, sometimes out of their own misguided actions. And the field is fairly evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, lest one think that one side is more corrupt than the other. But Republicans do have a slight lead there, as a matter of public record.

Why does this case matter, then, other than it being about just another criminal who can’t keep his hands off teenage girls? It goes back to what Acosta was told, that Epstein “belonged to Intelligence”, whatever that means. That statement opens another wide field for conspiracy speculations. This brings us to Epstein’s chart, then (below, bigger). Even without a birth time, the aspects in the chart, for noon, are somewhat descriptive of his character except for one thing. What, then, would we look for? The involvement of young women would be shown by an aspect or midpoint between the Moon and Mercury. Otherwise, the chart would not describe his penchant for underage sex.

The material success in his life would come from a combination of ambition, connections and good luck. There would be ‘criminal aspects/midpoints’ involved. The noon chart does not fit that. However, if one does the chart for 12:30 am or thereabouts, some very interesting factors emerge.

To start, what we are after here is a ‘working chart’ in lieu of a chart with an actual birth time from a birth certificate – what Lois Rodden would call a ‘AA’ birth chart.  A working chart instead is one that will give the timing of events in a person’s life but not necessarily give every little detail of a person’s character. It will describe the character in general, but for a working chart it takes time to find it, and digging. However, we do have such a chart for Epstein. That chart is below (bigger):

In that chart we find Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon and Libra rising, or Scorpio. It would be on the cusp, regardless. The Sun/Moon combination tends more toward Capricorn/Aries than it does Aquarius/Aries, the latter being what we have in the noon chart. Both combinations give a vigorous mind, but the Capricorn is more calculating and hard. To that hardness is added the shrewdness of the Sun/Saturn square, regardless of the Sun sign.

In the noon chart there is nothing that indicates his penchant for teenage girls. There is no connection between the Moon (women in general) and Mercury (young people). But with the 12:30 chart, the problem is solved. There is a quintile between the Moon and Mercury. Quintiles often indicate obsessions, compulsions and/or abusiveness when they are not positively expressed. As well, they can have relevance in sexual aberrations and can indicate such. In the 12:30 chart we see Venus conjunct Mars in the 5th house (children and schools), with the Moon there as well. We also find the midpoint, Moon=Mars/Neptune, which among other things can indicate weak or moody women, and also crooks. Mars/Neptune poorly expressed represents misdirected powers and capabilities in a criminal sense. That will be important shortly.

The Moon was quintile to Mercury on that date from midnight through to 2:40 am, which gives the span of the ascendant from Libra through Scorpio. It would be easy to assume that Epstein has Scorpio rising, given the sexual inclinations, but Libra can also figure strongly in sexual matters. The deciding factor then becomes: Do the transits and directions fit with the new Ascendant, or angles? If we take the last degree of Libra/1st degree of Scorpio as a starting point, then all the dates of the main events of his life pan out, according to those listed in the Wikipedia article (exact dates are few and far between). That cuspal ascendant also gives colorings of both signs. It in turn places Saturn behind but conjunct the Ascendant, which gives his elongated face and bonier features.

As to the recent arrest, there is a solar arc of Pluto to the Ascendant in the 12:30 chart, square his Sun currently. And on the 6 July date of his arrest, Mars was making its approach to within a few degrees of his MC and square the directed Pluto. A fall was in order. He was met at the airport by a welcoming committee of FBI agents. As well, transiting Uranus was making its retrograde approach to its square with the Meridian axis, within a degree, indicating the sudden changes in his fortunes. After his arrest enough damning evidence was found in his New York mansion to put him away for a long time, provided it can be proven. His trial date has yet to be set. The chart with transits and directions is below (bigger):

There are a few other features for the working chart that go to describe the character, as in midpoints. Firstly, Mars=Neptune/Midheaven gives, “the desire to bring the wrong ideas into realization, the study of metaphysical subjects and the desire to harm other people” (from Ebertin). Secondly, Both the Ascendant and the Sun, both equaling Uranus/Node give sudden and new associations, becoming stimulated through other persons, and an inclination to violence, even at the slightest cause. Then, there are the Eris midpoints, shown on the chart, which point toward disruptive influences via the midpoints indicated: Mars/Asc (forceful attainment of success), Ven/Asc (overindulgence in pleasures), Ven/Sat (love unions with appreciable difference in age), Mars/Sat (possible indicator of a violent death). Eris should always be considered in the charts of people of international influence, whether they consciously respond to its energies or not.

Then, there are the Ceres midpoints, which are quite revealing of how he expresses his feminine, nurturing side and how those produce turning points in his life when activated. Those midpoints combined – Mercury/Uranus=Mars/Pluto – can point to genius on the one hand: a mind that can soar to the heights of inventiveness, can work without ceasing toward its goals and which can pierce through the veils of ignorance, and which give a keen interest in science, which he has. On the other hand, those can also point toward the blackmailer, who uses women to gain influence over others, and who can be quite inventive about it in the process.

On a final note for Epstein, then, if the working chart proves out, he faces a very rough road in the coming year. The eclipse on the 16th was on his Sun, and Saturn will transit across it in the first part of next year. It is not looking good for Epstein. There is still a chance he will be let out, though. If that happens however, there will be hue and cry from the public this time. But, there are some powerful people involved and a pile of money. He is a major flight risk as a result. If he stands trial, which is now very likely, that brings us to the next part – of what this might mean for the US.

Mention was made at the start of this article that this episode is international in scope. It involves a candidate for Israeli Prime Minister (which Bibi is playing to the hilt), a British prince, a long list of foreign and domestic scientists, financial connections in Hong Kong and other secrecy locations, and he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. The man is not without connections and influence. Where does this leave us, then?

