Welcome to MalvinArtley.com and the Western section of this site. This section of the site is devoted exclusively to modern Western systems of astrology, primarily leaning toward specialist and esoteric traditions. There is also a section devoted to mundane (world) astrology and special events. Sections to include: prenatal astrology, astronomy, esoteric astrology, researches, aspect patterns and special topics as they arise. Enjoy!


A look at the full moon of Capricorn, with a deeper look at the sign and its more esoteric implications, especially as it relates to the Christmas season, initiation, the breakup of crystallized thought and so forth. Then, there is a look at the mundane factors before us as the year unfolds on the world stage--the incoming US administration, US/international relations, the "Russian hacking" furor, propaganda wars, the effort to derail Trump and the many crystallized patterns of thought which are in the process of being broken up through the influence of Pluto in Capricorn. It will be a full year!

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