22 Dec 2018

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Greetings Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! As we wind down the secular year of 2018 we can look back on a year that has brought some monumental changes in the emerging international order. I will be covering much of that in the Chinese New Year letter early next year – 2019, the Year of the Monastic Pig. It will be a year in particular that will relate to ‘paying the piper’, meaning it will be a time of reassessment and taking into account what has taken place in the years before. The Pig is the last of the Chinese animal signs and marks the end of their Great Year of 12 years. With regard to paying the piper, along about every April 15th each year I would hear a familiar refrain from my father: “There are two things you can’t escape in this life, son – death and taxes.” Americans will know well the significance of that date. However, if one knows how, one can indeed escape taxes, as we have seen especially in recent decades. We will get to the taxes bit a little later in this piece, but first a little story.

A story, a service: Our oldest dog, Nino, just made his transition. I’m not after any sympathy, nor do I want any. He lived well in the few years he spent with us, and we have no regrets, only fond memories. There is a point to this, related to Capricorn and our present historical period, but first the story. Nino’s story was a bit of a tragedy. He came to us after being taken to our vet by the previous ‘owners’, a term I quite dislike. No one owns life. One might be able to control a body and mind, but life itself is beyond anyone’s control, and without price. The point is, the previous caretaker had taken him there to be put down because he was ‘inconvenient’. With friends like that, who needs enemies, right? The vet put him into a drug-induced coma for a day, simulating death, after telling the unfortunate soul who brought Nino there that he didn’t kill animals under normal circumstances. He was good to his word. After a few hours he contacted us and the rest, as they say, is history. We enjoyed having Nino with us for a few years. He was twelve years old when we received him into our care.

In the past couple of months we began to notice Nino having increasing difficulty with movement, then with vision. His system was beginning to wind down, something we had been expecting. All the signs were there. He was almost 16, after all, which is pretty good for a cocker spaniel. They normally only live for 12 to 15 years. A couple of weeks ago Nino began to sleep all the time. Then he got to the point he couldn’t find the water or feed bowls. We had to take him outside long enough to do his business, and then direct him to eat. He would eat a little, go to sleep in the middle of it and then forget what he was doing. In the last days with him I had to feed him by hand, until he stopped taking food and water altogether. I knew it was only days until the final moment then. In the end he went into coma and had trouble breathing, at which point we had to take him to the vet, the circle then completed. The vet saw there was no other recourse, and then Nino was gone. It was all very peaceful. He felt no pain. It was sad, of course. Tears for an old friend. Anyone who has had animal companions knows the score. In a way it was reassuring to watch the process progress, though, to be able to mark and trace the significant events, right up until the end and to be able to care for him throughout the process, in his own way, in his own time. It also enables time for those left behind to prepare for the outcome. We felt quite honored and blessed to be able to be able to do that for him. Now we celebrate the gift that was Nino, our Christmas gift this year.

Signs of passage: So, here is the point to this story: We are collectively watching the beginning signs of another death process. In knowing the signs, we know to prepare and how. This time it relates to our present society, more specifically the financial side of it. And to be quite pointed about it, the process relates primarily to the West in general, especially Europe and North America. Systems and institutions that we knew and which made the West great and the envy of much of the world through the post-WWII decades no longer work nearly as well as they did. We see greater and greater inequalities in wealth, while in the East the situation is reversed. We have increased rates of suicide, drug use and abuse, increased unemployment, a divisive society, assaults on our cultures, stagnant wage growth, even all the while the US stock market has steadily risen – a sign of something other than a good economy. Now even that is becoming shaky. We feel uneasy, like something has to give. We see unrest in Europe, a Brexit process increasingly in question, European banking crises, and so forth. What exactly is dying, then? It is known by various names: ‘Reagonomics’, 3rd Way economics, globalism, Thatcherism, neo-liberal economics, trickle-down economics – all different faces of the same thing.

Globalism and Internationalism: If one is on the internet and pays attention to alternative and/or independent media, one hears about the evils of globalism quite often. Globalism is based in the neo-liberal economic system, but it is often conflated with internationalism. The two are actually quite different. Globalism is a small, extreme form of internationalism that is thankfully short-lived. An extreme form of any system normally does not last for very long. It crystallizes quickly and then breaks down because of its inability to adapt. There is a video that explains the differences quite well. Unfortunately, the talk and reaction against globalism has the tendency to cause distrust of any form of internationalism. Yet, the latter is that attitude toward which we are moving in the Aquarian Age. It will take a long time to fully evolve, but the seeds of it have already sprouted. Our present form of internationalism is heavily tainted with control instead of brotherhood, selfishness instead of sharing and imposed ideology instead of respect of people’s and nations’ individuality.

