Maxwell’s silver hammer?

OK, it’s not the Beatles, but it’s the only live version I could find that was close. Not a bad cover, though, from one of the better tribute bands. But what does this have to do with Ghislaine Maxwell? To find out you will have to read on.

The time finally came that many people were waiting for: On July 2nd the FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell at her home in New Hampshire. Her home…in New Hampshire…The big question mark in that is why the FBI waited so long to arrest her, and if they were not waiting, how did they not know she was in New Hampshire? OK, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here a bit.

So here’s the first real question – why a story about Maxwell when the US looks headed toward war with China and in the Middle East, and when the COVID pandemic is still rising sharply, and so forth? Well, this isn’t about satisfying some prurient curiosity. Her involvement with Epstein and those activities involved international politics and security interests. That is one big matter that will interest us here. Never underestimate the power of peccadillos to influence international relations.

There are three points we will investigate, with one leading into the next:

  • Maxwell’s chart and the astrological relations between her and Epstein (a thumbnail sketch)
  • What their relationship has meant in terms of geopolitics, which relates to blackmail
  • Will her arrest result in any sort of meaningful prosecution, especially for her victims?

Then, at the last, the question everyone is wondering – will she ‘suicide’ in prison before she tells anything? More importantly, will we ever know the truth, and will anyone big be prosecuted? Keep in mind as we go along, that Epstein and Maxwell were small fish in a big, dirty pond. There were people far more influential and powerful, with greater resources at hand, than either of them could have mustered. Yet, their stories and crimes bear investigation, which should go forward for the victims, if nothing else.

To start with Maxwell and to give some background, there is an excellent series of investigative articles about the Epstein/Maxwell relationship by Whitney Webb, which are advisable to read if you have not familiarized yourself with the story from the beginning. That story actually goes back decades in the case of Epstein, and even before, involving powerful figures in government, foreign and domestic, and organized crime. (For the articles, go here, here, here, here, here and here)

Ghislaine Maxwell’s story begins with her birth, relating to her father, who had connections with Israeli intelligence, quite aside from being a newspaper proprietor, fraudster and MP in Britain. Ghislaine (ghee LAIN/LIN) was the youngest of nine children and supposedly her father’s favorite, to the extent that he named his yacht after her – Lady Ghislaine – from which he ‘fell’ to his death at sea. There has been much speculation that he was ‘helped’ in his final moments.

Ghislaine was born into wealth, with the Wikipedia entry listing her as a ‘socialite’. Her association with Epstein puts an interesting slant on that title. We do actually have an accurate birth time for her, from a birth certificate, which gives us a better opportunity to look at her astrology than we had with Epstein. Her chart is below (bigger):


The socialite appellation is certainly in evidence in the chart, with the elevated Jupiter conjunct the Aquarius MC in the 10th house, showing a gregarious expression with numerous contacts. Aquarius often indicates scads of contacts. That is further reinforced by Jupiter being trine to her Gemini Ascendant, giving her ease of communication, the ability to interact with a wide variety of people and especially her ability to relate to young people. Then we look a little deeper.

Her Horizon axis is squared by Pluto from the 5th house, giving her unusual personal influence, striving for positions of influence, unusual contacts and acquaintances, and in the extreme, the tendency to suppress or to oppress others, as well as the attainment of success in life by brutal and ruthless means. The 5th house also connects her with children.

It is easy to read the negative interpretations into her chart, given the media coverage of her. The same chart could be read differently, if it was the chart of another person, which could also indicate a humanitarian focus in one’s work, using the vehicle of the educational system to motivate the young toward social and progressive causes, and so forth. And she did found the TerraMar Project, a non-profit dedicated for protection of the world’s oceans. The Project was dissolved last year.

Before we get to the midpoints, there is a dissociate stellium, with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Capricorn, and with Venus in Sagittarius, the Sun linking all of them in the space of 13 degrees, well within orb of the Sun. That stellium gives Maxwell great attractive power, as well as ambition. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and is within 3° of the Sun, on the Aries point of Capricorn. Despite appearances, she is not a person to be trifled with, especially with Capricorn Sun. It is a combination that marks her as ‘ruling the roost’ at home, and as otherwise a very forceful presence in interpersonal interactions.

