27/28 Jul 2018

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Greetings Everyone!

We were out for a morning walk with the dogs the other day, a morning like any other, as it would seem. It was a beautiful day, a Sunday, with a light, cool breeze, and the sounds of nature beckoned us out into the woods in the hills behind the house. The dogs were happy to be out and about, and we decided to explore a new path, which led on from a road with which we were familiar. But we were not aware as to its extent, nor with the many branches and opportunities for new explorations in the future. The dogs were beside themselves with all the new smells, the traces of those who had been there before, and occasionally we would run across fellow travelers whom we had not previously met. And around every bend there was a new vista, every hill climbed presenting an ever-greater view of the surrounding landscapes. It was quite an enjoyable walk, although it did indicate a greater need to do more of it. Too much sitting and writing, not enough time outdoors and moving – advice well received. It has been quite a whirlwind in world affairs in the past weeks, and new paths for exploration are opening on the world stage. And, we are in an eclipse period at the moment, with three eclipses in a month, not unusual, but also more than the usual number of eclipses for a year. Since we are focusing on the changing course of the world in this Year of the Mountain Dog, we will get to that after a look at our two upcoming eclipses, this full moon being the middle one of three, as well as the most powerful of the three. And it turns out that Leo is playing a big role in change as well as indicating some of the main paths for change with which we are faced in the years immediately ahead. So, given what is taking place, we will dive right in.

Leo: In this letter we will pay especial attention to two aspects of Leo that are particularly pertinent to these times – leadership or rulership, and the self-discipline that leads to self-mastery, the latter being more important. Leo has as its symbol the lion, which has always been associated with leadership and royalty. It is ruled by the Sun at all three levels[1] – orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical – and as such it is a most potent expression. However, in esoteric astrology it is not the Sun itself that rules this kingly sign, but it instead stands for other influences, most namely Uranus and Neptune in the case of Leo.[2] Leo is said to be prominent in the charts of world leaders and people of importance because of their tendency to blend, fuse and amalgamate various groups of people in their outer expression.[3] They can do this either through leadership by example, or they can do this via the crises they evoke. Leo is a magnetic sign when it functions well and is full of vitality and good humor in most cases. There is also a great sensitivity that manifests through Leo when the Leo type is on the path of self-discipline and personal training, study or introspection. Leo transmits the 5th Ray of science and concrete knowledge[4], and this inclines the Leo type toward investigation, the realization that knowledge is power, that thoughts carry great potency when well-directed and carefully executed. And on the spiritual path, Leo exhibits itself as follows:

Bless me to take as my essential practice the guidelines of individual liberation, the root of the dharma, and to do so with the great care of mindfulness and introspection induced by that pure thought.[5]

Purity of thought is always in evidence among the more developed Leo types, meaning that they do not focus on non-essentials and seek for the truth in all matters. This is the archetype of Leo, but it is not the norm among Leo types in general. In its more spiritual development, the Leo type is a careful thinker, with a mind toward self-mastery. That mastery leads to liberation, that being along the line of one’s choosing. It can be the mastery of a musical instrument, scholarly achievement in a line of study, technical mastery of a skill, and so forth. This leads, quite naturally, to great pride in one’s achievements. It leads to one being recognized for their attainments, becoming then the center of attention to greater or lesser degree among one’s peers. When Leo is prominent in one’s horoscope, there will always be some aspect of life that one seeks to master. It can be as simple (or as complicated) as being the best parent one can be, excelling in some profession or even in being a world leader. The Sun in Leo will exhibit these traits most readily, as the sun-sign represents the present path of work and attainment in life, esoterically considered, whereas the ascendant represents the possibility of even greater attainment and the pathway out of one’s personal crises and thus the greater expression of one’s soul force. Whether or not a person with Leo rising claims that path as one of spiritual development, or simply seeking recognition and being the center of attention, will show how strong the soul force acts upon the personality. In other words, the ascendant can either be a conscious expression for a person, or it can act unconsciously, in the latter case inducing crises in a person’s life that prompt one to seek a more spiritual path.

