4 OCT 17

© Malvin Artley

Among other things, Libra is the ruler over contracts in the natural zodiac. A contract is a form of partnership, for which Libra is most famously known. And no contract is more important to us than that of our relationship with our higher Self. The higher Self, the soul, is our reason for being in terms of what we contribute to the uplifting of life, with our karma being our reason for having to be born in our present state. But even in the latter, we see the soul at work, in that karma is a vehicle for growth and for higher realizations, for realizing an enhanced state of being, both for ourselves and others...And since we are talking about contracts and agreements here, there is perhaps no greater contract between nations than that which we know as the United Nations, hence the title of this letter...

What is in a contract?
Esoteric Libra
The ‘reversal of the wheel’
Uranus and the burning ground
Libra and the Nations
The seasonal outlook
The full moon
The astrology of the UN
The UN and the US
UN history and context
The Rohingya and other world crises
North Korea, Iran and US policy
The coming sea change in the Middle East
China, the real competitor to the US
You get what you pay for
Support for the UN and why it is needed
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