The Cancer solar ingress 2021

The Aries to Cancer quarter for 2021 has been quite an exciting period, with Mars out-of-bounds for two-thirds of the quarter. ‘Exciting’ may not be the word some readers would use to describe a quarter marked by the world being on the edge of WWIII over the Donbass, a war in Israel between Hamas and the IDF, an insurrection by Palestinians against Israeli security forces, the strange case of the Ryanair flight in Belarus, the Ever Given incident, and so forth. But yet to other readers, some other rather major and positive changes have come out of that period. The Aries quarter lived up to its forecast and then some. The Cancer-to-Libra quarter will appear to be a smoother ride, but beware the hidden agendas, the big fails and blunders and the tests of nerves. For this quarter, security concerns will see marked and perhaps revolutionary crossroads and turning points. Continue reading “The Cancer solar ingress 2021”

The planetary indicators for 2021

Got a feelin’ ’21 is gonna be a good year? With last year in mind, we would probably have good reason not to be over-optimistic. But we start with a song:

“You didn’t hear it. You didn’t see it. You won’t say nothin’ to no one ever in your life. You never heard it, How absurd it, all seems without any proof… You won’t say nothin’ to no one. Never tell a soul, what you know is the truth” Apt lyrics, because 2021 will be the year of the great gaslighting across the West, along with a big dose of censorship. Je suis Tommy. Continue reading “The planetary indicators for 2021”