The neo-liberal economic system is one that has a peculiarly Atlantean karma attached to it, and in  this case it is centered primarily in New York, Brussels and London, which are all old Atlantean outposts. There was a particular sin to which the Atlanteans were prone, and that was theft.[i] Our present economic system, with which we have been saddled for the past 40 years or so, is essentially based in theft and usury, another name for the same thing. It was a great materialistic initiative which followed in the wake of the spiritual impulse that came in around the mid-1970s, the latter we otherwise came to know as the New Age Movement.  Of course the spiritual side of it was much more than the New Age Movement. It affected all areas of human life, most noticeably in the sciences. We won’t go into all that here. For the US the thing that triggered the implementation of that form of economics was the Vietnam war. In short, we couldn’t pay for it with the existing economic model at the time, which was based on the gold standard. Nixon took us off the gold standard, made the US dollar a fiat currency, allied us with the Saudis and then the regulations and taxes on the wealthy began to come off with succeeding administrations, increasingly putting the burden on the US taxpayer. Each successive administration, regardless of party, has continued that policy, and life for the average American has gone from bad to worse. It is the same throughout much of the rest of the West, which includes Australia and New Zealand. We won’t go on about all that here, either.

In order not to be too long-winded here, all the matters just touched upon – death, taxes, austerity, finances, the concentration of power, and so on – are related to Capricorn in some way or another via Saturn, its ruler. We will get to the sign after some preliminary statements. Saturn has long been associated with death, restriction, the control of money, regulations, etc. And Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, has associations with miserliness, the concentration of wealth, financial success and material well-being. That is its mundane expression. Spiritually it is quite another matter, which we will address. But another point to be made here is that Pluto and Saturn are both now in Capricorn, both planets associated with death in different ways. And then we have Uranus about to fully enter the sign Taurus, which points to reorganization of economic systems and more precisely, reform of the same. Thus, the signs of decline and eventual death are all there, and the time is upon us for the changes we have been hearing about, such as with all the talk of financial collapse and so forth, although it does not have to go that way. Alas, we don’t seem to learn from history, though, nor even do we seem to want to study it, speaking collectively.

Historical context: In this letter, later, we will take a closer look at Europe, because what happens in Europe will have a direct bearing on the US, and vice-versa. But most all of the Capricorn nations and cities listed in Destiny of the Nations are in Europe. And there is a wider consideration, too, because what we are also seeing is a shift in and lessening of the dominance of the West that began to take shape 500 years ago, the last time we had Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn. And, at the same time Uranus was also in Taurus, as we see today. What happened then? The year was 1517, the year that began the Protestant Reformation. Keep in mind, at that point in history the Church was the hegemonic political power in Western Europe. The 16th century is generally seen as marking the rise of the West as the central world power base. Spain and Portugal were the major colonial powers, establishing themselves across the globe. The power of the Church began to break down after 1517. That period was also the height of the Renaissance in Europe. It began what we know as mercantilism, another form of theft, which has morphed into other forms, today called protectionism, and which we see now with the trade wars the Trump administration is seeking to use as leverage against other states.

Five hundred years is also a 2nd ray cycle, marking a cycle of unification, but also of an inflow of wisdom into world affairs. The pendulum swings, the cycles repeat and humanity progresses. The difference this time around, in distinction to the period started in 1517, is that the East is now becoming the world power base. A new ray, the 7th, is now coming in. All this will take a long time, as was recently stated, but it is happening before our eyes. And true to the last time, there is a hegemon that is under challenge, which is breaking down and which is being challenged increasingly by a more humanistic impulse and rising world powers. The latter may not appear so at the moment, but time will bear it out. The West has enjoyed great prosperity over the past 500  years, but it has done so on the backs of other conquered peoples. And with the system that is breaking down now, that is not to say that the West will become impoverished. Far from it. But it will lose its dominance. Hegemony will give way to international cooperation over time – decades if not centuries – a true sense of internationalism, replacing our present trend toward globalism. The Catholic Church did not disappear in the 16th century, for example, but its dominance over the affairs of humanity was profoundly diminished over time.

Esoteric Capricorn: We begin with Capricorn, then, and see where this leads us. Capricorn rules the natural 10th house of the zodiac. It is a sign that represents culmination and perfection, after which crystallization ensues and eventual breakdown. It represents liberation from the hold of the personality over the soul, and in that sense represents the death of personality. Hence, its connection with death. Death in Capricorn in truth is liberation. Spiritually it is represented for us in the ‘mountaintop experience’ when, having risen above the confines of earth, water and clouds, we have our first visions of what we might call ‘spiritual realities’, for lack of a better term. This phase represents the death of personality control. It is reflected for us in the esoteric motto for the sign: “Lost am I in Light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.” In its ultimate attainment it represents for us the first major initiation, the Transfiguration, otherwise known in Buddhism as the ‘Path of Seeing’, or the ground of ‘The Very Joyous’. It is indeed a transfiguring experience for the person who attains that state, however long. It comes after the arduous periods of purification on the paths of aspiration and discipleship, the latter being the so-called ‘rocky path up to the summit’.

