THE AUGUST ECLIPSES we are in the high point of the northern summer, we have reached an extreme in the seasons in terms of heat/cold, depending on the hemisphere. We have also reached an extreme in other areas, most notably politics and economics. The Leo interval each year marks an extreme of the seasons, as does its opposite sign, Aquarius. We are also approaching an extreme in solar activity – a minimum – but an extreme nonetheless. These extremes in solar activity (sunspot cycle) very often mark quite restive times in world history. We saw a spike in sunspot activity, for instance, in the first days of April this year, and a few days after that Trump ordered the cruise missile attack on Syria in response to the supposed chemical weapons attack by Syrian forces, when Mars was square to one of Trump’s proposed horizons...

Getting to the Point
Leo Qualities
The 15th degree and Eclipses
The Full Moon/First Eclipse
Trump and the Eclipse?
Countries Affected by the First Eclipse
Leo and the Middle East
The ‘Trump’ Eclipse
2002AW197 and Finances
The Troubles of the US
Closing Remarks – A Critical Juncture
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