In all so far, then, we see a person who is highly ambitious, energetic, who knows what she wants and how to get it and has the power to influence people toward her way of thinking in the pursuit of her objectives. However, the Sun/Moon combination along with the Mars creates a situation wherein misdirection of the passions interferes with ambition and complicates matters through the love life. This goes along with the 5th house Pluto as well, the 5th house ruling love affairs, and has been her weak point in an otherwise strong horoscope. That brings up a couple of important midpoints.

The first midpoint of note is that of Mer/Nep=Asc/Plu, shown next to the Ascendant on the chart. It shows unusual actions originating in the subconscious, combined with “the tendency to open oneself to the influences coming from other people, the state of being exploited, deceived or harmed by others”, from Ebertin (The Combination of Stellar Influences). This midpoint, along with the combination cited in the previous paragraph, shows a distinct tendency to misdirection of energies because of being too easily influenced romantically and exploited by appeals to a glamourous life. Epstein used her to his advantage so long as he had a romantic hold on her and the allure of wealth held her in place.

The second midpoint to consider is MC=Sat/Node: “Inhibited development of one’s own individuality, the state of feeling depressed, standing alone in life. – Separation from members of the family or from colleagues. – Mourning or bereavement.” The other midpoints at the MC add to the Jupiter/MC conjunction listed previously. The Sat/Node midpoint, though, is important when it comes to her arrest, as well as to her relation with Epstein.

At the time of her father’s death (3 Nov 1991), the MC was directed to a square with Maxwell’s Horizon, at the time of her first Saturn return. The family fortune was wiped out due to her father’s fraudulent activities (he had raided his companies’ pension funds and was deeply in debt) and she had to take on a modest apartment rather than living in a mansion. She was, as Ebertin describes, separated from family and colleagues, along with mourning and bereavement. That set her up for her relationship with Epstein, which began very soon after her father’s death, so we are told.

As to her relationship with Epstein, it would appear to have been mutually beneficial, at least to them, and also personally enmeshed. The latter is shown in the Chinese astrology, where there is a syzygy in the Day and Year Masters – yin metal (Day), Yang water (Year) for Epstein and Yang Water (Day) and yin metal (Year) for Maxwell. They mirrored each other, in other words, between their personal and outer lives. That in itself makes for an interesting study, as the branches (animal signs) involved in those pillars are normally antagonistic. We don’t have the space to go into it here, but it is suggestive and indicative of tensions in their relationship. Ghislaine was an Ox in the year pillar, denoting her public ambitions, whereas Epstein was a Dragon, denoting his desire for a flamboyant public life. Epstein was elusive privately and gregarious in public, whereas Maxwell was the opposite. And they both had a surfeit of Earth in their Four Pillars, giving them a stubborn persistence, as well as a love of material pursuits.

I had read that Epstein controlled Maxwell. Looking at their Western synastry (chart), the opposite would appear to have been the case. Maxwell’s Saturn is on Epstein’s Sun in the synastry, which is quite a controlling factor in relationships. The Sun person is often under the thumb of the Saturn person, though the extent of which depends on the strengths of the two factors. Epstein was an extremely ambitious Capricorn, even though on the cusp of Aquarius, with Sun square Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn.

In fact, both Epstein and Maxwell, both being Capricorns, had ambition strongly marked. Ghislaine’s ambitions are more clearly directed, though, with a natal Sun/Mars conjunction and with both trine to Uranus and Pluto. Uranus and Pluto are both retrograde in her chart, though, and separated by 10°, therefore are only ‘conjunct by sign’ in Virgo.

Was there any real love between them, people might ask? Looking at the synastry again, one would initially say no as far as a strong romantic/sexual attraction, as there are virtually no contacts between personal planets. And we are not certain of the degree of Epstein’s Moon, so we cannot say for certain if the aspects shown are actually true. The only personal contacts, then (the planets though to Jupiter, in the red box), are Epstein’s Venus/Mars conjunction quincunx to Maxwell’s Moon. There was attraction, for certain, but it goes a little deeper than that.

The Magi Society has done copious posting on Chiron, likening it to a planet (It’s a small asteroid, given too much importance in astrology, in my opinion.), indicating that contacts between a person’s Chiron to another’s Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and/or Pluto constitute what they term a ‘Cinderella combo’. That denotes intense attraction and what they consider to be one of the strongest indicators of a romantic relationship. Contacts, in this case, for a positive outcome, would be conjunctions, sextiles, trines and quincunxes. We do in fact see that sort of thing between Epstein and Maxwell.

