Israel’s moment of reckoning?

Israel finds itself in a bit of strife these days, what with the changes taking place in West Asia and East Africa, strife within its own borders, a White House that is not entirely sympathetic and resistance forces in the region who would be more than happy to see the Zionists gone from the region. Currently Israel has Bibi Netanyahu as its PM once again, for the 3rd time since 1996, but with a tenuous hold on power. Then, on the 26th of March Bibi fired the Defence Minister Yoav Gallant because the latter disagreed with the judicial reforms Bibi had proposed. Israel erupted. So, what’s going on? Has Israel’s moment of reckoning finally come? We’ll have a look at that here, along with Israel’s astrology.

We start with Israel’s chart. The transits and directions to the Israeli 4:15 chart, which so far has proven itself, are shown below (bigger):

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The main standouts are the directed Midheaven to natal Neptune, showing a government thrown into confusion, and directed Saturn/Pluto to the natal Ascendant:

Sat/Plu=Asc: “Being placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances. – Separation, mourning and bereavement.”

Directed Saturn is square to the Meridian axis, exact in 7 months as of this writing, showing the conflict between the opposition (4th house and populace) and the Netanyahu government (10th house). The directed Ascendant is sesquisquare the natal Sun, in this case showing the over-accentuated and misplaced confidence of the government, since the direction is to the Sun.

Lastly, we see the nodal axis directed to the square of the Horizon axis, showing the shifting relationships between Israel’s neighbors within the region. That works in two directions at the same time, adding to the confusing situation at the moment, as follows:

+ Agree-able contacts with others, profitable team-work. The sharing of the same interests with other people.
– Estrangements, separations, increasing difficulties with regard to the relationship between people sharing the same residence.

‘The same residence’ in this case refers to Israel’s location in the West Asian region. How do we see the preceding indicators in the chart working out in terms of events?

Starting with the protests, those were precipitated on the 26th of March, as mentioned above. Mars had just touched into Cancer, in partile quincunx with Pluto, which had just entered Aquarius, and Saturn had entered Pisces a few days before. The Mars/Pluto quincunx was a volatile mix, and Putin had ordered nukes to be placed on Poland’s border in Belarus on the same day, speaking of the aspect by transit in general. Tensions were escalating across the board.

Mars was in Israel’s 9th house (judiciary), Pluto was in the 4th house (opposition forces). Mars and Uranus were in hard aspects to natal Saturn by transit: “Violence, a lack of adaptability. – Energy concentrated on separation, a heavy injury, an operation, violent destruction.” And there certainly has been. The transits were the trigger, but the real meat in the sandwich is the directions listed above. The factions involved are as follows:

  • Protests: A clash between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jewish factions. The Ashkenazi are European Jews, who believe in the current form of the Israeli judicial system, and in all the liberal democratic ideals that go along with European culture. The Mizrahi are from Africa, want to bypass the judiciary and are clamouring for a fully Jewish state – ‘Old Testament Jews’, in other words, who claim the whole region of old Israel as ordained by God. Both factions would see the Palestinians out of Israel, but it is a matter of how they do it. Bibi belongs to the Mizrahi faction.

The protest clash is shown by the Pluto transit across the 4th house (public and opposition parties), which has been building for a while. It crossed the IC on Jan 30th. Continuing,

  • The radical right, led by one Ben-Gvir. This guy is an extremist by any other name. He is also the National Security Minister, talk about putting the fox in the hen house. It is his crowd who stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque on 3rd of January. Transiting Pluto was within orb of the IC, transiting Sun was on natal Mars (a fiery day, that transit) and transiting Mars was on natal Ceres, marking a hot turn in internal national relations. His ‘visit’ (clearly a provocation) was widely condemned. Yeir Lapid, opposition leader, had the following comment about Ben-Gvir’s little escapade:

“This is what happens when a weak prime minister is compelled to entrust the most irresponsible person in the Middle East with responsibility over the most combustible place in the Middle East.”

Transiting Saturn was within orb of the square to the natal Sun (leadership) on the day. There have since been violent crack-downs at the mosque, with video showing Israeli security forces beating worshippers in the mosque and forcing them to leave. Bibi has since banned all Jewish visitors from the Temple Mount for the final days of Ramadan.

