The EU Parliamentary elections, an overview

Europe goes to the polls starting tomorrow, and continuing through the 26th, to elect a new EU Parliament. These elections are going to be closely watched. Change is in the air, and the European establishment is ill-at-ease. Europe has taken a turn toward conservative/reactionary parties in recent years. Fears of the return of fascism to Europe are being whipped up. The mainstream media calls the emerging parties ‘far-right’, hoping to marginalize them. It’s not working. People are fed up with ‘politics as usual’ in Europe. Big changes are coming to the EU. But, is the future for Europe as dystopic as the fear mongers are saying? Continue reading “The EU Parliamentary elections, an overview”

The 2019 Australian election

Aussies go to the polls in federal elections in a few hours, in an atmosphere that is less than favorable for either of the major parties. I had gone back and forth in my mind about posting this or not, given the vote was forecast to be so close. The polls show a victory for Labor, but polls have been known to be wrong – witness Donald Trump. If Labor is victorious, the margin will probably be slim. But the same for the Libs as well. The astrology for the day will give us some clues, though, and it shows a probable opposition victory. But before Labor supporters get too excited, there is more to the story than meets the eye. There is a wild card here, which finally prompted me to do this post. Continue reading “The 2019 Australian election”