The Aries solar ingress 2021

With the solar ingress into Aries every year we start a new astrological cycle. As it turns out, this year also marks the start of a braver new world, and for many reasons. Much of why that would be will be covered in my Aries letter for 2021. We will touch on a few of the points here. In general, the Aries quarter will be marked by sudden events, some upsets, strong rhetoric and ‘messaging’, rebellion and a strong urge to freedom. We will see these sorts of events at home and abroad. And with the new boss in town (or so he thinks), we already see that the more things change sometimes, the more they stay the same. With these ideas in mind, we go to examine this quarter, from March through June.

The chart for the ingress is below (bigger):

The immediate items that stand out in the chart are the midpoints in the center of the chart wheel:

  • Ura=Sun/Moon: This is the closest midpoint and the most important – “The urge for freedom, the urge to act independently, lack of adaptability, inner rebellion. – Sudden events in friendship, marriage, parental home, shared upsets, sudden conflicts, separation of the partners.” This is supported by the next midpoint,
  • Ura=Jup/Plu: “Fanatical striving for improvements, the quick exploitation of every situation. – A sudden reform, a quick development, an adjustment to new circumstances.” Then, we have the last one, again supporting the other two,
  • Ura=Moon/Ven: “…the tendency to act suddenly under the dictates of feeling (with the exclusion of ego consciousness), fits of emotion. – Sudden experience in a woman’s life”

We also note Mercury is square to Mars, showing heated arguments and rhetoric, and reflecting the last bolded point, above. We already see the various statements coming out of the Biden administration regarding Iran, Russia and China, for instance. And in particular, such statements regarding Iran will be increased over the coming weeks. To be covered in the Aries letter, a door is quickly closing for the US to be able to re-enter the JCPOA or to be able to do anything further to Iran when it comes to sanctions or soft power. Iran is about to reach a new level of independence in its finances and infrastructure, in spite of sanctions and probably because of them.

We also see a square between the Moon and Neptune, which tends toward delusional thinking and general weakness. However, the Moon is also trine to Jupiter, showing optimism and which applies to female civic and government officials, in that their positions will be enhanced, as well as a general lift in optimism for the general public across the world. The latter may not seem so apparent at the moment, with a 3rd wave of the pandemic now starting, but this goes back to the Uranus midpoints, preceding.

Governments will not be able to institute the hard lockdowns they had over the past year, as public acceptance of them is at an end. And with vaccinations of the older population proceeding apace, the hospitals will not be nearly so loaded with the older patients. Any hard restrictions are likely to be short in duration, with a brighter outlook emerging as the quarter progresses. That applies to the domestic outlook in each nation. The international scene is a bit different however, shown in the Moon/Neptune square, the Uranus midpoints, and with the last square to consider, the Saturn/Uranus square.

The Saturn/Uranus square is passing at the moment, having been exact on 17 February this year. That was when Texas was in deep freeze and Cancún seemed to be the place to be. Saturn/Uranus combinations always highlight the struggle or tensions between the status quo (Saturn) and progress toward better conditions (Uranus). The square can be a very frustrating combination, showing as irritability, provocative conduct, emotional strains, rebellious behavior, and in extremes as violence, interventions in the destiny of self and others and the use of force.

The Saturn/Uranus square will be exact again just two days before the Cancer solar ingress, and within a degree of orb starting on June 1st. Keeping in mind the Aries to Cancer quarter is the most powerful quarter of the year, spiritually considered, what precipitates during this quarter will have carry-on effects for the whole of this year, starting subjectively. Last month we saw the Russian Federation saying, via Lavrov, it has had enough of Western sanctions and will now respond, ‘by all means.’ We can take what we want from that statement by Lavrov, but the Russians will no longer be rolling over when accused of something or sanctioned, and in doing so, will be endlessly cast as the aggressor. But his statement reflects the Saturn/Uranus square, and we will see it more and more in international relations as this year progresses. It will also apply to China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, et al.

Violent responses to world events can be expected in this quarter, as we saw with the recent American bombing of the Syrian border station. As a further example, the US is now ‘debating’ a military response to the rocket attack on the Al Asad air base in Iraq. Somehow this is supposed to complicate talks with Iran on the JCPOA. Well, Iran has elections in April, where the moderate Rouhani will be replaced (he cannot run for a 3rd term), probably by a harder line PM and government. Unless Biden relents, there will be no return to the JCPOA by the US and tensions with Iran will escalate as the months pass. Time is on Iran’s side.

But there are also more favorable energies for enhancing dialog in the figure, with Venus conjunct the Sun and sextile to Pluto. Women should play a powerful role this quarter and work to smooth over more strident tones in dialog. Women should also find themselves in more leadership roles. In addition, we also see Mercury in an approaching sextile to Uranus, further enhancing dialog and suggesting possible breakthroughs in negotiations. That sextile also means one should nurture revolutionary ideas and unusual approaches to challenges. It is also a call to greater independence in thought.

Time will tell, but belligerence will be fully on display this quarter, with the Sun and Venus square to Ixion, the latter giving an air of, “What’s the use?” Although modified by the sextile to Pluto, the Sun/Venus conjunction speaks of the need for justice, for equity and for fairness. So although there is the possibility for more gainful approaches to a unified response to challenges, there is also a strong recalcitrant theme that is running through Western politics and East-West relations. It would be very easy to throw up one’s arms and utter the refrain of uselessness, but we also see that there are powerful forces pushing for diplomacy, more so than in recent years.

And then we see Orcus at the midpoint of Mars and the Nodes, showing on the one hand energetic cooperation in shared goals, as well as the tendency to arguments and rifts between parties, as we are seeing in the US Congress, for instance. With the involvement of Orcus, justice must prevail in relations, or the outcome will mean a punishing interlude to follow, along with sharper divides.

This quarter will be one to watch. We will either see a move toward resolution of problems that have increasingly beset us in recent years, or a dividing chasm that will grow to be seemingly insurmountable. The US will hold many keys and opportunities in that regard, and that will be reflected through Europe and Oceania. There are a few key events to take place in this quarter that will set a bigger agenda into the next few years, involving the whole of Asia and especially the Far East and West Asia. Again, we will cover that more in the Aries letter, because what we are looking at from now to 2025 is a braver new world, one where nations and people are beginning to stand up for themselves and where the status quo will be giving way to something more equitable in human and international relations. Ever the trailblazer, Aries usually indicates the way forward into the immediate future. We need our pioneers to step forward now to confront the idea that there is no alternative to the way things have been. Happy Easter!

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