One of the more interesting aspects of Leo is the dynamic that privation induces in a person with Leo prominent. Lack of resources or unfulfilled desires, or even direct privation caused by others causes a concerted, directed re-thinking of priorities and leads to an intense self-disciplining action, as well as inventiveness. There are two nations that come to mind in this respect, both of which have Leo prominent in their makeup: Russia and Iran. Both nations have had to endure great privations in the past, and it has stiffened their resolve and caused them to become quite inventive in their outlook and outreach. Both nations have been subjected to sanctions in recent times that were aimed at bringing them to heel and changing their governments. It has failed so far in both cases. I recently watched an interesting discussion on a Russian current events panel, wherein they were discussing the sanctions and the effect they have had on Russia. In particular, one gentleman was heard to state, regarding the West and their sanctions, “They might even cancel the sanctions. God forbid that! I believe the sanctions haven’t yet fulfilled their purpose. As always, we’re too slow and too bureaucratic. But they are starting to work, helping us restore our industry and agriculture. I believe they should remain intact as long as possible”[6] He wasn’t being sarcastic.

Leo Nations and Triangles: So, in order not to make this letter much longer, and addressing the powerful influences of Leo at present, the nations which have Leo prominent as their synthetic makeup are:[7]

And for major cities:

I would add to this two nations that have Leo prominent in their mundane national horoscopes:

There are triangles of nations and cities that have Leo synthetically or otherwise that have been and continue to be important to the evolution of the emerging world order:

Keeping in mind, that, “in the hands of Russia, Britain and the US lies the destiny of the planet for our present period in history,”[10] I have just completed a two-part article on Russia, which many readers will likely find confronting. But, there is a great darkness that has been cast over Russia by the West, that needs to be broken, or at least with a lot of holes poked in it, which will allow Russia to better deal with her own problems, and which will give us pause to see Russia in a different, more positive light. In that light, we have the following:

Russia is as yet embryonic and her part lies more in the East than in the West, provided she follows the indicated lines. Her two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real function in the comity of nations lies far ahead when [Page 86] the Aquarian age is flourishing and the Leo control of the Russian personality has been offset. The planets which primarily influence Russia are the Sun (2nd ray), Uranus (7th ray), Jupiter (2nd ray) and the Moon (4th ray). This makes a most interesting, a most humanitarian and — in the long run — a non-destructive combination. At present, the intensely individualistic Leo force in its worst aspects is dominating, but this will not last as history will eventually prove. The noisy, cruel child can turn into a controlled humanitarian in adult life and the influences potent in the Russian horoscope indicate this.[11]

Keep in mind with the preceding that the quote cited was written during the time Russia expressed itself through the USSR under Stalin and that much has changed in that land since then, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, its dalliance with Western neoliberal economics and then her re-emergence from that dark period of the ‘90s. I would posit that Russia is no longer so embryonic in her expression, that she expresses more of the Aquarian soul now, although there is still quite a bit of work to be done, that she is already working with the East, and that on the whole she is seeking cooperation rather than aggression, despite what we are told in the mainstream media.

Then, we have, “Italy is more closely related to Great Britain than she is to France, because Rome is ruled by Taurus and by Leo which ties her to Great Britain through identity of vibration.”[12] Italy is closely related to Russia also through Leo and Taurus, too, which relates her also to Britain. There  we also have another very interesting triangle emerging, proposed above. As yet, Britain is the most troublesome point of this triangle with her belligerent attitude toward Russia, wholly unfounded and manufactured to effect some sort of ‘solidarity’ within Europe for financial and military security. The Italians, for their part, are having none of it, and any statement of such accord with London with regard to Russia is pure window dressing. “Russia blends eastern Europe with western and northern Asia[13].” The troubles in Ukraine are a key to healing for continental Europe, if not the key and Russia has a big role to play there. The Italians and many in continental Europe sense this and they see Russia as a partner rather than a threat.

So, Britain, Russia and the US,

“…are the three major world blocs, from the consciousness angle and from the angle of world synthesis…The keynote of human living will be struck by Russia, Great Britain and the United States – not because of their power, their historical past and their material resources or [Page 105] territorial extent, but because they are in a position to fuse and blend the many types, because they are far-visioned in their world purpose, because they are not basically selfish in their intent, and because the government of the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people.”[14]

With all the preceding in mind, let’s have a look at the upcoming eclipses and then at what might be emerging from all these roaring lions.