Saturn is the ruler of this sign, both in the orthodox and esoterically,[ii] with Venus being the ultimate ruler. Saturn is the lord of karma,[iii] and no one attains the light supernal without having first fulfilled the requirements necessary for the experience. Saturn represents the requirements, the tasks that must be undertaken, and the great opportunity represented at the fulfillment of those efforts. Saturn is the planet that brings opportunity.[iv] In everyday language we say, no pain, no gain. It is analogous in Mahayana Buddhism to the following verse:[v]

Gaining then genuine certainty that I must guard the pure vows that are the foundation of accomplishing worldly and transcendent attainments, I ask blessing to guard these vows at the risk of my life.

What does the vision at the mountaintop confer, then? And why does it represent a culminating experience? When we enter the spiritual path, we might initially do it for selfish reasons, often unacknowledged by us as such at the time, but otherwise for the noble purpose of being of service to humanity and all of our companion creatures/beings. This is a pure vow. It is the nature of the path for our planet, our solar system being on a path toward the perfection of the expression of love and wisdom.[vi] Everyone who undertakes spiritual discipline ultimately comes to realize that. There is no progress on the path without service, service being the primary expression of love. Attainments (siddhis/powers) can be forced temporarily by other means, but ‘temporarily’ is the operative word there, and such means are fraught with danger, especially if one attempts to do so alone.

So, we make a vow to ourselves – the most important vows we make – to be more loving, more compassionate, to render service according to need, not solely as we wish to, to see the common ground with others instead of what separates us, and so forth. This is the rocky path, because at every turn we are challenged as to our vows, what we otherwise call our ideals. And in the testing of such and the successes we have we accumulate wisdom, which Saturn also represents. In the early stages we take on our practices and do so with an ambition to be better as people, to seek wisdom, to progress along the way. Saturn rules ambition, too, and is reflected through the sign Capricorn. And eventually, after we have trodden the rocky path, being sore from the climbing, cut by the rocks, sick from the lofty atmosphere, we see it, the vision we sought, blinding in its intensity, the most supreme bliss we could ever imagine, beyond all description, but we’ll try:

We are a point of individuality in an endless ocean of consciousness, infinitely interconnected with all other points, and we become overwhelmingly imbued with the burning impulse to bring all other beings we encounter to experience that supreme state of ‘The Very Joyful’. And having realized that, we turn our backs on the experience, seeing that if we do not return and bring that help to others in order to attain that state, then our lives mean little, if anything. We are heartsick at seeing the suffering under which others who do not have that vision suffer. Our life, meaning our spiritual life, is at risk if we do not return. We make the ultimate sacrifice (Saturn again), and devote ourselves to that service, the Great Work.

Coming back to earth, then, Capricorn represents attainment, and all Capricorn types carry that theme somewhere in their nature. They must make effort and attain a goal, and they most often do. The developed Capricorn makes a good executive, is careful with their ideals, works hard at their tasks and take themselves very seriously in their chosen field, expecting those around them to do likewise, or to take them seriously. They are ambitious and let little stand in their way. Yet, they shoulder their responsibilities without complaint, knowing what is at stake. Thus they can seem cold and sometimes are, but you will find them in some area where they have excelled and attained excellence in some field. And they do command respect, mostly by example.

Materialistic Capricorn: There is another side to Capricorn, though, more materialistic, but just as ambitious in their own way. Aside from the factors just mentioned Capricorn also rules business interests, industrialists, land and land-owners (speculators esp.) and politics in general. Saturn, its ruler, governs austerity measures, bankruptcies, avarice and miserliness – in other words, the opposite of what we just discussed and showing some of the worst traits of humanity. In fact, it is said that Capricorn expresses all that is best and worst in humanity for all the preceding reasons.[vii] In our present historical period this role of Saturn and Capricorn has manifested as corporate interests having driven politics for years now, what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex, to the point we are beginning to see our present world order beginning to break down. Our present world problem, then, and its solution as well can be summarized in the following:

Practically all world problems and differences are based upon an economic situation. It is, therefore, more important in the solution of the present world problem than are the political rivalries and the selfish, individual, national ambitions…The providing of adequate food, raiment and housing facilities to the unthinking masses everywhere will bring about a changed world psychology, which will be constructive and sound, and which will usher in the deeply desired era of peace and plenty. That the problem is unsolved and is difficult no one denies, and for this, man's selfishness and greed is responsible. It is, in reality, relatively simple, if not complicated by too much statistical deduction and the opposed selfishness of national and moneyed interests.[viii]

And yes, such a state of affairs will entail a certain amount of socialism for its implementation. And guess where we see such situations and systems in place: in the East.

Signs of social breakdown: So, let’s pause here, remembering our happy little Christmas story a t the start of this piece. What are the signs within a nation of a dying economic, and thus social order? We might list some of them:

It has been stated that neither capital nor labor can rule a society to the detriment of either.[x] Both are needed, and some sort of balance must be achieved if a society is to progress and its citizenry made vibrant, productive and happy. We have had glimpses of it in the past. But reading between the lines, what we are looking at with such a scenario is a semi-socialized economy, what is now called a ‘mixed economy’. This is what we see in nations such as Russia, Iran and China. Those nations have lifted the majority of their people out of poverty to a large degree, improved living standards, health and life expectancy, while the West is slowly collapsing in many areas. If you want to get a shock, travel to Russia or China (here, here and here) sometime. I have been to China. I can vouch for its progress. You would see immediately that much of what we are told in Western mainstream media about the government and the effects of semi-socialism in those places is false. Recent attendees of the Olympics in Russia saw much the same. Their infrastructure, at least in the cities, is clean, modern, efficient and fast. We can still do so in the US and UK, but to do so will require changing Congress/Parliament and telling vested interests to take a long hike. The problems of labor and capital will primarily be worked out in the UK, US and France, we are told. So, with all these points in mind, we move on to the full moon, ingress and the nations.

