Syria: the last big battle?

OK, the first post. This post is actually from Aug 31, but I am travelling this week and my posts will be few and far between for the week. But we’ll start with a good one. With all the talk we have been hearing in the news about possible gas attacks in Syria, war with Iran, so on and so forth, here is an addendum I just added to the 2nd half of the Iran article I recently posted.   Talk about manufacturing consent in the West and jockeying for place among the actors…:

Update, as of 29 Aug 18: Since the original posting of this article, a couple of significant factors have come to light which may indeed signal a conflict with Iran.  The first and most significant item is that Syria and Iran have just signed a mutual defense pact. This was indicated by a solar arc of Jupiter to the Syrian Mars (military in general) and the following transits: Mars trine Syria’s Saturn (the latter ruling partnerships for Syria) and with transiting Mars in the 7th house, north node to Syria’s Pluto (a karmic link and the common destiny of large groups of people), and Jupiter sesquisquare to Syria’s Midheaven (the former representing the military for Syria).  We also make note of the approaching t-square of Saturn with the Syrian meridian axis, indicating a key decision of the Assad government. Saturn makes its direct station at a degree and a half from exactitude. The Iranian Defense Minister Hatami visited Damascus a couple of days ago in order to sign that agreement. Citing the linked article:

“No details have been provided about the document’s content but it’s logical to surmise it contains a list of mutual obligations in the event that the Iranian military is attacked in Syria…The deal mentions Iran’s role in the reconstruction of Syria’s defense industry, thus ending any hopes that its military presence in that country will end. According to the Iranian defense chief, the ‘defense and technical agreement’ provides for the continued ‘presence and participation’ of Iran in Syria. He added that an agreement had been reached with Syria that Iran would have ‘presence, participation, and assistance’ in the reconstruction and that ‘no third party will be influential in this issue.’”

That last sentence means not even Russia, but it is specially pointed at Israel and Western powers. However, it also complicates the situation in Syria for all foreign powers there. Thus, the die has been cast. Neither Israel nor the US have any hope now of Iran leaving Syria, short of Syria’s destruction or another major disruption of the state, which is unlikely. It also means that an open corridor remains between Iran and Lebanon for resupply of Hezbollah, if or as needed.

This agreement follows upon a buildup in the Mediterranean and elsewhere of both American and Russian naval forces, the former possibly presaging a forecast false flag chemical attack in the Idlib province in the coming days. Large scale military operations by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – Syria’s national army – to clear the rebel enclave there are due to commence on or shortly after Sep 7,  the very day Saturn turns direct opposite the US Venus (the sitting administration, and the US military, Venus ruling both those houses – 10th and 6th, resp). John Bolton has essentially broadcast to the world that such an attack will take place, saying that if one does take place, then the US would respond with very strong force. America’s favorite psychic, Nikki Haley, says she already knows who would be behind such an attack. I imagine she does, really, but she likes to see if we are paying attention. It is an open invitation for opposition groups in Syria to stage such an attack. The Syrian government has no need to do so. It is also the opposition’s last hope for any sort of US intervention in Syria.

On Sep 7 there is also a transiting sesquisquare of Jupiter to the US Venus, showing a hint of optimism, but the entire configuration augers an upset for the US if an attack does take place. However, it is becoming more and more doubtful that any sort of false flag event will take place. The main event through this period will be the liberation of Idlib from the tens of thousands of jihadists there, thus dealing a big blow to any possible future plans to use them for regime change operations. In the Syrian chart there is a solar arc of the Syrian Saturn/Uranus conjunction aspecting their Midheaven, indicating a possible provocation and on the whole making terrific demands on the strength of the state. That natal conjunction is very telling with regard to Syria, and speaks to the tenacity of the government and its ability to overcome obstacles, which it has done.

Lastly, there was an obscure piece that appeared in the news, with Iranian claims that they had taken control of the Strait of Hormuz, which was promptly denied by Mike Pompeo. That would certainly escalate into an international incident if Iran acted to close the Strait. There has been a spike in the solar geomagnetic activity in recent days, the highest seen in about a year, although the sunspot numbers are close to nil. The rhetoric has certainly become heated in the past days, so watch for what happens in Syria in the coming weeks, because now it would almost certainly involve Iran. The midterms in the US are coming quickly, and Trump has been told he will be a wartime president. He needs a big win. Again, we meditate for peace to prevail…

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