The Full Moon and Eclipses: The full moon for this Sirius festival is a total lunar eclipse, followed in two weeks by a partial solar eclipse at the new moon of Leo. The full moon/eclipse will be a blood moon, central eclipse, 38th of 71 of the lunar Saros family 129. The totality will last 1 hr 43  min, with maximum visibility just off the coast of Madagascar. The greatest eclipse will be at 20:21 UT, at the time of the full moon. This will be quite a dynamic eclipse, with Mars as lord, conjunct the Moon, and both the Moon and Mars are square to Uranus, the latter being the apex of a t-square with the full moon axis. The eclipse point axis is the 5th degree of Aquarius/Leo, and this is a south node eclipse. The combination of the aforementioned planets can indicate sudden flare-ups, conflicts, accidents, independent action, premature and/or ill-thought actions and even military action. The sunspot activity is very quiet at the moment, though, so I do not expect much in the way of new military violence, that plus the fact that Mars is retrograde now. The southwest of Syria is fully liberated from Daesh now up to the Golan Heights, and the next planned action is for September in all likelihood around Idlib. Mars will return to the eclipse point in September, activating the eclipse again. I have read a forecast that the whole of Syria will be restored to Syrian control in about a year.

The solar eclipse will take place on 11 Aug, and will be a north node eclipse at the 19th degree of Leo/Aquarius, with Mercury as lord. Uranus turns retrograde just before that eclipse, and Mars and Uranus will still be square to each other. This will be the 6th of 71 eclipses in the solar Saros series 155, so this is a very young eclipse series. It will be visible on the north of North America, in Greenland, in Northern Europe and north-eastern Asia. The greatest eclipse will be at 9:47 UT over far northwest Asia, near the Bering Strait. So, on to the major world events and what they might mean in the emerging order.

Israel: Apartheid State: To begin, we now have another apartheid state in the world, with the passage through the Israeli Knesset of the Israeli Nation-State law, mandating that Israel is a Jewish state, the homeland of the Jewish people. Israel can no longer call itself a democracy, not in the true sense of the word. There is now no longer any pretense of such for Israel. And since the US is such a strong supporter of Israel, the passage of this law should be alarming to every American who believes in democratic principles. Much of the world has roundly criticized Israel for passing this law, rightly so. The bill, “officially defines Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people and asserts that ‘the realization of the right to national self-determination in Israel is unique to the Jewish people’” From the standpoint of the Ageless Wisdom, this is just completely wrong. American and expat Jews are justifiably outraged at this. Netanyahu called passage of the bill, “a defining moment in the history of Zionism…” That statement in itself betrays the true nature of the legislation. Zionism has been called ‘a totalitarian evil’,[15] noting here that we are not talking about Judaism. In fact, there are far more American, non-Jewish Zionists than Israeli Zionists. We have looked at this topic before in “The Israel Letter.” And we have to question what good this bill accomplishes, how it will affect the Palestinians, the wider Islamic world and international Jewry. Palestinians now are second-class citizens by law. Did the Israelis who voted for this bill not examine what happened in South Africa under apartheid and the effect of it on world opinion? To see this in a wider context, we need to look at what has just taken place in Europe.

Washington’s Current Strategy: Since the last letter there have been a flurry of meetings between leaders of the US and European nations. As well, there have been a flurry of meetings between Russian and Middle Eastern leaders, including Netanyahu. We had the NATO summit, Trump’s trip to the UK and the Helsinki talks with Putin. All three of those meetings were poorly received by the media, both in the US and in Europe, which is an understatement, really. However, a fairly clear strategy by the Trump administration has emerged as a result, which is different only in style to previous administrations – a sort of ‘shock therapy’ – and we might summarize that as follows:

The likelihood of any of these points succeeding is doubtful. It is a case of too little too late, too much being known now about American foreign policy and its effects, and a deepening distrust of American motives abroad, coupled with its record of not keeping its agreements. As for NATO nations paying more, those payments will have to be approved by the parliaments of the individual nations. European nations are strapped for cash as it is, having been stuck in a sluggish economic recovery since 2008. As for American gas, there might be a few nations to accept it and imports from the US are increasing, but why pay three times more for something across town when you can get the same product across the road for much cheaper? So long as Europeans see Russia as a threat, that approach might work, but Germans and Italians are less and less inclined to agree. Germans in particular see through Trump’s bombast, do not want American gas, and do not see the need for Americans to defend Europe. Trump has shown much about the hypocrisy of NATO, too, whether conscious of the fact or not, the easy ride Europeans have had at America’s expense, and has questioned the relevancy of the organization itself. We’ll be addressing these points in greater detail in a later letter. In the long term, Trump’s recent visits and Washington’s policies will increasingly distance Europe from the US and cause it to look elsewhere for trade and defense, and that just may be a good thing for Europeans. There is no military threat to Europe at the moment.

As for increased tariffs on Canada and the EU, if the nations of EU are smart they will sharply curtail their technocratic governance and be checking out other markets. In fact, the latter has just happened, with the EU just signing a huge free trade deal with Japan, which will encompass almost a third of the world’s GDP, with no tariffs whatsoever. In addition, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and China signed their trade and economic cooperation agreement in May, but this was unreported in Western media. The latter also has profound potential for greater Eurasian economic integration, with both agreements sidelining the US. And then, if that is not enough, there are the nations that signed the TPP, which the US abandoned when Trump took office, which would drastically change the world if they joined forces with the EU/Japan agreement. All of these would sidestep US tariffs and leave the US sitting on the sidelines in trade.

However, there is another aspect to the Trump administration’s strategy that is emerging, and that is the effort by the US to control the world’s petroleum reserves, including gas. The writing is on the wall as to the continued dominance of the US dollar, in that it is shrinking fast. However, if trade in hydrocarbons can be controlled by the US, then the world is held hostage. Of course, this ignores the fact that Iran can close the Strait of Hormuz, which would crash the world economy, if even for a short time. Hence, we see the US alliance with the Saudis, the heavy sanctions regime imposed on Venezuela and Iran, the presence of US troops in Syria, the administration’s strong-arming of Europe, and Trump cozying up to Russia, seeking some sort of deals regarding Iran and Venezuela. The international community is onto the con game, though, and plans and deals behind the scenes are being hatched all the time that sidestep US actions.

We could go on, but the idea is clear enough. But the biggest outrage was leveled at Trump over his meeting with Putin at Helsinki. The hyperbole, to the point of hysteria in some cases, along with talk of ‘treasonous actions’ by Trump, display what is really at stake here. The media reaction points to two things: the potential loss of the favorite enemy of the US, which is used to justify the immense defense spending for the Pentagon, as well as the virulent anti-Trump, anti-Putin sentiments. It has been a good example of the manipulation of the mass mind, as we discussed in the Cancer letter. Such reactions are far beyond the realm of common sense, really. If there is one thing the Helsinki summit could do for the world, it would be to at least extend the New START treaty, which is due to expire in 2021. If for no other reason than for the sake of nuclear détente, we need to be talking with the Russians. The real reason for all the Russia bashing essentially amounts to sour grapes more than anything else. Russia has been a real thorn in the side of both globalists and America-first patriots, not because of any actions against the US and allies, but because she has deepened her ties with China, has sharply curtailed US economic interests in Russia, has made inroads into Europe economically, thwarted US plans in Russia, Syria and Ukraine, and especially because she advocates and works toward a multipolar world, with its emphasis on economic blocs instead of dollar dominance. We are slowly moving from Pax Americana toward a redistribution of the world’s power and wealth into major economic blocs, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently describing what we are seeing as a ‘historical epoch’, and which reflects what was actually outlined in the Alice Bailey material:

Various basic trends of thought are appearing which…will unfold into that major synthesis so much desired by the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, and which, whilst preserving the large national and racial outlines, will produce an underlying and subjective state of mind which will end the age of separateness.[16]