Capricorn ingress: The Capricorn ingress this year is going to mark a particularly restive period. We have a US President becoming more and more marginalized, an Israeli Prime Minister about to be formally charged with fraud, a Ukrainian president who wants to avoid elections next year at all costs – even at the cost of his nation – ongoing dramas with Brexit, Macron likely to lose his job, the continuation of protests in France ongoing off and on since 2010, the arrest of the Huawei chief financial officer in Canada (which will produce retaliation), the question of MbS in Saudi Arabia and a Eurozone under great stress as a result of most of the preceding. I have covered the mundane aspects of some of these in separate articles (here, here, here, here and here), so we won’t go over old ground. You can read the other articles at your leisure. The point to the preceding is that when leaders come under such stress they often engineer incidents to boost their flagging approval ratings. This might sound cynical, even criminal (which it is) but history has provided many examples. The Sea of Azov incident in November is a prime example of such. It didn’t help Poroshenko at all, though, much to his disappointment.

The full moon takes place on 22 Dec 18 at 17:48 UT (4:48 AM AEDT on the 23rd). The full moon lies across the Capricorn/Cancer axis on the Aries point (the 1st degree of the cardinal signs), less than a day after the ingress, so the charts are virtually identical in terms of aspects. In the ingress figure the Moon is moving up to square Mars from Gemini, and is at the midpoint of Mars and Neptune by square, indicating oversensitivity, a general lassitude and even theft, or losses. That will be with us for the quarter, aside from the aspects just mentioned. So, we have a mix of factors. What we can take from this is that the leaders under stress will be feeling that sense of weakness and will try to shore up their voter bases, with the possibility of acting out in various scenarios.

But for the full moon, we have the Moon conjunct the great star Betelgeuse[xi], (α Orionis) which gives, “an active mind, strong will, turbulence, rebellion under restraint, military successes but suffering through quarrels with superiors, the likelihood of great power, honor and wealth.” The Sun is conjunct the star Sinistra (the left hand, ν Ophiuchi), which holds the tail of the serpent in that constellation. In terms of these two stars and luminaries we have the Moon representing the past, sentiments, the general public in mundane charts, and in the sign that it rules (Cancer), which indicates greater strength for the masses, the revelation of things from the past and a view toward better outcomes, the latter reinforced by a sextile from Uranus. That sector of Cancer, in Chinese astrology, is connected with tragic deaths and decapitations, which will be of interest when we talk about France a little later. Uranus is also trine the Sun, making an ‘easy opposition’ of the full moon axis, with that trine being indicative of more progressive, humanistic outcomes in world affairs. Couple this with what was mentioned about Capricorn previously, and we have a quarter that will be marked by a more restive populace worldwide, calling governments to account. The Sun at the tail of the serpent is quite symbolic, the serpent representing wisdom and healing in this case (Ophiuchus being the master healer), and we have what will be a positive quarter, although ‘active’ for the common person and with current world leaders being more and more on the back foot. This goes along with what was mentioned at the start of this letter regarding the death of an old system, which we will outline next.

Quaoar: Before we go to the outline, there is one more consideration in this period that readers may find of interest. The Sun in the full moon and ingress figures is conjunct a little dwarf planet, Quaoar (kwă-ō´-ăr), 2002 LM60. From a book I have yet to publish:

“Quaoar[xii] was a creation deity in the mythology of the Tongva people of North America, from the area around what is now Los Angeles. As the myth is told, out of primordial chaos, Quaoar sang and danced the world and the higher deities into existence, and then receded once his work was done, fading into obscurity. Quaoar is suggestive of a creative force which lies beyond human perception. As such it can represent a portal through which something of the primordial mind[xiii] can be accessed. To me, Quaoar represents a now-latent creative force which can be roused into activity for the purpose of bringing a new order to life and renewed creative impulses. I would see it as functioning in the realm of the immediate unconscious. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Silent Watcher[xiv], or at least the higher Self, though not analogous with it. Like the dwarf planet Eris, it brings with it fresh perspectives; but unlike Eris, its energies must be invoked, which must be approached through ritual, music and movement (re: the dancing nature of the myth).

Most of all, though, Quaoar’s great gift to humanity comes via the imagination. Quaoar appears to have a particular affinity with the arts and sciences, and particularly the psychological and neurosciences with regard to the sciences. Unless one can use the imagination, Quaoar as a factor in the horoscope is never realized. Its influence in the chart has produced an august lineage of poets, writers, actors, film directors, musicians and scientists. Some of the more notable figures who were able to utilize its energy are Albert Einstein, Peter Sellers and Paul McCartney, all of whom had Quaoar on their ascendant. Out of chaos, creativity and a new order arises.”

