The ICJ ruling: What’s next for Israel?

On the 26th of January the ICJ gave its first ruling on the Genocide Convention case brought by South Africa against Israel. The case is still a ways from being fully decided, but the preliminary ruling gave probable cause there was in fact genocide in Gaza and the Israelis were told to cease and desist as well as to allow humanitarian aid through to the Gazans. It was a blow to Israel, and to the West. For more, read on… Continue reading “The ICJ ruling: What’s next for Israel?”

The Great Gaza Jailbreak of 2023

On October 9th 2023 a senior Hamas official announced it had ‘achieved all of its targets’ in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and was open to negotiations to end the conflict. Yet the conflict continues. In this 2nd part of our examination of Al-Aqsa Flood, we will look at the causes for the current operations (there have been many, and on both sides) and what this will mean for Israel going forward. Continue reading “The Great Gaza Jailbreak of 2023”

The Israeli ceasefire: Victory or defeat for whom?

Update on Palestine, 21 May 2021: A ceasefire was declared for 2:00 am on the 21st in the Gaza bombing campaign, “Operation Guardian of the Walls”. The Palestinians have prevailed. It was a unilateral ceasefire on the part of the Israelis, voted for unanimously by the Israeli Security Cabinet. This came after a phone call by Biden on Wednesday, where he stated that “he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire“. The Israeli bombings ended with a phone call. Hamas followed suit. There were celebrations well into the night in Gaza and Jerusalem. Palestinians were praying freely in Al-Aqsa mosque Friday morning. Continue reading “The Israeli ceasefire: Victory or defeat for whom?”

The deal of the century and Gaza

Are you ready for the deal of the century? Well, it’s coming, reportedly on the 1st of December, and if recent events in Gaza are any indication it will not fly with Palestinians. The Palestinian leader Abbas has seen the deal and wants no part of it. The Palestinians want adherence to the terms of the 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem. The US has said that like it or not, the deal is done. Such rhetoric will only serve to unite the Palestinians more strongly, further inflaming tensions. All of a sudden there seems to be a lot of interest in Gaza from the White House. If the deal is announced on December 1st as is purportedly planned, then it could be quite an explosive day. And in the midst of all this, Netanyahu is about to lose government due to his defense minister having just stepped down because of Netanyahu’s actions with regard to Gaza. Interesting times in old Palestine. Continue reading “The deal of the century and Gaza”