Maxwell’s Neptune makes several important contacts to Epstein’s planets – trines to Epstein’s Venus/Mars (further ‘Cinderella’ contacts), a sextile to Chiron, a trine to Uranus, and perhaps one of the more important ones, a square to Epstein’s nodal axis. Maxwell represented a sort of ideal to Epstein, and vice-versa, a kind of ‘mystical union’ that was difficult for them to shake and had a real hold over them. It also blurred the boundaries of their relationships, too, and that is where the biggest potential for abuse was. We could do a long discourse on the synastry, but this suffices for our purposes.

We covered Epstein in two previous posts. There is no need to go over him again here. What interests us here is what their relationship produced and why. Being Capricorns (I would go with the last degree of Capricorn for Epstein), they had interests in the lifestyles of the rich and famous and they both gamed those to their advantage. In that regard, some very interesting details begin to emerge.

If one has read Whitney Webb’s exposition on Epstein, the circumstantial evidence and testimony by an ex-intelligence operative for Mossad strongly points to him having worked for Mossad, the Israeli secret service. Several high profile figures came to be associated with the couple – Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew. This was in the early ‘00s. There were many more people to be sure, but those four form an interesting perspective on events that are taking place today.

In the 1990s, when he was first getting known, it was “The end of history” – the Soviet Union was gone, neoliberal economics and globalism took hold of the West, mainstream media in the US became concentrated in the hands of a few companies and was ‘liberalized’, the neocons came into prominent positions in the US (and those people were strongly Zionist) and financial regulations that had been in place since the days of FDR were finally removed, turbocharging US financialisation of the economy. There was also another phenomenon that began to take hold in the US – the conspicuous activity of the Zionist lobby in Washington, coupled with the ascendancy of the ‘religious right’ in American politics, which is also deeply tied to Zionist ambitions.

Before some readers might start pointing fingers at perceived anti-Semitic comments to follow, Zionism has little to do with Judaism. It is a political, imperialistic ideology that is aimed at control of West Asia via the Israeli state. It is a construct of the West, and goes under the cover of religion. In fact, it is a system that is used by various factions to promote their interests, most revolving around energy and trade routes. However, we won’t go into that here. There is a religious component, largely related to Christianity, strange as that might sound, but by and large, Zionism is political and is unrelated to the Jewish religion except through fundamentalism.

The preceding paragraph thus brings us to a question: Why would the Zionists have become so conspicuous in Washington and the UK from the ‘90s onward, and what would that have to do with the likes of Epstein and Maxwell, if anything? What follows is speculative, with no proof, but it does present a very interesting, if not conspicuous coincidence of events. But before going further, there is as yet no smoking gun that points to either Clinton or Trump being involved in Epstein’s and Maxwell’s activities with underage girls. And as it stands, all of those activities are, by law, still alleged – guilt by association, in other words, when it comes to the high profile figures seen with Epstein and Maxwell.

The association between Epstein and Maxwell was going on before the 1990s, as reported by the ex-Israeli intelligence official mentioned before (see Whitney Webb’s pieces, linked above). Epstein’s original involvement with Mossad was in arms trades, recruited for that through Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father – as in Iran-Contra dealings during the last Reagan administration. Then Epstein turned to blackmail, allied with Ghislaine Maxwell. The purpose was to compromise influential people and politicians in the US and abroad for advancing Israeli interests, and his own.

The Maxwell family has been involved in spying and blackmail for years, starting with Robert Maxwell. Three of his daughters are also involved. And perhaps the most widespread form of spying has been through the PROMIS software. And when it comes to that, an operation like Epstein’s is no longer necessary. It’s all done via spyware now. PROMIS, combined with the blackmail side, provided a very useful coercive instrument for any intelligence agency. And it was not just the Israelis who were involved. The CIA and FBI also had their fingers in the dirty affairs. Herbert Hoover, for example, was well known for his penchant for blackmail, and he was allegedly blackmailed in kind. And we wonder why there are rarely any high level officials held to account for their activities.