Can we thus imagine, or dare to do so, new realities through this quarter? What must we bring in to change the world order, replacing it with one that is more in line with the spiritual destiny of our planet, thus offsetting the materialists’ efforts over the past 40+ years? For the latter is what is now in the process of dying, the first real cracks appearing this year in any substantive measure. With these points in mind we turn now to the nations with Capricorn as we round the last corner on our consideration of the spiritual destiny of the nations, which we have been outlining this year.

The nations with Capricorn:[xv]

Soul: Finland (Aries personality)

Personality: Australia (Virgo soul), Austria (Libra soul), Greece (Virgo soul), India (Aries soul), Japan (Scorpio soul), Spain (Sagittarius soul)

Cities: both with Capricorn as personality: Paris (Virgo soul) and Brussels (Gemini soul). Warsaw has Capricorn as its soul ruler, with Pisces for its personality

There are quite a number, as we can see. From the preceding we see that Finland and India are mirroring each other as to their signs. Also, we see that Australia, Greece and Paris have the same signs in the same positions (Virgo soul, Capricorn personality). We also see that there are far more nations and cities with Capricorn as the personality, with only Finland and Warsaw having that as a latent soul expression. This latter sentence is most important to our present considerations, as those places are where we are seeing the first signs that an old system is beginning its death process with the possibility of new orders arising. With that in mind, what is it that characterizes a nation or city with Capricorn as its personality expression? To summarize, we have the following:

Due to the sheer volume of events and the importance of what is happening in Europe now we will have to leave Japan, India and Austria out of this discussion. The same for Finland. We discussed Spain somewhat in the last letter. The events taking place now in France, London and Brussels will be most important to developments over the next decade and especially until 2025 for the West in general. I will have to address the other nations in separate articles.

Brexit: Given the furor in the UK over Brexit we need to make a few comments here. I have addressed the largest part of this in the two previously linked articles, above, especially the more mundane aspects of it. If you want a more esoteric view and a more in depth look at the astrology, fellow astrologer Phillip Lindsay has a closer look more esoterically at both Brexit and the protests in France in his Capricorn letter. We could do that here, but my approach at present is to peel away the layers that veil the purposes of these events and their longer-term consequences, as much as we can surmise them, in this ‘Stage of the Forerunner’.[xvii] What we are seeing are events that are beginning to break the hold of materialists over the nations’ destinies. If successful it will expedite the reappearance of the great ashrams, when ‘the Masters will walk among us’.

So, for an update on Brexit, there was a recent confidence vote on Theresa May on the 12th. The transits to her chart pretty much tell the tale. She survived, but she is weakened, having faced a significant rebellion within her own party. The thing is, she inherited a poisoned chalice from Cameron when she got the job. No matter what she did she was going to face opposition. Opinions are running high on all sides, though. Her deal is pretty much a foregone conclusion – it will be voted down, with a vote due by 21st of January at the latest. I hear from many people, many within the esoteric community, who would be quite happy to see Brexit happen, claiming it will return sovereignty to the British. It won’t. It won’t because the EU is not the problem the British are facing. The sovereignty the British want must come from its own policies at home, starting with a shakeup of its financial order and its Parliament, much like what is needed in the US. Leaving the EU is not going to change that. The EU is going to have significant changes, possibly a breakup, certainly a major shakeup in the next few years itself. That will happen, Brexit or not. The French riots are a sign of things to come, which we will discuss more at length.

The thing that is most important in this whole discussion is to preserve some form of unity in Europe, and that is most easily done through economic union. London is a key to that, as is France, as is Italy. Germany is in the mix, too, which we will discuss in the Pisces letter. This is a key that is lost when we talk about Brexit. Because behind the EU, imperfect as it is, is a spiritual initiative, even an imperative – an emerging spirit of internationalism – but one that has been corrupted to an extent by the financial system and outside influences it inherited from before Maastricht (1993). That sense of internationalism has since been coopted into globalism, and it is that which is at the heart of Europe’s troubles. And that goes back to the post-WWII era and the control of Western Europe by the United States. Seen in that sense, the EU in its present state needs reform, yes. But that does not mean there should not be a European Union, nor that the UK should not be a part of it. We cannot go into all that here, but we will touch on parts of it. The spirit of unity must prevail. That being said, we move on now to the other Capricorn states and cities, first with France:

France’s role in our current historical period is being brought to the foreground now, most recently  with the gilet jaunes protests. France’s spiritual task is to “release the Light”, meaning revealing the nature and fact of the soul. It has been said that, as goes France, so goes the EU. So, let’s take a step back for a moment and look at what is really taking place there, because the gilet jaunes protests in France are not an isolated incident, nor were they to be unexpected. And, on top of that, they represent something more to us, which is at the root of what we see currently starting to fail and die out. These protests are actually a continuation of much greater protests that took place in 2010 and which have sprung up recurrently in different guises over the past eight years.

