31 MAR 18

© Malvin Artley

“...The Aries interval each year starts a new spiritual cycle, with the peak impulses for the year, coming with the full moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. With that in mind, these letters this year will focus on the various emerging realities in many fields of human activity as they relate to the twelve zodiacal signs. This particular letter will focus later on what has emerged from the past year and how it sets the tone for the next years. And, in terms of the year as a whole, it may interest you to watch a (video) outlining what is likely to emerge in terms of world events over the next decades, aside from geopolitics. To be clear, we are now witnessing in real time (if there is such a thing) what to many will be very disturbing events. However, what those events are leading us toward is a multipolar, more peaceful and equitable planet..."

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Topics covered:
Recent reflections on 2025
Aries, the new and the coming world order
Aries, orthodox and esoteric
From Pisces to Aquarius: the promise
The full moon
Recent shifts: Russia
Weapons as a way to peace?
The future of warfare: public opinion
Propaganda and our beloved social media
China’s road to a multipolar world
Europe and China
So, why all the posturing and resistance?
Towards a new view of the East
WWIII – not!
A few other initiatives
Our moment of opportunity has arrived