"The Israel Letter"

© Malvin Artley

...Despite appearances from statements to come and the title, this is a letter of hope. We will begin 2018 with a world on edge, wondering where we are headed in light of recent events, afraid of war, dumbfounded at the cynicism, fecklessness and stupidity of many of our leaders and lawmakers, alarmed at the rise of the far-right in political spheres, and so forth. If we focus solely on that, then the world appears to be headed toward a dark, dystopic future. For one, I refuse to buy into that line of thinking. When I look out what is unfolding, I see a humanity rapidly awakening and responding to events, dissatisfied and becoming motivated toward changing the staid old power structures that seek their continuation at our expense, a world where people increasingly see through the propaganda of the corporate press and media and the elitist political parties, and rapid and significant push-back by the public against reactionary and oppressive policy. Some of you might think that to be pie-in-the-sky, but I have great faith in the common goodness of our fellow man ...[To read the full article, go to the download button above]

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