The AUKUS ruckus

This is a story that will not be going away any time soon. We all might live in a yellow submarine, as the Beatles would have it, but Australians now get to try their hands at nuclear submarines. Well, ‘Yellowcake’ is part of the process, isn’t it? And we aren’t talking about Betty Crocker here. Jokes aside, the AUKUS – Australian, United Kingdom and United States – agreement has many threads running through it, which we will unpack to a degree here. The general world view is that AUKUS is a sub-standard deal (pardon the pun) for Australia, a win for the United States and UK, a loss for the EU and France, and otherwise an unwise decision on the part of the Australian government. There again, opinions differ, depending on one’s geopolitical stance. So, let’s start unpacking. Continue reading “The AUKUS ruckus”

Fakhrizadeh: What his death really means

On 27 Nov 2020 Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a prominent Iranian physicist, was murdered in what can only be described as a professionally executed act of state sponsored terrorism. It was a pre-planned assassination that has been roundly denounced, if not condemned, even by a US official. We don’t have any birth details on Fakhrizadeh himself, and in our considerations to follow, it doesn’t matter anyway. What is important is what his assassination means to the wider world, the region, and specifically Iran, the US and Israel, the latter two being blamed for the event, and for obvious reasons, to be outlined as we go along. This post will be the first of several on the matter, as this event is a very significant event in the history of Israel and Iran, and the influence of the Zionist lobby in the United States. Continue reading “Fakhrizadeh: What his death really means”

Tracking the special relationship

It has been stated in the past that the United States and the UK have a special relationship. The first most well-known reference to said relation was uttered in a speech by Winston Churchill in 1946, but there has been reference to the same since the 19th century. Many of us have heard the term ‘six degrees of separation’, referring to how we are all related to one another after some fashion by a string of six relations or acquaintances. There is an astrological measure that also refers to six degrees of separation between the US and UK, which is the subject of this post, among other measures. And there is one factor in particular, in evidence now, that is tracking both nations very closely, and which will signify very significant changes to come in both nations. Continue reading “Tracking the special relationship”