Empire, a Thing of the Past: One thing we might want to consider is the historical view that, of all  of the places listed where Leo is the conditioning expression, most of them were seats of imperial power at one point or another, Romania and Geneva excluded. All of those seats of empire experienced their rise, height of power, decay and eventual collapse. There is a deep cultural memory of empire and its shortcomings in those places. The US has yet to acknowledge the decay of its empire, although unconsciously many Americans sense it, with the result that the struggle is on to try to preserve it. More awakened Americans view it with alarm, knowing what can eventuate. Empires begin their collapse at their fringes through overextension, overspending and a failure to grasp the two, as we saw with Rome, France, the USSR and Britain. London now has a financial empire, as we discussed in the Gemini letter, and that, too, is beginning to crumble. The Brexit vote was a symbol and symptom of that. We will cover that more in the coming months. However, from a recent exchange with a fellow traveler, and to sum up the reason for Brexit in a short statement, we have the following:

“…they [the British elite] want a low-tax, deregulated offshore economy where rich people like him [Jacob Rees-Mogg] pay hardly any tax and where therefore there is not enough money for an NHS, education service, and all the rest of the things that a civilised community pools its resources to provide for itself as a community…Brexit is not and never has been about the UK, but about a small and selfish cabal who have been working to get us out of the EU for more than 40 years, and who took every opportunity to capitalise on the foolish mistake made by Cameron.”

One of the main points to recognize about the collapse of empires is that the members of their governing bodies lose their moral compass and the desire for material wealth gradually takes on more and more of a role in government policy, to the detriment of its people. Typically what takes place are increasing disparities of wealth, decay of public services, increasing debt loads, decrease in life expectancy, increased warfare in fringe territories and so forth with an increased emphasis on defense spending which is anything but defensive. The desire for wealth by government figures and bureaucrats was one of the main factors in the collapse of the Soviet Union, which still persists there in its oligarchy, and it is what we see currently in the US and UK. We see a particular sort of interlocking between the US and UK regarding this point. The Gemini personality of the US and the Gemini soul of Britain, plus the Leo soul of London and the Aquarian soul of the US create an interlocking unit. But for Britain, their Taurean personality makes it in some ways particularly difficult to let go of the ideas of material wealth and the recent past memories of empire. With the gradual collapsing of the dollar as the world reserve currency, with Brexit causing capital flight from Britain and nervous partners, the US and UK face a particularly difficult future unless people wake up and demand change, outing the motives of their governments and forcing accountability of public officials. There is a ripe field for service there for people who have a mind and the courage to effect a halt to and reverse the current course of ‘the free world’. But we need to return to Trump for a moment to get an idea of what lies immediately ahead.

Trump and his Policies: There are several things to keep in mind regarding the preceding points we examined with regard to Trump and his policies. Firstly, Trump, with his Leo ascendant, plays very handily into European politics, given the nations and cities which have Leo influence prominent. Where has he directed his most strident comments in Europe? – London (Leo soul) and Berlin (Leo personality). Where does he feel more comfortable? – Russia (Leo personality), or so he says. He has also really stuck his foot in his mouth in Paris, too (France’s Leo personality), but he has also dangled an economic carrot in front of Macron if the latter can pull France out of the EU, just as he has done with Theresa May. He is on good terms with Italy (Leo soul) and Rome (Leo personality) thus far, for the same reason as France, though that may not be a good thing in the long term. On that last point, though, Italy is seen currently as a weakening influence on the EU in the Western press, which remains to be seen. Hence, Trump has had kind words toward the Italian government thus far. Italy may just be the catalyst Europe needs in the long term to reorganize itself along more equitable lines, though. We will get to that in a bit.