Epstein was busted on the 6th of July, 4 days after the solar total eclipse, and two days after Independence Day, the national holiday. Thus, the eclipse was on the US Sun and opposite the US Eris. The scandal mills have gone into overdrive. The culmination line for that eclipse runs through central western North America. And it is of interest to note that line encompasses California as to its orb if influence, and within a few days coincident with Epstein’s arrest (if one believes in coincidences), there were two major earthquakes in southern California and a swarm of smaller quakes in the north of the state, following on from the big ones. Then, there was the latest eclipse on the 16th, which has further activated the US Mercury/Vertex conjunction following the 13 July 18 eclipse, the former now squared by transiting Eris.

It is quite possible that the Epstein case is being used for purposes other than simply going after a pedophile. Politics is a particularly opportunistic game and every trick in the book is used to gain advantage over opponents. To get an idea of other possible reasons for this arrest to have happened now, we have the following timeline of events:

  • February 21, 2019, Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Kenneth Marra said federal prosecutors violated the law by failing to notify victims before they allowed him to plead guilty to only the Florida offense. Florida is a swing state in federal elections, and both Trump and Epstein have Palm Beach properties. Transiting Mars was at the bending of the US nodal axis (conflicts in relationships). That was the start of the case.
  • Just prior to that, there was the Huawei scandal, Trump’s announcement of Guaidó as the leader of Venezuela, the ongoing government shutdown, ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis resigned and Nikki Haley left her post as UN ambassador.
  • William Barr was confirmed as Attorney General of the US (14 Feb). Barr’s father appointed Epstein to his teaching job at a private school in 1974 under strange circumstances. On Feb 1, Trump withdrew the US from the INF Treaty. Trump held his Vietnam summit with Kim Jong-un on Feb 27th.
  • In March, the Mueller investigation ended.
  • In May Trump ramped up the trade war with China, with an extra $200 billion in tariffs. The House Oversight Committee also gained access to Trump’s financial records.
  • In June there was the crisis with the Iranian shoot-down of the US drone, at which point the threat of war with Iran was high. Tensions remain high.

There are thus two main things to consider with regard to the events that have coincided with the arrest of Epstein. Firstly, the economy has been put under stress due to the China tariffs, affecting the heartland of the US in particular. The economy is not doing well, actually. But more importantly, Epstein was involved with a group of billionaire Zionists, called the Mega Group, who want to see Iran at least curtailed, if not bombed back to the stone age. Those people and their supporters in Washington wanted (still want) a war with Iran, but Trump is not budging, at least at the moment. A war now would cost him his reelection. But a large part of his voter base is in the evangelical Christian community, and they, too want to see a war with Iran. However, they have no idea what a war with Iran would bring. And this second point goes to why we are probably seeing the arrest of Epstein now. We can see it either as leverage against Trump, to push him to war, or as an attempt to derail Trump before he can push us to war. Nothing happens by coincidence in politics.

Trump has been decidedly subdued on Iran since the arrest. It was all fire and fury, pulled back attacks (or so we are told) and maximum pressure on Iran until after the drone incident on June 20. Now what we hear is “We’ll see what happens”, with Pompeo saying the Iranians are ready to talk. It shows a decided ignorance about Iran. There will be no negotiations, really. Either the US re-enters the JCPOA and drops the sanctions, or the standoff continues. That brings us to the crux of what this latest episode might mean for the US in the long turn, especially considering the two most recent eclipses.

If Epstein (or the Israelis, as it turns out) has dirt on Trump, which is quite possible, then from December through to the first part of next year will be quite an interesting time in US politics, when the eclipses are being activated by Saturn. The Zionists want to see Iran out of the picture, as do the Western oil interests. A war would appear to be the only way they would achieve that. But the cost is now too high. Russia is siding with Iran, as is China. Sanctions will not work. Israel had counted on Trump to solve their Palestinian problem and their Iranian problem as well. Both efforts have failed. The situation now is a stalemate. Neither side is budging, yet the tensions continue to rise, with more warships appearing in the Gulf to ‘ensure freedom of transit’.

Then, there is the looming US election, which, even though over a year away, is now in full swing. This is yet another piece to the Epstein puzzle. Quite a number of US politicians have been connected with Epstein. Many of the billionaire ‘Mega Group’ members are now contributors to Democrats. The case, being pursued in New York, is interesting in that New Yorkers are not particularly fond of Trump. Yet, Trump has hobnobbed with the elite in New York for years. So, we have quite a puzzle. Is this simply about wrongdoing? Is it about Trump? Or is it meant to sour people on possible Democratic challengers in the upcoming election? Perhaps it is all three. We don’t know at this point. But for certain, it will all begin to come out in the wash as Saturn makes its approach to the two eclipse points, starting with its direct station opposite the US Sun in mid-September this year. Then, the proverbial effluent will hit the fan in earnest starting in mid-December.

The questions on many people’s minds are if Epstein is a Mossad agent or was involved (doubtful, though he does have powerful Israeli contacts and interests at heart), will this serve to drain the swamp (again, doubtful, but it is getting the attention of establishment types), how he made his money (probably a combination of blackmail, inside info and connections)  and so forth. Most of that is not of utmost importance.

What is most important now is that there is a real opportunity to see justice done for all the victims of his alleged crimes. That is one of the most important things here. Further, there is an opportunity to reveal the shadier side of financial dealings, as in secrecy locations, both in the US and internationally, whether or not that comes to light. And finally, there is an opportunity to shed further light on the influence peddling that goes on with the Israel lobby in the US and perhaps farther afield. That is particularly important for the national security of the US. If the Israel lobby can be sharply curtailed, then the chances for peace in the Middle East will be greatly advanced. This is an important case for all the preceding reasons.

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