London Bridge is falling down

The story, that is, of the latest London Bridge incident. At 13:58 UT in London, a man wielding two knives attacked a number of people, with two later reported to have died from their injuries. This is the 2nd attack on the same London Bridge in two years. The attack was quickly called a terrorist incident, with the attacker dead from being shot by police. The attacker was identified as 28 year-old Usman Khan, who had been convicted of terrorist offenses in 2012. He was out on parole at the time. The story began in the Fishmonger’s Hall. From there, many fishy elements began to emerge from the official narrative of the event.

We start with the chart of the event, below (bigger):

The attacker (Venus/Libra/7th house), Usman Khan, was a Piscean, a ‘fish’ himself. We won’t go over his chart here – rather interesting he chose to commit his final act at Fishmonger’s Hall, though. We have no birth time for him, but his chart is interesting for a couple of points: There are three interlocking ‘finger of the world’ aspect patterns, all outlining a pentagram in his chart, and the Sun=Mars/Ura midpoint, the latter showing revolutionaries, people who act on impulse and violent people. The pentagram shows extraordinary tensions, especially noting the Sun/Mars square at the base of the pentagram, with Ceres at the apex.

As to the event chart itself, we note Satun elevated in the 10th house square the Horizon. Saturn also completes the Sat=Moon/Plu midpoint, the midpoint base showing extremes of emotional expression. The Saturn square to the Horizon shows the attempt by the authorities (Saturn in the 10th) to control the narrative of the event (Horizon).

The degree on the MC is rather interesting: 7 Cap – “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.” Khan was a known militant, was on work release, was wearing a tracking tag and was not supposed to have been released from prison. He apparently was connected with one Anjem Choudry, who was under police protection – another character of interest:

“Anjem Choudary, who has been found guilty of ‘inviting’ support for a proscribed organisation’ under the UK’s Terrorism Act 2000. Anjem Choudary claims to be a jihadi. The BBC has given him a platform for his views. The police have given him protection. [He is a] Swaggering jihadi who loves drugs, beer and porn. “From 7/7 bombers to Lee Rigby’s killers, Choudary’s connections are like a who’s who of terrorism – with links to 15 plots and 500 jihadis.”

So, Khan was linked to this guy, said to be a student and personal friend of his, but was out on work release, yet was not supposed to have been let out of prison. Hmmm. OK. First scent of fish. Either the UK judicial system is in great need of reform, or someone really screwed up, or this guy was deliberately let out. But then we have the following: 

“Khan was originally classed as never to be released from jail unless deemed no longer a threat but this condition was later lifted.”

He had wanted to set up a jihadi training camp somewhere in Kashmir on family land. We go on from here. Further:

“As part of his release conditions, Khan was obliged to take part in the government’s desistance and disengagement programme – the purpose of which is the rehabilitation of people who have been involved in terrorism. The Parole Board said it had no involvement in the 28-year-old’s release, saying he “appears to have been released automatically on licence (as required by law)”.

Khan had been attending a meeting at the Fishmonger’s Hall, an offender’s rehabilitation conference: “Stephen Toope, University of Cambridge vice-chancellor, said he was ‘devastated’ at the targeting of the offender rehabilitation conference, which was organised by his university’s criminology institute.” Khan wore a fake suicide bomber’s vest to the meeting as well as having two large knives with him. And no one noticed anything strange.

After the meeting, Khan started his rampage, whereupon he was promptly dragged outside by conference attendees. He was then set upon by a man with a five-foot-long narwhal’s tusk, which he had taken from a display at the hall, and another with a fire extinguisher. You can’t make that stuff up. Then several other people jumped on Khan and subdued him. There us video of that event outside the hall. There are further videos from several angles of the fuller event.

Khan was quickly subdued, restrained and disarmed. One of the men on the scene grabbed one of the knives, ran off with it and then was filmed throwing the knife down, as well as a rag or cloth from his pocket. We don’t know what happened to that piece of evidence:

“Who is this man from the scuffle #LondonShooting #LondonBridge #London 9:11 PM · Nov 29, 2019

Why did he run away from police with a ‘clean’ knife instead of throwing the evidence to police?

