Vacationing in Cancún

I can imagine there are quite a few Texans who wished they could have been on vacation in Cancún right about mid-February this year. Around that time of year weather in Cancún is 80°F. Texas was a bit colder, as in below freezing. But it reached balmy highs of 42°F in those days in Texas. So, why talk about the weather when there is so much else going on in the US and the world? The South of the US was in the midst of enduring the effects of a strong winter storm, soon followed by another. But it is a story that is much more than tales of a winter wonderland. This one involves politics, economics, sterling personalities and hypocrisy. People in Texas will remember the name ‘Uri’ come the next election. You can take that one to the bank. They will also remember the name of one ‘Lyin’ Ted’. And no, Uri is not a Russian name and nor did they hack the US weather or the Texas power grid, just FYI. Continue reading “Vacationing in Cancún”