Ben-Gvir has been granted his own ‘national guard’, under his direction, in return for delaying the judicial overhaul, as a favour to Bibi. Question is, who is going to protect Israelis – Jews and Palestinians alike – from the new ‘national guard’? Next up,

From the bullet points above we see there will be no ‘amicable resolution’ to Israel’s present troubles. The US stands by impotently and wrings its hands, calling for ‘calm’. As if. The extremist regime now in power – which is what it would be called if Israel was some 3rd World country – has called for crushing all dissent, destroying whole villages, like we just saw with the Huwara pogrom, where the security forces and fire brigades just stood aside and watched it burn while the settlers rampaged through the town. All those types of events are part of the Israeli law of Palestinian elimination:

“For above all the horrific legislation that this government will pass, the most important law in the Israeli books — which defines its identity and dictates its policy — is the law of Palestinian elimination. For this far-right government, this settler-colonial logic is a divine commandment; for the military, it is an operational duty. The law of elimination has many faces, and many ways to be actualized…”

Evangelical Christians would be pleased, sensing in the latest events in Israel and West Asia as a new sign of the approach of The Rapture. ‘Rupture’ would be more like it, as in it is looking like Israel is starting to fall apart.

It is difficult to get past the idea that much of what has happened in Israel has been staged for domestic politics in order for Bibi to push through judicial reforms that would keep him out of jail. Bibi also knows next year is the US election. From a previous link:

“On the night that Huwara was burning, Blinken called on parties “to de-escalate tensions and restore calm”. Really? How? And at the same time, GOP Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer were cordially schmoozing with Netanyahu. The conventional wisdom in Washington is that picking a fight with “Israel” – particularly when entering an election year – is ‘worse than a crime: it’s a mistake’.

Everything will be ok – the theme goes – if only Netanyahu can be persuaded by Washington to get a grip on the radicals in his government and compromise with the opposition led by Lapid. However, the prospects of dialogue or reconciliation are almost non-existent. Blinken’s emollient words won’t do: Ben Gvir and Smotrich are not listening to Netanyahu, who is weak and dependent on such ministers to keep him out of prison on corruption charges. Matters are moving to a climax – one way or another.”

What is emerging more clearly as events unfold in Israel-Palestine and the region is there are extremist factions who are itching for a kind of ‘final battle’ that will settle the ‘Palestinian issue’. Continuing from the quote above:

“The Israeli middle classes are on the street but are unlikely to find the inner-resolve for a violent fight.  The Mizrahi, the Settlers, and the Religious are itching for one – as the burning of Hawara has just demonstrated. For, they have a purpose, and it’s not new. It’s been mulled over for years. The radicals are quite open about it. And it’s not just about constitutional change.  The Judicial ‘reform’ is the steppingstone to the coming Big Demographic Shock:   

The project is to transfer of the bulk of the Palestinian population from the West Bank to east of the River Jordan (i.e. into Jordan itself), and to tie the rights of any Palestinians remaining west of the River to whatever sovereign entity emerges as successor to the Hashemite Kingdom (see here for a piece by Ali Shihabi, a close adviser to MbS, from last year – “The Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine”).”

However, the best-laid plans of those mice and men and all that would come to naught, given what lies just outside of Israel’s borders, as in the Axis of Resistance, who have also vowed to resolve the ‘Zionist issue’, as in driving it out of existence. And factions of them are prepared to die as martyrs in doing so. When it comes to that, it is worth noting that with the recent missile attacks targeting Israel from outside, Israel has lost its deterrence against the Axis of Resistance.

We note from the chart, above, directed Saturn squares the natal Meridian axis, which transiting Pluto activated when it passed over the IC. Pluto will pass back over the IC retrograde in August and then make its final pass, squaring directed Saturn exactly and completing the Pluto=Sat/MC combination in the 1st week of December this year – “a fateful struggle, a struggle ordained by destiny”. If this chart continues to prove itself, we will see this struggle manifest from now until the end of this year, with climaxing events from August. To the Axis of Resistance the Al-Aqsa mosque is the red line that will trigger that struggle. Even the Turks agree.

It is going to be a wild and rocky ride from now until the end of the year in Israel. The US will be too preoccupied with internal politics and the fallout from a collapsing war in Ukraine to rush to Israel’s aid, and Bibi can forget about  going to war with Iran to save his political bacon. A new intifada is all but guaranteed. Meditate for peace.

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