I wrote a preliminary piece on this, linked before, so we won’t repeat that here. These protests by and large are the result of what we might call ‘theft by stealth’ from the French people over time. The 2010 protests started as a reaction against the government seeking to raise the retirement age, on which the government had to backtrack. The reason the Sarkozy government wanted to raise the retirement age was due to austerity measures, the latter mandated by our current economic system – the so-called IMF ‘Washington consensus’ – privatize, adopt austerity measures, liberalize trade, deregulate finances, etc. The present government under Macron is a big exponent of such practices. And to be clear, the IMF, WTO and World Bank are all initiatives of and largely controlled by Washington. They are Atlanticist constructs, in which many European leaders and operatives happily cooperate, and are directly related to what is manifesting now as the struggles between capital and labor in France, the UK and US.

One of the first acts the Macron government undertook was to eliminate the wealth tax, which really got under the skin of the average citizen. The tax burden has been gradually shifted over years to the citizenry rather than the wealthy and corporations, as we see in many nations. Macron’s actions have just been the final straw. So, when he introduced the new diesel fuel tax the gloves came off and the present protests started. They started off peacefully enough, but turned violent after a couple of weeks and now we see other actors coming into them. But I digress.

Macron is ‘Washington’s man’ in Europe, as well as Brussels’ choice. He is a globalist, ‘3rd Way’ economist in the vein of Blair and Bill Clinton, having served a stint as an investment banker in one of the Rothschild banks. He also has Capricorn rising. He represents what is wrong with our current economic structures in the West and much of the developing world. The French public want him gone. They want the wealth tax restored. Good for them. He has since walked back on the diesel fuel tax, and now makes feeble attempts at assuaging the public with promises to raise the minimum wage and so forth. The real problem, the ones provoking the protests, quoting from a previously linked article, are “major cuts in take home pay, combined with job insecurity, combined with a mad neoliberal scientist who doesn’t believe he was elected to reflect the popular will but to rule as he technocratically thinks best.” If any of this sounds familiar, it should, because it is this same sort of mentality that we find in Brussels (headquarters of the EU), and in the US and the UK under different names. But here is where things get interesting, and why we should watch closely what is happening in France.

France has a long and proud history with revolution. They are in their fifth republic, perhaps soon to be the sixth. When the French Revolution of 1789 took place it sent shock waves through Europe, ending centuries on monarchical and Church rule over human affairs over the ensuing decades. The present republic was formed in 1958, around the time the EEC was founded, so we could probably rightly point to the French Fifth Republic being a key to the EU itself. The present protests are of particular interest because they are not organized, whereas the previous protests since 2010 have all had a central organizing body. Thus, this is a true popular uprising, and it is currently showing no signs of abating. This has the French establishment worried as well as Brussels and Washington and they want this dissipated at the soonest possible moment. As a result all sorts of crazy theories are being rolled out in the mainstream media. And it didn’t take long before the tired old Russian bear accusation raised its head in an effort to distract blame from the real culprits. People see through it, though. If you really want a good laugh, see here, here and here, to start.

For his part Macron is saying now that things will not go back to business as usual – more promises. Macron represents a French elite that is out of touch with the French public, a situation we find in many nations now. It is part and parcel of globalism. The longer the neo-liberal economic order persists, the more distant becomes the leadership in nations. It goes back to the struggle for balance between labor and capital. Macron was not elected by the people of France. He was put forward by powerful factions in France, along with a media blitz, fear tactics and slick marketing to stave off a Le Pen victory, which worked. He is deeply tied to the likes of Henry Kravis and Washington elites. But the chief demand that is crystallizing around the protests now is for Macron the resign, because of his arrogance and what he represents. The one thing that would cause that is a vote of no confidence, like we just saw with Theresa May in the UK. If the factions that put him in power see he is not going to deliver on their agenda, he will be forced to resign. Then a Le Pen presidency becomes a possibility again, although not likely considering what is arrayed against her. The media would endlessly speak of the horrors of such a state of affairs and how bad it would be for France. And the powers behind Macron would be hard at work to prevent it. But would a Le Pen presidency be bad for France?

Marine Le Pen has been called a far-right politician in the corporate media, but in reality she is more in the nature of a Gaullist. There is a big difference. Since she took over her party from her father she has moved it more into the mainstream. She stands for French culture. But importantly, she is a unionist, but is against the Eurozone. She is portrayed instead as being against the EU, and she is as far as the super-state goes. But her views are decidedly against globalism, and that is why she is cast in a poor light in the media. If you look at many of her views, they are actually quite similar to F.D. Roosevelt’s in the US when it comes to economic organization and banking. We know now to be careful and take things with a grain of salt when we hear people or nations being demonized in the press. Whether or not Le Pen would be allowed to lead France is another matter, and the French elite would fight tooth and nail against such a thing.