Epstein’s blackmail operation went on until his first arrest in 2006, at which point Maxwell distanced herself from him. But during the period of their operations, the following events, relative to Israel, were taking place:

  • The first Gulf War in the Bush I administration. Israel was bombed by a few scud missiles. Saddam Hussein was an avowed enemy of Israel, and the Israeli’s wanted him removed.
  • The open hostility between Iran and Israel since the end of the 1st Gulf War
  • Israeli targeting of US politicians began to become more focused and tick up in the 1980s, becoming much more so in the next few decades, via media ads and campaign contributions.
  • The PNAC was formulated during the Clinton years, with a particular focus on strengthening the Israeli state.
  • 9/11 and the ‘seven countries in five years’ took place in the ‘00s. There was also the story of the ‘dancing Israelis’, who watched from New Jersey as the Twin Towers collapsed.
  • The 1st Intifada and the Oslo Accords. The Accords mandated upholding the two-state solution
  • The 2nd Intifada, resulting in the West Bank barrier and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza
  • The Madrid Conference in 1991, which kick-started negotiations for the two-state solution between the Palestinians and Israelis. All efforts thus far have failed.

There is a bottom line to the listed events. During the period when Epstein was active the Israelis were becoming more and more insecure and frustrated. They needed influence and support from the US especially, as well as Europe, to advance their agendas in West Asia and to keep their enemies at bay or gone. The Israelis have courted the evangelical Christian movement, the neocons and any sympathetic members of Congress as well as influential people toward the Zionist cause, especially since the Reagan years. Mossad has been the key intelligence gathering arm of the Israeli state. That said, we do not know how much Epstein’s operations contributed to their intelligence, if any.

Blackmail is generally aimed at extorting money (Epstein became rich under questionable means), coercing people to act against their wishes to advance the agenda of the blackmailer, and to secure silence or support. It is also used to force people to divulge information they would otherwise keep secret. And prominent people who have been subjected to such blackmail will go to great lengths to keep their secrets from becoming public, even to the extent of offing the blackmailer. In that regard, few people believe that Epstein suicided, though the media continuously parrots that narrative.

As to the most prominent figures associated with Epstein – Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew – these three are men known for their weakness when it comes to sexual matters, as in finding it difficult to resist their urges. All three would have been seen as rich sources of information by any intelligence agency.

Bill Clinton had no connection to Epstein until after his presidency, but still had strong connections with the government and overseas. Trump has connections with Big Money and was mentored by Roy Cohn, one of America’s most notorious attorneys, who also had connections with organized crime and ran a pedophile ring. As it turns out, Epstein’s activities were small potatoes as a pedophile operation, but it doesn’t excuse what he and Maxwell were up to. Prince Andrew would have had wide knowledge of the Royal Family and the inside workings of the British establishment and government. These were valuable and influential ‘contacts’.

So, why make all the preceding associations if none of it can be proven, yet many people believe it? That question goes toward answering what is next for Maxwell and to how much will actually be revealed about what she knows, as well as whether or not there will be justice for her alleged victims. We start with her arrest.

There are three ‘arrest’ midpoints, as a matter of general interest: Sun/Plu=Ura, Mars/Ura=Asc and Jup/Plu midpoints, with others implied. The timing of Maxwell’s arrest is of interest. The directions to her chart at the time of arrest are shown below (bigger):

She was arrested on 2 July at around 8:30 am local time at her home in New Hampshire. None of the ‘arrest midpoints’ are shown. There are some secondary ones, though, starting with Sun/Nep=MC/IC); “Being sensitive, weak, ill or impressionable. – A negative outlook. – Periods of depression, hyper-sensitiveness or mental and emotional stress.” This is coupled with a Pluto direction just past the IC, which forms a midpoint with the aforementioned midpoint: “Affliction through emotional or physical suffering, an extremely high sensitiveness, a tragic deception or illusion.” That direction was in effect when Epstein was arrested last year and later died in prison.

The next direction to consider is Plu/Node to Maxwell’s Saturn. This comes at the time of her 2nd Saturn return, Saturn also ruling her 8th and 9th houses. The 9th house rules the judiciary, judicial matters and attorneys. The 8th house rules death and losses, in her case. At her 1st Saturn return her father died and the family fortune was wiped out. Sat=Plu/Node: “A lack of adaptability, rebelliousness or truculence, revolt, the fighting against oppression. – A violent termination of relationships.” The latter describes her present circumstance, with the double Saturnian influence along with the midpoint – restrictions, losses, separations, etc.

Next, there is the direction of Jup/Sat to her natal Sun, indicating a ‘change of residence’. Going to prison is one sort of change of residence. Of interest, in a man’s chart this shows a ‘happy separation’. In general the midpoint shows very significant changes in a person’s circumstance when it is activated.

