29/30 APR 2018

© Malvin Artley

...we see great movement, shifting and shaking out of outworn concepts. Venusian and 4th and 7th Ray nations will slowly come more and more into prominence, whereas the 6th Ray personalities such as the US will wane in importance. The latter will still be powerful materially, but probably not nearly to the extent that we see now...if we want to aid in the process of transition which we are all undergoing at the moment, we need clarity, right action, goodwill instead of suspicion, investigation when our inner sense of things tells us that something is not right, and though it may seem a little contradictory, we need a little stress in our lives to get us away from our electronic devices and acting to make outcomes more positive. Taurus is the catalyst that leads us from the path of dissatisfaction to bliss, from crashing about to peace, from ignorance to beauty of thought and deed, from shouting in anger to singing with joy. As such it is one our most important full moons of the year, and this one in particular will have a most unusual effect in the years to come. May we all be open to receive and act upon the opportunities presented, now and into the future....

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Topics covered:
Are we living in interesting times?
Taureans, Taurus and Buddhism
By what light are we guided?
The full moon
Uranus enters Taurus
Uranus, Taurus and economic changes
The Koreas
China of history and now
China and its coming opportunity
The Far East and spirituality
The coming world order
Other nations, cities and Taurus