3/4 DEC 17

© Malvin Artley

...I enjoy investigating things and problem solving, and when I look at what confronts us in these times, I see something different from the fear and loathing we see so often in media, blogs and posts. I see a common humanity rising up and thumbing a collective nose at the entrenched power bases in the world. This causes a predictable reaction in the status quo, in that measures are introduced in order to maintain the old order. This is what we see with measures being attempted in governments and corporate-controlled media the world over to ‘maintain order’ and to label anything outside conventional narratives and media as false, conspiratorial or of ‘foreign influence’. But on the whole we humans always ultimately overcome those things. Light in this little globe of ours is increasing, and the next year – the Year of the Mountain Dog – will illustrate this to a pronounced degree...

Why do I feel optimistic?
Sagittarius is known for its optimism
The Age of Sagittarius
Sagittarius marks a particular stage
Esoterically Sagittarius
The full moon
And then, there is Saturn
Saudi Arabia
The current Saudi ‘situation’
Saudi Arabia facing many challenges
What would happen?
Here are a few points, though
A big question on everyone’s minds
Saturn at the Saudi midheaven
Turning to Australia
Moves toward freedom of choice
Moves we see toward censorship
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