If you really want the French view from the street there is a video that tells why we are seeing the protests in France pretty clearly. But if the French want real change, then they must keep up the pressure on the government. And if people want the needed changes to come to the EU, protests such as the gilet jaunes must spread to much of the EU. Perhaps this is what I am seeing for the EU in the next few years, because I do see significant stress in Brussels for that period. Such protests are starting to crop up in Greece with a general transport strike to start (and here). These, too, are a reaction to the austerity measures introduced during the Greek financial crisis and their subsequent ‘bailout’, if you can call it that. We should take a moment and look at Greece, not only because it expresses a Capricorn personality and is now undergoing severe trials and breakdown of its old order, but also to see what would happen if Europe keeps going along with the Washington consensus.

Greece: Anyone who looks at what happened to Greece in their financial crisis, which started as a  result of the Great Recession of 2008/9, can see that the people of Greece were sold down the river, as we say in the US. An apt term, really. Tsipras, the Greek PM, after having agreed to the bailout package in defiance of the will of the Greek people, recently proudly announced that the worst of the crisis was over, that the bailout that resulted in the onerous austerity measures and debt burden are finished. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Greece faces a crushing debt burden even now, with public debt at 180% of GDP, and is facing austerity measures until at least 2060 – that’s not a misprint – if things continue as they are. Much of Europe and the rest of the world looked on in horror at what happened to Greece. The French and Italians certainly took note of it, and they are not having such measures imposed on them. The European Union will break apart if such an action is attempted in another large European state. And that takes us to the Eurozone.

The Eurozone: The Eurozone is a Capricorn/Virgo construct, with the Sun in Capricorn and Virgo rising. It is perhaps not surprising that it is the Greeks, with the same combination of signs, who have suffered the most under Eurozone policy. The Eurozone Sun, representing leadership in general, is unaspected, indicating an insular outlook, one that is disconnected from the rest of the chart, meaning that the leadership operates sometimes outside the desires of the individual states and has a tendency to ‘dictate from above’. The Eurozone could probably be seen as the primary problem of the EU. It is based in the Washington consensus and ECB policy takes its cue from that. Thus, we see the overbearing hand of Washington over EU financial policy. Keeping in mind that the EU could exist quite well without the Eurozone, that opens many possibilities. There have been three major blunders/impositions by the EU member states from its inception with Maastricht, and then Lisbon, which have led to its present problems. It is a view shared by many:

This is not to say these problems cannot be corrected. And given Washington’s current missteps internationally there would be corrections over time, if there is enough time. Europeans are gradually waking to the fact that Washington exerts too much control over European affairs. Currently there is a solar arc of Pluto to the Eurozone meridian, indicating the troubles that are besetting the zone now. And then, transiting Saturn is conjunct the Eurozone Sun, so there is cause for a serious re-think of Eurozone policy, whether there will be or not. The reason for this started with the Greek bailout, but has been brought to a head, first by Italy calling for a loosening of budget rules so it could address its financial situation without going into austerity measures. This has been resisted by the Eurozone. But with developments in France now, with Merkel on the ropes politically, with more nationalistic leaders being elected in EU member states and with growing resentment about austerity policies in EU states, The EU is not going to be able to get away with dictating outcomes for much longer, especially when it comes to finances and debt levels. Something has to give, and it could well see the end of the Euro as a currency.

The protests in France directly confront the Eurozone and NATO globalist outlook. The fact that Macron has had to backtrack and make further concessions is going to cause real problems for the Eurozone. If the concessions of Macron go through, France’s deficit will peak higher than Italy’s and the EU will have to allow Italian concessions, or apply double standards, which would only anger other EU states. Other states will be watching, and will likely follow suit if France is able to pull this off. Further, if the concessions go through, it will not bode well for Macron.

The gilet jaunes protests are a symbol and a catalyst for the whole of Europe. Such protests as we are seeing in France, Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands will spread. If the Italian government is unsuccessful with its challenge to the EU, as is increasingly looking to be the case, they will come to Italy, too. How far they will go is anyone’s guess. Plus, with the French protests they currently have the support of the police and many within the military. What we are seeing is the start of a true populist movement, the voice of the people, embracing all political persuasions. It is the only thing that will force the changes people want to see in France and the EU. If they succeed, then we would probably see a return to a looser union of states, but one that preserves the unique cultures of each country and is more needs-based, more in line with Aquarian humanistic principles.

Globalism and internationalism should not be confused. Globalism as it is now put forward is based  in IMF, WTO and World Bank doctrine and leans toward centralized, technocratic control. As an example, Macron was once heard to say that there is no French culture. Globalism, being primarily an American construct, leans toward homogenization of cultures. It is the old 6th ray model. It is at the heart of Macron’s statement, and it is something that has stuck in the minds of the French, and one reason they want him to go. The French are rightfully proud of their culture and want to preserve it. The same is true across Europe and North America, too. There is much to think about in the preceding, then, and a continent that will no doubt be questioning what it is to be ‘European’. The EU has much to commend it, especially along its spiritual side. Certain aspects of it have been premature and need adjusting, but those adjustments will be coming to other nations outside the EU as well. The US will likely be one of the last holdouts, but that could change with the next election.