Secondly, with Mars on Trump’s ascendant in the 12th house, his style is to divide and conquer. It can also be reckless and careless of outcomes, as well as being argumentative and vindictive. It makes for a separative temperament. Mars can be the ‘Great Avenger’, or it can be the Champion.  Trump’s supporters see him as both, his detractors as treasonous and careless about alliances. But, with Mars being a non-sacred planet, its primary influence is through the personality, causing those conflicts which lead one ultimately to express more fully the nature of the higher Self, hopefully. What that means, essentially, is that Mars works primarily along the lines of the destroyer on the form side, and having it on his ascendant, Mars ‘speaks’ through Trump. However, that Mars also makes an ‘easy opposition’ of the full moon axis in his natal chart, which gives him some vision and adds power to his expression. Mars is energetic and dynamic, and the entire setup leans primarily toward business strategy rather than politics or diplomacy, and toward playing hard ball with people he sees as competitors, which apparently is most of the world. He learned this style early on through his mentor, the notorious attorney Roy Cohn. Mars ‘plays to win’ when it is expressed personally, not realizing that ‘winning’ against another person (or nation) means that there are actually two losers in the contest, most especially the ‘winner’ in the long term. When the focus is upon higher values, Mars becomes the warrior that destroys the obstructions toward a full expression of one’s higher ideals. Mars expresses the energy of the 6th Ray anyway, the Ray of Idealism and also of Fanaticism. It can also be an isolationist expression.

I have read several accounts of what various people think of Trump’s style or strategy. The method he has used all along in his negotiations is to hit hard initially in an attempt to either intimidate or anger people enough to come to the negotiating table, and then to offer the carrot-and-stick approach – a sort of good-cop-bad-cop. If someone sues him, he then countersues for an inordinate amount of money or threat of penalty, keeping the opponent off-balance and scrambling to stay on point, fearful of the outcome should things not go their way. It is actually a very good study in Mars and its actions through a personality. Mars likes the rough-and-tumble, and when expressed through Leo especially, it is a dynamic that tends to see everything in terms of being able to win at any cost, and to come out as the ruler, or otherwise victorious. So, in terms of the US, in one way Trump is seeking to avenge what he sees as America’s decline and America’s having been used by other nations at the expense of the US, which in some respects is true, especially with respect to Europe and China. But on the other side, his view fails to take into account how US policies have enabled that decline and contributed to the extreme wealth inequality we see now.

Trump and the EU: To Trump, there are no alliances with other nations. Everyone is a competitor. There will be winners and losers, but he is determined that the US will come out as the winner in these struggles. One way to ensure that is to set the competitors one against the other, which his Gemini Sun does to great effect – unless the competitor is aware of the game being played, in which case the whole facade falls like a house of cards and the gamer gets gamed. However, with the Martian/Leo/Gemini dynamic that Trump presents to the world, he has made one thing very clear to the international community: Choose your sides well and step up, or be sidelined to a lesser role in world affairs, an insignificant player – a loser. This is especially a challenge to Europe – to remain a vassal or become a true independent competitor. It is becoming very clear that Europe as a united unit will have to choose between the US or Eurasia, or it will split. It is not really Russia that wants to see the EU split up. For Russia, a stable and prosperous EU is an economic and security benefit. Trump has made it very clear to the EU that they either come on side with the US or face harsh  retaliatory measures. Will Europe cave? Who can say?

Washington has mixed emotions about the EU. On the one hand it wants the EU to spend more on defense, but that would mean a more independent EU, one that could fend for itself and thus stand apart from Washington. What to do? “Ah! Separate Britain from the EU! That would be a start. Then we can work on France and in the meantime Italy.” Do we see what is happening here? If Brexit does happen, it would weaken Europe to the degree that they would be more pliant to US desires. Brexit was a symptom of that Washingtonian sentiment, to a degree, given the close relationship between the US and UK. This runs counter to what we are told, but in fact, Trump wants a weaker EU. Steve Bannon, one-time chief advisor to Trump, has set up an organization in Europe with the expressed goal of breaking up the EU. Much as many readers might hate to admit it, Russia and the EU are actually natural trading partners and could become a fabulously wealthy bloc if the EU would face the truth about Ukraine and Russia in general. We may not want to think in these terms, being more humanistic and hopefully more high-minded. But really, we are quite misinformed about Eastern Europe and Russia in general unless we have lived and traveled there, having received most of our information about such places through movies, TV and the corporate press. This brings us to Italy.

