Welcome to MalvinArtley.com and the Western section of this site. This section of the site is devoted exclusively to modern Western systems of astrology, primarily leaning toward specialist and esoteric traditions. There is also a section devoted to mundane (world) astrology and special events. Sections to include: prenatal astrology, astronomy, esoteric astrology, researches, aspect patterns and special topics as they arise. Enjoy!


In this letter: Why do I feel optimistic?, Sagittarius is known for its optimism, The Age of Sagittarius, Sagittarius marks a particular stage, Initiation, Esoterically Sagittarius, The full moon, And then, there is Saturn, Saudi Arabia, The current Saudi ‘situation’, Saudi Arabia facing many challenges, What would happen?, Here are a few points, though, A big question on everyone’s minds, Saturn at the Saudi Midheaven, Zimbabwe, Turning to Australia, Moves toward freedom of choice, Moves we see toward censorship

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