Australia: I will end this piece with Australia, my second home. I have lived long enough to see our current economic system take hold, develop and begin its collapse. I have also seen it take increasing hold over governments in the West. Readers who get their news from established commercial outlets or who are not old enough to have seen these developments may think all this is a bunch of conspiratorial nonsense. I have had personal experience with it, though, mostly in Australia. I was living there when they began to sell off the state assets, claiming the need for privatization, for balancing the budget and all the usual lines politicians roll out to the public when they have mismanaged things. After they sold off the electricity, the water and major industry, the first thing that happened was all the rates went steadily upwards. So did rent and housing prices, and prices for a host of other things. Then the GST was introduced by the Howard government – a tax on consumers, really. But apparently, we Aussies are the richest people in the world, according to the amount of wealth per adult. I wonder how many average Australians feel that rich, when in the major cities a single family cannot buy their own home? (That might be changing). Australia used to call itself ‘the lucky country’. It still is in many ways, but the people there I talk with do not feel so lucky as they once did. They, too, are feeling the winds of change and the need for it, especially in politics.

I had a business in Oz, being a sole proprietor, which did well until the ‘Great Recession’. With that I saw half of my customers move overseas. Another quarter shut their doors, and in 2009 I barely had a phone call for business. The ones that moved overseas usually went to India or China. The ones that closed their doors did so because overseas customers wouldn’t pay them. Globalism. A couple of years later I had to leave, along with other reasons. I miss Oz, especially the land and the people. I don’t miss the politics, which is a shambles now, nor the high prices. Since I left I heard from friends that manufacturing went from bad to worse where I lived and that I made a wise choice in leaving. Maybe, but astrologically it was time for me to go anyway. Having said these things, with Australia’s Capricorn personality, but being such a young nation, why would it have the Capricorn expression? A clue: It’s a legacy from Britain.

That legacy has given Australia its public welfare system, along with universal health care. No one  there could truly be classed as impoverished, except if they chose to be. But the book, The Lucky Country, from where the country got its nickname, was written as an indictment of Australia’s political and economic system, pointing out that Australia rose to its present state of affairs more through luck than by innovation, by virtue of the system it inherited from Britain. Donald Horne, the author of the book, viewed the politicians of the day as weak (this was in 1964), a view that is still held today. Witness the recent bust-ups in Australian state and federal politics. But the title of the book was adopted as a nickname for the country much to the chagrin of Horne, who stated that because of that he had to sit through “the most appalling rubbish” as people misapplied the title from the sense in which it was written. Australian politics, like most Western nations, could do with a good shakeup. It is prone to all the same faults. But Australia is still quite a lucky country. We trust that it stays that way into the future. Capricorn for Oz represents not simply its inherited political system, but also its mineral wealth, which has made Aussies quite well off indeed.

Change will come there too, though, due to the same pressures we see everywhere else. I have heard several people state that they think Oz is far too materialistic and has lost – maybe not even yet found – its spiritual center. I wouldn’t say the latter. There is a basis for a very strong spirituality in Oz, but it is currently submerged in the overt materialism that is extant there at the moment. For the Capricorn/Virgo nations and Paris, theirs is a unique story. There is a deep spirituality in all of those places, which transcends any transient politics or cultural waves. Watch Greece. Watch Paris. Australia will follow suit, for their destiny is in some ways tied together. And in some ways the spiritual culture of Australia is more ancient than the other two, plus the addition of spiritual traditions from around the world. Capricorn and Virgo have a way of anchoring the spirit in earthly realities. Which brings us to our parting words for this letter.

From Capricorn to Aquarius: The death of the system that we are witnessing which has propped up governments and corporations now for years may come quickly, or may slowly decline. The longer it takes, the longer we have to prepare. But the longer it takes, the more suffering people will have to endure, too. One thing is for certain: the end is in sight. There will be many twists and turns in the story. But the world will go on. The East is giving us examples of how to progress. We have lived those examples before, though. The East learned many things about them from us. They can be reconstituted, but this time with more wisdom, with greater cooperation and without conflict of the sort that brought about the present order. Time has moved on as have the cycles. In the meantime we will hear about the horrors and evils of any form of socialism, of the grave economic situation that faces us, etc., etc. Just see that for what it is, which is fearmongering from a frightened group of people who seek to maintain the system as it has been, all the while seeing it fall apart before them.

We are headed from globalism to a truer form of internationalism. It will take time, but it will be here sooner than we might think. It is in the cycles and in the names of the great Ages. And along with the incoming Aquarian energies, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will break apart what needs breaking and make clear the way for more just and humane economics and trade relations, heralded by Uranus in Taurus. In the next letter we will address these coming changes and especially the two great nations, now at odds, which are meant to usher them in. So for now, we here in our personal world bid buon viaggio to our little friend Nino. As for the other death that is coming, good riddance. May our cultures be preserved, our livelihoods restored and may our gift this season be a vision of a future that we create together, rather than expecting it somehow to get better. Even Scrooge, Capricorn that he was, learned the joy and gift of giving in the end.

Happy New Year!
16 Dec 2018

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