Finally, we have the direction of Mars/Ura to her 8th house cusp, which can indicate a death. At the least it shows a sudden and/or violent upset. It can also show an imminent surgery or accident. The direction is also to her natal Mars, not normally counted. However, if one views Mars as the ruler of her 12th house, the meaning is clear enough – incarceration, circumstances which are undermining, relegation to an institution, as in a hospital or prison, etc.

As to the wider picture, the arrest came a day after the Israelis were to move ahead with their annexation of the West Bank. It also came a day after AG Bill Barr fired Geoffrey Berman, which was done under suspicious circumstances. The election is only a few months away and one can well imagine that the Trump team would like this tidied up quick smart. It would also play to his voter base in that Trump would be seen as trying to clean up the pedophile rings. But the fact that there is no mention of Les Wexner, one of the chief figures associated with Epstein and a major crime boss, says that little is going to come of Maxwell’s arrest.

But as far as Israel goes, the annexation was put on hold suddenly the day it was supposed to happen. One might well ask why. Does her arrest have something to do with it? Was she arrested to make some people nervous, to move the annexation ahead? Who can say?

The halt to the annexation appears to be a combination of factors, domestic to Israel and foreign, involving opposition by Gantz domestically, who is up to take the PM seat in 18 months, Israeli ex-security chiefs, settlers within the region, the Gulf States and Jordan, who are afraid the annexation would embolden Iran and its allies, opposition within the US Congress, and European opposition to the move.

Then, her arrest came at the same time that there were sweeping arrests throughout Europe of major organized crime figures, with hundreds of them now in custody. This came about through authorities being able to hack the encryption on EncroChat phones – the ‘WhatsApp of gangsters’.

Having looked at all the preceding, the one thing we can say for certain is that her arrest is shown in her astrology. So is her character. All else are rabbit holes one can choose to go down or not. As the saying goes, where there is smoke there is fire. But the implication is that there is more to her story than what we are being told. And, if there are powerful people indeed nervous about what may or may not come of her arrest, then her case bears careful watching. There would be a lot at stake, as well as her life. That brings up the last question: Will she be found dead in the near future, or will she simply disappear and the case be buried?

Having a look at the directions at the bottom of her chart wheel, coupled with all the activity in her 8th and 4th houses, the outlook for her is not good. There actually is a ‘suicide midpoint – Saturn=Mars/Pluto – which for her is at the 5th degree of fixed signs. Saturn will complete the midpoint by transit at the end of January next year. Maxwell has just been denied bail and been remanded to custody until her trial date on 12 July next year. She has been deemed a flight risk.

In addition, the Sat/Ura midpoint is directed to her natal death axis (Mars/Sat), showing the limitation of her freedom and the sudden change in her circumstances. And in six months directed Neptune will be within 2° orb of that death axis, being within the accepted orb (1 ½ °) at her trial date: “Waning powers and weakening efforts, self-torment, the undermining of the vitality (through poison, gas or an epidemic). – A mysterious death, a grievous and grave loss.” If her case does go to trial, the indications are it will not go well for her, much to the relief of her alleged victims.

The current administration has been associated with Epstein and other figures going back many decades. It is doubtful there will be a thorough investigation regarding Maxwell’s activities (video, start 13:46), and in fact the arrest may even amount to nothing and see her released. That is one possibility. But most people, given Epstein’s death in prison, are sceptical that Maxwell will be allowed to just walk away.

This is a story that will captivate the public until the trial is finished or until she leaves this world. It is a story that will needlessly distract people from the more immediate needs at hand, as in the failings of the United States leadership to address so many crises. And behind the scenes and in a wider context, it is a story that many people in places of power would simply like to go away.

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” was a song about a fictional medical student who bashed in the heads of people he didn’t like. Actually, it is a song about the sudden turns in life that can bring us down. Maxwell herself just had such a turn of events. But her alleged actions – we say ‘alleged’ because they have not been proven in a court of law, though the court of public opinion has already skewered her – have ruined the lives of many young women. And she does have a ‘silver hammer’ midpoint in her chart – Sat=Mars/Ura – which is being activated now.

The public would like to know the truth about Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and to see the people involved brought to justice. Whether or not that will happen is another story. For now, we have to wait and see if Ghislaine Maxwell talks and her silver hammer comes down on someone’s head. Or maybe it will come down on hers.

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