Who was he signalling to at the group of officers?

Why did he quickly discard a tissue/cloth & keep running.”

There is video of that, too. All the people who subdued Khan are being hailed as heroes. One of the ‘heroes’ was a convicted murderer, also out on release, a fact that had not been conveyed to the relatives of his victim. The victim’s aunt was not happy, to say the least. He had been attending the meeting.

Then, as soon as police arrived and the people who had subdued of Khan had been pulled away from him, the police shot and killed him at the scene. Why, if he had been subdued and restrained? Maybe they felt they had no choice. We don’t know. Almost immediately thereafter, a fake tweet said to be from Jeremy Corbyn appeared via WhatsApp, an attempt to paint him as pro-defendant’s rights. That was quick work.

Almost immediately after the event it was pronounced to be a terrorist event. That was quick investigative work, too. Politicians were also quick to make political capital on the event, praising the police force, the heroism of the people on the scene and so forth.

As it happened, speaking of the police, it just so happens that Sky News was filming with an elite police crew when the call for the attack came through. A BBC reporter happens to have been on the scene when the incident the incident took place.

It has been stated that two people died as a result of the stabbings. It is not unusual for the names of the victims to be immediately released.

This attack comes two weeks before one of the most important elections in UK history. Another terrorist attack, as stated before, took place there a couple of years before, again, a week before an election. That was when Theresa May had called a snap election. The Tories lost their large majority in that election, not that there was a connection. But the fact that the previous attack occurred so close to that election has people asking questions.

People are very sceptical about this attack, for all the reasons just stated. There are some calling it a false flag. With any false flag event there are usually similar MOs:

  • A rush to pin the blame on the perpetrator
  • Usually some group is singled out for demonization (the Muslim card was used here)
  • There is often a lone perpetrator, who is killed at the scene, or shortly thereafter (no danger then of ‘inconvenient information’ coming out)
  • There is a quick action on the part of media to promote a certain narrative, instead of actually doing some investigative journalism
  • There are often drills for that type of event taking place at the same time, or for example journalists embedded with the police at the time.

To get an idea of what people are saying, comments on independent media sites can be quite revealing and also show the cynicism of the public about mainstream reporting of events. So, the question to finish with the chart is, was this a false flag?

Having a look at the midpoints and the rulers of the houses, we see Neptune involved with Mercury in most of them, with Neptune co-ruling the 12th house. Mercury/Neptune combinations are often found in cases of deception and/or confusion. Mercury co-rules the 6th house (services and police).

The event was intended to produce shock in the public. Mars is the target group, opposed by Uranus, aside from that aspect also showing the sudden violence of the event. The Sun is in the 8th house, which on the one hand shows the deaths, but at the same time also showing an event meant to transform a situation. And what situation might that be? An election outcome? Public sentiment toward Muslims? An attempt to bring in stronger security measures? Or was it just to send a message by another radicalized, misguided soul. We could speculate all day. Of interest will be to watch the polling for the election, though. The election is on the 12th, just a few short days away.

Regardless of whether or not this was a false flag or simply another tragic event, people were killed, innocent people at that. And that is always tragic. But given what we have seen here, people are justified in being sceptical. There is a lot at stake in this election, especially about the future of the UK. And while it is quite possible this event was not connected with the election, it can still affect that outcome.

The thing now is to watch the actions of the authorities and especially the politicians. If there are calls for more police, stricter security measures, if there are reports in the media meant to stoke fears among the populace, to marginalize groups and so forth, then we can probably bet this was a false flag — with political adverts like this one, blaming Labour’s policies for laxness in security, when all along it has been budget cuts, Tory policy (The Crime and Disorder Act, granting early release, was put forward under John Major’s term in office) and covert UK support for terrorist organizations like Daesh and the White Helmets, that have weakened security:

False flag doesn’t mean people are not killed. But it does mean an attempt has been made to motivate a populace toward something that is clearly not in their best interests. And in these days, it pays to be aware, to be wary and to develop the habit of investigating events more fully instead of taking authorities at their word. There is a battle on for hearts and minds. We should be guarding ours well. Question everything. If something smells like fish, there is probably fish there.

Featured pic from Daily Express

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