Epstein: Is he or isn’t he — and how?

I like good mysteries. They sharpen the analytical skills, point us in different directions of thought, which we like to call “thinking outside the box” and often bring in new areas of study. More than that, however, they are a good measure of our common sense. Such is the current state of affairs with the mysterious ‘death’ of Jeffry Epstein. I put ‘death’ in quotes because we are only told of his demise. We have yet to see a body or an autopsy report. What do we really have, then? Continue reading “Epstein: Is he or isn’t he — and how?”

Epstein, and what this means for the US (updated)

Before we even start, this will not be a piece on the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Instead, what we are interested in here is justice for the victims and what his recent arrest on sex trafficking charges means for the US. His recent death has not brought justice. There is still Ghislane Maxwell, who is just as culpable, as well as all the men who engaged in pedophilia. This is a case that is international in scope, too, involves very powerful and influential people and which cuts across the political chasm that we now have in the US. And, the arrest took place just after an eclipse to the US Sun, implicating leaders, following upon the last article on eclipses. So, if you are interested in what the wider meaning and outcomes of the case means, read on. If you are only interested in scandalous affairs and the latest dirt on Epstein and leaders, this won’t be your cup of tea. There will be another piece to follow shortly. Continue reading “Epstein, and what this means for the US (updated)”