The planetary indicators for 2021

Got a feelin’ ’21 is gonna be a good year? With last year in mind, we would probably have good reason not to be over-optimistic. But we start with a song:

“You didn’t hear it. You didn’t see it. You won’t say nothin’ to no one ever in your life. You never heard it, How absurd it, all seems without any proof… You won’t say nothin’ to no one. Never tell a soul, what you know is the truth” Apt lyrics, because 2021 will be the year of the great gaslighting across the West, along with a big dose of censorship. Je suis Tommy. Continue reading “The planetary indicators for 2021”

Varuna: Progress starts with a little imagination

In the growing pantheon of new astrological planets, albeit small ones, there is one of particular interest to more esoterically inclined astrologers, which has its meaning grounded on the Vedas and Theosophical writings. This little planet was discovered in the year 2000 and is now known to us as Varuna (with the accent on the 1st syllable). Its symbolism is most interesting and revealing. It is also said to be connected with Neptune and Uranus. So, without further ado, meet Varuna. Continue reading “Varuna: Progress starts with a little imagination”

The Cancer Ingress 2020 and three US eclipses

The first astrological quarter of 2020, starting at the Aries ingress, has seen many illusions shattered and others promoted. Most of all, it has signalled wider conflicts to come that are taking shape now. From the demonization of China by the US, the riots and protests that are taking place across the United States and Europe, the exposure of inadequacies (putting it mildly) in the approach of Western governments to the Covid-19 crisis, we see a world on edge, questioning old established orders and intensifying at various velocities worldwide. The next quarter, starting with the Cancer ingress of the Sun, will mark a breaking point in many areas. We already see it forming, but it will be accelerated through the 2nd astrological quarter of this year, from June through September. Continue reading “The Cancer Ingress 2020 and three US eclipses”

Quaoar and the dance of creation

There are now nine named planetary bodies in the solar system that are firmly classified as dwarf planets – Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Makemake, Haumea, Orcus, Gonggong, Sedna and the one we will consider here – Quaoar. There are no doubt many more such bodies, and then there are 19 moons of the major planets that are thought to be captured dwarf planets. Some of the other named such bodies in the solar system that are dwarf planet candidates are Ixion, Salacia, Chaos, Varuna, Varda, and possibly Huya. They are all fascinating little worlds and add richly to our astrological catalog and practice. This one – Quaoar – was also known as Chinigchinix to the Tongva people. Continue reading “Quaoar and the dance of creation”