Italy: Promise or Problem?: The current Italian government wants to see the sanctions against Russia lifted. Why? Because those sanctions hurt Italian business interests, thus prolonging the sluggish economic recovery since 2008. “But, we can’t lift the sanctions on Russia because they invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea at gunpoint. It was against international law!” That is the Washington/NATO line. Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy says otherwise. And, independent sources and research agree with him. The Leo soul of Italy and the Leo personality of Rome make for an easy rapport with the Leo personality of Russia. We in the West may not like it, but it is there. The current media climate likes to tie this in with right-wing political movements, but the current Italian government is instead a rather eclectic mix of characters. Italy’s Rays (4 and 6) connect her with Berlin, Brazil, Spain, Russia and the US. With Italy’s 4th Ray about to become more pronounced over the coming decades, she will become both an agitating and a bridging influence between the aforementioned nations. Italy has had long and friendly relations with Russia, regardless of Italian governments and the sentiments of other Western nations, with deep business ties and with large numbers of Russians visiting Italy every year. Italy once had the strongest  Communist Party in Western Europe. Their business interests only look set to increase.

Salvini’s policies as Minister of the Interior are controversial, too. He has already caused concern and condemnation by turning back boatloads of refugees, some of whom were sick and needed aid, causing them to stay out to sea for days longer than they should have. This is against humanitarian principles and needs to be abandoned, but change in immigration policy EU-wide does need to happen. And, it has already had an effect, with the EU agreeing to pay 6,000 euros for every refugee a country accepts. This would not have happened without pressure from member states. Italy is agitating for change in EU policies, especially regarding immigration, banking and EU bureaucracy. She is demanding more sovereignty for Italians and that, along with Brexit and other southern European nations demanding changes, may just bring the needed changes in Brussels and Berlin to keep the EU together – maybe not the Eurozone, but certainly the EU proper. There are also significant numbers of Ukrainians and Romanians (the latter another Leo connection) who have come to Italy to work, mainly in the aged-care and service industries. And that brings us to Europe’s real sore spot at the moment, Ukraine.

Ukraine: Washington has spent around 5 billion dollars over the past quarter-century or so seeking to leverage the newly-independent government in Kiev toward a Western-friendly stance. This is not so much a problem for the west of Ukraine to adopt, but the east of Ukraine is strongly pro and ethnic Russian. Ukraine is thus a divided country (map) along ethnic lines. It was seen as a great prize by Washington and other Western powers because of its location within striking distance of Moscow. Crimea was especially desired for that purpose, along with the port at Sevastopol. In addition, Ukraine has rich farmland in the west, and heavy industry in the east, both also prized. The funding of Ukrainian opposition groups via NGOs in the past quarter-century led to the ‘Orange Revolution’ in 2004, and then to the 2014 Maidan coup, which led to Crimea leaving Ukraine. Hence, our troubles with Russia, to make a long story very short.

There was also a rebellion in the Donbass region in Ukraine’s east against the Maidan coup, with Russian backing. We are told Russia invaded Ukraine as a result of a ‘people’s revolution’ in 2014, but the truth is somewhat different. Washington still agitates for a pro-Western Ukraine. There is a problem with that, though, and it has nothing to do with Russia (well, indirectly, yes). The problem is that the resulting government in Kiev after 2014 is a far-right oligarchy, strongly anti-Russian and littered with neo-Nazis. And we (the US) just sent Kiev 200 million dollars to bolster the Ukrainian military. The government in Kiev has also adopted neoliberal economics, resulting in the oligarchy, the gutting of public services, loss of jobs, cuts in wages and so-forth. The latter is exactly what we saw in Russia in the ‘90s. Ethnic Russians remember that time and want no part of being ruled by oligarchs and tormented by neo-Nazis. So, Washington supports the neo-Nazis and the oligarchs against the ‘rebels’ (ethnic Russians) in the east, and Western Europe goes along. Did we or did we not fight against the Nazis in the last world war? Americans and Europeans should think hard about that and what it might mean for Europe in the future, not to mention American morals.

