Welcome to MalvinArtley.com and the Western section of this site. This section of the site is devoted exclusively to modern Western systems of astrology, primarily leaning toward specialist and esoteric traditions. There is also a section devoted to mundane (world) astrology and special events. Sections to include: prenatal astrology, astronomy, esoteric astrology, researches, aspect patterns and special topics as they arise. Enjoy!


In this letter: A symbolic day, Pisces: a short overview, Pluto, Pisces, salvation and spiritual teachers, The full moon and Orcus, Orcus and Neptune in opposition, Marching us off to war?, Our current propaganda, War and 2025?, Scared yet?, The real purpose of Russia-gate, Livin’ in the USA, Crises and hope, Heads-up, Australia, And how would that war go?, The world and 2025, Hope for the future, Hope and her two sisters

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