A good start for long-term peace in Europe would be, in defiance of Washington, for the EU to step back from Ukraine to sort out its internal business regarding the neo-Nazis, corruption and oligarchs in the Kiev regime, instead of trying to promote Western ideas of governance and neoliberal economic policies there, which would also ease tensions with Russia. Ukraine is key to Euro-Russian economic unity, something Washington seeks to avoid and agitates against. Russia would probably step back if the West stopped interfering in Ukraine, with the caveat that ethnic Russians be left in peace, at which point the Kiev regime would more than likely collapse, or Ukraine would split. Barring the latter, Ukraine could then be properly integrated into a greater Euro-Russian economic union over time once free of or after sidelining the Nazi, far-right, anti-Russian influence and after a period of rebuilding the country. This might sound completely crazy to most readers, until we fully realize that the West is actually supporting Nazis in Ukraine. That is crazy. So much for spreading freedom and democracy to Ukraine. But, to hear some members of Congress say it, “Oh no, you don’t understand…We’ve got to back those people!” as if Russia is the big bug-bear in all this. Russia is not the problem, and has been right about Ukraine all along.

Russia will not invade Ukraine, unless Washington seeks to make Ukraine a NATO member. She will, however, protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine, which is what she is doing in east of that nation. This is a point that is missed or not told in the Western media, and which is actually quite to be expected. In the West, that protection is called ‘Russian aggression’. That’s a topic for another letter, though I have addressed it more fully in my Russia article. Think me misguided if you like, but if you want to get closer to the truth about Ukraine, there is a film that describes what has happened there in great detail. It is well worth a watch.

What is emerging from the subjective side in all this mess is that the three most significant nations from the consciousness angle – the US, Britain and Russia – are being forced to address the deficiencies in their soul expressions. This is what Mars does, by stirring the pot, as it were, causing chaos, and thus causing the personalities involved to invoke the souls of those respective nations through the pain of struggle. Of the three nations, Russia is more advanced along those lines, due to the crises she has endured since the collapse of the USSR. The same will happen in kind to most if not all other nations by reflexive action. The soul is called forth in times of crisis, more so than at other times, invoking what has been called the ‘Touch of Acquiescence’[17], the latter being the attitude of the soul to the personality in times of crisis. We had one such international crisis with the World War, with another in the process of eventuating, which will be socio-economic. (re: Uranus transiting through Taurus and Gemini). We had a preview of what is to come with the economic downturn in 2008, but because nothing was actually changed – in fact made worse – we will need another adjustment to set things on a better course. This will more likely than not come in the next few years, even though it has been forecast by the pundits for some time.

There is a deep healing that is due for Central and Eastern Europe. If more politically-motivated meditators wanted to aid in the process, a look at the triangles mentioned in the first part of this letter might offer some clues. I might also suggest another one: Geneva, Italy and Russia, while holding Ukraine in the center. One can trace an arc on the map of Europe from London through to Moscow, where Leo is most pronounced. Ukraine and Poland block the completion of that arc, which should be an arc of light. Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia together have old antagonisms to bury, deep wounds to heal together and new paths to forge. Kiev at one time, in the Middle Ages, was the heart of Russia. Ukraine and Russia go back a long way. It is time to lay the past to rest, so that we can all move forward in peace. Russia must be part of that process, minus the West’s protestations to the contrary and meddling in Ukrainian affairs.

Lions: In closing, Lions are a lesson in human experience. The males tend to be solitary, while the  females form prides. This is not a statement about gender politics. Rather, a pride is a much more effective hunting and defensive unit, while the males have to fend for themselves, or chase the pride away from their repast. Europe is also an example of lions’ behavior. In the past it was all about who would be king and rule over Europe – may the best solitary lion win. Will Europe again find itself as the solitary males, or will the pride stick together? There is a solitary male across the way who would like to make trouble for the pride. However, it is in the design of the spiritual guidance of this planet for nations to work together, to form blocs eventually, based upon common, shared cultural characteristics. And the solitary lion roaring his intentions is inadvertently showing the value of working together and that there are other avenues for people and nations. He is being used to great effect, and light is breaking through. Pride does come before the fall of empires and of people, but a well-organized pride is the best possible guarantor of success. Let us drop our antagonisms and find new, more beautiful paths stretched out before us. The way forward is not so frightening as we might imagine.

25 Jul 18
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